Snow Day

snow day back yard with dog and snowAll the snow had gone, even the mud had started to dry up. Then bang, last night, a snowstorm. A mixture of rain, freezing rain and snow making big heavy piles of snow on wires, trees and fences. Beautiful. Our backyard late last night. Today, a snow day. At the dog park, only one other person there with his dogs.

Then Pinafore Park, only a few people there. Another man taking Peter Robson statue, Pinafore Park, St. Thomaspictures. Another woman walking her Boxer in his winter coat. A young couple bringing their kids to the playground. They didn’t stay long. The pheasants were toddling around their cozy enclosure, seemingly not aware or caring about the snow outside it.

Stores were pretty empty all day, so a couple store clerks told me. Playground in snow, Pinafore Park, St. ThomasBut Tim Hortons was blocked with people, inside and in the drive-through. It was definitely a doughnut and coffee or hot chocolate day. And definitely a day for playing in the snow.

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