Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 13/11)

Car Crash

car's final flipTyrone’s car rolling over and over and over – wow! Then, next episode, firefighters cutting the car apart after the crash.

The car and the jaws of life were the stars of the week.

Car at rest, Molly insideHow fast was Tyrone driving on that narrow country road to have a car roll over that many times? How, indeed, was more damage not done to Molly and the baby, seeing as how she had removed her seatbelt just prior to the crash?

Brake job

cutting frame of car away

I was angry at Tyrone for flying off at Kevin about not fixing the brakes. I was glad he got over it quickly and realized that, yes, he should have checked before driving off in a vehicle he knew had brake problems. car on narrow road, before the crashEarlier, as soon as I heard Ty say – oh the car’s outside, it must be done – I thought hold on a sec, it’s exactly where you left it. Maybe you ought to check with Kev and see if he has in fact worked on it. Of all people, a mechanic ought to know better than to just drive off without checking that the work has been done.

Molly’s anger at Kevin when she finds out about the brakes – well, you can see that. She knows there is another story that Tyrone doesn’t know about. You can see why she, and Auntie Pam, could think Kevin had done this deliberately. But even she will have to realize that no, Tyrone didn’t check that the work had been done. And yes, Kevin had been calling and calling until she turned the phones off in exasperation.

Another horror

Eddie Windass shows it allAnd on Friday, another graphic image of horror. Eddie Windass, in his bathrobe and underwear. Every time it comes back into my mind’s eye I have to go to the to try to expunge it.

sleepy kitten with turtle toy