Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb 6/11)


Sophie kisses SianA jaw-dropper at the end of Monday’s episode.  Sophie, having scrubbed the back of her neck raw trying to get the temporary tattoo off, crying.  Sian then coming in to make up with her after their fight.  Then Sophie kissing her in a not “just friends” way.  And Sian maybe returning the feeling?

A couple weeks ago, after Sian and Sophie had a little hissy spat, I read a comment somewhere online that said something about their ‘lesbian moment’ in a kind of eye roll way.  I thought, oh, it’s just teenage girl stuff – emotions and hormones all over the place all the time.

Certainly, Sophie’s emotions had to be running amok at this moment in her room.  To recap the past couple days Sian reading text to Ryan from Sophie - "Liar"of her life:  she’s upset because her BFF had turned on her like a savage, taking the word of Ryan over hers about him coming on to her while he and Sian were split up for a nanosecond.  In trying to weasel out of the spot he’d got himself in, Ryan blamed Sophie.  He said she’d always said to him that if he wasn’t attached…  And Sian, confused by hearing two very different stories, chooses to believe him and turn on her friend.

Kevin yelling at Sophie about the tattooComing home to lick her wounds, Sophie gets some sympathy from her father.  Until he sees the tattoo on the back of her neck.  He does not hear her say it’s just henna.  He screams at her, grounds her and slams out of the room.

She Sophie scrubbing her neck to remove the tattoodecides that tattoo’s coming off. Crying, hurting inside and on her neck, and Sian comes in to apologize.  She realized Ryan lied about Sophie.  And, even after his mother (a pinnacle of morality herself) tells him to tell Sian the truth, he doesn’t.  Sian works it out for herself.

The whole situation with her, Ryan and Sian happened because she didn’t take Emily’s advice about sometimes a lie of omission is better than the full truth.  Emily’s counsel was keep yer mouth shut about Ryan coming on to you.  She should have listened.

Sophie tells Sian she doesn't like RyanI don’t know where they’re going to go with the kiss between Sophie and Sian, but I think Sophie could find herself in even more of a dilemma between her faith and feelings.  I don’t know if Emily will be able to help her because Emily is open-minded and kind-hearted.  To my knowledge, churches that have full-immersion adult baptism generally do not believe that God is equally accepting of all His creatures, even the gay ones.