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not-like-we-are-sleeping-together“Be fabulous,” Maria said to Pablo Wednesday as she gave him a farewell kiss… Oh, I hope he comes back to Weatherfield.

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25 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hello Dorothy,
    How fortuitous it was that I stumbled upon your website today and was thrilled to find such an extensive documentation of the Burwell family tree. I was born Patricia Lee Burwell in Mount Forest, but did not grow up with my father, Earl Leroy Burwell, of Tillsonburg, ON and did not meet my sister Judith until I was 13. I had to giggle when I found my name and the note indicating that I died before 1975. I am here to tell you that I am alive and well (…) and would love to fill in a couple of the gaps and a few changes in the tree you have created. After my limited research, I thought that the best thing for me would be to visit the St. Thomas archives to, hopefully, learn more about the Burwells. I will keep it short for now, but would love to connect with you in this regard. Although, from the copious amount of information on your website, you must be an extremely busy person. Please let me know if you would be willing to communicate with me.
    Regards and Happy New Year, Patricia

  2. Hi Patricia, how nice to hear from you. Indeed it is fortuitous that you found this site since I have you entered as dead! I will fix that immediately. Unfortunately it’s very easy to make mistakes in genealogy. I started the Burwell tree in Family Tree Maker to learn the programme. I didn’t realize at the beginning how important it is to put in sources! I found out when I’d find new info that conflicted with the old and didn’t know which was likely to be more accurate. If you get any sympathy cards, you’ll know why 😉 I’d be delighted to hear from you further and would love to have whatever updates, corrections and additions that you can give me.

    So nice to know there’s another Corrie fan in the family too. I’m waiting for CBC to put the past week’s episodes on line so I can get the pictures that I want for my last Scene of the Week. As of 10 pm, they still weren’t posted!! Thanks for writing, and very sorry for that huge mistake. The New Year must look even brighter for you now!

  3. Hello Dorothy…no need to apologize for listing me amongst the deceased. I know how difficult geneology searches are. I gave up in frustration but your information has me quite excited. I have bits of information scattered about and, once I gather it all up, I will be able, hopefully,to provide a few more dates for us. The photo is wonderful and, after scanning the Anger family tree to see how you connected to the Burwells, it would appear that we could be quite closely related through our grandparents. My grandfather was Merritt (in the photo), brother of Charles, Ruby’s father.

    Regarding Earl Leroy, his first marriage was to my mother, Julia Evelyn Irwin (I may have the date somewhere). My sister Judith Anne, was born […]. She, too, is alive and well (tee,hee). His second marriage was to Lorene (my sister refers to her as Lorraine, so not sure of the spelling). More dates later after I dig a little deeper. I have a few old family photos if you are interested. Is there some way I could email them to you?

    Cheers for now, Patricia

  4. Hi again, and thanks for the info on your parents. I’ll update my database and I’ll send you my email address so you can send the pictures. I want to start a photos page, but haven’t got around to scanning those I have. So yours can be the beginning of it. Thanks!

  5. Hiya Dorothy. Hope you get this message in the near future. I put up a blog award post and you found your way in there… it was a neat award idea and I have a few more wee heads, so I figured I’d do it relatively properly. Of course you can never get into my blog to comment, but just wanted to let you know it’s there. 🙂

  6. Hi Carrie – thank you! So this means I should do the same thing? Choose posts of mine in different categories? That sounds hard, but fun to think about. I enjoyed reading about your daughter’s first day of school – glad she enjoyed herself. Also your poor little tomato and pepper – so sad, yet so funny!

  7. Dorothy I see you have a George Wheeler born in Tizzard’s Hr. in 1843 died on May 18 1931. You may have the right birth date at birth place for him but the wrong death date and death place so therefore the wrong person big error. The George Wheeler who died in Greenspond on May 31, 1931 is my Grandfather nothing to do with Tizzard’s Harbour whatsoever. His father was John and his grandfather was Richard they came from Trinty. I have had numerous calls on this wondering about our heritage, bad info.

  8. Hi Melvin, thanks for the correct information on George Wheeler. I’ve searched the comments on this site and my database and cannot find anything on George Wheeler born or died on these dates. Was the reference to him in this website or elsewhere?

  9. Hi
    I was looking for info on my family, suppose to be from fortune nl and i came across the following on your website from an email you had rec’d, was wondering if this maybe my great great grandfather as Saul was my great great grandfathers name, do you know if he had a child with a Susannah |Thornhill named wesley Wilson mosher ?
    “Saul Mosher, aka Malzard, was born 1840 in Burin Nfld and died 21 Nov 1901 Halifax NS. His parents were Francis Malzard or Mulzard (b abt 1805 Jersey, Channel Islands or possibly 1790 Lamaline, Burin Nfld and died 31 Jan 1865 Halifax NS) and Mary Deborah Bonnell (b abt 1812 Jersey, Channel Islands, d 20 Feb 1864 Lamaline Nfld).rom someone else

  10. Hi Charmaine, I did some digging and I think I figured out your Saul Mosher. Saul, father of Wm Wesley, would be the nephew of Saul b 1840. Your gr-gr-grandfather Saul, or Solomon, was born 20 Sep 1861 (some trees have 1862 or 1863) and died 24 Oct 1942. He married Susannah Thornhill Nov 4 1882 in Fortune and their son William Wesley was born 1882 in Fortune. Saul’s parents were possibly Henry Malzard/Mosher, b 1835 Burin d 1898 Lamaline, and Mary Ann Major, b 1835 d 1919. Henry was s/o Francis Malzard, b abt 1805 Jersey in Channel Islands d 1865 Halifax NS, and Mary Deborah Bonnell, b abt 1812 Jersey d 1864 Lamaline. They are also parents of the Saul you saw in my comment, b 1840 in Burin.

    Some family trees have your Saul as s/o Francis, another son of Francis and Mary Deborah. But I thought it looked more likely that he was Henry’s son. If anyone knows for sure, please let us know.

  11. I was wondering if you or your readers could recommend to me, books, articles etc where I could get information on John Matthews.

  12. Hi Hector, the only source I know for any information on who John Matthews of Burgeo was is Joseph Small’s diary (link to it on my Nf Mi’kmaq Family History page). If anyone has any good sources on him, his parents or siblings, I too would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for writing.

  13. Hector Pearce
    I assume you are looking for the John Matthews 1780? from Cape LaHune?
    Not the one who settled in Burgeo. I also am trying to find information on the former. If you find something please post and I will promise to do the same. Also, have you posted a family tree? I think that would be interesting to see.


  14. I have been trying to get my green card and when it came back it said wrong tribe.MY dad was george Vivian who married Susanna wiseman from hare bay.My grandparents were Arthur and gear tie Vivian and Samuel and Mae wiseman.If you can help me out much appreciated.Thanks Janie Jestican Vivian.

  15. Hi Janie, I can’t find anything on your Vivians. I did find Samuel T. Wiseman’s parents (John Wiseman and Rachel Wilkins) and his wife Mae’s parents (James Taylor and Susannah Ralph). Not much, but I hope it’s of some help.

  16. Hi Dorothy,
    I have a question but I don’t know how to get it to you. Could you please email me.


  17. Hi Dorothy,

    I just noticed that you replied to my query in Dec. 2012 about the Hart’s. Elizabeth Keats married Benjamin Hart. You said you have info on Elizabeth Keats. Can you tell me if it is her mother that was Mikmaq? She is listed under Musgravetown and she moved to the USA after Benjamin died. If you can give me any info on Elizabeth, it would be greatly appreciated. I passed on this page to Elizabeth’s decendants.


  18. Hi Diane, nice to hear from you again. The only additional info I found looking now is the Elizabeth Keats I mentioned in 2012 to you, born abt 1772 d/o William Keats and Mary Durdle, married George Welshman according to one Ancestry tree. I can’t find anything else on her or the Hart brothers. Sorry!

  19. Hi Dorothy:
    I am in the process of tracing back my husbands family. Actually I have been working on this for several yrs. I am drawing a blank in every direction… wondering if you could help
    my husbands name: Dale Pittman
    father : Thomas Norman Pittman
    mother: Melvina G. Ralph
    grand father (Fathers side) Thomas Pittman
    grand mother (fathers side) Bertha E. Burton

    bertha was adopted by charles and metilda weeks (WICKS) as this was changed over the year by ministers pronouncation.

    bertha birth parents: was Henry Albert Burton
    mother : Mary Jane Burton

    records show mary jane was married here and that
    Mary Jane’s fathers name is Joseph Osborne (osmond) as this may have gotten changed as well
    other than this
    I know that mary jane died here but was not burried in the cemetery she has an unmarked grave somewhere????
    I was told by ministers that the only way she could have been married is if she was baptized, and the only way she would not have been burried in the cemetery is if she was native??? this is were we are???

    any help would be awesome
    thanks in advance
    ps. we have been to the rooms in st. johns
    on ansestory.ca
    and to our local church records

    where else is there or can you provide any info… oh by the way we are from Jackson’s arm NL

  20. hi I am looking for info on my grandfather from harbour grace nfld . Was wondering if he is native. He came to cape breton and married my grandmother Mamie grace and they had 13 children their names are Ernest Martin stansty martin, Mary Martin, reggiemartin, Lloyd Martin ,John Saunders Martin, Lawrence Martin, Irene Martin, Gladys Martin ,Adeline Martin, Mamie Martin ,Robert martin assize Martin. The only one living is my uncle Lloyd heis 71 would appreciate any info.

  21. Hi Victoria, sorry but I don’t have anything on anyone you’re looking for. If the records for Bertha or her birth parents can’t be found, I’d go at it through her adoptive parents and possible adoptive siblings. Or her birth mother. If her dad’s name was Joseph Osborne/Osmond, what was her mother’s surname? Maybe Bertha was recorded with it (if her parents weren’t married, say). If I come across anything useful, I’ll let you know. If anyone else can help, please do.

  22. Hi Karen, sorry, I don’t have anything on them. In case anyone can help, what was your grandfather’s full name? Was your grandmother’s surname Grace?

  23. Hi Dorothy,
    I was wondering if there is a Mi’kmaq connection in the William James Hynes (1854 – 1920) family tree. His parents were George Haynes and Jane Dufennis/Dafenias? He married Caroline Young (Lejeune) and I don’t know who her parents were.

  24. Hi Kathy, short answer is yes but both families, William’s parents and his wife Caroline’s, are very large and complicated. William James Hynes goes back, through his mother Genevieve/Jane Duffenais/Duffney, to the LeJeunes, Roys and Gallants.

    Caroline Young was b 1861 in Kippens, Port au Port, d/o Peter *Victor* Alexis LeJeune/Young, b Jan 1829 Cape Breton, and Elizabeth Ann Marche, b Mar 1840 Port au Port. Victor LeJeune/Young was s/o Alexander LeJeune/Young and Martha Marche. Alexander’s paternal grandmother was Louise-Marguerite Gallant dit Hache.

    The LeJeune, Marche, Jesso and Gallant sites on my Nfld Mi’kmaq Family History page have lots of information.

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