Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Family History & Genealogy

If I don’t reply to your query, it is because I have no information. I don’t want to add to the comments with ‘I don’t know’. If you can help answer someone’s question, please post!

The internet is a good place to find out about your family history.  Unfortunately, it ain’t as easy as the tv ads for look.  Often those ads with cheerful people clicking on a leaf and finding some fascinating bit of information about their great-granddaddy come on as I’m struggling to figure out whether this Peter is son of this Paul or that Paul.  It’s all I can do to not throw a shoe at the television.

There is a lot of information on the big genealogy websites like and Newfoundland Mi'kmaq genealogy websites 1775 James Cook  And there are lots of other sites with information where you don’t have to pay a membership fee.  Some have vital statistics on them – birth and death records, census information etc.  Others are the product of family researchers.  Below are sites related to Newfoundland Mi’kmaq families that I have found useful.

A word of warning:  do not rely totally on any one source as the gospel.  Primary records have enough inconsistencies of fact and, with websites, you have the added possibility of error of transcription.  Dates get typed in wrong, names get misspelled.  There’s lots of room for error.  Plus some information is simply inaccurate or conflicts with other sources.  So with primary documents and the internet, be judicious, check and double-check.

Genealogy Websites

(see Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Books for more sources)

* Acadian Genealogy (by Lucie LeBlanc Consentino – many Nfld. west coast families)
*  Benoit (by Jasen Benwah, plus other Nf Mi’kmaq fams)
*  Desc. of Gabriel Billard (marr. Miriam Durnford)
*  Desc. of Michel Boudrot/Boudreau Lt. Gen. (1600s Acadie, marr. Michelle Aucoin)
*  Bras d’Or Families (by John Scott, incl. Jesso, Boutilier, & other fams & regions)
*  Bras d’Or Indian Village Band Assoc. (Maliseet-Micmac Vital Stats, LeJeune gen, Nfld. Mi’kmaq)
*  Canadian Genealogy & History Links (Nfld page)
*  Chiasson Family
Desc. of Charles Crocker (by Elizabeth Sheppard Hewitt)
*  Desc. of Daniel’s Harbour (Payne, Brooks, Park families)
*  Doucet Family
*  Gallant Family (PEI, by Linda Keefe-Trainor, click ‘tree’)
* (Gallant) Haché-Gallant Family
*  Gaudet Genealogy (Mark B. Arsland: France, USA, Canada, NL)
*  Desc. of Edward Gaudon (Joe Gaudon, Sept. 2000)
*  Genealogy in Time (links to many sites)
*  Mi’kmaq Ancestry of Jerry Gerrior (Gerrior/Girouard and others)
*  Desc. of James Hall (NS & NL – click no. link at left for gens)
*  Herridge-Nurse Family History (Matthews, Garnier, Strickland, etc.)
*  Jesso Family (most Nfld. west coast families)
*  Labrador (Southern) Family History (Labrador Cura, by Patty Way)
*  LeBlanc/White (‘Steve’s Genealogy Blog’)
*  LeBlanc & MacLean Families (Trish LeBlanc – Rootsweb, link goes to surname list)
*  Lefresne-Robinson Family, South Coast of Nfld (Rootsweb, link to surnames)
*  LeJeunes of Cape Breton & Nfld (by Lark Szick)
*  The Ancestry of Henry LeJeune/Young (by Kirk Butt, see note below on BSGGS for this)
*  Desc. of Jacques LeJeune (Robin K. Young gen. home page)
*  John Young (LeJeune) of Bras d’Or NS (by Kevin Young)
*  Dr. William Litchman (South Coast families, Lushman etc.  Click a Publications title for content. Also see his “every-name index” for Burgeo-LaPoile 1921 census, below.)
*  Desc. of George Lomond (by Sharon Dillon; also Dillon, Knott, Currie)
*  Maliseet & Micmac Vital Statistics (NB Church Records – 346 pg PDF so it takes a long time to load)
*  Marche Family (see note below on BSGGS for access to this huge family tree)
*  Mattie Mitchell Webpage (by Fred Powell)
*  Muise Family (by Doris Muise)
* Desc. of Philippe Mius d’Azy (by Yvon Cyr)
* (Muise) Four Generations of d’Entremonts (Musée des Acadiens)
*  Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics (‘accept’ then search)
*  O’Connell Family Tree (most Nfld. west coast families)
*  Payne Families
acadien flag*  PEI Family Lineages (flag by Acadian names)
*  PEI Genealogical Society
* Pike Family History & Genealogy Resources (by David Pike)
*  Roy Family, through Marie Aubois (by John R. Nelson)
*  Rumbolt, Hann, Lane & Howarth Genealogy Pages (Northern Peninsula, Bay of Islands)
*  Jacques St-Pierre’s Family Tree (Doucet, Muise, LeJeune, et al.)
*  Vatcher Family History (by Ed Vatcher)
*  Wendy’s Ancestral Tree (Cajun/Acadian families, go to paternal Pitre line)
*  Wheeler Descendants (mainly Twillingate area)
* Stephen A. White, Genealogist (LeBlanc and others & Acadien history)
* Ancestors of Wayne Harvey Young (LeJeune & Stone)

For other family trees, genealogical and vital statistics information and sources, go to Bay St. George Genealogical Society.  There is a lot of material in the main site, but for $10 a year membership, you get to go in the ‘Members Only’ section.  There you find many of the invaluable papers on Newfoundland family history written by Allan Stride among other materials. NL GenWeb and Newfoundland Grand Banks are also great resources for vital statistics data.

A wonderful source for information on Burgeo history and families is the 1925 Diary of Burgeo by Joseph Small. Also valuable for those interested in south coast families is Dr. Litchman’s index of the 1921 census for Burgeo-LaPoile, available in Kindle format at Amazon.

Some of these sites are easier than others to navigate around.  I’ve linked to home pages whenever possible so that you can see what’s there.  I’ve used all these sites, so know it is possible to get around if there’s more information there.  If there’s so much information that you don’t know how to find who you’re looking for, try searching with ‘control’ and ‘f’ keys on PCs or ‘command’ and ‘f’ on Macs and type the name or place in the little search box.  At least within the ‘page’, that will find them.

These links are valid as of now, March 2011. (*Checked & updated March 2016.)  They may change or be removed in future.  They’re not my sites so I apologize in advance if problems develop with them.

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826 thoughts on “Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Family History & Genealogy”

  1. Due to a formatting problem we have lost all of the comments on this page prior to Jan 13, 2012. We feel terrible about this, as the comments people were submitting were very interesting and allowed a free exchange of ideas and information. We apologize for this, and are taking steps to prevent this in the future.

  2. There you have it, folks. We lost about 100 comments. Tomorrow, I will repost those from the past 2 days that we rescued. Today I made a link for subscribing to a “comments” field. It seemed like a good idea since there were so many families being explored on this page. I noticed a problem in the page layout that needed correcting. So, in fixing one problem, another huge one was created.

    You can subscribe to a basic comments feed (look in the top left margin). I’d like to set ones up for specific pages so you only get comments on the page(s) you want. But I might leave that for a while, after today’s disaster. If you have posted comments on other pages, such as ‘genealogy’, ‘about me’ and ‘research and radio’, they are not affected. Only those on this page.

    I scribbled notes about your queries, so have something for reference about them. But my notes are not complete – I always had the ‘comments’ section to go back to for specific dates and names and links that people so kindly shared! So, please, resubmit your comments if possible so they are out there for others to read. Very, very sorry about this.

  3. I’m going to repost as many comments as I have. In addition to what we retrieved, I have some still in my email. So it will be hit and miss, but better than nothing, I hope. Ok, starting from the most recent:

    Jim says:
    January 14, 2012 at 4:18 pm
    As far as I know, all the Wheelers from Halfway Point are descendant from William Wheeler and Jane Mathews Brake. Their children included James, William, Eliza and Charlotte, all of whom were baptised in 1849 during Bishop Feild’s visit. It seems strange if your Sarah had been born before 1849 that she would not have been included. I am not aware that they had a child Sarah but it is possible. Can you tell me why you think she was a Wheeler and why you think she was from Halfway Point?

  4. Sarah says:
    January 14, 2012 at 2:36 pm
    Does anyone have any info regarding indian status in the families of the billiards or spencers of Burgeo?

  5. Kelli says:
    January 13, 2012 at 10:59 pm
    Hi Dorothy and Jim
    Thanks, I have read the link forwarded by Jim.

    Here are dates/info I discovered Samuel Park was born in Middle Arm Aug 1862, died Nov. 27 1940. He married Mary Hussey of ? camp Islands labrador born July 1869 (according to 1921 census). I cannot seem to find the date they were married nor the date of Mary’s death.. If anyone can help that woudl be great.

    Samuel was born prior to marriage of Ellen/Helen and Robert (who were married in 1873 by layreader, 1877 by Minister ).

    An Ellen Park of Middle Arm was born to a William and Sarah Park (nee Wheeler, I think) (Sarah or Sara I think was from Halfway point ?). Ellen was noted as being baptised June 1852 and born May 1843 I think this is the Ellen Park who married Robert Park.. but if I am mistaken hopefully someone can help me out.

    Mary Hussey’s – (Samuel’s wife) parents names I think were James Hussey of Port De Grave and Patience Ainsworth of conception Bay who were married May 1854. That’s as far as I could get with that piece of the puzzle… thanks I will keep looking and hopefully someone might be able to fill in the blanks…
    Kelli [in response to:-]

    Jim says:
    January 12, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    Have a look at the following: go to boards-localities-North America-Canada-Newfoundland-West Coast-Park and Marshall, starting 1 July 2002 [sorry, the link throws off my page formatting so I can’t put it in -ds.]


    Dorothy says:
    January 12, 2012 at 10:33 pm
    Kelli, a quick look shows me nothing useful for you. I have Ellen/Helen Park m Robt Park, but no parents ent’d for her. I do not have Samuel entered with their children. Who did Samuel marry? No better luck with Fanny Matthews. I have several of them entered but none with John Edward Morgan as a husband. If you have some more names of people attached to any of these people, post them here and maybe I or someone reading can link them with those you’re looking for.

  6. Pauline says:
    January 13, 2012 at 9:56 pm
    Thanks Dorothy. Really appreciate your looking into this tattoo business for me. I have been wondering about this and it has not only puzzled but facinated me to the point that maybe a mainland band in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick might be able to shed some light on this. If I learn anything, I’ll let you know. Thanks again, just love the website. [in reply to:-]

    Dorothy says:
    January 12, 2012 at 10:57 pm
    Hi Pauline, sorry, I have nothing on the Baines and couldn’t find anything online. But maybe somebody else knows? I’ll keep an eye out. I don’t know what the tattoos meant. I assume same as you, ornamental and/or to show status. Couldn’t find much online about it and don’t think I have any books that discuss it. If I find out, I’ll let you know. [in reply to:-]

    Pauline, Jan. 10/12
    Hi Dorothy, Have you any information on the Baines family who came and settled on the northern peninsula (Shoal Cove West) from the Bra d’or Lake area of Nova Scotia.

    Also, wondering if you know of any reason why some native women had tattoos on their cheeks, was this done for ornamental or class distinction purposes, what are your thoughts.

    Love your website, very informative. Thanks for your help.

  7. Catherine Cashin says:
    January 13, 2012 at 7:53 pm
    Hi Dorothy, Thank you for your information. And, thanks to Jim for his information. I got an affidavit from a relative of Amy Nicolle that wrote the book on the Payne Family reunion. Now, the fun begins putting all this together. Again, thanks. [in reply to:-]

    Jim, Jan. 8/12

    There are a couple of websites that give the marriage of Hannah and Samuel as 1838 in Cow Head. Google Hannah Brake Samuel Payne. You could try the web site contact to see where that information came from.

    Also I’m interested in the document on Jane Mathews Brake and William Wheeler. Can you tell me where to find it?

  8. Dorothy says:
    January 12, 2012 at 11:12 pm
    Hi Darlene, could you send me some Francis first names and also of the Wells. I have people of both names, but none from that area. Do you know if your Francis people came from Gander Bay or from Codroy? For the Wells, I see some in Brig Bay in the 1921 census – a James born Kelligrews and Fred from Bell Burns. Thanks. [in reply to:-]

    Darlene Wells says:
    January 12, 2012 at 7:05 pm
    i am wondering if you would have any info regarding indian status in regard to the families of the francis’ of cow head, on the northern peninsula or the wells in brig bay area? any information would be appreciated.

  9. Dorothy says:
    January 12, 2012 at 10:43 pm
    Brandie, here’s what I’ve got: Adam Crocker (s/o Lucas Crocker & Catherine Blanchard) b. 16 Sept 1875 Bonne Bay/Trout River, bapt Jan 1876 by Jos. Curling, d 6 Nov. 1942 Trout River – married 7 Apr 1910 Theresa Brake b. Apr 1894 Middle Arm.

    Their children: Benjamin (23 Mar 1911 Bonne Bay-22 Jan 1912 Bonne Bay); Ralph Vincent (1913-27 Jun 1927 Trout R.); Walter Basil (Nov 1914-); Mabel (Jul 1918-abt 1998 BOI); Miriam Frances (Sep 1920-) and Faith Hilda Bertha (1924-23 Jul 1925 Trout R.) [in reply to:-]

    Brandie, Jan. 11/12
    I have been doing some research both online and off with regards to my family background and linkages. I was wondering if you could tell me if you have any information regarding the Brake family as well. From the Bay of Islands I have Benjamin Brake married Hellen Piercy, they had a child named Teresa Brake who married Adam Crocker. They would have been born about 1880s (not sure tho). They were located in the Corner Brook and Trout River areas. Any information would be great. I have a few more questions too that maybe we can get to later. Thanks!!

  10. Awesome Thanks 🙂 Do you have anything on Teresa Brake b. Apr 1894 Middle Arm. who married Adam Crocker…. I was looking for information on her father who is Benjamin Brake he married Hellen Piercy.

  11. Also, they had another sister, her name was Cedella she married a Ben Hackett. She was also a child of Teresa Brake and Adam Crocker.

  12. Hi Brandie, I’ll have a look and get back to you. And I’ll continue reposting those lost comments I have retrieved. We figured out the problem – a bad link – but I haven’t had a chance to get back to sorting the comments yet.

  13. On the first page of this website a statement “all Wheeler in Halfway Point are related? Do you have any information on the Wheeler’s from Halfway Point. As well I am looking for information on the Blanchards from Gillams, Newfoundland. If you need specifics, let me know.


  14. Dorothy

    Can you tell me if there is a native connection in the family of George Crocker and Kathrine Blanchard of Trout River and if this line has been accepted as native? Kathrine was born about 1829 in the Bay of Islands.
    Bishop Feild referred to her as a sister of the Brakes but it seems she is commonly accepted a being a Blanchard.


  15. Hi Dorothy!
    Thanks for your help!
    Re the Morgan/Matthews questions: John Edward Morgan born around 1841 (England) married a Fanny Matthews of Burgeo and one of their children John E Morgan born 1880 Bay of Islands married Selina or Elizabeth Stuckless of West Port White Bay…not sure that will be helpful.. I cannot find info about Elizabeth or Selina..or Fanny Matthews.

    Re Ellen or Helen Park… according to a cousin who has done some work on the family tree.. Ellen’s mother was Sarah Wheeler of Halfway Point..but I cannot seem to find her….any nudges in any direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again

  16. Well, Cathy, I can’t believe it! I found your man. Go to familytreemaker-Higdon. I also found his 1st marriage record to Anne Arnold on NL Genweb, Bonavista Bay, Glovertown Methodist Marriages, married Sep 18 1891 at Gooseberry Island. There is also a George Littlejohn mentioned in a Nov 1955 Bell Island “Submarine Miner” newsletter (on Nf Grand Banks Chebucto site). Hope this helps.

  17. Hi Cathy, yes, what lines of the Wheelers and Blanchards are you looking at? If I can’t help, maybe somebody else here can.

  18. Hi Brandie, I had her entered as Cedelia without a last name. I have her husband as Benedict (b 16 Feb 1927 Wood’s Is), son of William Hackett and Mary Ann Hickey (marr 4 Feb 1915 Woods Is). William born 25 May 1893 English Hr East and Mary Ann b 1 Jan 1899 Fortune Bay. I have 8 siblings entered for Ben: Dorothy, Elizabeth Frances, Stephen Ignatius, James Gerard, Raymond Joseph, Patrick William, Veronica and Bridget. Thanks for telling me who Cedella/Cedelia is.

  19. Ben (Benedict) Hackett was the Great Great Grandson of Thomas Hynes and Elizabeth Saunders (A Mi’kmaq Woman) of English Harbour East, Fortune Bay. Ben Hackett son of William J. Hackett and Mary A. Hickey. William J. Hackett son of Michael Hackett and Elizabeth Hynes. Elizabeth Hynes daughter of Joseph Hynes and Martha Murphy. Joseph Hynes son of Thomas Hynes and Elizabeth Saunders.

  20. Do you know if Benjamin Brake, has a native connection. I have heard that he is a proven Qalipu Mik’maq but I cannot find anything proving this. Or if his parents were. Any help is appreciated 🙂 And Thanks for the information thus far 🙂

  21. Also, You have Teresa Brake m. Adam Crocker, Her Name is spelled Teresa Brake daughter of Benjamin Brake and Helen Piercey. Her date of birth is actually February 27th, 1892. I have found a copy of her birth certificate 🙂 And she was indeed born in Middle Arm.

  22. Hi Brandie, good for you, finding Teresa Brake’s birth certificate! I’ve added your info to my database, thanks. About Benjamin Brake, one way or the other it seems he’s the grandson of Ralph B & Jane Matthews. Some researchers have him as s/o Thomas Matthews Brake and wife Mary (who may have been a Mitchell). Others say he was s/o John Matthews Brake and in a gen forum, I read he may have been the s/o Edward Matthews Brake. All 3 are brothers. I think in the gen forum, probably the Brake/Park one, it said he was Edward’s son but was raised by his uncle Thomas. If anyone can clarify this, please do.

  23. Continuing with lost comments:

    from Jim, Jan 6/12

    Your Elizabeth Legge was a daughter of George Legge and Caroline Darrigan mentioned in my earlier post. There is a possibility of a native connection through the Darrigan line although I don’t know if anyone has any documentation to prove it.

    in reply to Roxanne, Jan. 5/12
    Hi Wondering if you can confirm a link for me . My Tree goes like this
    my mom Margaret Sheppard – Hynes
    Her Parents Harvey & Ella (Park) Sheppard
    Ella parents Joseph & Annie (DeVerge) Park
    Joseph Parents David & Eunice (Quick) Park
    David Parents William & Elizabeth (Legge) Park
    This is where my problems start I am Hoping
    William Parents Mary Parks Brookes & Unknown
    Cannot seem to find if Mary Parks Brookes had son William who married Elizabeth Legge. I am hoping that this is her son as she is listed as native and this will complete my request. Thank you for your time to look at this !

  24. from Clifton Squires, Dec. 27/11
    Read the interesting info provided by Desmond Canning stating his relative Mary Ann Easton was known to be Mi’kmaq. My great grandmother was her sister, so I am very curious, of course, if this info can be verified through any official records, and if so, where. If someone could throw some light on this for me, I would be so thrilled, as it seems that all my efforts to locate older documents that I require are at a standstill.

    [2nd message] Dorothy, as in my previous enquiry, I have also come to a standstill because of lack of records which show my Mi’kmaq ancestry with the Stride family through Elizabeth Stride who married John Hutchin(g)s about 1857. I am convinced that all the Strides were of aboriginal ancestry at that time, but how can this be confirmed or verified?Help !

  25. from Pauline, Dec. 17/11

    Trying to sort out the BOI Park Family. My gggg grandmother was Mary Parks Brooks and my ggg grandfather is Robert Park2 who married Jane Unknown and had my gg grandfather William Park. William Park born 1828 married Elizabeth Legge daughter of George and Caroline (Darrigan) Legge. Wm. and Elizabeth had three children, George Willis Park, Mary Jane who married George Cox and my g grandmother Sarah who married James Joyce. As a young girl whenever we went to Lark Hr my father visited Stewarts in Frenchman’s Cove and Barnes, but I never knew if they were relatives. We have been told that Mary Parks Brooks was mi’kmaq, have you any information to confirm or deny this. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  26. from Jim, Dec. 13/11
    I’m hoping you may be able to help me sort out some confusion on some early residents of the Bay of Islands. The Legge/ Darrigan/ and Companion families lived at Frenchman’s Cove when Bishop Feild visited and are obviously very closely connected. According to Bishop Field, Elizabeth, the 2nd wife of Jean Prosper Companion, was formerly married to (Thomas?) Dargan (Darrigan) and had a son Maurice. Also from Field, it appears that Maurice was the nephew of Michael James, implying that Elizabeth was a James. This Michael James is mentioned both by Rev. Wix in 1835 and Bishop Field in 1849 and is described as being from some small outport and has having very respectable parents.
    Caroline, the wife of George Legge was born about 1818. According to her grandson she was a Darrigan. If that is correct, then she is most likely a sister of Maurice and daughter of Elizabeth. According to her 1895 burial record, Caroline was born at New Harbour, Fortune Bay. It is said that all three of Prosper Companion’s wives were native. If that is the case, then the Legge and Darrigan families most likey have native heritage as well. However, if Elizabeth was a James and from New Harbour, the a native connection seems unlikely. Also this would mean that Thomas Darrigan, contrary to popular belief, lived at New Harbour before coming to Lark Harbour. While the logic seems pretty good, there is lots of room for error. For example perhaps Caroline was married to a Darrigan before George Legge?
    I would appreciate your comments and any clarification you can offer.

  27. from Glen Penney, Nov. 22/11
    Hey , so glad to find this site. I am tracing my grandmother Margaret Marche of Campbells Creek , Port au Port , nl. – we always called it The Creek . Maragret Marche could have been born in Nova Scotia area of Sidney. Margaret Marche was the daughter of Jimmy Marche and possibly Sarah Marche nee McDonald. The census of Campbells Creek early 1900’s believe 1927 confirms this as they had a homestead in Campbells Creek or The Creek. The Marche family are listed by Cornack circa 1820 as being one of the native families residing in the now Stephenville area – Indian Head – which includes Alexander , Benoit , Young , Gallant etc. – there were about 150 inhabitants when Cormack made his visit looking for Beothucks. Is it possible you can provide me with some direction…..tks…..Glen

  28. from Gen, Nov. 14/11
    The James Pico I have would have been born before 1860 as his daughter (my g-g-grandmother) was born 1845. My James’ wife was Catherine Saunders/Sanders and they lived in the Placentia Bay/Burin area when my g-g-grandmother was born, probably around Little St. Joseph’s. My Hynes family are from the English Harbour East and Lamanche areas. Catherine Hynes b.1836 married John Murphy b. 1842 Fortune Bay and lived their married life at Red Island Placentia Bay. I rmember researching that a Hynes from Lamanche travelled and settled in the port aux port area in the late 1800s. I don’t know anything else about the Hynes. My Catherine Hynes died abt. 1894 at Red Island. I don’t know anything about Catherine Hynes’ parents or siblings but would love to find something on them. I don’t know anything about’ Catherine Saunders family either but would love to find something about them too . I don’t have much, but, if you would like I could email my pico info to you if you want it.

  29. from Nancy Swan, Bras d’Or Indian Village Band Association, Oct. 6/11
    Lark is no longer living in Cape Breton. Sadly she is suffering from loss of eyesight. Lark has been a great friend to us and has helped our band greatly with her support. I cannot her Lejeune Board to open either she may not even realize this..maybe one of us need to contact the Beaton Institute CBU. It is a very valuable resource used by many searching for their Genealogy.

    I at this time want to invite you to visit our website to read about the oldest artifact in Little Bras D’or. The artifact belonged to ggg Grandfather Francois Lejeune 1772-1838. We his descendants just learned of its existence last yr.

    It holds his personal important papers…which he stored ina fur bag!! Our cousin John Brennick a descendant as well…owns the artifact. It is now in the Nova Scotia Museum Hal. being preserved by a document expert.

    John has informed me he will have a copy of the papers on public display at his place. He owns and operates the Arm of Gold Campground in that is on the spot where Francois house was located. I did see the fur bag and papers were bulging out of it. It will be an exciting day to read the papers for the first time!!

    Other exciting news you can read about on our website is the beautiful Donated Chasuble gift presented to the Bras D’or Indian Village Band, by our cousin Rev. Dr. Bernard O’Connor aka Fr. Bernie who is a very good friend his support it a true gift to us.

    We have set the date for the Reconciliation Mass Celebration Event. Ittake place on John Brennick location…outside near the water. The historical event will take place Sept. 8 2012. This will be a day for all of us to acknowledge our history and to celebrate our ancestors lives. I welcome you to come join us if you can, we will have media coverage.

    This is a video of the location of the celebration can be seen

    We are so fortunate to have Mrs.Elizabeth Deveau and her husband Terry offer to come and perform for us at the mass…here is one of 2 songs she will sign called ‘Unity’

    ds- I heard in Dec. from Nancy that Ms. Szick is doing well and hopes to be home in May 2012. She hopes to do a reprint of her LeJeune/Young book and correct errors that she is aware of in it. Problems with website access are also being looked at. I wish Ms. Szick all the best; as Nancy says “she is a hero.”

  30. from Kathy, Dec. 19/11
    To Jim: I am also looking for more information on Susannah Mcdonald (Lushman) Styles. I would be interested in any information u have and knowledge about the Young/Lejeune book as well.

  31. from Jim F. Sept 27/11
    Thanks for getting back to me. Interesting site you have here.

    Here’s information on my grandfather:

    Charles YOUNG was born Dec. 7, 1919 at Grey River, Newfoundland to John and
    Elizabeth YOUNG. Charles was baptized in the Church of England by G. Robins on
    Dec. 12, 1919. Register of births, Burgeo-LaPoile Church of England, #410678, p. 318

    Grandmother’s Name:
    Catherine Warren born Mar 18, 1924 in Dog Cove, NL. Her parents were Israel Warren and Minnie Maria Lafosse. She may also have Mi’kmaq ancestry but I haven’t traced her ancestry yet. I think her Grandmother was Mary Ann Young and Grandfather was John Henry Warren.

    and follow-up Sept 30/11 –
    Thanks for taking the time to research my family history. I was aware of the first article you mentioned and the journal you referenced is a very impressive story and was the focus of a book, Drifting Doom, written by Newfoundland author Earl Pilgrim. My sister and mother highly recommend the book but I haven’t read it yet. I will now :-).

    Here is the information I received from Perry Young of Burgeo regarding Susannah…

    “You and I go back to Ephraim Young and Ann Styles. Ann Styles Parents were James Styles & Susannah McDonald. I didn’t continue my research on the Young’s to trace back my Mi’kmaq ancestry, due to the fact there being a fair amount of info. already put together on the Young’s. There’s a book already in circulation on the market, Titled, “The Young’s/Lejeune’s of Newfoundland & Cape Breton . The book can be bought on the e-net. Hope this could be of some help to your research. As my understanding goes’, the first Young in Little River (Grey River) was James Young. He came from Little River at Main Gut (between Stephenville crossing and Mattis Point). I think the two Little River’s here confuses the rightful birth place of James. If this is the case, then we may be able connect him to the book mentioned above. As for Susannah McDonald, her mother was Nancy Mcdonald/Macdonald from Conne River. She was married to Ned Pullette. While in Conne River to Pow wow a few years ago, I was talking to a Jeddore there and he confirmed this. I have no information on James Styles. I have no Idea of his origin. My dad told me, he went into the country and was never heard from again. His jacket was found near a deep crevice the following summer.”

  32. Brandi,

    For information on Benjamin Brake and his native connection see the following:
    [go to, then message boards, localities, North America, Canada, Newfoundland, West Coast, Brake/Park queries.

    Sorry but I had to take the actual link out. This is an excellent discussion board with lots of information on these families, but there’s something wrong with the link. It takes you to the page but it messes up my page if it’s in there in any form. Another way to get to it is google the names and look for the above words in the entry. Dorothy]

  33. Hello,
    Firstly, thanks for taking the time to complete such an extensive website, it looks great. Now for my reason of posting on here, I noticed you have a lot of information on the Brake family. I am trying to find evidence of the fact that Catherine Matthews Brake was indeed the daughter of Jane Matthews Brake (Pure MicMac blood) & Ralph Brake. I have found Ralph’s last will and testament however there is no mention of a daugher named Catherine, but I have been told that they had suffered some sort of disagreement therefore he apparently “Disowned” her. If anyone can provide any information as this is the last and final link that my family needs to complete it’s connection to the MicMac.

  34. Hi Laura and thanks. You’ve asked the million$ question. I assume you’re talking about George Crocker’s wife Catherine? It’s questioned whether she was a Matthews Brake or a Blanchard. Bishop Feild said Crocker’s wife was a sister of the Brakes but, as you noticed, she’s not mentioned in Ralph B’s will whereas his other kids were. Check out the Ancestry genforum Brake/Park discussion mentioned in the previous comment. Again, sorry I can’t give the link but there’s something wrong in it. Any other family lines that you might follow up? Give us a few names and we’ll see if anyone can help.

  35. “Now we come Uncle John Matthews of the first man to settle here…………… The daughters of the old man were Ann, Frances, Maria, Elizabeth, Susan, Ellen and one other who married and went to Bonne Bay long before 1860 name of husband Organ died 1866.”
    I am researching my family tree and have traced back to Sarah Matthews, daughter of John Matthews of Burgeo, she is the one that married Michael Organ of Bonne Bay. I am trying to find if there is any evidence that this Matthews family was indeed indian. I have seen a lot of speculation on this, but is there anything confirming this or anything confirming Jane Matthews Brake was a daughter of the same John Matthews from Burgeo…
    Any help would be appreciated.

  36. Hi Glynis, thanks for writing. It seems clear that Jane Matthews Brake came from the Burgeo area, and there were other Mi’kmaq Matthews also there. But whether she’s related to the Uncle John that Small writes about? I haven’t found anything indicating that she is. I wonder about the “other Matthews” family that Small mentions being in Burgeo, mainly because he says nothing about them other than give their names. I think I read somewhere that Uncle John’s family maybe came from Jersey or one of the Channel Islands. Ok, what do others think?

  37. Dorothy,have you ever done any reserch, on the Anderson familys or the Meads.The Anderson familys were manily in Upper Burgeo and Lower Burgeo, while the Meads were in Little River and White Bear Bay. Dr. A W Jones, of memorial in ST. jOHNS, says both familys are of Aboriginal ancestry.Iam reserching both familys, and unable to find info on who Meshach Mead, and his wife Catherine, surname befor marriage unknown,were.I think this may have been Meshachs second marriage.I know he had two brothers Charles and John.Any help would be appreciated.

  38. Bishop Feild’s journal states very clearly that (George) Crocker ‘s wife was married to a sister of the Brakes. First names of George and Catherine are confirmed in Feild’s baptism records. That is pretty strong evidence. The fact that Catherine is not mentioned in Ralph Brake’s will , while interesting, cannot be held up as proof that she was not a daughter. There are lots of cases where children do not appear in a will. To refute Feild will require some definitive documentation to the contrary, such as for example, Catherine’s birth certificate or marriage certificate. Perhaps such exists but I have not seen either. Unless there is something substantial, then it is difficult to dispute Bishop Feild’s statement. Can anyone confirm the basis for the belief that Catherine was a Blanchard. Also does anyone know if any native status applications based on Catherine (Brake) Crocker have been rejected?

  39. Hi Ron, thanks for writing. I recently came across Meschach Mead, so I’ll see if I can find it and what I’ve got on the Andersons.

  40. Thank you Jim. You’ve put this very well. Especially your questions at the end: can anyone give us information on either of these points?

  41. I just put up a Crocker family tree site (above) from 2008. It seems good. Also read a Western Star letter by John Edgar that Scott or Jim mentioned (thanks!). It’s about William Blanchard’s wife, saying that she may have been Elizabeth Joe and is worth a read if you haven’t already seen it. Ties into what many are wondering about.

  42. Haven’t got a lot, I’m afraid. I’ve got Meschac Meade b Jun 1863 Ramea, marr abt 1890 Burgeo to Mary Ann Anderson b Aug 1869 Burgeo. They had children John 1893, Augusta/Annetta 1900, George Robert 1898, Samuel 1901, Ernest 1913 and adopted daughter Jessy McDonald 1911.

    I have another “Meshack Mead” marr Ann, parents of Sarah Mead b 15 Aug 1841 Cape La Hune. No parents for either Meschac or wives. Meshac, Charles and Thomas are in McAlpine’s Directory 1898 at Little River as fishermen.

    On the Andersons, I have a lot entered. One of the earliest is William 1772-1856 Burgeo, marr 1st Susannah Dicks, then in 1842 to Susanna Poole. Any names you can give me to narrow it down?

    Do you know what Albert Jones is basing his statement about aboriginal ancestry on?

  43. Dorothy, thank-you for your reply.Albert Jones, in the family history, he did for me, says the MEADS OF Little River, had inter- maried with Micmac indians at an early date in the communities of Little River, GRANDYS Passage and White Bear Bay.this he says is noted in the Newfoundland census for the year 1857. As for the Andersons, he says there is a long pattern of inter- marriage between the Andersons, Meads, Hinks, Benoit and STEVENS. THE Andersons he states, have a definite and well-recognized quantum of Aboriginal descent.The Anderson that iam interrested in is John who married Joan around 1825.I have deen looking for Joans name befor marriage, for a long time.I know the had those three children, CHARLES 1827,Thomas 1830 and my gg grandfather Robert 1833.they were born in Fortune NL. I have so many questions i like to ask you, but i will end for now.thank-you ron.

  44. hi dorothy , Glynis ask about sarah matthews and michael organ wondering if they was indian, they had a son william organ born st johns island, a lot his descendents that applied for the status got it , so that opens the door for all of michaels and sarahs descendents dont you think? …t…c..

  45. and i know its not because of who he married because they had to send in pictures of sarahs headstone, it showed michael as her husband. i know where sarahs birth certificate is and most of her children as will……sgould

  46. Looking for information on ancestory ofc atherine jennex (or jenniex )wells married to alexander wells.she is my great,great,great grandmother and my neices from hawaii are trying to do a family tree.

  47. Hi Barbara, thanks for writing. I don’t have Catherine or Alexander. Looking online, I found an ancestry gen forum on Sebastien Benoit that mentions them. You’ve likely seen it, but if you missed it, a poster from Oct 2009 says that Clarissa Benoit was mother of Catherine Gennex/Jennex. Clarissa was, the poster believes and is trying to document, daughter of Sebastien Benoit & Theotiste Jesso. The post then continues with Catherine and Alexander Well’s son Alexander, marr Mary Jane Picco. (I have Mary Jane’s parents as William Henry Picot and Mary Ann Abbott.)

    That’s all I have. If I find anything else, I’ll let you know and I’m sure anyone reading this will post if they can help.

  48. Hello Dorothy

    Would you have any information on Jane who married Robert Park, son of Robert Park and Mary Parks Brooks. Robert and Jane had 4 children, their son William was my gg grandfather and he was baptised by Rev. Wix in 1835. Also, do you have any info on Robert Joyce who married Emily Dufney, born at Port au Port, NL.
    Thanks again for any help, love the site, very, very informative.

  49. Hi Pauline, I haven’t got anything useful on the Parks. There were comments about Robert, son and father – among the vanished ones I think. Maybe someone will point us in the right direction. I have lots of stuff scribbed down but haven’t sorted it out yet. I’ll try to soon.

    On Robt Joyce and Emily Duffney – nothing on him but lots on her. I have 2 sons for them, Robert and John. I have Emily born 23 Nov 1849 Port au Port, d/o Jean Frederick Dauphinee of Lunenburg NS and Mary Anne Young of Little Bras d’Or. But you’re looking for the Joyce side? If I find anything, I’ll let you know. Thanks.

  50. hi dorothy , Glynis ask about sarah matthews and michael organ wondering if they was indian, they had a son william organ born st johns island, a lot his descendents that applied for the status got it , so that opens the door for all of michaels and sarahs descendents dont you think? and i know its not because of who he married because they had to send in pictures of sarahs headstone, it showed michael as her husband. i know where sarahs birth certificate is and most of her children births cert are as will, i put these messages on your site the other day and i couldnt find them, did you take it of for some reason 😉

  51. Hi, replying here as well as Gen page. Click ‘older comments’ and you’ll find your original one. Also for everybody – a new category and window for Newfoundland Mi’kmaq. Just put it up tonight, so probably bugs to work out. With so many comments, it’s easy for stuff to get lost or just get confused trying to figure them all out. So I hope this will be a way to keep things together and I can use the page itself to put up stuff specifically related to this topic. I’ll be changing the link for this page and some others so that they point to the new category. So bear with me and just look around if something isn’t where you thought it was. Thanks.

  52. Hi Dorothy,

    I’m looking for more information on Mattie Mitchell. He is believed to be my Great-Great Grandather, father of my Great Grandfather William Mitchell. However I can’t find any information on William Mitchell. Do you have any information on William Mitchell? William was born in 1880 and that would have made him the first child of Mattie Mitchell but all I can find is information stating Matties first daughter, who was born in 1885.

  53. Dear dorothy, My grandmother always told us that she was micmac but we cannot find anything on her. Her grandparents were george harris and jemima coombs. Coombs is suppose to be micmac. Can you help me in any way. They came from Battle harbour labrador, nfld canada.

  54. Hi Darla, not finding anything on William as s/o Mattie. Could he be a grandson or nephew? Who did William marry? That might help locate him so we can figure out where he fits. Thanks for writing.

  55. Hi Agnes, I found George and jemima but haven’t come up with anything else on her. I can’t search my database right now because I’m doing something with it that I don’t think I can disturb. If I find anything, I’ll let you know. I did find online other researchers on the Coombs family – look under C on this list. Maybe they, or someone reading here, can help. Thanks for writing.

  56. Looking for info on Rebekah Marsh from Tizzard’s Harbour NL. She married Thomas Grimes from Herring Neck on Oct 29 1873. Their son Charles was born on June 18 1882.
    Charles was my Mother-in-law’s grandfather.
    Rebekah’s parents were William and Mary.
    Apparently Rebekah is believed to have been a native indian.
    How do I proof if this is true ??
    Thank you for any info you can provide.

  57. Hi Gail, I’ll see if I’ve got anything, meanwhile maybe other readers can help. Thanks for writing.

  58. Hi, wondering if you have any information on Catherine (Blanchard) Crocker, daughter of William Blanchard and Elizabeth Joe. Also do you have any information on Mary Brooks Park?

  59. Hi Dorthy
    Just wondering if you will ever have your data base for public research and viewing. You must have thousands of names in there. I’ve read the document you did for the FNI, called The Mikmaq Shore. Enjoyed it very much.
    Thanks Dorthy
    P.S keep fighting for the animals as they can’t speak for themselves

  60. Hi Brent, yes that Crocker family history is good. I just discovered it recently. Glad you found The Micmac Shore report but it’s got errors and guesswork in it like pretty much any other genealogy does. The appendices in it were the info in the database at the time. I’ve recently added to my database, thanks to a reader who sent me his. I’m “housecleaning” it now, editing, merging duplicates etc. So mine is pretty messy because I include everything I come across until I know for sure something is right or wrong. Thanks for your words about animals – yes, they need as many voices as they can get, and help. Nice to hear from you.

  61. Hi Dorothy

    Looking for any information on Mattie Mitchell’s g g grandparents and their siblings? I am reading the book written about him by Gary Collins. I always heard that he was a remarkable man, yet never realized just how important he was, not only to the mi’kmaq nation but to the whole of Newfoundland. He must have been a fascinating person to know. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  62. Wondering about the Wheeler family on the west coast of NFLD. My Great Great Grandfather was William Wheeler who married Jane Matthews Brake. Iwas wondering who his siblings was and William and Janes family were. I know one of them was my Great Grandfather James Wheeler who lived here in the Bay Of Islands Mainly York Harbour. If you can help me I certainly would appreciate it.

  63. Also Dorothy my dauhter in law is researching her background. She is the grand daughter of John Murrin Lark Harbour. He is a decendent of Moses Murrin and Grace Neil. she was wondering if she has any Mikmaq ancestry.

  64. I dororthy looking for info on edward and damaris matthews.children louisa, b.april little bay petites. martha ann , b.oct.9,1861. priscilla, b. sept 20,1864susannah b.oct. 31,1842. hannah,b .april 17,1840.thomas.any info will be appreciated .

  65. Hi Pauline, yes an amazing man by the sounds of it. A good source for info on his family is the website I’ve got up on this page. His family, both ancestors and descendents, is there as well as lots of background on him and what he did. I just came across the book you mention when searching for info on one of Mattie’s sons. It looks really interesting. Thanks for reminding me.

  66. Hi Daniel, I have her as Damerais Strickland, with no info on parents, and him, Edward, as son of William Matthews and Susan Anderson, and Susan as daughter of Edward Anderson b 1786 and Ester b 1790 d 22 Jan 1882. She could also be in records as Stickland. If I find anything else, I’ll let you know.

  67. Hi Patsy, was it William or John Wheeler? Who did your James Wheeler marry? I haven’t got anything useful for you, but maybe with a few more connections, I can find something. I haven’t got anything on the Murrins either, sorry. Lots of people here are interested in these families, so maybe somebody can help out. Thanks.

  68. Patsy,

    William and Jane Wheeler had childran James, Job, William, Eliza and Charlotte. There are likely others, possibly Robert from Summerside, possibly John from Middle Arm, but that’s only a guess. I suspect that Richard Wheeler from Frenchman’s Cove could be a brother of William, but again that is just a guess based on their age and close proximity.

  69. Patsy,

    As far as I know, both Moses Murin and Grace Neil came out of Spaniard’s Bay, so there is not likely any native connection there. I assume the John Murrin you mentioned is their son. Do you know who he married?

  70. dorothy ,we believe that louisa matthews d /o edward and damaris was micmac. do you have any info that would help me. thank you.

  71. dorothy could you tell me if there is any micmac ancestry in the samms. i have reuben samms b.1830 in codroy nl.m.grace moore dec.7,1865.also benjamin samms. b.1814 in bay chaleur nl. d.dec.11,1870. m. deborah? reuben samms b.1799 in bay chaleur, m. sarah? any info would be appreciated. thank you

  72. Hi Dorothy, My gg grandfather Robert Joyce was born in Fellows Cove to James Joyce and Rachel Dicks of Jean de Bay daughter of Christopher and Margaret This area was populated by mi’kmaq, would you know if the Dicks, Dix, Dyks from that area were mi’kmaq? Also wondering if there is anything in the Scott, Pardy families of the Fortune Bay area, Harbour Mille, Belloram, Little Harbour. I know the Scott name appears in Nova Scotia, but I haven’t seen any connection.

    Thanks for help.

  73. James Wheeler born in 1844 at Halfway Point was married to Sophia Druggett.James is buried at Johns Beach and Sophia is buried in Lark Harbour.You said that these people is William and James family as you listed. Could you tell me who Charolotte, Eliza and Job were and who they married? Thanks

  74. Patsy

    James, Job, William, Eliza and Charlotte were children of William Wheeler and Jane Matthews Brake. Job married Mary Elizabeth Beverly. William married Charlotte Blanchard, and I believe many of the Wheelers in Halfway Point are descendant from that family. Eliza married Edward Tucker from the Meadows area, Charlotte married William Brake, who I believe was a son of John Brake.

  75. hi dorothy what a great website! i just stumbled upon it. i posted a comment earlier but i dont think it went thru. i am also looking for info on damaris and edward matthews. i was wondering if you could tell me where you obtained damaris maiden name and the name of their parents i have been searching for that for a long time and have been coming up empty.also to reply to daniel sheppard, they did have a daughter louisa born in little bay. her sister sussanah was my gggm. i have her baptismal certificate (oct25,1857) if you like i can scan it to you thank you again for all the work creating this site

  76. Looking for Info on Johanna Shepard and family, she was my Great Grand Mother. She was from Benoit’s Cove. Her parents were Jacobi Shepard and Helen Green. She Married Maxim Poirier (Perry) of Riverhead in 1896. His parents were Rueben Poirier and Elizabeth Brake. They had a son Dominic Poirier (Perry) born 1900. He married Mary Bridget Seviour of Avondale. They Had a daughter, Johanna Catherine Perry who is my mother. We were told that Pops’ mother Johanna Shepard was a mi’kmaq Indian from the west coast.


  77. Jim,

    This is concerning the Murrin family that you were talking to Patsy about. John Murrin was my grandfather, he is the son of Sydney Smith Murrin and Elizabeth Jane Murrin. Sydney is the son of Moses Murrin & Grace Neal. Elizabeth is the daughter of Richard Murrin & Mary Sheppard. Moses and Richard were brothers. They all did originate from Spaniard’s Bay, but I was informed that Grace Neal could have been Native. Hope this helps you and hope you can help me 🙂 Thanks

  78. Could you tell me something about the families of job Wheller and Mary Elizabeth Beverly …..Eliza Wheeler and Edward Tucker…..Charlotte Wheeler and William Brake. i got some information on the other two brothers james and william. Thanks.

  79. Hi Dorothy I was told about your website from a friend, I think it is great, I was wondering if you could tell me if there is any mikmaq in the surname Parsons , Vater, (conroy) King , Slade , Moores, or Mercers this is some of the names in my family tree line. My gg grandfather was Richard Childs from petits Nl and My gg grandmother was Mary ann Parson Childs she was born in Carbonear, Her Parents were Henry Parson & Jane Vater they had all there children in Carbonear but moved to Sliverpoint ,Bonne Bay Nl. I found out some information from the rumbolt/Hann website , but i cannot get back into it, they say its down. if you can give me some insite that would be great thank you Lana

  80. Barbara Gushue
    My grandfather was Alexander Wells and he was married to Mary Jane Picco, indeed pop’s mother was Chaterine Jennex

  81. Hi Lorraine – just to let you know, your comment seems to be incomplete. And with the words that are there, I imagine there’s lots of people wanting to know what you have! 😉 To everybody who’s asked me about specific info, I’m working on it. Stuff happened the past few days to get in the way of doing this.

  82. Hi Lana, I just have Richard Child’s parents and Mary Ann Parson’s parents and siblings. I found more info on Henry Parsons and Jane Vaters on a lodertree site – you may have seen it, but if not it might be helpful. I’m not seeing any obvious connection to Mi’kmaq ancestry but I don’t have much on them. If I come across anything useful, I’ll post it. Thanks for telling us about the Rumbolt/Hann site problems.

  83. Hi Patsy, I haven’t got Job & Mary Elizabeth. I do have Eliza Wheeler m Edward Tucker, with sons John Edward (29 Sep 1866 BOI to 19 May 1949 Meadows BOI), Simon (7 Jun 1869 BOI), William Richard (26 Mar 1872 BOI).

    I have Wiliam Brake, son of William Brake & Jane, m Charlotte b 1839 d 9 Sep 1901 BOI. I have 10 kids listed for them (the 2 Elizabeths I wonder about): Elizabeth Jane (Aug 1861 Sandy Point – 24 Nov 1926 Sandy Point), Mary Jane (1864 BOI), John H. (1866 BOI – 1938 Meadows), Emily (1868 BOI-1938 Meadows), Joseph A. “John” (1871 BOI -1949 Meadows), Israel (1874 BOI – 1942 Meadows), George Edward (1878 BOI – 1957 BOI), Sarah Ann (1881 Meadows – 1895 Meadows), Thomas Albert (1894 BOI – 1970 Meadows), Elizabeth (1876 BOI – 1941 Meadows). Also note much later dob for Thomas Albert.

    Does this Charlotte seem to be your Charlotte? And who are the parents for Job, Eliza, Charlotte, James and William? Thanks.

  84. I kim have you been able to prove your Indian ancestry thro sussanah matthews . louisa is my ggm. we have a copy of her baptismal certificate oct. 25 1857.if you have any other info on the matthews it would be appreciated. thank you .

  85. Hi Fred, I have nothing. I feel I should have at least on the Sheppards and Poiriers, but nothing that’s matching. I have a Reuben Perry born 1870, son of William and Keturah House (sibs Jemima, John James, George Henry) but have his wife as Mary Ann Wells b 27 Jul 1874. They could be totally different people from yours. I haven’t looked online, if I find anything I’ll let you know.

  86. Hi Kim, I don’t have a citation for Damaris’ name. I think the surname Strickland came from a database I received recently. She had been in mine with just her first name. I don’t have any parents for her, just for her husband Edward Matthews. Thanks for the info on Louisa – I didn’t have her as a child on that family so I’ll add her. Thanks too for your lovely words!

  87. dorothy my ggparents robert piercey b, april 26, 1848 m. sarah morris b,dec16, 1853. in dragon robert s/o george piercey m. Ann? . sarah d/o david morris and mary ?. could you tell me if there is any micmac ancestry thank you.

  88. Hi again Kim, and Daniel – just adding Louisa to my database and I came across a “Damenos” b abt 1821, daughter of Thomas Strickland (b abt 1785) and Elizabeth (b abt 1890). Their other children, as entered, are Robert, Henry, John, Jane, Thomas and William. “Damenos” had no husband or children entered, but the names are awfully similar and time frame might fit?

  89. Hi Daniel, just had a quick look. I don’t have enough on them to be able to tell you. I have Robert b 1852 marr Sarah Morris as being son of Joseph Piercey and Susannah. Joseph is s/o George Piercey and Elizabeth. I have a Robt s/o George Piercey and Ann, but that Robert is marr to Hannah Taylor b 4 May 1849. Not much help, I’m afraid.

  90. Fred,

    I’m not familiar with the Johanna Sheppard family but your Elizabeth Brake is the granddaughter of Jane Matthews Brake who is recognized to be native.

  91. thanks dorothy for the info. do you have any idea where on the island they originated? you are right, the time frame seems to fit and Damarius was a very uncommon name. to reply to Daniel, i have not proven any native ancestry but i am working on it. like you i have been told by family members that they were of micmac descent. if i have any luck i will post it for you

  92. dorothy in further researching damenos strickland i showed him as being a male but ill keep looking thanks

  93. Ikim I have been told that louisa was full blood you have any info on her other siblings. louisa m. george childs they had 11 children. she d. jan 31 1934, in lark harbour bay of islands nl.

  94. I dorothy this web site is amazing. could you tell me if their is any mikmaq descent in the gallop or kearley family. thank you.

  95. Thanks for t he information concerning the Wheeler family. The Charotte who married William is the one I was looking for.They had ten children whom you mentioned a Thomas Albert being born later on then the others. Maybe Thomas Albert is not theirs cause I have a Thomas Albert born 1882 and died aug 19 1946 to William Wheeler and Charotte Blanchard. Job..Eliza..Charlotte..James and william were the children of William Wheeler and Jane Matthews Brake. Once again Thanks for helping me.. Patsy

  96. Hi Daniel, I’d need names of specific people. Neither surname alone is suggestive to me of Mi’kmaq descent. Thanks!

  97. hi daniel yes,susannah marriec william neil in lapoile in 1859 they had 11 children, martha ann married thomas ashford in petites i know they at least had one child named edward, priscella married alfred munden, im not sure about hannah. hope this helps

  98. hi again dorothy, in researching the matthew family line, as you said that surname is confusing. the problem i am encountering is trying to figure out which family edward metthews descended from as there were many edward matthews’ in that time frame. can you shed any light on this for me? thanx kim

  99. Hi, Just wondering if you have any information about Charlotte Catherine Payne who was born about 1809 in Bonne Bay, daughter of John Payne and Sara Singleton. Also, Im wondering about Catherine Young, daughter of Thomas Young and Catherine Burridge. She was born October 1852 in Bonne Bay NF and died April 19, 1913. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks…

  100. Hi Dorothy, I just found out that Catherine Young was possibly born in Codroy, NF in 1852 instead of Bonne Bay. Any information you may have is greatly appreciated!

  101. HI dorothy Need more info on Jane Gallop d/o william gallop and mary Kearley. mary d/o edward kearley.wondering if their is any Mikmaq descent in this family thank you.

  102. Hi Dorothy, Thank you for the information, Jane Vaters Parents were James vater and francis Kirby Or Kirle they were married May i5th 1823, In Harbour Grace. James was from Hibberton, Dorset. Then Robert was James father but i come to a block after that, i dont know if you have any more info on that side of my family, any information would be greatly appreciated. everyone i know is saying that there gotta be a connection to micmaq . but i just cannot connect. thanks again any thing will be a help.

  103. Hi Jodi, I was just working on that family last night, but I don’t think I have anything more than you do. If I do, I’ll let you know. I found information on them in the lodertree site – the link is to Charlotte Catherine but you can search around for all those you mention. Thanks.

  104. Thanks Dorothy! Do you have anything on Catherine Young born in Codroy, Oct. 1852? Love your site by the way…

  105. Hi Dorothy:

    Looking for information on the Hann family originally from Grand Bruit, now resettled. Wondering what aborginal links there may be?


  106. Hi Dorothy
    I am working on my family tree, wondering if you have anything on simieon or catherine jennex , they were brother and sister. catherine was my ggrandmother.
    I know the jennex family had a store on woods island.
    also william picco had 2 sons in WW1. he also is my ggrandfather. any help greatly appreciated.
    warmest regards

  107. Hi Lana, I don’t have anything else on the Vaters side. The lodertree site (which I’m going to add to the page) has info on them – search in the names index. But I don’t know if there’s anything more than what you’ve already got.

  108. Hi Daniel, probably you have what I found on Jane Gallop, but here it is. Jane was born 19 Feb 1812, had 10 siblings, parents William Gallop and Mary Kearley. Mary was daughter of Edward Kearley and had a brother Thomas b 1795 who married Rachel Lake b 1800. Rachel was daughter of John Lake and Sarah Priscilla Snook. Jane Gallop marr James Moore b 20 Sep 1903 Darvon (maybe Devon?) England. I don’t know if there is any Mi’kmaq ancestry in the families.

  109. Hi Jodi, the info I have on Catherine Young being born in Codroy came from the Loder Family Tree site that I’ve put a link to above. What I have on her is d/o Thomas Young and Catherine Burridge, with siblings Ann m George Major (9 kids) and Thomas m Sarah Elizabeth Caines b 1867 d/o John Caines (b ca 1820, s/o Emanuel and Fanny) and Sarah Samms (b 1827 Rencontre d/o Reuben Samms). Still fixing database up so if anything else comes up on this family, I’ll let you know.

  110. Hi Paula, do you have any specific names to help track them down? Also have you looked at the Hann website listed above? I understand there were some problems getting in it but maybe that’s been fixed.

  111. Hi Daniel:

    I am researching Edward and Damaris Matthews and I noticed that you may have some information on their daughter Louisa. I understand that she married George Childs and they had 11 children. Do you have a marriage date and place? Names and DOB of children.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  112. Hi Dorothy:

    I am really enjoying this site. A lot of time, committment and dedication has been put into it to helping others. I am researching Edward and Damaris Matthews. I noticed that Edward’s father was William Matthews. Do you have any informaton on his birthdate, parents and names of siblings. Do you have info on where William and Susan may have resided?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  113. Hi Audrey and thank you very much. I’ll have a look at what I’ve got and I’m sure others will help out. Also look at the Loder site above – that’s where I’ve got recent information on these people from.

  114. Hi Dorothy, Not sure if an earlier comment of mine went through out not, couldn’t find it or a reply.
    I’m a descendent of George and Catherine Crocker of Trout River. I have found some references to Catherine as being a Blanchard and that her mother was native, Elizabeth Joe. But also some of her being a Brake, which would also make her native. Do you have any information that might be helpful.

  115. Hi Diane, I see your comment quite a way back so it did go through. No one seems to know the answer to your question. I recently saw her headstone on the lodertree site – but it just has “Catherine”! The Loder site has her as a Blanchard. But good arguments for her being a Brake are made too. There is considerable discussion of her in the comments here, many now in “older comments” so you have to click to go back.

    The comments have taken on a life of their own, it seems, on this and other pages on my site. Having it set up as a discussion forum would be wonderful, but I don’t know how to do that. I apologize for not replying. I’ve stopped replying just in acknowledgement, and wait until I have something to say. I don’t want to unnecessarily add to the comments and thereby push them even more quickly off the main screen. Then, of course, sometimes I forget. Sorry! 🙁

  116. Hi Audrey, I don’t have any marriage info for Louisa Matthews. I have George Childs b 1844 Labrador. Of their children, I have only Llewelyn and Alfred b 1895. For Edward M’s father William, I have dob 1809, but no parents for him and no siblings. For his wife Susan, I have dob 1815 and their marriage 9 Aug 1855 Burgeo.

    It’s possible there’s more info in there esp. on Louisa and George’s children, but I’m still in the midst of merging and matching individuals up. So right now, that’s all I could find. Hope it helps.

  117. Hi Lorna, nothing on Simeon and Catherine Jennex, I’m afraid. On William Picco/Picot, I have him born 25 Nov 1857 Sandy Point, s/o John Picot and Amelia “Amy” Hynes. He married Mary Ann Abbot (1865-1910). I have a bunch of children for them, only one I have showing as died 28 Apr 1918 in France “of wounds”. That’s Albert Martin Picco, born 1895. I found a good site for Newfoundland WWI & WWII soldiers online – can’t find the link right now but I think it’s from the government and posted on Nfld Grand Banks or Nfld GenWeb. Search for the name of a soldier and it likely will come up. When I have a chance, I’ll look and post it above.

  118. Hi Audrey, My name is Lana Childs and my husband great grandmother was Louisa Matthews Childs d/o Edward and Damaris Mathews , i am also writing for Daniel too. we were wondering if possible we could contact you by phone or Email My Email address is and you can give me your phone number threw that if you like . we do have some information that we will share. hope to hear from you soon Thank you Lana

  119. Thank you Dorothy, every thread that links my family together is a great help and once again your help is greatly appreciated. I look forward to any updates that you may be able to offer in the future.

  120. Hi Lana:

    Thank you for your willingness to share information, I have since forwarded an email to the address you have provided. Hope to hear from you soon.

  121. doing the ancestry on guyon chiasson and jeanne bernard. do you have any information to show if jeanne was indian.

  122. Hi audrey and kim, louisa matthews married George Childs Oct 16, 1873 in Bonne Bay, NL. Children: Prisilla Jane, Elizabeth Anne, Geroge Edward, John Thonas, Mark William, Amelia Maude, Richard Walter, Solomon, Mary Anne, Alfred ( the last two were twins) & Llewellyn.

  123. Hi Betty, I have Jeanne’s dob as 1643 in Port Royal (or 1647, no place given), died bef 7 Oct 1863. Her father was Andre Bernard, b 1620 Viene, France (or 1600, no place given), died bef. 1651. Her mother was Marie Andree Guyon b abt 1615, d after 1868 Acadia. I have no parents or place of birth for Andree (as she’s also called). They married bef 1645 in France. They had another daughter Marie b abt 1645 France, d 11 Jan 1719 Port Royal. Marie, the daughter, marr (abt 1659) Rene Landry b abt 1643 France, d abt 1692 Port Royal.

    Andree Guyon (Jeanne’s mother) married again, abt 1651, to Antoine Belliveau. The alternate dates of birth above for Jeanne and her father are from Wendy’s Ancestral Tree – the link to which I’ve just put on the page above. She does not have his first name or place of birth. Andre and France were entered by a contributor to my database. You might also check out the Chaisson link above – I know Guyon and Jeanne are in it, but not sure if there’s anything more on her. Hope this helps and if anyone can add to or clarify this, please do. Thanks.

  124. Hi Dorothy,
    I was just looking through your site and stumbled on my own family tree…The Wheeler’s…Just wondering how they are linked to Mi’kmaq ?
    By the way great site , it has helped a lot in researching my family tree.

  125. Hi Heather and thanks. The Wheelers came originally, I believe, from England so whether or not there is Mi’kmaq ancestry depends on who which Wheeler wed. Sorry, just couldn’t resist the ‘w’ line-up 😉 If you’re thinking of someone in particular, let us know!

  126. Heather
    Wlliam Wheeler from Halfway Point married Jane Mathews Brake, daughter of Ralph Brake and Jane Matthews. Jane is recognized to be of native descent. There has been some speculation that William’s mother Anne may also have had native ancestry.

  127. hi

  128. Hi Dorothy,
    I was wondering if you have any infomation on Michael Patrick Byrne of Conche Nl. Born 1911 or his wife Eileen Woodford.

  129. Annie Young married Samuel Robert Parsons, Annie was my grama, they lived in Fox Island river, and raised their family there. He drowned in a boating accident along with 5 other people including one of his sons Bernard. Annie was Mi’kmaq.
    does anybody have information on Annie Young and her family.

  130. Hi Ronald, I have that Samuel died 29 June 1927 and Annie Young b 1881 Black Duck Brook, died 8 Jan 1953, with marriage 2 Jul 1900 Stephenville. Does this sound right? Assuming it’s the same Annie, here’s what I’ve got. She was d/o Andrew Young (b 13 Apr 1841) and Mary Jane Marche (b Jun 1856) marr 3 Nov 1872 Sandy Point RC.

    Mary Jane was d/o Denis Francis Marche (b abt 1831 Black Duck Brook) and Anne Marie Nancy MacIsaac, marr. 16 Oct. 1854 Sandy Point. Denis Francis was s/o Denis Francois Marche (b 25 Jul 1789 St. Pierre) and Charlotte Catherine LeJeune (b abt 1795 Cape Breton) marr abt 1815. Denis Francois was s/o Jean Joseph Marche (b abt 1758 Lorraine France) and Marie Theotiste Babin (Acadien b Southhampton England) marr 17 Oct 1784 St. Pierre. Denis Francois Marche’s wife Charlotte Catherine LeJeune was d/o Francois Paul LeJeune (b 1772 Bras d’Or Cape Breton) and Margaret Lejeune dit Briard (b abt 1770 Cape Breton) marr 17 Sep 1793 St. George’s Anglican, Sydney NS. Francois Paul LeJ was s/o Joseph Charles (or Charles Joseph) LeJeune (b 1729 Acadia) and Martine Roy (b Sep 1738 NS) marr 5 Nov 1754 Louisburg. Martine Roy was d/o Charles Roy (b 1698 Paris) and Marie Charlotte Chauvet (b 1700 Pisiquit Acadia) marr abt 1723. Charles Roy was s/o Jean Roy dit le Liberte (b France) and Marie Christine Dubois or Aubois (b Acadia, said to be aboriginal). Marie Charlotte Chauvet was d/o Charles Chauvet and Edeme Joseph (b 1868 Annapolis Royal, said to be aboriginal).

    The sources I have for this information are Kirk Butt’s book on BSG Settlers, Jasen Benwah’s genealogy site and the Marche family history listed above on this page.

  131. I am researching Edward and Damaris Matthews from the southwest coast. I have been told that they were of Mi’kmaq origin. They had a daughter Susannah who married William Neil and they had a daughter Sarah Ellen who married Thomas Billard of Grand Bruit. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  132. Hi, Dorothy, Just wondering if you might know of any information to link Alexander Duval as a son of Charles Duval and Margeurite Francoise Benoit? We cannot find a birth or baptism certificate for him.Thank you.

  133. hi todd, susannah was my great great grandmother as well. sarah wa born may4 1878 married thomas billard born sep1, 1874 they had 10 children: hubert william, gabriel billard, chesley willis, sidney thomas,andrew martin, florence jane, clara lilly, james samuel edward, stanley gordon, clarence leslie. i am also tracing their micmac descent. hope this helps

  134. Dorothy,

    Wondering if you have any information about a possible marriage/coupling of William Blanchard and Elizabeth Joe in the bay of islands in the early 1800’s. All of My family’s research seem to indicate that Elizabeth was mik’maq. We have traced our family ancestry (census reports, baptismal documents, marriage certificates and WIx’s and Feild’s reports) back to William and need to connect the last dot; Elizabeth. Do you know her to be Native and where can we find the documentation?
    We also wonder if you have knowledge of her name being in the documents held at the FNI as a proven Mik”maq Ancestor?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  135. Hi Kim, Have you had any luck with the Mi’kmaq conection? I have family info back to Edward and Damaris but no further. I’m told that there is Mi’Kmaq conection but haven’t found it yet.

  136. hi todd, no i havent had any luck yet. like you i am stuck at edward and damaris. i have been told they were indian as well. myself and my cousin are working on it, if we have any luck i will post it here for you or you can email me good luck

  137. Hi William, there is information in comments on this or other pages on this site about Elizabeth Joe. You might have to look through ‘older comments’ but she has been discussed quite a bit. I don’t know where you’d find documentation – maybe someone else can help with that? Thanks for writing.

  138. Hi Dorthy , I really appreciate what you have done for me concerning the vaters side of thing but now i was wondering if you could tell me anything about George william Young He was born 1840 in England he Married Christina Jeanetta Mclean of Scotland, they moved to Chimney cove Nl, thats where they had Norman Herbert he was born June 5th 1879, Chimney Cove Bonne Bay Nl, he married a Elizabeth Jane watson of Corner Brook , they had my grand father Herbert Norman he was born April 13th, 1920 Corner Brook, what i was wondering if you could tell me anything about there backgrounds . thank you so very much, i think this site is teriffic thanks again .

  139. Hi Lana, sorry, I haven’t got anything on them. I haven’t searched online yet, so if I come across them I’ll let you know. Thanks.

  140. Hi Dorthy,
    I am looking for information on the parents of Albert Brown Sr. Born 1871 in Western Brook, NL.Your site is very informative, hopeing you can find something for me.

    Thank You

  141. Hi Myra, sorry for the delay in replying to you. Also sorry that I have nothing on your Albert. If you have anything more – who he married, names of children or siblings, it might help track him down. Thanks.

  142. William,

    There are many people looking for documentation proving Elizabeth as native. Some believe she was Mi’Kmaq, some say Inuit, and there are others that are convinced she was Beothuck. To my knowledge, even her last name being Jo is unproven. There is a great article by Mr John Edgar, referenced earlier in these comments which establishes a strong case that Elizabeth was a Jo. But the basis of that information is anecdotal and from a genealogy perspective does not prove she was either a Jo or that she was native.

  143. Hi Dorthy,Thank you for your reply.Albert Brown Sr. was married to Martha Larkem born Big Brook, NL. I am not sure of the names because the names I have from the NL GenWeb 1921 Northern Peninsula Region-St.Anthony, Wild Bight the children are listed as grandchildren that I taught was his children.The names are Thomas, Abraham, Fannie,Louisa And Mary which is my grandmother and there are more.Any Information you can find would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

  144. Hello Dorothy
    I’m trying to trace my Mothers people,I’ve got her Father, John Morgan born Nov.17.1880 at Crabbes and I’ve found his 3 siblings (on department of public health and welfare for the Bay of Islands). That record says that the parents are Edward Morgan and Fannie Morgan. We were told by our Mother that Edward was from England a barber by trade and that he married a Fannie Matthews from Burgeo, but I can’t get any information pass their names. Can you help me?

  145. Hi Loretta, I’m switching my database from one computer to another right now, so I can’t get at it right now. As soon as I can, I’ll look into this for you. Meanwhile, someone else might be able to help. Thanks for writing.

  146. Hi Dorothy,
    Do you have any information on Mary Brooks Park? I’ve seen a reference to her being native and wondering if anyone connected to her has proven that.

  147. Wondering whether you have any info on the parents of Joseph Park and Rosanna(h) Blanchard who were married in the 1870s or 1880s. Their children included Joseph, Elizabeth, Rebekah, Luke (my grandfather), Alice. They lived in either McIvers or Gillams.

  148. Hi Diane, there has been a lot of discussion about her on this page. You might find something helpful in ‘older comments’ and I’m sure readers will help you out too. I have her parents as Robert Park, possibly born abt 1769 England, and Mary surname unknown, b abt 1759 Burin, died aft 1849 Brooks Cove. Mary’s 2nd husband was John Brooks. Mary Brooks Park may have been born 1793 and died 30 Mar 1862 at Cow Head. Sorry I haven’t got more, she’s a bit of a mystery it seems. Thanks for writing.

  149. Hi Horace, sorry I haven’t got anything on them. I have the children you mention, I think, but without parents. I have several Jos. Parks but none that match yours. I did a quick internet search and found their kids, but nothing more on Joseph or Rosannah. Maybe someone out there can help? Thanks for writing.

  150. Dear DOROTHY.
    I ask you if you had mary ELIZABETH White born 1869 parents John and ELIZA White i want to know if she was decend from MI,KMAG PEOPLE . I THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP . GLORIA.

  151. Hi Gloria, I have a Mary Elizabeth White with a birthdate of 16 Oct 1870 Bay of Islands. Her husband was Albert Layden, from Corner Brook you told me. I have Mary Elizabeth’s parents as John White and Ann, no surname and no parents for either of them. That’s all I have. I’ve looked to see if I have any of them under different names or anyone who matches your John and Eliza White but no luck. Sorry, I know that’s not much help.

  152. Concerning the Ralph Brake and Jane Matthews family .Did Edward Matthews Brake and Sarah Parker’s daughter Jane Susanna marry Robert Park.Did Jane and Robert have a son William who married Elizabeth Legge.Finally are there documents supporting this?

  153. Cynthia,

    Jane Susanna Brake was born about 1848 and married John Robertson in 1884. She was 36 so I guess there could have been a previous marriage, however her name on the marriage to Robertson was Brake. Why do you think she may have been married to Robert Park?

  154. I am trying to find out if the Sacreys are related to Mattie Mitchell,any help would be appreciated.My grandmother was a Sacrey from Pacquet,ever since i remember i was told that an Indian had a baby for an Eskimo or it could be the other way around.But i cannot find anything.

  155. Hi Dorothy,
    I have just learned that my great grandfather might be Mi’kmaq.His name is Hezekiah Parsons he was born Aug 1880 .He was married to Rosanna Strickland she was born June 1885 .They had 11 children.My Grandfather name is Albert Parsons.The all lived in Rose Blanche.Any Information you can find would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  156. Hi Ruby, sorry, I can’t find them. I have a number of Albert Parsons, but not those parents. Maybe his wife’s name would help, or names of other siblings. If I come across anything, I’ll let you know. Thanks for writing.

  157. Hi Glenys, thanks for writing but, sorry, I don’t have anything on the Sacreys. If I come across anything useful I’ll let you know, and I’m sure if any readers can help, they will do so.

  158. I was hoping Jane Susannah Brake had married Robert Park because it would be the link I needed to Ralph Brake and Jane Matthews.I got this information second hand and couldn’t get in contact with the original person who passed it along.Did she have any children.Where was she married?

  159. Do you have any information on the Crane family?I can only trace my g-grandfather,William Crane ,back to Flower’s Cove on the 1898 census.He was married to Sarah Way of Flower’s Cove.

  160. Hi Cynthia, nothing on Wm Crane or Sarah Way I’m afraid. But, don’t know if this helps or not, but with Jim’s mention of Jane Brake’s husband being John Robertson, I found the one he’s talking about. I have her as Jane Cecilia Brake b 22 Jan 1849 BOI, bapt 13 Jun 1852 Mission of Belle Isle Straits, d 16 May 1914 Curling. I have her married 2 Oct 1882 Belburns to Levi House, b abt 1819 s/o William. Jane & Levi had one son Daniel b 1883. Then 30 Sep 1884 St. Mary’s Curling, she married John Robertson, b abt 1856 s/o James Robertson & Margaret White. Jane & John had one son James Robertson who married a Margaret. It is possible that these two Janes are two different people (quite an age diff between her & Levi, but date of marriage isn’t out of line for her).

    Anyway, the parents I have entered for Jane Cecilia Brake are James Matthews Brake, d 25 Dec 1855 s/o Ralph & Jane, and Susanna (no surname). Don’t know if this helps, but it is a direct link to Ralph & Jane. If indeed it is correct. Anybody know for sure?

  161. These are two different Janes. Jane Susanna Brake was a daughter of Edward and Sarah Brake and was baptised by Bishop Field in 1949. Jane Cecilia Brake was a daughter of James and Susanna Brake and would have been a cousin of Jane Susanna Brake. As far as I know Jane Susanna married John Robertson.

  162. The phone number for book grotto in corner brook is 709-639-7750/I didnt give you complete phone number .sorry Joe ….Hope this helps

  163. Hi Dorothy,Iam a member of the recently formed Qalipu Band in corner brook .Iam been a member for of the various band prior for about 17 years.I,am trying to find out some info pertaining to my girlfreind getting her status card.Ive always helped alot of people find info about their aboriginal past ,but am unable to find any info on her family being connected to an aboriginal person .She does have a surname in her family that i beleive is aboriginal and it is young /lejeune .The problem iam having is wheather or not this family of youngs connected to her family descended from nova scotia .Her family tree is as follows Her grandmother was…. Winnie Hilliard;;/She was the daughter of John Allen & Francis Allen. Francis Allen was the daughter of William Young & Eliabeth Cooper.The youngsiam mentioning come from the bonne bay rocky harbour area of nfld.Iam hoping you might now if this family of Youngs decend fro the lejeune and young line that are have aboriginal ancestry ..Ps if anyone else reads my post and has any info on this family please send me a email.thanks joe… for your time again

  164. Hi I am trying to locate one of my relatives I know her name was Elizabeth Allen and she was born around 1835 she married Francois Leroux in Great Jervois. If anyone could help it would be appreciated I have come to a complete dead end

  165. Hi Linda, here’s what I’ve got (from two different databases): Francois LeRoux, b abt 1830 BSG (no parents ent.), marr abt 1865 Great Jervoix to Elizabeth Allen, b abt 1835 or 1845 Great Jervoix. She is daughter of William Allen b 1819 Devon England (wife/mother not entered). Elizabeth’s siblings are Jane, Samuel and Catherine b abt 1844 Gr Jervoix marr abt 1873 Gr Jervoix to George Radford b abt 1834 BSG.

    Francois & Elizabeth’s children are (from one source)Joseph b Sept 1865, Francois b 1873 and Samuel b May 1875. The other source has Elizabeth and Samuel (b 1880) and also Angela, Margaret and Charles. Hope this helps, and if anyone sees any errors in it, please let us know. Thanks.

  166. Hi Joe, sorry but I can’t find your people. Maybe someone else will be able to help, or if you have any more names maybe I can connect them to the right people. What was Winnie Hilliard’s husband’s name?

  167. Thanks Dorothy.for your help .You also asked what Winnie Hilliards husbands name was .He was Hayward Hilliard born in bay of islands ,He lived in curling .Thanks again Joe

  168. Dorothy,

    Wondering if you have any information on the Elizabeth Brake daughter of Joseph Matthews Brake and Mary Brake as cited in Bishops Feilds Baptisms. Elizabeth was born June 29 1836 and Baptized August 3 1849. We suspect that her parents died in 1850 and that she may of married a Joseph Blanchard. We further know that a Joseph and Elizabeth Blanchard had a daughter Eliza Blanchard born on April 24 1852 and that she later married a William House from Belburns. We are looking for the possible marriage record or information that can show that Elizabeth Brake is The Elizabeth Blanchard that had Eliza Blanchard. We have collected affidavits from the oldest members of our family and they have stated their grandparents were Eliza Blanchard and William House ( as no marriage record survived) and they have also indicated that the family was aware that their ancestors from the Bay of Islands were of native ancestry. Any and all information would be appreciated.


  169. Hi thanks for the info, I am wondering if you have any information on Mary LeRoux she was Joseph LeRoux wife. She was the local midwife I have her born in Harbour Galet around 1871 or 1872. Thank you

  170. Hi Dorothy,
    I’ve been searching my family tree and I’m looking for information on the following people. Mary ann Payne born 1819 died 1893 Cow Head,NL husband William Hutchings abt 1816 England, died abt 1890 Cow Head..Mary’s mother was Mary Brooks Park born 1793 , died 30 Mar 1862 Cow Head,NL husband was Charles Payne ??…I was wondering if you can tell me if Mary Brooks Park was Indian as they say or Mi’kmaq?? Any information would be greatly appreciated on the above.
    Thanks so much.

  171. Hi William, I’m sure people who have more information about this family than I will read this and help if they can. I don’t have an Elizabeth Brake of the parents you give married to Joseph Blanchard. I do have an Elizabeth (Eliza?) Blanchard marr to William H. House (1847-9 Jun 1906). I have that Eliza/beth as d/o William Blanchard (b Dorsetshire, d 24 Aug 1850) and Elizabeth Joe (d 24 Jun 1841, d/o Thomas Joe). Info on dates of birth etc and Elizabeth Joe’s surname came from the Loder family tree (link on this page). Don’t know if this helps, but thanks for writing.

  172. Hi Linda, all I have on Mary, wife of Joseph LeRoux, is her maiden name as Organ, born May 1871 Hr Galet. I have Joseph as b Sep 1865 Great Jervois, s/o Francois LeRoux and Elizabeth Allen, in case that’s of any help. I don’t have any parents for Mary Organ LeRoux. Sorry!

  173. Hi Michelle, I have Mary Ann Payne as born 1821 and died 13 Apr 1893 Cow Head. I have her as having a daughter Rebecca Payne with Elias Gifford (1797-1887). Rebecca was born 1836 and married Charles Benoit b abt 1833. Then I have Mary Ann as married to William Hutchings (b 1816 Sturminster, Newton, Dorset, England d 1890 Cow Head). Yes, I have Mary Ann as d/o Charles Payne and Mary Brooks Park (d/o Robert Park and Mary). There has been been a lot of discussion about Mary Brooks Park on these comments. I don’t think it’s been proven for sure whether she is Mi’kmaq – she seems to be rather a mystery. Thanks for writing.

  174. Thanks Dorothy; all the information that you’ve provided I have already found. Do you know if Mary Ann Payne is of Mi’Kmaq or Indian decent. Has that ever been proven? She would be my Great, great grandmother.

    PS. Mary Brooks Park is a mystery to us all.

  175. Hi Joe, tried that number and it’s not in service. I can’t find a website or email for them. Maybe they’ve gone out of business?

  176. Hi Michelle, sorry I couldn’t add anything to what you have on Mary Ann Payne. Her father Charles was English, so she wouldn’t be Mi’kmaq from his side, so if she was it comes back to the mystery of her mother Mary Brooks Park.

  177. I will drop in to the store on Monday.I will get back to you with the number or email .Talk later Joe

  178. trying to track my family to see if they were micmac on my mothers side her name was annie lavenia foss born jan 9 1914 from wards hr. she later married william mitchell and was also wongering if all mitchell names are connected my grandfather was william george mitchell born 12 july 1901 from caplin cove ….can u help me tk

  179. Hi Peggy, sorry but I don’t have anything on them. I had a quick look online and had no luck there either. Maybe somebody reading this will be able to help. Thanks for writing.

  180. Hi Dorothy, I am related to Amelia Pynn and Ann Rumbolt in the Rumbolt Tree section on your site and am trying to apply for my indian status card. I was wondering what book or document shows they were of indian blood. Thanks

  181. Hi Dorothy, a little while ago, you gave me some info on George Green, born 1835.His parents was William Green and Rachel Northcott.I have been unable to find any info on Rachel,when you have some spare time,is there any way you can help me.George was born in New Harbour.thank-you.

  182. Hi Dorothy

    Do you have any information on Ann Crocker. She married John Organ and had Mary Organ

  183. Hi Linda, I don’t have an Ann Crocker marr John Organ. I do have an Annie Crocker b 1919 in Trout River with no husband entered for her. Do you have any other information on her? Thanks.

  184. Hi Ron, I have Rachel with parents James Northcott and Diana. But the dates of birth for them (1800 and 1818) make me think this must be a mistake since Rachel’s son was born 1835, or their birthdates are incorrect. That’s all I have on her. If I find anything else, I’ll let you know.

  185. Hi Shirley, sorry, I don’t have any more information on Amelia and Ann than you would have got off the Rumbolt site. If I come across anything more, I’ll let you know. Thanks for writing.

  186. trying to find a connection between mattie mitchell and my grand parents william george mitchell born july12 1901 from caplin cove died feb15 1964 and his parents was henry james mitchell born oct.1861 from tolt cove died feb. 8 1899 can u help me tks

  187. All I know is she was the mother of Mary Organ who married Joseph LeRous. We are not quiet sure if she was adopted and given the name Crocker or if she was an original Crocker. We have come to another dead end. Finding people down there is like finding a needle in a haystack. I know we have french indian in us as we have always been told by my grandmother and grandfather, but finding out where it was we came into the indian is the hard part. I know it has to do with the LeRoux but I’m not sure how far bacvk it is or who I should be contacting to inquire alot of the births were not recorded correctly and alot of them lost in the fire in 1911.

  188. I am trying to find information on Isabella Heater b. 1870 (in Harbour Grace I think), she married Thomas Caines b. 1865 in St. John’s Island, Thomas’ father Isaac Caines b.1826, Isaacs father Emmanual, Emmanuels father George. Family members say Isabella Heater was indian, and I have heard that the Caines family from St. John’s Island were indian. Photos of Thomas & Isabella Caines daughter, Frances Maria Parsons certainly indicate that she was indian, if only that was proof enough! I haven’t been able to find any proof of the Caines family being indian, and I haven’t been able to find anything on Isabella Heater, or the Heater family in Newfoundland. Can anyone provide any more information on these families? email me please! Thanks.

  189. trying to find info on my gtandmother think she was from labrador annie lavenna foss born jan 9 1914 died aug 1997 think she was from wards hr.

  190. Hi Dorothy
    The Fannie Matthews,who I am looking for was born in Burgeo Dec.,1832. Also I’ve learn that the Great grandfather went by several names??
    Henry,Edmund,or Edward?? They settled in Crabbes or McIvers Cove,had four children, Sarah Oct/1870; Fanny Rose Ellen Dec.25/1871; Thomas Dec.8/1874;
    John Edward Nov.17/1880(my grandfather). Thank- you for your time. If you have any information please email me at


  191. was wondering if u can help me find out about my great great grandparents henry james mitchell born oct 1861 tilt cove died feb 8 1899 married susanna saunders born 1874 nov 30 tks

  192. Hi Glynis, I have her as Isabelle Hatcher instead of Heater, b 1869 marr to Thomas Caines b 1865. But I have no more information on her, sorry. Maybe someone else will know. Thanks for writing.

  193. Hi Loretta, sorry for not getting back to you. I have a Henry EDWARD Morgan (two sources: one as Henry Edward, one as Edward so I assume he went by Edward) marr to Fanny Maria Hussey. I’d had her just as Fanny but I got the rest of the name off an comment from Oct 2011. I have some of the same children you mention entered for them. I have no parents for Fanny. I have lots of Fanny/Frances Matthews but none married to a Morgan. Not much help, sorry!

  194. Hi Peggy, I don’t know if these are your people or not, but here’s what I have. W. G. Mitchell b Aug 1893 BOI, wife’s name unknown, 2 children Louise b Mar 1900, [corrected] Leslie b Aug 1920. W. G.’s parents are Henry Thomas Mitchell, b 16 Oct 1868 d 2 Jun 1938 BOI, [**I’ve been told what I had here for his wife, Eliza Lee, is wrong so I’ve removed it. Who her parents are is not known for sure. For those looking for this Eliza Lee or the Elizabeth Lee m. Jules/Gilbert Benoit that I had mentioned, best thing to do is contact the Bay St. George Genealogical Society (link in page above).]

    I don’t have a Henry James Mitchell or Susanna Saunders, sorry. Maybe someone else can add or correct information?

  195. I am the daughter of Leslie (listed as Lester…which is incorrect). My grandparents are W.G. Mitchell and Emily Patricia Mitchell. I would like to know more information about Louise born 1900…wondering if you have any more information about her.

  196. Hi Dorothy
    Thanks for the information. I have my Great grandmother listed in the 1921 census
    living in my Grandfather home in McIvers, She was 89 at the time and it says she came from Burgeo. Now I will check for Hussey’s in Burgeo. Another thing I know there are a lot of mistakes in the trees on ancestry( i found some in my own family)
    Thank-you very much for your time.

  197. I am interested in finding out information on William C. Haynes (Hynes). I believe he was my gg grandfather. He was born in Bay of Islands I believe and then married Susanna Caines (born in St. John’s Island) they settled in Reefs Hr. (formerly known as Race Hr.) and gave birth to Catherine Hynes, (my g grandmother) who married Michael Mahar in Bird Cove.

  198. Hi Louise, thanks for the correction on your dad’s name. I have nothing else on Louise, entered as his sister. I didn’t have W. G’s wife’s name so thank you for that. Was Mitchell was her birth name as well as married name? And what does W. G. stand for? Thanks for your help, and if I can find anything on Louise Mitchell I’ll let you know.

  199. Hi Katrina – William Charles (Haynes) Hynes b 1867 Chimney Cove BOI d 1940, was s/o Charles Haynes/Hynes, b 1820s Sandy Point, marr Mary Ann Mahar. Other children were Wm, Elizabeth Jane b 1866 (and/or) Elizabeth Ann b 1868, Mary Frances b 1872.

    Charles Hynes was s/o William Haynes/Hynes, b Aug 1776 Somerset England d Nfld, marr Anne Dennis d/o John Dennis, d Little Barachoix Brook, and Fanny Serle. That Wm Haynes/Hynes was s/o William Haynes/Hynes, b 1745 South Petherton, Somerset England, and Mary Baker.

    Kirk Butt’s book on BSG has information on both the Hynes and Dennis families. Don Bennett’s The Legacy of William Hynes would also be of interest to you (but out of print). Hope this helps and thanks for writing.

  200. Hi Dorothy,
    My grand-mothers name was Emily Patricia Walters from Lamaline. W.G stands for William Gordon. The information that we have is that W.G’s parents were Henry Mitchell and Eliza Louisa Hunt d/o Noah and Mary Ann Hunt (nee Upwards)(Burgeo). Henry b1969 was the son of James Mitchell and Mary Ann Laing (married in Battle HR. Lab 1857). We are not sure that our information is all correct and if you have evidence to say otherwise I would really like to know.
    May I ask if you have a connection to the Mitchell Family?

  201. I am looking for information on Dorthy George fron Hants Harbour who married my Great GrandFather John Charles Pinksen of Big Cove near Seal Cove white Bay. Her Mother was a Newhook fron New Harbour Trinity Bay and is one of three childreen. George George, Hilda George and Dorthy George. Dorthys Father was William George. Dorthy Died August 17 ,1932 in Seal Cove I have that Dorthy was born 1854 bur am not sure of this date. I would love any help?
    Thank you

  202. Hi Lionel, I’m sorry but I don’t have anything on any of these names. Maybe somebody reading this will have some information (also see comment on Louisa Strickland or Blake on Genealogy page – thx). Thanks for writing.

  203. Hi Louise, thanks for clarifying W. G. Mitchell’s name etc. I have his parents as Henry Thomas Mitchell (s/o James and Mary Ann) and Elizabeth Lee (Dec 1869 Burgeo – 30 Nov 1938 BOI), with them being married 17 Dec 1891 either Presbyterian in Corner Brook or C of E at John’s Beach. I have a Noah Hunt but with wife as Elizabeth Collier marr 9 Sep 1862. I have Bethania, Martha Jane, Angelina and Jessie as daughters, but no Mary Ann.

    I am not related to the Mitchells or any of the families we’ve discussed on this page. My own family histories are in my Genealogy section. I’ve done work for the FNI/Qalipu band for a long time. Thanks for asking.

  204. Thank you Dorothy,
    I will look into the information that you have given me, do you have any idea if these families are of aborignal descent?

  205. Hi Louise, I am not sure enough about the people you ask about to say whether or not there is Mi’kmaq ancestry in their lines. If anyone else can help, please do! Thanks.

  206. Looking to see if any Mi’Kmaq ancestry for John Brent Sr./DOB: 1861 (Great-Grandfather) born Loon Bay – Married Susanna Sheppard/DOB: 1863 (Great-Grandmother)- Cupids, NL.
    Thank you!

  207. Hi Helen, sorry, I don’t have anything on them. Maybe somebody else will be able to help. Thanks for writing.

  208. Hi Dorothy I am now trying to trace the other side of my family I am looking for the parents of George Collier who married Elizabeth LeRoux I know his birthday was around 1891 any help would be appreciated

  209. Hi Dorothy – Thanks for your reply!!

    Looking to see if any Mi’Kmaq ancestry for the following:
    Johanna Porter (Great-great grandmother born 1868;
    Zaccheus Burry (Great-great grandfather born 1863 – Newell’s Island;
    Thank you for your time!

  210. We are trying to find the connection between Mattie Mitchell and my grea great grandfather Jimmy( or James) Mitchell.. All we know so far is that Jimmy was married to Annie Marie ( maiden name unknown) She was born nin 1881 and died in 1956 . We also know that Jimmy and Annie had a daughter Elizabeth Mitchell who marrie William Henry Reid. Can you help us please. Thank you

  211. Hi Linda, I’ve got a George Collier, but no parents and no dob, married to Genevieve LeRoux, d/o Joseph LeR and Mary Organ. I wonder if Genevieve is a second name for Elizabeth or if I have it wrong. Sorry, not much help!

  212. Hi Helen, sorry but I don’t have any information on either of them. Maybe someone else does?

  213. Hi Jennifer. I only have William Henry Reid (s/o Moses Reid b 1854 and Ann Maria Spicknell) married to Amelia Elizabeth Mitchell. I have 4 children, Ann Marie, Evangeline Ethel, George Augustus, and Victor William entered for them. I have no parents for Amelia Elizabeth and no James Mitchell entered. But, if Elizabeth was her middle name, you might find something searching for Amelia. Thanks for writing.

  214. Hi Dorothy

    I was wondering if you have any information on Sarah Read (?), Father was George Read. She married James Goosney in 1884. Stories I’m being told is that George Read is supposed to be Mi’Kmaq but I have not been able to find anything to back this up.

    Thanks so much

  215. Hi, I’m looking for information on Moses Reid, married to Sarah Jane Winsor, having a daughter Lavinia Jane (born June 15, 1885). I’m unable to find the marriage between Moses and Sarah, or the parents of Moses.
    Thanks for your time!

  216. Hi Ria, I found a dob as Jan 1864, with other online mentions of 1863 Codroy. Her marr record says she was 20 yrs old and from Silverton, Bonne Bay. I can’t find anything about George Read, other than references to him as her father. Not much help, I’m afraid!

  217. Hi Jen, I don’t have anything and couldn’t find anything online other than the birth record for Lavinia which you’ve probably seen. Sorry!

  218. I am trying find out if my Grandmother or her mother were native. She was raised in Quirpon NL. Grnadmother name is Lillian Mae Pynn (Married name Holloway) born June 1903. . Her father’s name was Jacob Pynn (born Apr. 8, 1877, Died 1948) who married Mary ???? from Griquet NL. Jacob’s father was Albert Pynn married
    Susannah ??? ( was widowed in 1921 census). Could you please give me some Idea on how I might find this out. The churches in Quirpon and Griquet are closed so I called St. Anthony church and they have no record of them there.

    I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank You.

  219. Hi Judy, I don’t have anything on any of them. If you haven’t, you could see if the Archives in St. John’s have copies of church records. Other than that, I don’t know what to suggest. Maybe someone reading here has some ideas. Good luck. If I come across anything, I’ll let you know.

  220. Hi , I am doing some research on my husbands family and he is a descendent of Ralph brake and Jane Matthews and I was wondering if there is any documentation that Jane was the daughter of John old man Matthews and were they mikmaq. Thanks

  221. Hi Michelle, it seems that Jane Matthews was Mi’kmaq, but her parents are not known. There is nothing showing her as the daughter of Old Man Matthews, and nothing suggesting that he or his family were Mi’kmaq. In ‘older comments’ on this page, there is a lot of discussion of Jane and Ralph’s family. Thanks for writing.

  222. Dorothy, James Young, 1787-1874, married Elizabeth Young, 1799 -1870,and had the following children, William 1823, Mary Ann 1825, Thomas 1827, Amelia 1830, Charlotte 1832 and Catherine 1834.I do not know where James or Elizabeth were born or married .DR. William M. Llitchman, says they moved from Fortune NL to Codroy Island, were Edward Wix baptised the children.Iam trying to find info on Catherine, did she married, and were there children from the marriage.I have been unable to find any info on Catherine or her parents.Any info you can share with me will be greatfuly accepted.thank-you.

  223. look for john matthews born in1822in petites but live in shoal brook nl look for is partens name and if the were mic mac johnmatthews was married to elizabeth ann davidge my grand partens

  224. Do you know anything about Elizabeth Legge who married William Park.They are my gggrandparents.I think William was born in 1842.I have not been able to find a marriage certificate or baptism certificate for Elizabeth.I did Find William and he was baptized as an adult and his parents were listed as Richard and Mary Park.My e-mail address is

  225. Hi Mary, as John Matthews’ parents, I have William Matthews b 1809 and Susan Anderson b 1815, marr 9 Aug 1855 Burgeo. I have no parents for William Matthews, but for Susan Anderson, I have Edward Anderson b 1786 and Ester surname unknown as her parents. Edward Anderson had a brother William b abt 1772 died 1856 Burgeo. I have John Matthews’ wife Ann Elizabeth Davidge as d/o John Davidge b England and Sarah Guy b abt 1828 Burgeo. Sarah was d/o William Guy b England and Anne Matthews b abt 1807 Lower Burgeo. Anne was d/o John Matthews and Sarah Bagg.

    On an discussion threat called Matthews family from Petites, I saw 1882 in Shoal Brook as death date and place for your John Matthews and 1827 Fortune as birthdate/place for Ann Elizabeth (or Elizabeth Ann) Davidge and 1900 Shoal Brook as her death date/place.

    I had this information in different places and put it together from the dates you gave me, so I can’t say for sure that it’s correct. I also can’t say whether your John Matthews was of Mi’kmaq descent. If anyone sees errors in this or can add to it, please let us know. Thanks.

  226. Hi Ron, I have Catherine Young, her parents and siblings. But I have no husband or children entered for her. I have her mother as Elizabeth Gallop, not Young as you say, with them marr abt 1790 Little Bras d’Or. [Apr 20/12 correction from Peggy – Elizabeth Jesseau, not Gallop]

    I have James Young’s parents as Francois Lejeune b 1772 Little Bras d’Or and Marthe Lejeune b 9 Oct 1764 Miquelon. Marthe’s parents are James Charles Lejeune and Martine Roy [Peggy’s correction – Joseph Lejeune, not James]. James Charles was son of Germaine Lejeune and Anne-Marie Trahan. Germain was s/o Pierre Lejeune dit Briard and Marie Thibodeau. Pierre’s parents were Pierre LeJeune and a Doucet woman, said to be Mi’kmaq. The parents of Francois (James’s father) were Jean Christophe Lejeune and Louise-Marguerite Hache dit Gallant.

    The Bras d’Or Indian Village website in the above list has information on the Lejeunes. Too much to include here! Hope this helps.

  227. Hi Cynthia, I don’t have anything useful for them. I know others have commented on them earlier so maybe readers will be able to help. Thanks for writing.

  228. Dorothy, thank-you for your help. I just listed Elizabeth as a Young, because she married James Young, not knowing what her name was befor marriage.Now with what you have given me then i can fill in a lot of blanks.Someone may see your reply to me and shed light on Catherine.Again thank-you for your help and time. It means a lot to me when someone like you can take time to help.

  229. hi Dorothy,was wondering if you had any info on Arthur Cyril Sheppard dob.march 22 1907 or 1908 fathers name was John Sheppard mother Mary Sheppard maiden unknow . Had a brother Bill. He was adopted at around age ten to a Conners family in St .Brendens NL. Tks Vera

  230. Was wondering if anyone has any information on Isabella Hynes? She was married to George Newcombe (may have been previously married to a Walsh?)
    Her daughter was Susannah Newcombe (my great-grandmother) married to my great-grandfather Thomas Caines (of St. John’s Island). I found a record of Thomas and Susannah’s Marriage in 1900 in the Bay of Islands. (George and Isabella were witness to the marriage.

  231. Hi Vera, sorry but I can’t find anything on him. Anybody out there able to help? Thanks for writing.

  232. In response to Ron. According to Lark Szick’s book “LeJeune & Youngs-An Acadian Mi’kmaq Family” James married Elizabeth Jesseau not Gallop.
    Joseph LeJeune (not James) married Martine LeRoy on 5 Nov 1754. Source: Joseph & Martine’s Marriage Certificate.
    Someone send me Ron’s post & I seen these errors & thought I would comment on them.
    Peggy B.

  233. Thank you Peggy! I will edit the comment where I put the incorrect names, and I apologize for making more work for you!

  234. That’s ok, Dorothy. I think the confusion comes in that there were several James Young at the time. One of them may have married a Gallop but not this one.

  235. Hi Dorothy wondering if you have any info on a Samuel Collier and a Mary Hoskins who were married November 3, 1883 it says Mary was born 1856 at Pushthrough but I cannot find anything on either one of them.

  236. Hi Dorothy, I was wondering if you have any information on Mary Brooks Park, b. 1793, who married Charles Payne. I think she was the daughter of Robert Park, b. abt 1750, and Mary Joe, b. abt 1759. Thanks for any help you can give me!

  237. Hi Peggy, do you have any info to share on Catherine Young, born 1834, daughter of James Young and Elizabeth.This family moved from Fortune, NL. to Codroy Island, according to Dr, William M. LITCHMAN. Thank-you for responing to my post, with the correct info.My email is

  238. hi i like to know if anyone as a birth certificate of susannah duffney(brown)
    she married on dec.05 1820 her parents are john fredrick duffney and margareta cameron

  239. Hi. I was wondering if you would have anything on the ancestors of William C. Hynes? He was born in October of 1867 in Chimney Cove, Bay of Islands, and married to Susanna (Hynes).

  240. mary ? joe, was captured and taken to england , they tattooed her face and then was put on display.

  241. Hi Karen,
    I am interested in information on Mary ? Joe. I always hear that she was tattooed and put on display. The returned to Newfoundland and began her family. I am a descendant of her. Feel free to email me at

  242. Very informative site. Can anyone confirm if either Mary Joe? (married to) Richard Park were Mi’Kmaq? They had a daughter Mary Park Brooks who married Charles Payne, Cow Head. A “senior” family member needs your assistance. Please email me at Thank You!

  243. I am looking for information on the children of James Wheeler and Sophia Druggett.I Have most all them done but there is a Elizabeth Wheeler Mac Donald who was born 1883 that I can’t get a birth certificate on. If anyboby has anything on her linking her to the Wheelers please help me. Thanks also she married a John MacDonald Mt Moriah.

  244. Patsy,

    Some of James Wheeler and Sophia Druggett’s children were baptised Catholic.
    Did you check the Curling Roman Catholic records for a birth record of Elizabeth Wheeler?


  245. Hi Elaine, as you’ll see in the older comments, no one really knows about Mary married Richard Park. He was born in England or Burin. And Mary? If her surname was indeed Joe, that’s a help to tracking her down, but she seems to be a mystery. Maybe someone will be able to help us sort it out. Thanks for writing.

  246. Hi Dana, I looked up your question then forgot to reply. William Charles Haynes/Hynes was s/o Charles Haynes/Hynes, b abt 1820 Sandy Point, and Mary Ann Mahar (no info on her). Charles was s/o William Haynes/Hynes, b Aug 1776 Somerset England, and Anne Dennis, d/o John Dennis and Fanny Serle of Barachois Brook BSG. You can find more information on them in Kirk Butt’s book (info on page above) and Don Bennett’s Legacy of William Haynes, if you can borrow it from a library or someone with a copy. Thanks for writing and sorry for the delay replying.

  247. Hi Dorothy,do you have any info on ancestors of Susanna Caines,born at bartlets
    harbour,nl.dgt of Emanuel Caines and Elizabeth Curnell-Kennedy.I was informed
    Susanna’s ancestors were Hanna Brown and Garbiel Lejeunne,can you confirm
    this for me. Susanna married Wm.Charles Haynes/Hynes.I would appreciate any
    info. Thank You.

  248. Hi Greta, I don’t know if what I have is right but I have Emanuel Caines’ parents as Emanuel Caines and Elizabeth Fiander (d 23 Jul 1864 Norris Point). Emanuel Sr’s parents are George Caines, b abt 1760, and Deborah no surname. I have some of their kids as born in Lamaline. I have nothing else on them and nothing on Elizabeth Curnell/Kennedy.


  250. Do you have any ancestrial information about the Dennis families of St. Georges, Newfoundland?

  251. Hi Debbie, Kirk Butt’s book on BSG has info on the Dennis family. My copy is loaned out so I can’t remember what is says but there’s quite a bit on them if I remember correctly. If I come across anything, I’ll let you know. Thanks for writing.

  252. hi Dorthory , Do you know the names of Robert Joyces ( From Lark Harbour) wifes and his children apparently he was married a couple of times thank you for any help.

    i think his father robert joyce was from fellows cove , Newfoundland .

  253. Hi Dorothy I need Help With YOUNG And MCLEAN Family Names
    I’m wondering if you could help me? I have a lot of info on my great and great, great grandparents I have always been told that we have Mi’kmaq grandparents but knowing and proving are different so i’m looking for proof but can’t seem to find whats needed hope you may be able to help. George william Young Married Christina Jane McLean from Greenwood N.S. Her parents names are Alexander and Mary Ann McLean they came over to the Bay of islands in the 1870’s with 4 children christina Jane, Norman Henry, Sarah Ann & Peter McLean.
    George William Young and Christina Jane McLean had #1 Twins Sarah & #2 Thomas Young on July 25, 1977 at Bonne Bay NL, they died in infancy. #3 Norman Young B: June 5, 1879 at Bonne Bay NL, D:July 11,1947 Corner Brook he married Elizabeth Jane Watson. #4 William Young B: Aug. 09, 1881 at Chimnet Cove, NL he died in infancy. #5 Helena Young B: Aug. 12, 1881 at Bonne Bay, NL D: May 10, 1949, her husband was Alfred Benoit from Harry’s Brook, NL. #6 Cordelia Young B:June 06,1883 at Chimney Cove, NL, 1st Husband Jack Lucas they had 1 child, 2nd Husband Albert Benoit from Stephenville Crossing they had 9 children. #7 George William Young Jr. B: Feb. 27, 1885 1st wife SELINA BYRNE B: 1892 D: Aug. 04, 1921 at 29 years old, she was from Placentia they had 3 children #1 Nicholas Martin Young B:July 19, 1915 at Port Aux Port, NL D: Dec.20, 1995 #2 MY GRANDMOTHER Winnifred Young B: Nov. 05, 1917 at Port Aux Port NL, D: Oct. 11,1995 she married Arthur Roy Dobbin from Corner Brook, NL #3 Valentine Young B: Jan. 28, 1921 at Port Aux Port, NL D: Sept. 1921 at 9 months old.

  254. Hi Dorothy Byrne and Power Family Name
    I’m looking for Information on my GGGrandparents Martin Byrne B: 1850 D: April 13, 1893 in a Mining Accident in Badger Bay, NL and Ellen Power B: July 1863 D: 1930 there daughter Selina Byrne B:1892 D: Aug. 04, 1921 was my GGrandmother she born at Placentia, NL, Married George William Young Jr. from Bonne Bay They lived at Stephenville Crossing until Selina Died. Ellen Power had 3 brothers William B: Dec. 1844, Peter B: Sept 1856, and Thomas B: Dec.1873 I don’t know Ellen’s Parents Names. I don’t know Martin Byrne’s parents names either. I have a list of children for Martin Byrne and Ellen Power Bridget 1886-1980, Martin 1888-1912, Margaret M. 1889-, Sister Mary Joseph 1891-1980, and Selina 1892-1921. I hope you or someone reading this post can help shed some light on my family history for me. Thank you

  255. Hi Ida, thank you for providing such detailed information. I’ll see if I have anything.

    If I may note here to everyone, as I posted today I have some other things that have to get done so, for the next few months, I will not be able to give replies to each persons’ research questions. I will post people’s comments and hope that others reading will share what they know. Thanks very much.

  256. What information do you have on Emanuel caines and Elizabeth Curnell Kennedy Also do you know where the first kennedy’s on the northern peninsula came from

  257. I am just wondering about Dennis, John (1740-) is he micmac? he is in my family tree. could I possibly get indian status from this link?

  258. Hi Nancy, just to clarify, are you asking about John Dennis or Dennis John? If surname is John, likely Mi’kmaq, if surname Dennis, likely not.

  259. Hi David, see comments May 2 and 3 with Greta for all the info I have on Caines/Curnell Kennedy.

  260. Hi Ida, I have nothing on the Byrne/ Power family you asked about. On the Young/McLean side, I only had Cordelia ent’d with 2nd husband Albert Benoit. So thanks very much for the additional information. I did see that Lana had posted Feb 27th that George William Young (marr Christina Jane McLean) was born 1840 England. If that’s the case, he’s likely not of the Acadian LeJeune-Youngs where you’d be more apt to find Mi’kmaq ancestry in him unless you can trace him to pre-deportation times.

  261. Hi Roxanne, I remember going through Robt Joyce wives information but I can only find one Robert right now and I’m not sure he’s the right one. Seems to me in old comments there’s a lot on him but I couldn’t find what I was thinking of! If I come across him, I’ll let you know.

  262. Roxanne,

    There was a Robert Joyce and wife Amelia who had children Abraham and Rebekah baptised 1880. Is this the same Robert Joyce you are researching?

  263. Hi Dorothy:
    I am looking for information on my ggg grandmother’s. One of them is Elizabeth Wilcott from Great Jervais on the south coast. She was born about 1825 and she married Thomas Rose. Her parents are listed as Elizabeth Wilcott and Michael Wilcott. Michael’s parents are listed as William Wilcott of Great Jervais and Ellen Morris of Gaultois. They were both born in the late 1700’s. My other GGG Grendmother is Jane Hinks. She married Thomas Lushman in Little River in 1864. They had their children babtisd at the same time. Their first child was a son born in 1855. This means that Jane must have been born before 1840. I think that she is the Jenny Lushman referred to in the Earl Pilgrim book “drifting into doom” as her son Francis was my gg grandfather and would have been in her 50’s at the time of this event. There was a William Hinks living in Fox Island at the same time and I think they may have been related. I hope that you or your readers might have some info to share on these two ladies. Thanks for your time.


  264. Dorothy,

    Hoping you can point me in the right direction. I’m helping a family member, living in Corner Brook, research her family and have been somewhat waylayed by a series of family deaths and adoptions that have created a loss of contact and context to her family’s history.

    Three secessive generations of daughters have lost a parent at a very young age and were either adopted outside the family or adopted by an extended family member and have lost meaningfull contact with their immedate family members. She knows who her family members are, but, not well enough to approach them to seek their help and suspect they don’t really have any better understanding of their ancestors than she does.

    I have been able to track her family back to her great-grandmother, Elizabeth Hynes/Haynes(B: 14 Apr 1886 in Port au Port) who was given up for adoption by her father Charles William Hynes, of Port au Port, to be raised to the age of 21 in the Bay of Islands by Simon Gallant (I have a copy of a contract to that effect signed on the 29 APR 1886 – which identifies Elizabeth’s age as two weeks, which leads me to believe her mother may have died in childbirth, but, have been unable to located any confirming documentation to support this belief) Elizabeth had a sister Angeline born about 1884 and a brother William, born about 1885, who maried a Julia Barnes, and raised a family on Woods Island, Bay of Islands.

    It appears that Charles William Hynes/Haynes, who was married to Elizabeth Jesso, later had two other wives (1) Clarissa Benoit (2) Eleanor Rose Legge and had famlies with both.

    Tracking Charles hasn’t been a problem but trying to extend the family of Elizabeth Jesso beyond her has not had the same success. There appear to be at least two contenders for her ancestoral line, but, I have been unable to support either with any form of documentation. The frist has Charles William Hynes/Haynes married to Elizabeth Alice Jesso, daughter of Didier Jesseau and Victoire Couenne from the Port au Port area and the second has Charles William Hynes/Haynes married to Elizabeth Jesso, daughter of Jean (John) Jesso and Horona (Jean) LeJeune of Little Bras d’Or, Cape Breton and the couple having had one child named, Angeline, prior to moving to the Sandy Point area of Bay St. George’s, Nl.

    Thus far I have been unable to establish either option and – other than the adoption agreement document between Hynes and Gallant – I have been unable to identify any records or record holders in NS or NL that may support either option. Any help or even an direction of where to look next would be greatly appriciated


  265. Hi Lorraine, I never thought about Jenny being a nickname for Jane. Thank you! With that in mind, I looked through my database. I have Elizabeth Wilcott b 1825 Great Jervois d 1903 Great Jervois. I have her, with Thomas Rose, having son George Rose (2 wives Elizabeth Ann Young and Hannah Augusta Meade b Feb 1900 Burgeo) and daughter Mary Rebecca Rose (2 husbands James Young b 1858 and William Lushman b 1855). William Lushman was s/o Thomas Lushman b abt 1829 New Hr and Jane Hinks. I have no parents for Jane.

    For Elizabeth Wilcott, I have parents Michael Wilcott b abt 1795 Great Jervois and Elizabeth Wilcott b abt 1796 d 13 Jun 1872 Great Jervois – no parents ent’d. Michael Wilcott is s/o William Wilcott b Torquay, Somerset, England abt 1770 (no parents ent’d) and Ellen Morris b 1775 (no parents ent’d).

    I have a William Hinks b Fox Is. marr Susannah Rose b 1841 Fox Is. (no parents ent’d). I have Susannah also marr to John McDonald (b 1832) in 1858 with 6 children. I don’t know if he’s the William you mention.

  266. Hi Thor, thanks for the information. I have some of these people but not all. In NLGenWeb Sandy Point Immaculate Conception marriage records, I found Elizabeth Jesso and Charles Hynes marr 30 Nov 1883. She is listed as d/o Didier and Victoire Couenne. But you’ve probably already seen that, so maybe it’s not certain that it’s correct. I had them listed as her parents in my database, with information on Didier from the Marche genealogy in BSGGS documents and from Kirk Butt’s book.

  267. Hi Dorothy
    Sorry to bother you again,but I’ve found out that my Great grandmother ,Fanny Matthews (born Dec 1832) was the wife of Edward Morgan,as per U Z Rule list of 1872, it stated that Edward was the son-in-law of S. Matthews. Could that have been Samuel, some say he was in the Bay of Island. ( at that time & was a widower). Do you have anything on this? Also Fanny’s sister Sarah was married to a John Parsons living in McIvers. They were married in Burgeo in 1858. I also found a marriage for a Samuel Matthews (W) Dec,4th 1867 in the Channel Anglican marriage register, was married to a Debroah Matthews (W),both from Burgeo. This is getting more confusing!!! Thanks for your time.

  268. Hi Loretta, yes, confusing! I have Sarah Matthews (m John Parsons) as d/o Thomas Matthews and Mary, with her siblings as Thomas, Ellen Susan and Samuel b 26 Jun 1840. Don’t know if it’s correct, and have nothing else helpful.

  269. Hi Dorothy;

    I am looking for any information that you would have on Christopher Joyce born in Burin, NL about 1854 to Christphor Joyce and Mary Doyle. I am looking for any info on him, his wives and children specifically his daughter Hattie Una and her mother’s family. My grandmother never knew her mom Hattie as she died in the San from TB. I am trying to find out any info on her family specifially her maternal side for her.

    Thank you

  270. Hi Dorthy!

    Can you tell me Greta Hynes email address so i can get in contact with her. i might have some information that i could share with and she might have information she could share with me.

  271. Hi Dorothy,

    It’s Michelle Sullivan just checking in. I was wondering if you had an opportunity to see if you have any information on my great grandmother-Johanna Vickers (Vicars) baptized on November 20, 1880 at Church of Saint Anne, Fortune Harbour, NL.-Great paternal grandmother born to Ellen Head- and William Vicars.

    Also, on my grandmother and her parents Nellie Decker born in Norris Arm, NL November 20, 1906 to Nellie ( Higgins ) Decker- Great grandmother and John Decker-Great grandfather. I am trying to establish lineage for the Qualipu First Nations band. Any help at all would be so appreciated.

    Thank you

  272. Hi Dorothy! I am still researching my family. I would like to find out if any of your posters know any more info on Elizabeth Carnell Kennedy Caines. She is my great-great grandmother. I have been told there is a native connection. Also my other great-great grandmother, Isabella Hynes Walsh Newcombe may have a connection. Anyone who has any info on these, please contact me. Maybe if we put out heads together we can get further.

  273. Hi Dorothy, Wondering about the MicMac Shore, how many volumes were there? \
    Thanks again, love the site very informative.

  274. Hi Michelle, sorry for not getting back to you, but I have nothing on your Vickers or Deckers. Maybe someone else can help.

  275. Hi Dorothy , I have been working on my family tree and found out that my family is linked to the PAUL family.
    This is as far back as I have been able to go:
    – John PAUL (B: 1780) and died 18 Sept 1858 (age 84yrs)
    his father was a Thomas Paul. They lived on Deer Island Bonavista Bay.
    John PAUL married an Elizabeth ???
    -in 1814 a son Thomas Paul was born
    -in 1815 a son John Paul
    -in 1817 a son William Paul
    -in 1821 a daughter Sara paul

    My family links from the John Paul (1815) who married Harriet Hoskins
    They married Sept 23, 1846

    We have been trying to determine if we are of Micmac descent?
    Thank You!

  276. Hi Dorothy,

    I am looking for some information on my mom’s family. Her mother’s name was Augustina (Lucas) Brewer, mom’s grandfather’s name was Joseph Lucas. Do you have any information to share?

    Also, where is the best place to get information on our family tree? I would like to work on one with my children.

    I appreciate your time.
    Thank you,

  277. hi dorothy I read that george william young was born in england 1840 and married christina jane I was wondering if there is any evidence to back this statement up ,my father would love to know, there has been so many rumours we have heard though the years .
    there was also a william young thought to be born to james young in the st georges area 1850 I look forward to hearing from you .

  278. Hi Dorothy.
    Great site, very informative. I am seeking information on David Wilcott born abt 1807 in Great Jervios NL and married Marie benoit born 1795 ? in Conne River NL. They had a son Henry Wilcott who married Susan collier and I have found the marriage certificate for Henry and Susan. I would like to find more information on the parents of Marie Benoit and possible places to find records.


  279. My grandparent James Welsh was born in Bay off Islands in 1880.Have been told Welsh is a native name.
    Would you have any more info relating too this , Dorothy, pls and Ty

  280. Hi Kay, I have nobody that I am sure are the Pauls you’re looking for. If you have any more information on them, spouses or where they lived, let us know. If I can’t help, maybe someone else can. Thanks for writing.

  281. Hi Tanya, I have nothing on them, sorry. I haven’t found a good online source for the Lucas family. If anyone knows of one, or has information on these people, please let us know. Thanks.

  282. Hi Dorothy, Here is somemore info that you might help you.
    John Paul born oct 1 1780 in Deer Island Bonvista Bay Married Elizabeth. john paul died sept 18 1858 in Deer Island his father is listed has Thomas Paul.
    John and Elizabeth Children
    1814 Thomas Paul who married Sarah Gibbons on 28 oct 1835.
    oct 1 1815 john Paul who married Harritt Hoskins on 23 sept 1846
    1817 William Paul who married Jane Tite on 8 sept 1852
    1821 Sarah Paul
    My family comes from john and Harritt.Harritt father was John Hoskins.
    There children are
    aug 15 1849 william Paul
    May 10 1851 Anne Paul
    Aug 3 1853 Sarah Paul who married cornelius keats on may 6 1873.
    sept 12 1856 Eleanor Paul
    sept 19 George Paul who married Mary ann Maidment on nov 7 1884
    sept 19 1861 Anne Paul who married Robert Jerritt on nov 7 1884
    My Family is Sarah and Cornelius.
    Thank you

  283. Hi Charles and thanks. I have David Wilcott and Marie Benoit, but nothing more on her. If you can’t find anything through Conne River, I don’t know where else you might look. Maybe someone can help? Hope so!

  284. Hi Loretta, nothing I’m afraid. I don’t think of Welsh as a native name, but it would depend who married whom. Maybe someone can be of more help?

  285. Hi Kay, thanks for the additional info, but I still can’t link them to any Pauls I have. If you can find any links to the Pauls in Central Nf, you’d be in business. None of the surnames of the wives connect to any from there that I have, so I don’t know if it’s a totally separate family or not.

  286. Hi there if anyone has info on any mccarthys or hickeys I would love to have it thank u!

  287. Hi Jeff, I have George Wm Young marr Christina Jane McLean b Greenwood NS, parents Alexander McLean and Mary Ann. I have Christina’s sibs as Norman Henry, Sarah Ann and Peter. That info came from Ida’s comments here. I have no parents for George Wm Young. Sorry for being so long getting back to you – forgot to reply after looking it up!

  288. Hi :

    Just stumbled across this website in our research for our ancestors.. Do you have anything on a Novilee Deerchild.. Albert Brown .. Sarah Brown , Parrill..They are all from the Northern Penninsula, Wild Bight , Cooks Harbour area… Thanks
    Lloyd and Jean Brown

  289. Hi Jean and Lloyd, there is some discussion in the ‘older comments’ about these names. I don’t have anything useful on them. Maybe someone reading will be able to help. Thanks for writing.

  290. I am looking for information on my ancestors to see if there is an indian connection. Always told it was.
    This is the information I have.
    Mothers fathers side, John Hynes son of Ambrose and Blanche E Rumbolt
    Ambrose Hynes b 1896 son of William Haynes/Hynes some people called him Billy b about 1896 and Susanna Caines
    William’s parent were Charles Haynes/Hynes b 1867 or 1870 different dates given at Chimney Cove Bay of Islands and Mary Ann Maher/Marher this last name spelled different variations.
    I would like to find out who Mary Ann’s parents were for this is where I am told the indian connection could come in.
    I have heard that you done research on her and was you referred to her as an indian.

    Mothers mother’s side. Catherine Hughes also known as Kate daughter of Joseph Hughes b 1874 and Mary Ann Rumbolt b 1888 Seal Cove
    Mary Ann Rumbolt her parents were Abraham and Nancy Humber b about 1840
    Nancy parents were Jesse Humber and Mary Nofty. This is also the parents of Jesse, William and Andrew.

    I am told that Nancy may be the other connection to the Indians.

    Mom thinks it is in the Rumbolt
    Abraham above his parents were John Rumbolt and Elizabeth Harris
    John Rumbolt parents were John Rumbolt and Mary Ann Sweetapple b about 1870 Gunning Island Labrador

  291. Hi:
    I am researching my grandmother for Mi’kmaq status: Her name was Johanna Mackey born Tilting 1878 -mother Asastatia Breen(born 1860) and father Ed Mackey. It seems that Anastatia’s mother was a Warford. Any info would be welcome. Thank you.

  292. There is a link above called descendants of Daniel’s Harbour (Payne, Brooks, Park family info)
    Mary Brooks (daughter of Robert Brooks and Mary (Park) Brooks) was born 1793 in Born with Indian name, She went to England and came back with the name Brooks, and died March 30, 1862 in Cow Head, NL, Canada. She married Charles Payne on 1810.
    Is there any other info to verify she was actually Indian? Thanks

  293. Hi Dorothy;

    I have been doing alot of research into my family. I have already posted on this site June 6, 2012.
    I have seen that you have given some information on some of my ancestors, Mary Ann Maher married Charles Haynes/Hynes and also Nancy Humber married Abraham Rumbolt; Nancy’s parents were Jesse and Mary Nofty. Those comments I can not get back to.
    I would like to know if any of my ancestors here or in my post of June 6 have any link to Mi’Kmaq.
    Appreciate any info at all. My email:


  294. Hi Theresa, sorry for not getting back to you and sorrier still to tell you that I can’t help with your research at this time. The computer with my database will not be available to me for at least a month. Off the top of my head, I can’t tell you if there’s a link to Mi’kmaq in the names you give.

    In your June 6 comment, you say you heard I had done research on Mary Ann Maher – no, I know the name but that’s all. Look at the Rumbolt/Hann family history page listed above and also try ancestry and gen forums for more information. I think the names you mention have been discussed on them, and on here. If you can’t access the older comments, maybe someone reading this who knows of these people can help out.

    In a few days, I won’t have computer access at all for a week or two. So if you or anyone posting comments sees that they have not been approved, that is why. If you haven’t posted before, or use a different email, I have to approve your comment before it appears. I will do so as soon as I can but it will take a while. Sorry to everyone for the inconvenience.

  295. Hi:
    I sent you an email on June 7 regarding Johanna Mackey. I gave you the wrong maiden name for Anastatia’s mother. It was not Warford but WARWICK..
    Any info will be appreciated. Thanks..

  296. Hi great g grandfather was William Marshall lived in BeaverCove …….wondering where he came from,and was there Native people living there …also my great grandmother was a Whitehorn born in Twillingate ,married in Springdale to an Hull,but can’t find a birth record of Lillian ….The surname was unusual….any info would be great .!

  297. Hi Dorothy

    I am trying to find more information on Sophia married to Robert Rumbolt. Since she has only one name does that make her indian. I spoken with a researcher who told me indians only had one name.

  298. Hi Joe, thanks for writing. As you see in earlier comments, I can’t look anyone up right now. We’re moving so things are packed or soon to be. However, I wouldn’t rely on “one name” showing someone to be aboriginal. And Sophia is not a First Nations name. Women’s birth surnames often get lost to historical records after marriage. I’ll be going through comments and seeing what I can find in a month or so after I’ve got stuff unpacked and can get back to this. Meanwhile, maybe someone reading this can help.

  299. I’m checking out the Indian Status of my grandfather John Samms (Sams) who raised a family in Grand Bank, NL. He was married to Annie Lee. My mother (who has died) said her father came from Codroy. Peoples say John Samms (Sams).

    Any info you can give me will be appreciated. We’re interested in a family tree too.

  300. Hi Dorothy,

    I was wondering if the names Caroline, Elizabeth and Mary Jane were common Native names. All are common in the Saunders Family of Bay D’Espoir and Fortune Bay. Thanks

  301. Hi Looking for information on a Mary Saunders who married a John Myles(Miles)
    Also her father Joseph Saunders married a Mary Jane Myles & Joseph’s father John Saunders who married Elizabeth ? Wondering where I could find their birth & marriage certidicates & how I can connect them to being native.
    Thank You, Sheila.

  302. Hi,
    I’m lookong for information on Josiah Rose and Priscilla Rose (nee Dicks) of Belloram, NL

  303. can’t find any information on my great grandmother fr springdale newfoundland lillian whitehorn is her name!!

  304. Hi Dorothy,I am wondering if any descendants of James and Elizabeth young of Grey River has received Status?

  305. we have checked the RC church but they don’t have anything on Elizabeth Wheeler and her sister Hannah Jane Wheeler. They are both the children of James Wheeler and Sophia Druggett. They were born close together. Most all the others are there.

  306. I’m looking for information on Charles Payne and Mary Brooks. It seems there is some question of her Mi’kmaq heritage. Do you have any information that might help me out or explain this to me? Anything would be appreciated. Love your website,by the way. Corrie is my favorite!!!!

  307. Hi, Roy James Young and Elizabeth had a daughter Catherine, do you have any info that you would share with me on Catherine.Who did she married, and were there children.I know that she was born around 1834.You can email at thank-you.

  308. Looking for Status information using different paths –first George Crocker /Catherine Caroline Blanchard (daughter of Elizabeth Joe)
    Second–Charles Payne/ Mary Brooks Park
    any information that could help point us in right direction would be great.

  309. This message is for Lilian Whitehorn with message above looking for her great-grandmother Lilian whitehorn .She is also my Great grandmother ,I found where she married Joseph Lister Hull,and also her death records, she died at 46 ys with cancer.. On her marriage records it say she was born in Twillingate ,in July 1866…but I can’t find her birth records anywhere …So I guess we are related :)..would love to be able to contact you ,not sure how to do that ,only here !

  310. I’m searching for parents and birthday of my great grandmother, Elizabeth Agnes Harris, she is listed in the 1921 census as being born in Carbonear, Nl around 1856, any help would be appreciated, also want to know is Harris is an indian name.

  311. I,m looking for information on Mary Park Brooks b.1756 who married Robert park 1750. They had a son Robert Park. b 1801…Is there any information out there, supporting that Mary Park Brooks was really borned Mary Joe

  312. Wondering if you have information on any native families coming from Fogo Island or Joe batts Arm.

    In particular on the Leyte families or the Peckford families

    Thank you

  313. Hi I was wondering about the surnames Penny, Clark from the Bonavista areas. Would any of these be native names.

  314. Hi I am trying to find info on Sarah Jane Brown, she was married to my gg Grandfather Thomas Gillam. Her father was John Brown. Sarah was born 1865 in Mutton Bay Lab. I was told Sarah and her family were of a native background, but I cant find the connection. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me, if anyone has any info to share it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

  315. HI,I to am looking for information of Elizabeth Joe,whom married william blanchard in bay of islands nl.And thier son Thomas Blanchard who settled in white bay Thanks tina

  316. hi i’m looking for information on my great grandfather Michael Organ he may have been married two times onces to Sarah Matthews and the second time to Elizaneth Harding. If anyone has any information I would appreciate receiving some as I am looking into my ancestry. I did hear his father was also Michael Organ and they lived in Conn River.


  317. I am researching Pico of Fortune, Placentia, & St. George’s Bays. Over the years we have found that my Pico’s originated in Nova Scotia as Pikteuaruel. Extensive research has been done on this family of Pico by Pat Picco of Paradise but Pat has since passed on and the whereabouts of his research is unknown. These Pico’s were known to be aboriginal. Does anybody out there have any info on Pico? Dorothy, do you know of this Pico line?

  318. I am just wondering you have any information on frank wheeler from bay of islands. He was my great grand father. His daughter was Eliza Wheeler married John Druggett. I am just to claim indian statie for my mother and my siblings. thanks

  319. Dorothy
    I’ve just started looking for info on my Great/Grandparents. I have been told that my greatgrandmather was a n Indian lady by the name of DOROTHY GEORGE and she was married to greatgrandfather JOHN? PINKSEN. They probably resided somewhere around White Bay. Other names in the family tree is RICE and also Strickland and Blake.
    Any info that you may be able to send my way will be greatly appreciated. I await your response and I thank you in advance for any info you can send me.

  320. Hi Dorothy, what can you tell me if you know, anything about Peter Stride born 1820, Lived Conne River. Parents and Siblings, etc…. Thanks

  321. Hi Holley, do you have any more info on him? Like birth/death dates, spouse, children, where he lived?

  322. Hi Darrian, I have Peter Stride b abt 1823, s/o Henry Stride (b 1790 Exploits) and Elizabeth Ball (b Burnt Islands). They were marr abt 1822. The children I have, in addition to Peter, are Charles, George b abt 1822, Elias b abt 1825, Abel b abt 1827, Henry b abt 1828, Elizabeth B. b abt 1835, and Susan b 25 Jun 1843. Your Peter marr Helen, no surname b abt 1825 d aft 1874, and they had a son Peter b abt 1848 Conne River d abt 1907 Conne River. He had 5 wives maybe.

  323. Hi Roy, I have Dorothy George b 1854 Hant’s Hr d 17 Aug 1832 Seal Cove, White Bay. She marr John Charles Pinksen, b Big Cove near Seal Cove. They had sons John Charles Pinksen and James Pinksen. Dorothy was d/o William George and a woman named Newhook b New Hr, Trinity Bay. Their other children were George and Hilda. The info on her parents and sibs came from another poster on this site April 5/12.

  324. Hi Marie, I have 2 Michael Organs. One b 24 Dec 1803 (no parents ent’d) d 4 Feb 1862 Norris Point. He marr Sarah Elizabeth Matthews b 19 Dec 1811 d 12 Apr 1872 Norris Point. She was d/o John Matthews b abt 1775 and Sarah Bagg 1785 Cape La Hune-16 Mar 1860 Burgeo. I have 12 children ent’d for them.

    The other Michael Organ b 1840 d 1870 (no parents ent’d) marr Elizabeth Harding b Dec 1843 Rose Blanche d 20 Jun 1925, d/o George Harding b 1817 Burnt Islands and Susan Shears b 1820 Frenchmans Cove. I have Susannah b 1868 Rocky Hr and Sarah b 1870 as children of Michael Organ and Elizabeth. She remarried James Humber b abt 1835 d 20 Nov 1928 Norris Point.

    So, if those dates are right, they’re not the same Michael. However, maybe someone else can help.

  325. Hi Danny, I have Sarah Jane Brown marr Thomas Gillam b 1845 (s/o Charles Gillam and Ann Harvey) as being d/o John Brown b 1837 and Isabella Currie b 6 Jan 1844. They had 5 other children: William, Joseph, Ann b 1863, Emmanuel b 1866 and Caroline b 1872.

    John Brown was s/o Joseph Brown and Ann Nancy Bobbitt b 1824 d/o Matthew Bobbitt b 1790 and Mary Kendall. Isabella was d/o John Currie and Susan Gilliam. I have no places of birth or residence or anything saying whether or not there is any aboriginal ancestry.

  326. Hi dear readers, as you see I am back – sort of. I have started working backwards through comments that have not been addressed. If you have posted a request for information since July 8th and don’t see a reply from me, that’s because I haven’t got anything that can help you. I don’t want to clog up the comments section totally by replying individually. But be assured I’ve read them and looked to see if I can help. I will continue working back through the comments, but same thing applies – if you don’t get a reply from me, it means I have nothing useful for you. But if I find anything, I will let you know. Thanks for your patience!

  327. Hi Dorothy;
    I am seeking info on Catherine Saunders of Bay D’ Espoir/Fortune Bay area, sister of Elizabeth Saunders. Catherine was born abt. 1820. She married James Pico. James Pico came from Fortune Bay. Catherine & James had at least 2 children, Mary Jane Pico and John Pico. We are hitting a wall with Catherine. Do you have any info on Catherine or her family? Thanks.

  328. Hi Dorothy. Thanks for the previous info. Do you know anything about Peter’s mother Elizabeth Ball was she born nl ?.

  329. I am seeking information on Francis Rumbolt of Port Aux Choix who is my great grandmother. I believe her parents were William Rumbolt and Mary Ann Mahar. Attempting to find a connection to native ancestry. Thanks.

  330. Hi again Darrian, I don’t have any more info entered on her. I got her name from a Family Tree Maker site about Henry Stride. I can’t remember if her parents are listed there, although probably I’d have recorded it if the information was there.

  331. Hi Dorothy, i know a Mikmaq line started through Peter which was a brother to my George 1820 but George had two wives i found that was Hutchings and a March, any Mikmaq lines from these two that you may know off ? Again thanks for your reply.

  332. Hi Darrian. I have those wives for George Stride; 1st Mary Ann Hutchings, marr abt 1845, 2nd Maria March marr abt 1868. He and Maria March had a daughter Amelia Anne b 31 Jan 1883 Philip’s Head. She marr 30 Oct 1904 at Philip’s Head (Methodist) John Lidstone b 1879 Kite Cove. I don’t have parents ent’d for either of George’s wife, so don’t know about their origins.

  333. Ms Stewart….I’m looking for any info that you may have regarding my great-grandmother LOUISA STRICKLAND. she was married to my great-grandfather..JOHN or JAMES PINKSEN .
    Also there was a lady DOROTHY GEORGE married to my grandfather…JOHN PINKSEN. Any info that you may have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance ROY

  334. I am looking for information about the Boone family name from Bareneed Newfoundland. Nathaniel Boone drowned around 1871 and he was married to a Elizabeth ??? and they lived in Seldom Come By. They had a daughter named Harriet born May 1859 in Seldom Come By. Can you tell me if the Boone family is of Indian ancestry.

  335. I am wondering if you have heard of the Chasty family in NL? I have found information that my GGGGGrandmother was a Chasty who married a Slaney in St. Lawrence. I have no idea where she came from.

  336. I am researching my family line and have found a Margaret Chasty, do you know anything about the Chasty family?

    Thank you

  337. Dorothy I am trying to determine who my great- great grandmother was. My great- grandmother was Julianna George, originally from Carbonear . She married Peirce Power of St. John’s in 1874 at Sacred Heart Church , Curling, Bay of Islands. The marriage entry has her father as Thomas George of Carbonear. No name is given for her mother. Pierce and Julianna had eight children of whom their youngest Mary Josephine (Power) Marks was my grandmother. She married George Headly Marks of Carbonear. I believe Julianna had a brother Matthew who married a Theresa McCarthy , daughter of Florence McCarthy and Sarah Kennedy.

  338. MS Stewart
    Do you have any families……RICE or Strickland listed on the Mik’Maq census. the Rice’s would probably haqve been in the White Bay area?
    Thanks in advance

  339. Hi Mary, Elizabeth Saunders was born in Bay d’Espoir. She and Thomas had a son Joseph Hynes b Mar 1843. I don’t know who her parents were, but she is said to have been Mi’kmaq.

  340. Hi Dorothy;
    We have always been told that my gfather Joseph Murphy was of Mi’Kmaq ancestry but we don’t know from where. My gfather’s parents were John Thomas Murphy and Bridget Viscount.
    Do you know anything about these.
    John “Thomas” Murphy b. abt. 1870 Fortune Bay, m. Bridget Viscount b. 1876 Indian Hr., they lived at Red Island PB. John Thomas’ parents were John Murphy b. abt 1840 Fortune Bay, m. Catherine Hynes b. 1839 LaManche, John & Catherine raised their family at Red Island, PB. Bridget Viscount’s parents were John Viscount & Anastasia Seward.

    Thanks for you help with this.
    JJ Email

  341. Hi Dorothy
    My great grand father Edward MacKey Born 1850 in Brents cove ,I am looking for his Parents names his father could be a John or Edward I think.Would you have any info on them ? Thanks Marg

  342. info on Alfred George b.about 1870, from New Harbour, Trinity Bay m Mary Ellen Williams who was supposted to be from Deer Lake, searched the ce nsus for the west coast, could not find anyWilliams.

  343. Looking for ancestors of Janet Dyke of Greenspond, Bonavista. Namely Anne Befs and Richard Dyke. Wondering if there is indian in this family? Janet married John Campbell in Greenspond.

  344. Hi….I am looking for some info on the Saunders Family tree.My grandfather’s name is Eli John Saunders born 1916 and his parents name is George and Mary Saunders.I know we are somehow tied in with Elizabeth Saunders.Any info you can give me is greatly appreciated.

  345. hi doroty im looking to find out who gr -gr gr gr grandparents of paul hall and he married a elizabeth dillion,hope u can help

  346. Hi,
    I am new here, came across this website in a desperate,years long attempt to find my family and it’s roots. I’m trying to find out if my Grandmother from Bell island is of Micmac roots Or Abenaki. Her name is ELSIE HANN Elsie (my Grandmother on my fathers side,last name spelling may have been changed) is now I believe 85.
    She left the island when she was 15. Around this time her sister was found in a well, 40yrs later at a Family reunion in Windosor, Ontario Elsie showed up! The children she had, do not know there father my dads last name is Dubruiel (Paul Dubreuil we believe he was French Indian) Would love any helpful info on either My Grandmother or Grandfather.

    I feel like there is no hope in finding our family and where we are originally from(on the one side).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you in advance.

  347. Hi Dorothy,

    I am trying to finish my Qalipu application. Could you tell me if there is a generation cut off. I am the seventh generation. Wondering if my children can apply.

    Thank you!

  348. Hi Shelley, the Qalipu office should be able to tell you if there’s a cut off. I believe you can apply as an individual or a family and they’d be able to tell you which way would be better in your case. There’s contact and membership info on their website.

  349. Hi, I am looking for info on my family history on the Rogers side. My grandfather was James Rogers of Marystown, NL. His grandmother was Jane Cox who I believe was of Micmac descent. She married Thomas Hodder. I am looking for info on Jane’s parents.

  350. Hi Dorothy, I am looking up my family history to find out if I am Native. My family is Thomas and Hannah Mary Gould in Bay Du Nord.Hannah mary was a Farrell. They had a son William and he had a daughter Martha which is my Grandmother. William Gould Married a Lucy Evan. Lucy was a child when her mother died, Lucy had to go live with her Aunt Cora Evan. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  351. Hi dorothy, I am looking for information on william prosper who was married to dora osmond, can’t seem to find anything, hope you can help.

  352. I was wondering if you have any information pertaining to the MacDonalds that resided at Conne River. My grandmother was Frances MacDonald and I was trying to see if she had any connections with them?

  353. Hi Dorothy,

    Sorry for the late reply. The real Michael Hefferan went on living in the Paradise area of Placentia Bay and married Anastatsia Murphy.. The children of the real Thomas Hynes use the name Hynes because they switched back. It seems they used the name Hefferan from at least 1830-about 1854.

  354. I am looking for any info on Richard, Charles and William Marshall of Chateau Bay, Labrador. I can’t find any native links but Marshall is a common Micmac name.

  355. Hi; Dorothy
    Just wondering if you or anyone found out who Mary Ann Mahar’s parents are and where she is from??
    She was first married to Charles Haynes, BOI; her second husband was William Rumbolt. She died in 1905 at Port Saunders. Have heard her mother may have been a Marche. Anyone one with any information can contact me at


  356. Just woundering if you have any information regarding Pittman/Langford lineage from the Sop’s arm/island my gr-gr -gr -grand mother was a Sarah Langford/Pittiman

  357. Hi,

    I am looking to see if my grandmother’s are mi’kmaq connected. I have Sarah McDonald born in Cul de Sac, NL who married Alexander Durnford of Francois, NL and Lucille Ball born in Richard’s Harbour who married Samson Andrews. Can you help?

  358. Hi Melvin, I have all these names but not all as brothers or clearly being from Labrador. Do you have any other names, wives or other siblings or parents? That might help narrow it down.

  359. I have been told that my great grandfather was a mi’kmaq but can’t find any information on him. He was either born in nova scotia or nfld. we have been told he was born in Gander, Nfld. He was born in 1881 and died in 1960 in windsor nfld. He was married to violet pretty from my understanding. I am not sure where else to find out this info and thought you could help.

    Donnie Currie

  360. hello my name is justin and at the moment i live in sault ste marie Ontario over the past few years i have found out more about my family line talking to Grandparents and my father i have found out i am Miigmaq from new brunswick , i have gotten some names of Family thats my father and grandmother think i should research but i have no idea how seeing as i dont know where to start , my life partner is ojibway from manitoulin island she has a very traditional family and living with her family and her i have been taking part of ceremony and prays and lots of other things like dancing and crafting and everything else really ,they would like to help me find out more about my roots to so if anyone thinks they can help me just a little bit or give me some more info could you please contact me thank you for reading this , chi miigwetch

  361. I am starting to work on Rebecca Whittles Family she was my grandmother where would i start thanks Dave

  362. Hi Justin, what are some of the names of your family members? And what part of NB if you know? There might be connections in names at least with some of the NB bands. Their websites might help or federal and provincial aboriginal affairs and/or archives sites. Thanks for writing, we’ll see if we can help you.

  363. Hi Justine
    I would like to find out if my ancestors were Mic mac. My ggggrandfather was John Matthews born in 1795 and married Sarah Bagg. Could you tell me how to find out if they were Mic Macs .Any info would be appreciated Thank you Thelma

  364. I am looking for some info regarding my great grandmother Dinah Knott Herritt.Was wondering if she was listed as a micmaq,I cant seem too find any info about it.

  365. Hi Dorothy:

    I am trying to find information about my great, great grandfather – John Brent (Brenton) Sr. born 1861 in Loon Bay, NL. He married Susanna Sheppard, DOB: 1863 from Cupids, NL. Their children were Eunice Brent (Brenton) 1897 (My grandmother), Fred Brent (Brenton) 1888, John 1891, David 1985. They lived in Botwood, Nl. I am trying to find information to apply for Indian Status. Thank you!

  366. Hello Dorothy I really find your site very interesting.i read through most of your comments and info ,you really seam to know your stuff. I see there is a lot of people asking about the Saunders I am trying to find out my family’s decendents.all I know is that my grandfathers name was John Saunders and i think his father and mothers names was George and Mary from harbour Mille or bay de spere if I can get any more info on there back round would greatly be apreiated. Thank you Danny Saunders.

  367. Hi Dorothy,
    Was wondering if you have any info on Elizabeth Stewart who married George Anderson from the Burgeo Nl area (otters pt ) Her parents may have been from the Hermitage Bay area . Trying to find out if she was of any Mik’ maq connection.


  368. I am looking for information on a MAry maiden name unknown. I have been told she may be of Micmac ancestry. She was born in 1824 and died in 1881. Her husband was Jeremiah Sutton from Pushtrough NL. This would be my great-great grandmother. Her daughter Lucy is my mother’s grandmother. We need to know her maiden name and where her home was. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  369. Hi – I am trying to locate my grandmother’s family in Newfoundland. Family tells me my grandmother’s aunt was of native descent. My grandmother was Violet St(r)ickland, born Sept. 1912. Her parents were John Jr. Strickland born 1883 and Mariah Maude Currie Strickland, born 1886. The aunt is a sister of Mariah, possibly named Philena, who married a Crewe. The family is believed to from the South Coast. Any ideas on who to contact or where to look?

  370. Hi Lorraine, it would depend on which Chaissons and Halls you’re thinking of. If you have any more information (names etc.) let us know and maybe somebody can help.

  371. Hi I’m trying to find information on Mathias Mackey born in Brent’s cove, newfoundland. He married a lady Elizabeth Matthews. People are telling me we’re micmaq. I have been doing research but keep getting a cold trail.

  372. Hello Dorothy, I was googling Nathaniel and Elizabeth Boone and came up with a link to this site. The quote google came up with was “Nathaniel Boone drowned around 1871 and he was married to a Elizabeth ??? and they lived in Seldom Come By. They had a daughter…”, but I can’t seem to find the rest of the quote on here. I am trying to trace oral history stating my gg grandmother (father’s side) Harriet (Boone) Callahan, daugter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Boone was native. Also, I’ve grown up being told my g grandmother (mother’s side) Phoebe (Langford) Canning was native as well. I’ve had little success in making the connection for either of these two.

  373. Do you know if Sarah Kennedy who married Florence McCarthy (Carbonear) and from McCarthy’s cove was native

  374. I’m looking for any information on the Paul family of Deer Island. Our Grandmother, Susannah Bursey Goulding was born on Deer Island in 1883, her mother was Sarah Paul Bursey, 1846, her father Thomas Bursey 1842. I’m looking for their marriage certificate and wheather they are aboriginal. Sarah’s parents were Thomas and Sarah Paul also of Deer Island, can’t seem to find anything on the usual places.

  375. Hi Lorna, I have a Michael Herritt b May 1871 marr Patricia Diana Knott, b May 1886 d/o John Knott and Mary Taylor (1843-1913). I think there’s an error in some of the parents ent’d for John and Mary so I don’t want to steer you down a wrong path. Sorry, don’t know if this helps you much.

  376. Hi Rita, I have Violet Strickland marr John Lawrence Hall s/o Joseph Hall and Judith McLellan. I have Violet as d/o John Strickland and Maria Currie who also had daughters Phoebe, Blanche and Mary Ann. I wonder if Phoebe is your Philena but I have no more info on her. I have John as s/o Robert Strickland, b 1859 Hunts Is d 1953, and Anna Newman marr 13 Sep 1882 Rose Blanche. Not much help, but I hope it at least gives you places to look.

  377. Hi Oral, I googled it too since I have nothing on them and couldn’t find anything on my site. Probably everything I saw you’ve also seen. Looks like quite a few people are looking. On a rootsweb board, in a message dated 21 Feb 2002, these names are listed as children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (sorry, I avoid putting in links to boards because they’ve caused formatting problems).
    Frederick Boone b. Dec, 1861
    Richard (baptised Jan. 09, 1855)
    Robert Henry (baptised Feb. 09, 1858)
    Mary Grace (baptised March 30, 1864)
    Sarah Jane (baptised march 30, 1864)
    Edgar Nathaniel (born Nov 09, 1866, baptised Nov. 29, 1866)
    Sarah Ann (baptised Oct. 23, 1868)

    On 7 Aug 2012 Nathaniel’s drowning is mentioned by someone also looking for Harriet. I see NLGenWeb Notre Dame Bay records have refs to children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth. I don’t have any on Langford or Canning, sorry!

  378. i’m looking for any information on the picco’s (piccots) of sandy point area esp william henry and his decendants who is decended from john picco and amelia (amy) hynes. There is word that they are of native decent. can any help?!

  379. Hi Samantha, I have William Henry Picot/Picco (b 25 Nov 1857 Sandy Point) marr Mary Ann Abbott (1865-1910). He was s/o John Picot (b Jersey, Channel Islands, d 1860 Sandy Point) marr 20 Sep 1847 Stephenville to Amelia/Amy Haynes/Hynes (b abt 1828 Sandy Point d 1875 Sandy Point). Amelia was d/o William Haynes/Hynes (b Aug 1776 Somerset, Eng.) marr Annie Dennis, d/o John Dennis and Fanny Serle of Barachois Brook St. George’s. You can find out more about the Dennis and Hynes families in Kirk Butt’s Early Settlers of BSG v 1 and, if you can find or borrow a copy, look for Don Bennett’s Legacy of William Haynes.

  380. I am looking information on the Lane from from Deer Island, Paul’s Island, Fair Island, Greenspond , NL area…My great grand mother was Susannah Lane who married Robert Rogers. They married May 15, 1879. All I have is that Robert Rogers was born around 1845 around Fair Island and Susannah Lane was born around 1855 Fair Island(Deer Island)….I would like to find information on Susannah Lane’s Parents.


  381. I was wondering if you ever cam across a maria whelan-whalen and a john sheppard married around 1830, harbour grace. They are to be of native decent but cant seem to find anything. Thanks

  382. Hi Catherine, I have nothing on your Lanes or Rogers. You might look for her under Laine, Lainey, Laisne, Laing. I don’t know for her specifically but many people of that name are found under any of those spellings. Worth a try!

  383. Hi Dorothy,

    I have some information on the Lane’s in regard to a request from Catherine Reddick on Sept 12th.

  384. Thanks so much! you ahev really filled in some big gaps for me! Do you know is which direction (if any) i should look for native roots?

  385. hi again,
    i’m waiting for the book legacy of william haynes but i did find an excert. it talks about ann dennis as well as carloine marche as his wives so i assume he was married twice. which of his children belonged to which wife? it really makes a difference in my search! thanks

  386. Hi Samantha, I have William Hynes marr Caroline Marche as s/o William Hynes and Anne Dennis, and a quick google of them seems to show that too. Son Wm was born either 1822 in Boswarlos or 1809 in Sandy Point. I’m inclined toward the former – fits with the dates of sibs. He died 18 Aug 1906 in Two Guts, Port au Port. Caroline Marche was b 1834 Port au Port d/o Denis Francois Marche & Charlotte Catherine LeJeune. But somewhere I saw her father as (Denis’ brother) Vincent Francois.

    I don’t know where you ought to look – Hynes, Marches and LeJeunes all may or may not be of Mi’kmaq descent. It depends on who married whom. If you have a connection to the Marche family, I’d pursue that. Join the BSGGS (link above) so you can see the extensive Marche genealogy in their documents. Also you’ll see the link to Lark Szick’s LeJeune genealogy is now working – lots of info there. If you want to give us more names, maybe somebody reading this can make more connections for you.

  387. hi dorothy
    was wondering if you had any info on martha olivia george.
    born june 24th 1855 chateau bay labrador.
    died nov 24 1929.
    thanks jan

  388. hi looking to find info on my grandmother rebecca hamilton(harris)her father was peter,,,,,,,,,,,he from england,,,she married in cul de sac to george harris my grandfatner….soem call it recontre west,grandbanks,,,

  389. A Debra March posted on 12 Sept ’12 an inquiry regarding a Maria Whelan and John Sheppard of Harbour Grace.
    Please feel free to give her my email address as I have addition information regarding Debra’s inquiry.

  390. Hey Dorothy,
    Ive been looking for info on Elizabeth Paul. Her parents are Thomas and Sarah, she’s my g g great grandmother. She had a daughter Edith Brown and I can’t seem to find anything on her. I was wondering about her birth, marriage and band/tribe name.
    I didn’t know much about my family history until I started my family tree. The Mi’kmaq have the coolest story.
    If you could email me that would be awesome.


  391. Hi Jared, I don’t have an Elizabeth or Thomas Paul. I have 2 Edith Browns (birthname) without parents. One marr Albert Kendall and the other, much earlier, marr Alfonzo Learning. That Edith Brown had a son Robert George Brown. Don’t know if that’s any help to but it’s all I got.

  392. Hi Jan, sorry, forgot to check your question out until just now. I have Martha Olivia George marr 1 Jul 1874 Bonne Bay to Eli Wight/White b 1849. Her parents are Stephen George, b Chateau Bay, and Elizabeth Taylor marr 13 Sep 1854 Chateau Bay C of E. Their other children are John b 12 Jul 1865, Adam b 22 Dec 1867 and Stephen b 19 Oct 1871 BOI. I don’t have parents for either Stephen or Elizabeth. Hope this helps.

  393. Hi Dorothy
    I am trying to trace my Grandmother’s family to verify claims by my family that my great-Grandmother was native. Her name was Irene Jane (Dennis) LeRoux, wife of Peter (Pierre) LeRoux of france. My Grandmother Pearl was their daughter. Irene was born on Nov 01, 1876 and her parents were (Philip) Daniel and Sarah Jane Dennis. Do you have any info or do you know where I may find more? thanks in advance

  394. Hi,
    I am wondering if you anyone has information on Peter Stride’s ancestry (??
    born 1820). My mother’s maiden name is Stride & I am trying to trace our family tree.
    Thank you

  395. Hi
    Looking for geneology information on my mothers family. Her father was George Joseph Paul, born in Langue de Cerf to Stephen Paul and Mary Ann Whittle. They had three other sons – Phil, Jack and Charlie. Stephen was drowned when George was young, and I think he was then adopted by George and Bride Tibbo of St. Jaques. Phil went to Rencontre, Charlie to Calvert??, and Jack to Halifax?? Would really like to hear from anyone with more information regarding the Paul family. Thank you.

  396. looking for any info on john green and jessie louisa stevenson both born in 1881 mother sarah stevenson and father john stevenson i have been told they where native micmac but i cant find much on them any help would be greatful..

  397. Hi there,

    I am looking for information on two people. First Ann Serel from Bay St George area as well as a Martha or Elizabeth (not sure exact first name) Davis who married James Jeans in Harbour le Cou, supposed to be originally from Margaree. I am at a standstill trying to find ancestors beyond them. Thanks for any info you may be able to provide.


  398. Looking for connection to aboriginal origin. Great, great grandfather was first settler of Victoria Cove, Gander Bay. He was Richard Bursey, wife’s name Ann Comden. Their daughter Pheobe was my great grandmother born 1865. Any information would be very much appreciated.

  399. Hi all – I’m sorry but I will be away from my desk for a couple weeks so will not be able to do anything with questions about family ancestry. I will approve comments so they appear on the site when I am able to. But that will be sporadic. So if you write and don’t see your comment, don’t worry. If you haven’t written before or if you use a different email address, it is held back until I approve it (in order to keep spam out). For those whose comments go through automatically, feel free to write to other posters through this forum.

    My mother died tonight so my absence from cyberspace is unavoidable. Take care all.

  400. Hi:

    I have seen the name Saunders mentioned and is wondering if my grandmother had indian status. Her name was Emily Saunders. She was born Sept. 21, 1912 in the Harbour Mille area and died June 2, either 2001 0r 2002. She married David Smith who died Jan 6, 1968. They lived in Brookside, Placentia Bay. I would appreciate any information you may have.

  401. Sorry for your loss Dorothy,I know this my not be a good time for you but when your able to I am looking for info for th following people….Nathaniel Sheppard & Elizabeth Barrett……John Gosse & Mary Ann Sheppard thank you

  402. Hi,
    I was wondering if anyone has any information on Baker and or May families from Lally Cove, Newfoundland. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

  403. Dorothy, very sorry to hear of your loss.

    Very sorry for bothering you on this but I was wondering if you can help me. Apparently I have an ancestor that may be mi’kmaq. Her name was Catherine Organ and I have tracked her through the Bay of Islands genealogy society web site. My grand father was Bartholomew Goosney and she was his mother. Not sure if you can help but any direction will do. Another bit of Info, Catherine’s parents were John Organ and Mary Ann Smith. John’s parents were Michael Organ and Mary (unknown last name).

    Thank you, Jamie Goosney

  404. Looking for info on a John Sam(s) from Codroy around 1900s going to Grand Bank on the South Coast marrying an Annie Lee. My mother’s parents. Any info is appreciated.

  405. Hi

    I was wondering if you had any information on Emiline Vivian. She was born in Greens Pond in 1850. She married a Thomas Collins from New Harbour in 1870. Her parents were George Vivian and Mary Allen. Emiline is my great great grandmother and I am have been told she is Mi’kmaq. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  406. Sorry Dorothy for your Loss. When you get back to your desk, I am looking for information on my Great grandmother. She was from the Port saunders or Middle Cove area and her name was Eunice Keeping. She married Alex Overs. She was born in march,???? and died April 5, 1986. Trying to find out if I have indian ancestors.

  407. I am wondering if you have any info on Louisa White, b 1869, married Thomas Dalley of Twillingate, NL. Married Nov 18, 1891, Bluff Head Cove. I am wondering if she is aboriginal. Thanks.

  408. Hi Dorothy,
    I am looking for information on my great grandmother who was Mi’kmaq from White Bay, Newfoundland, maybe Conne River. She was maybe a Simms and married William Pittman of Cook’s Harbour on the Northern Peninsula. I would appreciate info you can provide or where I may go to get the information on her. Her name was Mahalla Simms.

    Thank you

  409. Hello
    I am looking for information on Frank Skeard and Susan Seymour Skeard they were born in channel port aux basques NL in the early 1900s they moved to Corner brook in the 1930-1940s. Would you be able to let me know if the skeard/seymour families have any Mi’kmaq background? Please e-mail if you have any information. Thank You

  410. Thank you very much, Ron. I’m back home but still won’t be able to get back at research questions for a little while. Just wanted to let everybody know.

  411. Hi I am wondering if anyone may have information about Philip Coates son of William Coates and Alice (Williams) from Eddies Coates East

  412. For Gord Pike, shows in 1921 census a Charlie Paul married in St. Bernard’s, Fortune Bay, NL, I know the whittle families who moved to St. Bernards from Langue De Serf.

  413. Hi Dorthy do you have any info on the surname George that was living at Chateau, Labrador in the mid 1800. He was married to Mary Ann born 1819 died 1903. They had a daughter Mary Ann that married Fredrick clarke.

  414. Hi Troy, I have Irene Jane Dennis (marr Peer John LeRoux) as d/o Daniel Dennis, b Mar 1843 Barachois, and Sarah Jane Hulan, d 1911. Daniel was s/o Philip Dennis and Ann Pennell, b 1803 d/o Clement Pennell (Sr.) and Susannah Irene Hulan, b 1775. Susannah was d/o John Hulan, b 1755, and Ann Serel (Serle, Searle). John was s/o Elie Hulan, b 1730, and Rachel Benest. Daniel Dennis may have been born in 1842 – there’s a ref to his bapt that year at Sandy Point Anglican Church.

    I have just transferred my material to Family Tree Maker 2012 and am learning how it works. I used your question as a test for navigating it. The names of Daniel’s parents came from one of its online family trees.



  416. Hi Barry, I have Peter Stride, b abt 1823, as s/o Henry Stride, b 1790 Exploits, and Elizabeth Ball, b Burnt Islands. They had several other children as well. Peter married Helen or Ellen, b abt 1825 d aft 1874, and they had a son Peter b abt 1848 in Conne River and d 1907 in Conne River. You will also find the surname as Street in Nfld records, and I’ve just found references to a Henry Strider with son Peter but I’m not sure they’re the same family as that Henry was born and died in the US.

  417. hi dorothy hope things are looking bit better,,,welcome back,,,i have question can your tell me when darcey janes and maria parson codroy valley got married and where,ty,,,

  418. Hello Dorothy, I am researching the Parks in Bay of Islands, specifically looking for the parents of Joseph Park (born 1848 and who married Rose Ann Blanchard in 1877) and have had little success. I also believe Rose Ann’s parents were Joseph and Eliza(beth) Blanchard. Any help is very appreciated.

  419. Hello,
    I am looking for any information on a relative of mine from the 1800 who is believed to be of Mikmaq descent. Her name was Ann Saunders from the west coast of Nfld. She married Tom Toms, Innu, in Battle Hbr Labrador. Please feel free to email me at if you have any information to share. Thanks!

  420. Hi Dorothy,

    I am looking for the records for the following people that you have mentioned in earlier posts: Peter Stride, b abt 1823, s/o Henry Stride, b 1790 Exploits, and Elizabeth Ball, b Burnt Islands. Henry and Elizabeth are my GGG Grandparents. Any info. you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  421. Dorthy : Does the Wheeler family listed in the Mi’kmaq Family History & Genealogy March 2011 have status and if so where might the connection be.

  422. Hi Crystal, I have nothing else about the Strides other than what you have here, and I have no records. If anyone else can help, please post – thanks.

  423. Hi Christa, I have Ann Young, b Aug 1909, as d/o Duncan Young, b Nov 1875 Black Duck Brook, marr abt 1899 Veronica Benoit, b Oct 1877 Black Duck Brook. Duncan was s/o Andrew Joseph Young, b 13 Apr 1841 Mainland Port au Port Pen. d maybe at Black Duck Brook, marr 3 Nov 1872 Immaculate Conception Sandy Point to Mary Jane Marche b Jun 1856 Bay St. George. Veronica Benoit was d/o John Benoit, b 1846, marr 26 Jul 1870 Imm. Conc. Sandy Point, to Alice/Elsie Benoit, b Sep 1856 Black Duck Brook.

    Andrew Joseph Young was s/o Henry Young, b abt 1807 Little Bras d’Or Cape Breton d 9 Feb 1906 Clam Bank Cove (Lourdes) Port au Port, marr abt 1838 Susanna Duffney, b abt 1820 St. Ann’s Bay Cape Breton d Clam Bank Cove. Henry Young may have been s/o Gabriel LeJeune, b 1780 d bef 1838 French Village Little Bras d’Or, and Sarah Ryley – but I’m not sure on that. Maybe someone reading can verify his parents.

    Susanna Duffney was d/o Jean Frederick Dauphinee (Duffney) b 11 Sep 1791 Lunenburg NS, marr 5 Dec 1820 St. George Co. Cape Breton, to Mary Anne Young, b abt 1794 Little Bras d’Or. Jean Frederick was s/o James Dauphinee, b maybe Lunenburg NS, and Susan Catherine Jollimore, b maybe Lunenburg NS. Mary Anne Young was d/o Joseph Christophe LeJeune, b 4 Jan 1770 Little Bras d’Or d aft 1818, marr 21 Jul 1793 St. George’s Anglican Sydney NS, to Radegonde (Barbara) LeJeune, b 4 Dec 1770 Little Bras d’Or d 8 Apr 1871. Look at the Bras d’Or Indian Village Band Assoc link on above page for more info.

    Mary Jane Marche was d/o Denis Francis Marche, b abt 1831 Black Duck Brook, marr 16 Oct 1854 Imm. Conc. Sandy Point, to Anne Marie Nancy MacIsaac. Denis Francis was s/o Denis Francois Marche, b 25 Jul 1789 St. Pierre, marr abt 1815 Bras d’Or to Charlotte Catherine LeJeune, b abt 1795 Cape Breton.

    Veronica Benoit’s father John Benoit was s/o Francois Benoit, b 1820 Port au Port or Main Gut BSG, marr abt 1840 to Marie Duffney, b 1822 Cape Breton. Francois Benoit was s/o Francois Benoit, b abt 1764 Falkland Islands d aft 1838 BSG, marr 4 Aug 1791 St. Pierre, to Anne L’Official, b abt 1771 BSG. Marie Duffney was d/o Jean Frederick Dauphinee and Mary Anne Young (mentioned above).

    Hope this makes sense to you and is of some help.

  424. Hi Sybil, thanks to you and all for your condolences on the loss of my mother. I’m now learning FTM 2012 with the help of your questions. Finding it a lot different but the online family trees (part of ancestry membership) are handy, if a bit overwhelming sometimes.

    Anyway, to Eunice Keeping: d/o James Keeping, b 1850 Boat Hr d 1929, marr Margaret Jane Joyce, b 1853 Hr Buffett d 1944, Margaret was d/o James Joyce, b abt 1806 England d 12 Sep 1897 Nfld, marr 1 Jan 1834 Hr Buffett, to Rachel Dicks, b 1822 Tinny Cove, Hr Buffett d 5 Mar 1893 Hay Cove Placentia Bay. Rachel was d/o Christopher Dicks, b 1784 England d 24 Dec 1845 Hr Buffett, and Margaret __ b 1789 d 28 Feb 1867 Hr Buffett. The info on Rachel Dicks and parents came from an ancestry public tree called Campbell Joyce.

  425. Hi Lloyd, I have an Ann Lee, b 1 Nov 1843, marr James Simms, b 1840 d 13 Jun 1905, s/o John Simms. James and Ann had a son John Frazer Simms marr Susanne Bishop. Doubt they’re who you’re looking for but the closest I could find.

  426. Hi Gloria, I have Frank Skeard, b 1897, as s/o George Skeard b 2 Jun 1845 (no mother given). George was s/o Thomas Skeard, b Upper Burgeo, and Elizabeth Kippen (or Keeping, according to Groves Fam Tree in Ancestry). Thomas Skeard’s father was also Thomas Skeard, no info on mother. That’s all I can find.

  427. Hi Lorraine and thanks. I have your Darcey as Walter Darcey Janes – which might make a difference in looking for records. I have no marriage information but did find him on a Moore family tree in Ancestry. It was with his (I presume) first wife, Elizabeth Winnifred Moore, so he’d be listed as widower. Not much help, but that’s all I got! 😉

  428. Hi Dorothy
    Thanks so much for the info on Martha Olivia George.How can i find out if she was native.
    Thanks Jan

  429. Hi Jan, hope it was of some help to you. As to whether she was Mi’kmaq and how to show it, I don’t know other than seeing if you can connect her to someone known to be Mi’kmaq. Nothing jumped out at me when I was looking but maybe someone reading this can help out.

  430. (from Dorothy) I’m copying this comment just received to this page so that it is more visible since many people are interested in Mary Park Brooks.

    “Dorothy, let me introduce myself, my name is Hector Pearce , born at Daniel’s Hr and a descendant of Mary Park Brooks. I noticed on your website, under the section Family History Sites a section entitled “Descendants of Daniel’s Hr” (Payne, Brooks Park Family History).

    I am applying for acceptance as a founding member, Qalipu Mi’kmag First nation Band, However, I am getting very little cooperation from the Newfoundland offices because they are so so busy.

    I have gathered all pertinent information except some documentation that supports the fact that Mary Park Brooks was Mi’kmag (if that is the case).

    In your opinion would the document found on the link Descendants of Daniel’s Hr suffice as evidence she was indeed Mi’kmag. It does refer to the word ” Indian” at the beginning of that document.

    Thank you kindly for considering those comments and questions and I would sincerely appreciate any help you could give me in this regard.”

    Hello Hector, the origins of Mary Park Brook continue to be a mystery to many people interested in or descended from her. I’ve just doublechecked the family tree in the link you mention. It does say that she originally had an “Indian name”. But there is no source given and no information given as to why the author of the tree said that. So, to me, it is simply a statement, interesting but needing expansion and verification.

    The enrolment committee of the Qalipu band are the only people who can tell you what is acceptable in terms of documentary evidence. And yes, they are very busy but contacting them is your best bet. Thanks for writing. If anyone knows anything else on Mary Park Brooks, please please let us know!

  431. Hi Dorothy,
    Just looking on your website. I am wondering if you would have any information about Johannah Gould Chambers married Aaron Chambers of Seal Island NL. She was born Dec 1896 and lived in Seal Point NL

  432. hello i am trying to trace my family thru my mothers side, her maiden name was Sadie S. Wells born nov. 13 1939 her mother was her mother was Edna Burns (maiden) Edna was born to William Wells. i am wanting to get my indian status card. any info is appreciated. some of my uncles aunts and cousins have already applied for and have gotten their cards.

  433. Hi Dorothy,
    looking for information on a Elizabeth brown she married William Abraham Buckle Genge who is my great great grandfather i was told her mom was named Novilee Deerchild and her dad was Joseph Brown.She was born in 1830 in Quirpon and died july 15 1893. She is buried in Anchor Point,NL. Wondering if I can find a baptismal certificate on her stating she is an Indian.

  434. Hi Larry, I have a William Wells marr Edna Barnes with son James Wells. I don’t have Sadie, but wonder if these are same people you’re asking about. I don’t have anything else on them, just wonder if I have the name wrong – should be Burns not Barnes? There is a Brake connection but not directly with them.

  435. Hi Connie, you’ll see I put your two posts into one so all the info would be in one place. Look through older comments for discussion of Elizabeth Brown. I too have heard about Novilee or Nova Lee Deerchld and Joseph Brown but have found nothing else on them. Elizabeth first married James Williams and her sister Hannah married his brother William Williams. I have no documents on either of them. If anyone can help, please post here for Connie. Thanks.

  436. Hi there, looking for info on Lenora Fraise, married to Richard Parrill. Daughter of John Fraise and Elizabeth Babb. Lenora Died 1913 July 14 born may 19 1856 carbonear NL. Any help would be appreciated!!!

  437. looking to see if there is a indian connection to frances keeping d/o benjamin kippen and frances bagg ,I have 1921 census saying that benjamin keeping b may 1879 burnt island is a micmac can you help with the connection. ty

  438. Hi Catherine, the dob I have for Benjamin Keeping marr Frances Bagg is different than what you have. I’ve got him b 4 Feb 1790 (or 1789 or 1800) in Liverpool England. Here’s a link to info on the Keeping fam – and if you delete in browser from /FILE on and scroll down her page you’ll see some background on the family.

    I did not know that about him in the 1921 census – what identification is given for his children if any are in the h/h?

  439. Hi Dorothy , I am looking for information on my great great grandfather I believe he was Mi’kmag his name was William Martin. He had a daughter named Margaret Jan 6 1854 margaret’s mother was Margaret Stamp of Flatrock, I believe William would have born in the Bay of Islands around 1830 to 1835

  440. Hi dorthy,
    You are right on the dates for benjamin put I am trying to connect through his son James, I just wanted to connect to keeping family from burnt island who say they are micmac, ex. john b feb. 1871
    edith b mar. 1879

  441. Hi Catherine, from what I have it looks like James Keeping (s/o Benjamin) is uncle of John marr Edith. John Philip Keeping, b 25 May 1872, marr Edith Walters, b 15 Mar 1879. John was s/o William Keeping, b 1834, and Mary Ann. William was s/o Benjamin Keeping and Frances Bagg, therefore James’ brother.

    In an Ancestry (Ransome fam) tree, for John Keeping husband of Edith, the dob is given as 2 Feb 1872 Burnt Islands and baptism 9 Mar 1872. But in same tree, John Philip Keeping, as s/o William, is shown with no wife and dob of 25 May 1872. I don’t know if it’s a duplication or error in that tree or if I and others have conflated two John Keepings, presumably both from Burnt Islands.

  442. Hi Dorothy,

    I was wondering if you had any information on Sarah Marche who was married to Benjamin Haynes back in the 1700s. Apparently she is of Mi’Kmaq descent but I have been unsuccessful in finding any documentation stating this. My GGGrandparents are William Hynes (born in Chimney Cove, Bay Islands, Newfoundland And Labrador on Oct 1867 to Charles Haynes (died 1888) and Mary Anne Maher and died in 1940) and Susanna Caines. Please e-mail me if you have any information that might help. Thanks!!

  443. Hello Dorothy, I was wondering if you may have some information regarding the Pikes of Woody Point and Port aux Choix being of Innu descent specifically Thomas Pike married to Margaret Loader/Lodger or their descendants. Thank you for your assistance.

  444. Looking for information on Joey Brown, who was married to a Nancy,or a Sarah; her name was also Nova Lee Deer Child.

  445. Hi i’m looking for information on John Langford jr. and Rachel Stuckles who were married in Browns cove on nov 10th or 14th 1870. I’m trying to find out if there is any record of them being of mi’kmaq decent

  446. Hi Wendy, I have Thomas Pike, b 1817 d 1907 Kappel Islands, marr Margaret Loder, b 1827 d 1893 Curzon Village Bonne Bay. One of their daughters was Margaret Ida Pike, b 18 Apr 1866 Ha Ha Bay d 21 Jun 1937 Curling, marr William Henry Prosper Companion. In searching online for Innu refs, I found this on David Pike’s site (which I thought I had a link to above – will add it). I don’t know about the availability of, or sources of information in, either of the books mentioned, but will look into it. For more information on the Loder family, look at the Loder Family Tree (link on page above). Hope this helps.

    “On page 264 of the book “Walking a Tightrope – Aboriginal People and their Representations” (edited by Lischke and McNab; call number E 78 C2 W35 2005) is this quote:

    J’s great-grandfather was William Henry Prosper, and his great-grandmother was Margaret Ida Pike. She was of Innu descent. Her family lived in the area of Red Bay and Pinware in southern Labrador.
    and on page 266:
    K’s great-grandfather, William Prosper, was Roman Catholic, but became an Anglican after he married Margaret Ida Pike who was a member of the Church of England. According to “Indian custom,” he moved with her family to Bonne Bay, Newfoundland.
    More details about Thomas & Margaret and their descendants can be found in the book “Families of the South Arm of Bonne Bay, 1800’s-1930’s” by Roy M Osmond (call number: F 1124.5 B59 O8 1987).

  447. Can you tell me who the parents of Benjamin Kippen b Feb. 4/1790 England d Feb. 24/1869 married Frances Bagg 1815 Burin ? I know his father was Henry Kippen don’t know mother. Trying to make the micmac connection

    ty Cathy

  448. looking for information on Robert joyce who married sarah park in lark harbour
    thank you for any help

  449. hi Dorothy,

    i am wondering if you can help me. i am trying to research my moms family and have got back to a thomas matthews (son of john matthews in burgeo). my moms family is parks from the south side of the bay of islands, who go back to parsons and then to an ellen matthews, daughter of thomas….i have got back to a richard james park married to jessie parsons but not having much luck getting back apast james richard…. he was born around 1866 in the bay of islands. wondering if you have any conformation on any of these families being of micmac descent. thank you very much for your time.

  450. Hi Catherine, Benjamin’s parents were Henry Thomas Kipping, b 1781 Maysweth Engl d Mar 1843 London Engl, and Elizabeth Ellingham, b 1781 Bedfordshire Engl d Dec 1872 London Engl.

  451. Hi Denese – a page full of notes here that I’ll try to make sense of. I have Ellen Matthews, b 22 Feb 1846 Lower Burgeo, marr (31 May 1863 Burgeo) Richard Parsons, b Jersey Hr. Ellen was d/o Thomas Matthews and Mary. Richard was s/o “Old Mr. Parsons”, b Jersey Hr, and “Widow” Parsons, d abt 1862 Vatcher’s Is. (I’m guessing that info came from Joseph Small’s Diary.)

    Thomas Matthews was s/o John Matthews, b abt 1775, and Sarah Bagg(s) – (see Joseph Small for more on them).

    On the Park/Parsons side, I have James Richard Park, b 1868 Humber Sound, marr Jessie Parsons, b 8 Jan 1873 Humber. Jessie was d/o Richard Parsons and Ellen, b Jan 1838 BOI. I don’t have parents ent’d for either of them and I don’t have kids ent’d for the other Ellen Matthews and Richard Parsons. Same people? Possible, except for discrepancy in year of birth for two Ellens. Maybe someone can clarify that for both of us.

    On your other question about Matthews/Samms line, I don’t know.

  452. Hello Dorothy my name is Larry Dishman my cousins have their status cards but for some reason won’t help me get mine. We are in the MI’KMAQ band. My mother is sadie s. Wells her father is William Wells and mother Edna Barnes . Ednas side is where we are connected. Sadie was born Nov.13, 1939 place of birth is curling, record number on B C is 39-12-211915 . The number on top of birth certificate is 58347. If you can help I would be very indebted to you, I have only five weeks to submit my application . I am willing to pay you for your time. 304 521 8164. I am not interested in the benefits I just want my Indian status . Thank you.

  453. Hi Larry, I’ve come up with *maybe* a direction for you to look. It’s from my database, ancestry trees in FTM and googling. I’ll lay it out as clearly as possible and ask upfront for help from readers. If I’m wrong or right, please let us know.

    In your previous comment you called your grandmother Edna Burns so I did more looking for Barnes *and* Burns. In the 1935 census for BOI Deer Lake Pt 2, there’s Joseph Burns, age 30 something (illeg.), wife Clemmency, 20-something, daughter Edna (no age).

    In the same census year and district is Joseph Wells, no age, wife Suzana, sons William and Hayward, daughter Emma.

    The 1945 census for BOI Georgetown has William J. Wells, h/h head age 42 b BOI, wife Edna A. L. Wells, age 32 b St. Barbe, children (all b BOI) James J. age 14, Violet C. age 13, William G. age 9, Sadie S. age 5, Madeline E. age 2, Walter A. 3 months. In nearby households there is James M. Wells, age 46 b BOI, and wife Frances, age 44 b Colinet, and Frank R. Wells, age 37 b BOI, and wife Marguerite C. age 40 b BOI. I wonder if the 3 men are brothers.

    Now to my database and FTM trees info: I had Joseph Burns marr Felicite Doucet and found dates and children on Ancestry. Felicite/”Clemmency” – hmm, say them quickly and they can sound alike. But that’s totally a guess on my part and that’s what I need help on, esp. from any Doucets reading this.

    I found Felicite Doucet as b abt 1906 Grand Etang Inverness Co. NS, d/o Marcelin Doucet, b 8 Dec 1868 Nebraska, and Louise Larade b 1871. (In the 1901 Cdn census, Marcelin is listed as living in St. Joseph, Inverness Co. NS.) Marcelin was s/o Calixte Doucet, b 9 Aug 1844, and Felicite Roach b 2 Jul 1844 Nebraska d 1903. You can find more on their family at the Doucet Family site (link above) in “Generation X” page. There is nothing in Generation XI on their children’s family unfortunately. But you can trace Marcelin’s family back through the generations, and that would be worth your while if “Clemmency” is indeed Felicite.

    On the Wells side, I had Joseph Wells and Susanna Pritchett with son Hayward. On Ancestry trees I found him as b 20 Oct 1882 Swan Hr Exploits d 27 May 1957 Deer Lake, and her as b 2 Aug 1871 Freshwater Bay (Gambo) d 24 Jun 1954 Deer Lake, with children Hayward Walter (b 3 Nov 1913 Gambo d 25 Apr 1998 Stephenville Xing), Theophilus (b 3 Jan 1908 Gambo d 15 Aug 1980 Corner Brook, Emma (b 18 Sep 1915 Gambo d 4 Feb 2012 Deer Lake) and William. As you see, the only one I couldn’t find dates for is William, but he was included in some trees and he’s mentioned in the census.

    I hope this helps. It is contingent on verifying that Clemmency is Felicite and in delving into the Doucet family. But there’s loads of material on them in the Doucet site I mention and in all the Acadien and Acadian/Mi’kmaq sites online.

  454. Hi, I am looking for information on the family of Abraham Paul of Wigwam Point, NL. He was married to Margaret Kennedy. My husband’s father, Thomas, is the son of Abraham and Margaret. His siblings are Francis and Brigitta, (and Josephine (maybe same person)). I’ve got as far back as Wigwam Point, but I can’t find out where they came from. Thomas came to southern labrador and married. We’ve been trying to find out where his ancestors came from. We always thought that they came from NS because Thomas came here with Glode’s, from NS, who were relatives. I am stuck here. I am hoping that you can provide some info. Thanks.

  455. My grandfather’s sister Aunt Polly (nic-name) MARY ANN(POLLY) WEEKS NEE WEEKS, m. Robert John Weeks b. November 10, 1876; d. Dec 4, 1946. Woodstock Pacquet
    listed herself as mikmaq indian on the 1921 census however her brother, my grandfather Stephen Robert Weeks did not list himself as mikmaq indian and did not tick off the box for such. I am wondering if he was mikmaq indian and didn’t want anyone to know. Stephen is one of 10 children born to George Weeks and Maria Roberts who are buried in Bear Cove in the Bay Verte region of Newfoundland. Is there a list of these people to confirm whether they are indian or non indian. I know they were from Brigus at one time in their history. Stephen died in Englee and is buried there in the United Church Cemetary.

  456. Weeks/Wicks 1808. Richard Bonavista Bonavista Surnames List
    Descendants of George Weeks
    Generation No. 1
    1. GEORGE1 WEEKS was born September 17, 1850, and died August 17, 1906 in Bear Cove, White Bay. He married Dec 13, 1874 Brigus MARIA [Roberts]WEEKS.
    (Daughter of: John Roberts m. Maria Oxford [daughter of Thomas Oxford])
    Brigus United Methodist Church Marriages
    418 George Weeks & Maria Roberts Dec. 13 1874
    Children of GEORGE WEEKS and MARIA [Roberts]WEEKS are:
    i. MARY ANN(POLLY) WEEKS NEE WEEKS, m. Robert John Weeks
    b. November 10, 1876; d. Dec 4, 1946. Woodstock PacquetDec 28 Woodstock Paralysis WEEKS Robert UC 69 Brigus Woodstock b. 1865
    b. Aug 26, 1878 Seal Cove
    b. July 26, 1879 Seal Cove
    iv. John Weeks m.
    b. Nov 23, 1883
    b. April 23, 1886 d. 1942 (56 yrs) stomach cancer 2 yrs. ?? Long Beach Pond buried Old Salvation Army Cemetary Pt. Leamington 1921 Census b?1889?
    i. Nelson, ii. Fanny m. Paul , iii,Lloyd, iv. girl died young, v, girl died young
    b. Aug 13, 1888 Bear Cove Back Cove 13 children
    vii. STEPHEN ROBERT WEEKS, b. 1891 Brigus ; d. July 4,1935. Englee United Cem
    b. Nov 26, 1890 1) m. Mary Grace [Blanchard] d. age 33 childbirth buried Seal Cove lived Bear Cove
    2) m. Olive Florence [HUSSEY] lived Hampton & Englee
    m. 2nd. Thomas Philip Mitchell
    1935 M??? 4 Englee Canada Bay Heart Failure WEEKS Stephen R UC 45 Englee Englee

    viii. MARIA PARDY NEE WEEKS, b. January 28, 1892, Back Cove, Nl; d. June 4, 1974, b. Feb 28, 1893 m. Samuel Pardy Ming’s Bight, NF.

    ix Fanny Weeks m.. John Regular (5 children) Woodstock LacSi Ming’s Bight
    b. April 6, 1898
    x TAMAR HUSSEY NEE WEEKS, 1) m. Job Brinson Williamsport Seal Cove
    b. April 6, 1898 son i. Steve d. 2002 Corner Brook (10 children)

    ii Wilson Hussey M. Maisie (drowned)
    i son: Tom Hussey m Peggy ? Salt Harbour
    ii dau: Audrey Hussey m. Charles Petty Salt Hbr
    iii. Ruby (drowned) m. Harvey Gidge Salt Hbr. Twillingate
    (Information provided by Kathleen [Gavin] Madore – Jeffreys (709) 645-2598

  457. I believe an earlier comment from Roy Collins, he is talking about some of my relatives and he is some of my geneology that has eluded me but he is naming people in my family tree so we are obviously connected.
    Would you be able to put me in touch with him, ROY COLLINS
    or give him my e-mail address to contact me, we can share info.

  458. Thank you Paulette for the information on the Weeks family. After your first comment, I did a quick look and could find nothing. I will look further with this additional info. But, without knowing anything more than what you wrote, it seems to me if one sibling is indicated on the 1921 census as Mi’kmaq, it stands to reason that other *full* siblings would be assumed to be as well. It was the enumerator who wrote down the information and there may be any number of reasons why one was marked as such and another not. Also I’m not sure what checkmarks actually meant – usually on the 1921 census it was marked ‘yes’ or left blank. What census district was it?

    Lastly, just to explain in regard to your reposting which I didn’t post to conserve space – I must approve all new comments before they appear on the site. That’s to keep spam out. If you don’t see yours right away, it means I’m not at the computer or I haven’t had a chance yet. I know everyone is in a rush to find information but I am only one person. And if you don’t hear back from me within a couple of days, it means I have nothing right now that can help.

  459. I have information for ROY COLLINS June 2012
    – Pinkson is in my family tree
    perhaps we can share information to fill in each other’s gaps

    Posting for MILLIE JUNE 2012
    Olivia Weeks married Edward MacKey under the George Weeks geneology line in Bear Cove, White Bay, I would like to share information on the family tree and to also receive info also

  460. Hi Dorothy;
    I am looking for information on my great grandmother Sarah (Pardy) Buffett.
    From what I understand she came from Bay L argent or Terrenceville. She married Henry Buffett of Bay d’Espoir.

  461. Dorothy, I have a picture of my great grandmother Lucy Sutton Perry and she definitely looks aboriginal. However I cannot find anything to prove it. She was born on March 1,1853. Any suggestions of where I can find information on her.I know a pervious post from Pam said we may be looking for the same person,however I don’t think it is. She may be connected to Pam somehow but I don’t know how.Lucy’s mother was Mary Sutton and her grandmother was Elizabeth King. Her father was Jeremiah Sutton. I think they came from Pushtrough NL or Great Jervois NL on the south coast.

  462. Hi Paulette, I have let both Roy and Millie know about your message in case they haven’t seen this. On your Weeks search, I still can’t find anything but I have put the info you gave in my database so if that helps make any connections, I will let you know. Thanks.

  463. Hi Trudy, I have a Henry Buffett, b 1896 Mosquito d 1979, entered with two wives. One Josephine Pardy, b Nov 1899 Hr Mille d/o James Pardy and Mary Rideout, and the other Sarah Spencer, no other info. Might they be the same person, first and middle names, maybe 2 husbands? I have many kids entered for him with both, so if you can give me some of their children’s names, that would help.

  464. Hi Georgina, the Lucy Sutton you are looking for is the sister of the George Edward Sutton Pam is looking for. You say here that Lucy’s grandmother’s name was Elizabeth King – is that her mother Mary’s mother or her father Jeremiah’s? Maiden or married name? And yes, Pushthrough is the main place I have for them.

  465. Hi Dorothy,

    I am looking for info on a Jane/Jeanne Benoit who married (1) James Carter, I am unable to find a marriage certificate for them. (2) Francois Bejuin in 1867. Jane lived in Cape Ray. I am looking for her parents names.

    Also, Jane’s daughter Catherine Mary Carter married Patrick Chaisson. Looking for info on his parents also.
    Catherine & Patrick had a daughter Frances Chaisson who married Martin Hynes, son of Capt. Richard Hynes and Margaret Philomena Cormier.

    Looking for a Mi’kmaq connection especially through Jane Benoit. Thank You in Advance!!

  466. Hi Dorothy;
    I found some more information that I hope will help. Yes, Great grandfather Henry Buffett was married twice. He was married to Josephine Pardy first and had Nora (my grandmother), Mary, Cora, and Jim. With his second wife Sarah he had Roy, Shirley, Johnny, Minnie, Doris belle, Simian and Christopher…there may have been more, and they had triplets. Not sure, one may have died.

  467. Dorothy, Elizabeth is Mary’s mother but we cannot find her maiden name. I am told Elizabeth married George King of Great Jervois, NL. Mary was her mother and George Edward was Mary’s son and Lucy’s brother.Looking to find Elizabeth’s maiden name. I think too that Elizabeth may have been George King’s second wife.

  468. Hi, i was just wondering if the wheeler family tree listed on your blog here are of mi’kmaq ancestry. Thanks for your time.

  469. Hi Georgina (and Pam) – I have a George King marr Elizabeth, with kids Mary b 1824, Elizabeth b 1825, Barthimus b 1827, Surannah b 1831 marr Joel Moore, and Ann b 1835 marr Thomas Hooper. George had brothers Nathaniel, William b 1831 and Charles b 1832. Just wondering if they might be your George and Elizabeth, but have no more info on them so just if any of those names ring a bell for you.

  470. Hi Dorothy, That is the George King and Elizabeth that I am seeking information on. I would like to find out Elizabeth’s maiden name.Thank you for this information.

  471. Hi Dorothy,

    As well as Devon, “I am looking for info on a Jane/Jeanne Benoit who married (1) James Carter, I am unable to find a marriage certificate for them. (2) Francois Bejuin in 1867. Jane lived in Cape Ray. I am looking for her parents names.

    Also, Jane’s daughter Catherine Mary Carter married Patrick Chaisson. Looking for info on his parents also.
    Catherine & Patrick had a daughter Frances Chaisson who married Martin Hynes, son of Capt. Richard Hynes and Margaret Philomena Cormier.

    Looking for a Mi’kmaq connection especially through Jane Benoit.”

    I would appreciate any help in this I have been looking all over for information on Jane Benoit and time is running out as the Indian status is about to cease in November.

  472. Reply to KIm

    The earliest Shears I have is John b.1787 in Devonshire , England. married Hannah ? from burgeo . they had one son Jonas and four daughters,Jennie, Susan, Katherine, and Hannah.. The children were born either in Burgeo or Garnish. John Shears died 1854 and is buried in Harbour le Cou, though I could not find his headstone.. Their son Jonas born 1836 in Burgeo died 1909 in Rocky hbr. He married Harriet Buffett b.1841 and she died 1874 in Rocky Hbr.They had 6 children. One of the earliest graves in Rocky Hbr. One of the children Elizabeth, born 1867, was my great grandmother. Elizsbeth married George Pittman and had four childlren. The oldest Harriet was my grandmother.
    Elizabeth died 1900 aged 33years and is buried in Rocky hbr.
    I have lots more ifo.
    In 1878 Jonas married Ssusanna white (widow) formerly susannah thomas.b 1850, d 1952.
    In 1879 they had a son Jonas and a daughter Louisa b 1881, d 1978; and Harriet 1884, d.

    I have loads of info onthe Shears from Rocky Hbr. Jonas Shears came from Harbour le Cou and was on e of the earlier settllers of Rocky Hbr. I think that you will find that all of the Shears that now reside in the area are decendants of Jonas.

  473. Hi Pamela and Devon – Jane/Jeanne Benoit is hard to find much about! I can’t find parents for her, but found some things that might give you avenues to explore. But I’m making a lot of guesses here and hope somebody can correct what may be wrong. Jane/Jeanne’s 2nd husband is Francois Beguin, also found as Frank Began, Francis Bejou and Bejour. NLGenWeb, Channel Methodist Marriages, Jane Carter, widow, marr Francis Began 30 Jan 1866. There’s an errata note at the bottom saying that Channel Anglican Marriages has Jane Benoit Carter, widow of Cape Ray, marr Francois Beguin, bachelor of France, 11 Jun 1867. So there’s both her names anyway.

    Jane Benoit and James Carter’s daughter Catherine Mary is also found as Mary Catherine. I have a birthdate of 1862 for her, death date 1937. But for Patrick Chaisson, I have dob 1829 – quite a gap between them! – and deathdate 16 Aug 1905. I have found the following as children for them: Frances Jane b 11 Sep 1889 Codroy Valley (or Mar 1894) d 1989 Codroy, James Frederick b 29 Sep 1891 Codroy, William b Jul 1896 Codroy, Jed, Mary.

    Patrick Chaisson may be the son of Eusebe or Ernest Chaisson and Henriette/Harriet Daigle, both b Ile St. Jean (PEI), marr 27 Jan 1851 from St. Michael’s Parish in Margaree NS. Eusebe was s/o Simon Chaisson and Sophie LeBlanc. Henriette, b 1828, was d/o Jean Daigle and Magdeleine Bourke.

    So that’s it and, as I said, I don’t know if it’s right.

  474. Hi Dorothy;
    I have been searching the net and so far I have found out that there were 6 children Henry and Josephine had together. Nora ( my grandmother), Mary, Cora, Henry James, Sandy, Minnie also Winnifred Pardy was listed with Josephine’s children. Henry and Sarah Spencer had 12 children. Josephine’s mother Mary Rideout’s parents were Cathrine McCarthy and John Rideout. As far as I can find out Josephine had 10 brothers and sisters; John, Patrick, Micheal, Elizabeth, Mary, George, Philomena, Alexander, Julia and Lillian. Josephine died in 1935 in Milltown, Bay D’Espoir. That is all I have found out so far. Still continuing the search.

  475. Hello,

    I am looking for the connection to the Qalipu Mi’kmaq and Caroline Samms.. Who married Edward Dewitt, their daughter Francis Dewitt married David Galliott.. do you have any onformation on these familes??

  476. I Am looking for info on the family history of James Myles (from Terranceville) who married Rebecca Whttle of St. Bernards Nl and they lived there he ( James Myles) lived to be 104 yrs old and died in 1991 (1887-1991) married Oct 26th 1906 Rebecca was born in 1883 died 1973
    What i understand is that he was the son of John myles and Mary margaret keeping i believe she may have had been his second wife ist wife was Ann ??
    Is there any info you could give me on them or where i could get some also where i go to get some doucememts etc thank you Dave Parrott Grandson of James & Rebecca Whittle

  477. Hello!
    I’m searching family history for a native connection on the west coast of Newfoundland (Lark Hr., Corner Brook, Indian Burying Place, etc.) My related surnames are: Rideout, White, Adams, Wheeler, Budden, Dawe….

    Any info.? Thanks!

  478. Hi Dave, let’s start as far back as I have. John Myles, b 1635 Melbury Abbas[?] England d 1703, marr Hannah Haskell. They had 5 children, one of which was James Myles, b 1657, marr Mary Hodder. They had 5 children, one named James, b 1704 d 1787, marr Mary. They had son James, b Melbury Abbas England, marr unknown, and they had sons Thomas, b 1754, and (guess what!) James, b Shaftsbury Dorset England. That James marr Mary Pardy (d/o William Pardy, b England, and Elizabeth Harvey) and they had 14 children, including James, b 1778, marr Elizabeth surname unknown. They had son John James, marr Ann surname unknown and Mary Margaret Keeping. John James and Mary Margaret had 4 children, Aaron, Ann, Joseph and James, b 25 Jul 1889 (marr Rebecca W.)

    You’ll have to diagram this out just to keep straight the generations of James! I couldn’t find anything online and no leaves popped up on my FTM but maybe this will give you some names of people and places that will help.

  479. Hi Stefanie, all I have is Caroline Samms as d/o Reuben S and Grace Moore (b 20 Apr 1840). They had another daughter Mary Jane (b May 1867 Codroy Valley, d 22 Jul 1963 Codroy Valley. Reuben was s/o Benjamin Samms (1814-1870) marr Mary Deborah surname unknown. Benjamin was s/o Thomas Samms (b 1778 England) and Catherine Poole (b 1773).

    There’s loads of info on the family on the BOI Genealogy Society website (link above). There are Mi’kmaq connections with the name Samms but, as you see, the original Samms in Nfld came from England, so it would depend who specific spouses were.

  480. Hi Dorothy,
    My daughter and I have brought up solid on Henry Buffett and Josephine Pardy. Not sure where to go to from here. Should we be researching Buffett, Rideout, or Pardy side of the family tree? We would appreciate any info you may have.

  481. Hi Dorothy;

    I am looking for information on Mary Ann Easton born 1846 in the Notre Dame Bay area, I think Musgrave Harbour. She was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Easton who lived in Musgrve Harbour. She married John Canning around 1877 and died 1925 in Birchy Bay.

  482. Hi Dorothy:

    I am looking for marriage information for Martha Blanche Pittman of Great Hr. Deep who married Daniel Newman of Little Harbour deep. wondering if you can point me in the right direction as vital stat tells me they don’t have marriage information on her.

    Thanks for helping


  483. hi dorothy,

    i am trying to get information on a james park (unknown dob. but had a son named james richard park in 1866. his wife name was sarah (unknown). i am wondering if you have any info on the parks from the bay of islands… my family is from johns beach (voys beach).

  484. hi dorothy,,, sorry i just found your reply to my comment back in october… thanks for all your help

  485. Thanks for the info . on James Myles Family. Do you know if there is a MI’MkAQ coonection there with the Myles info you have ?
    And what History would you have on my Grandmother Rebecca Whittle (St Bernards who married my Grandfether James Myles in Aug 1936) any info on Rebecca would be greatly appreciated. thanks Dave Parrott

  486. Great, I know I’m been trying to find info , my grandfather was a desendant of jonas as far as i can see….how and when did they come over from england??? what about Mariah payne Hutchings who married Seymour Hutchings…. Any info on them? My great grand parents……

  487. Hi Dave, I didn’t see any Mi’kmaq connection with your Myles leaping out at me, and I have nothing else on Rebecca Whittle’s family at this point. Just to let you and others know, my FTM computer had a relapse and is in computer hospital right now. I won’t know until Tuesday how it is doing and I don’t have access to my database meanwhile.

  488. I am looking for some help with the STRIDE family tree from Newfoundland, Canada.
    Family Group Sheet

    George Stride
    B: 1820
    D: Mar 1890
    • Maria Ann March
    B: 1849
    Peters Arm, Newfoundland
    D: 1943
    Peters Arm, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
    • Tamar Stride
    • Daughter
    • John Roberts Stride
    • Son
    • Apr 1874
    • EXPLOITS, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
    • 4 Jan 1946
    • Bishops Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
    • Eliza Stride
    • Daughter
    • 31 AUG 1877
    • Exploits, Newfoundland
    • 14 APR 1948
    • Butts Cove, Newfoundland
    • Abner Stride
    • Son
    • 14 Feb 1878
    • 22 May 1962
    • Hampden, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
    • Alfred Stride
    • Son
    • June 1882
    • Philips Head, Newfoundland
    • 1956Amelia Ann Stride
    • Daughter
    • 31 Jan 1883
    • Susanna E Stride
    • Daughter
    • 12 Jan 1887
    Philip Head, Newfoundland
    • 22 Mar 1977
    Philips Head, Newfoundland

  489. Hello;
    Do you know where the original Sandy Point Anglican or R.C. records of Births,deaths ,marriages are located. Also are there any early references
    to the Dennis family at Codroy.,
    I Barry

  490. Hi,
    My great great grandfather was John Kendell. Can u tell me if any of the tribes are related to him . He was the first white settler and was at Lych cove.He bought land off of Jennie Drew/Hinks. Everyone is always asking me what kind of Indian I am.
    Please Help.
    Carol Ann Reynolds

  491. Seeking information:
    My grandparents were James Isreal Hinks son of Joseph and Rosanna Hinks and Lena May Grant; daughter of Frances Matthews and John Grant. Frances Matthews was the daughter of Christopher Thomas Matthews and Lavina Collier. I have no information on John Grant.

    This is the information I have on Joseph Hinks;
    Family members say; Lewis Sheaves was known as “Uncle Lou” and Joseph had half-brothers and sisters.

    I checked the Anglican Church records;
    Charles Sheaves (B) Channel
    Elizabeth Hinks (W) Married on July 20, 1871.
    Witness; Susan Cole, James McLaughlin and William Strickland

    Therefore, I believe that this would explain the family connection with the Sheaves’. Apparently, it was a common practice for the deceased father’s family to care for the children and it would also explain why Joseph was not raised with his half-brother Lewis.

    Family members say that Joseph came from Port (?) unknown if it was Port aux Port, Port au Choix or Port Saunders, while others say that Joseph came from Conne River.

    Church record;
    Marriage: January 17, 1863
    James Hinks (B) Rocky Barrisway(?)
    Elizabeth Scott (S) Channel
    Witness: John Hinks and Dennis Tapp

    James and Elizabeth Hinks (nee Scott) children;

    Martha – baptized on September 24, 1863

    John – baptized on May 18, 1865 – Marriage – John Hinks (26)(B) and Florence Sophia Bond (22)(S) on August 10, 1891 Parents; James Hinks and Henry Bond

    Joseph – Cape Ray – baptized on March 19, 1867 – married Rosanna Osmond baptized June 25, 1862 daughter of George and Susanna nee Dicks. September 14, 1858 – George Osmond (B) Margaree married Susanna Dicks (S) Isles aux morte – Parents: Thomas Dicks and Elizabeth Harvey

    Matilda (?) – Baptized on April 6, 1869 – death – June 22, 1870 Matilda Hinks 15 months Cape Ray

  492. Hi Isabelle, I don’t know if The Rooms archives in St. John’s has the originals of Sandy Point church records but if they don’t they’d know where they are. There is considerable information on the Dennis family in Kirk Butt’s book on Bay St. George settlers. His sources might also point you to where original records are. Good luck!

  493. looking for thr family of nathaniel martin of harbour grace his dad was william martin he had 3 brothers nathaniel was born 1820 harbour grace move to port au port he is my grat grand father he buried in st james church in berry head port au port want to know were his dad william come from

  494. Hi My grandmother was called Mary Hannah Maidment. Her maiden name was
    Mary Hannah Lambert from South Port Trinty Bay. I am trying to find out who
    her mother was. Any help would be appreciated.

  495. Hi Dorothy; I noticed that Fiona is looking for infromation on George Stride. George Stride is the son of Henry Stride and Elizabeth Ball. His siblings were Peter,Henry,Abel, Elizabeth,Susan, Charles and Mary. George was married twice, first to Mary Ann Hutchings and then to Mariah March. The children Fiona named were from his second marriage. Geroges sister Elizabeth was my Great Great Grandmother. I am also searching for information. I found some information that George’s brother Peter had a son named Peter who lived in Conne River and is known as Micmac. I can’t seem to trace his aboriginal status. Was it from the Strides or was it on his mothers side?

  496. Hi Dorothy;
    Just wondering if you were able to retrieve the information on Henry Buffett from Misquito who married Josephine (Rideout) Pardy that we responded to back in October. I have visited The Rooms and without specific dates I am unable to get any further. Hopefully you can help me.
    thank-you, Trudy

  497. Hi Janice – and Fiona – thanks for the info on George Stride’s children. I didn’t have them all. Henry Stride is also called Strider, if that helps find him. Others have discussed Elizabeth Ball’s family, somewhere way back in the comments. I have nothing else on them, other than a dob for Henry of 1790 Exploits.

    Yes, their son Peter (George’s brother) married a Mi’kmaq woman named Helen and had a son Peter b abt 1848 in Conne River. It is from him that the Strides of BSG come. I have nothing showing me Mi’kmaq ancestry in the Stride family itself. Have you looked into Mariah March(e)? I have nothing on her, but I wonder if she’s part of the west coast Marche family.

  498. Hi Dorothy, we are looking for information on Elizabeth Saunders who was born about 1820 Bay D’Espoir,Newfoundland and Ann Whittle who was married to Micheal Hynes,any information would be greatly appreciated,Thanks

  499. Hi Carol Ann, someone else recently asked about John Kendell and mentioned Jennie Drew/Hinks. But I can’t find anything. I’m guessing he wasn’t married to her? Do you know the names of his wife or kids? Have you contacted anyone in Conne River to see if they can help?

  500. Hi Cynthia, I have Frances Matthews with the parents you name. But I have her husband as George Crant, not John. The info came from a Crant researcher, so I’m guessing it’s reliable. I don’t have a marr date for them and have him as also marr to Emma Pike. He was born 1848 Gaultois and died in Channel. He was s/o Thomas Crant, b abt 1808 Gaultois d 1869 Burgeo, and Martha Foote, b abt 1810 Gaultois d 1868 Burgeo. Thomas was s/o John Crant, b abt 1776 Gosport in Hampshire England, and Jane Whitty, b abt 1783 Gosport. Martha was d/o John Foote, b abt 1845 Gaultois, and Jane McDonald, b abt 1849 Gaultois. Hope this helps.

  501. Hi Trudy, I think you asked which family line you might concentrate on to find Mi’kmaq ancestry and I just don’t know. I didn’t see anything that said “look here”. You ask about Henry Buffett and I can’t remember what you wanted to know specifically about him. So here’s his ancestry as I have it.

    Henry Buffett, b 1896 Mosquito d 12 Jul 1979 Milltown, s/o Benjamin Philip (or Philip Benjamin) Buffett, b 1868 Mosquito, and Elizabeth Frances Kearley (maybe Rose, according to an Ancestry Fam Tree), b 1872. She was d/o James Kearley, b England, and Elizabeth Kendall b 27 Aug 1835. Elizabeth was d/o John Kendall, b 1828 (dates don’t add up), and Frances Strickland (no parents ent’d). John was s/o John Kendall and Susanna. That John was s/o John Kendall.

    Back to Buffett line: Benjamin Philip was s/o Snook Buffett, b 1817, and Elizabeth Poole, b 1819 d 29 Jun 1905 Mosquito. Elizabeth was d/o William Poole and Elizabeth. Snook was s/o William Buffett and Susannah. William was s/o Benjamin Buffett, b 1745, and Ann. Benjamin was s/o William Buffett and Susanna Snook. Susanna was d/o Morgan Snook, b 1670, and Mary Chamberlain. Her husband William was s/o Martha Buffett, “living in Placentia 1701 and 1714” according to an Ancestry tree. And that is all I know.

  502. Hi Dorothy,
    I am looking for information on my Great Great Grandmother’s family, the Rideouts. Her name was Josephine Pardy and her parents were James Pardy and Mary Rideout, Mary’s parents were Catherine McCarthy and John Rideout, John’s parents were William Rideout and Bethania, and William’s father was also William, spouse unknown. They are in the Payne family tree according to the Bay of Islands Geneology, but I don’t see where exactly the connection to the Payne family is. I am looking for a Mi’gmaq connection, and think it might be with the Rideouts (as I see a lot of people asking about Mary Rideout), or Paynes, but I don’t know how we fit into the Payne family tree. Any info you might have would be a great help. Thank you. This may appear twice, I had trouble with my comment.

  503. Hi Jackie, Elizabeth Saunders is in Ancestry trees as born 1820 and 1811 – don’t know which is correct. She was born in Bay d’Espoir to John Saunders and Elizabeth unknown. She is said to be Mi’kmaq but I haven’t seen documents about her. As siblings of hers, I have Joseph, Jane, Richard and Sarah. Elizabeth and Thomas Hynes’ son Michael married Anne Whittle 18 Oct 1866 in English Hr E (St. Bernard’s records). I can’t find her parents. Hope this helps.

  504. Hi Kim, do a search within the comments here for Josephine Pardy and Myles – I have posted the information on the families fairly recently but will add what I have on Josephine. I have her father as James Pardy b 1875, not Joseph. Her mother Mary Rideout was b 1879 d/o John Rideout and Catherine McCarthy. Catherine was d/o Michael McCarthy and Elizabeth Hickey.

    Michael was s/o Thomas McCarthy, b Ireland, and Catherine Myles, b 1802 d 1889. Catherine was d/o James Myles, b Shaftesbury Dorset England, and Mary Pardy d/o William Pardy and Elizabeth Harvey. Michael’s wife Elizabeth Hickey was d/o John Hickey and Elizabeth Myles. I have Elizabeth also as d/o James Myles and Mary Pardy, which would make Michael and wife Elizabeth 1st cousins. Ancestry trees have Catherine’s parents as James Myles and Mary Pardy, and there are no parents listed for Elizabeth, d/o John Hickey and Elizabeth Myles. But for parents James Myles and Mary Pardy, there are daughters Catherine and Elizabeth.

    So I don’t know. Maybe someone can help sort them out for us! As far as where the connection with the Payne family is, I don’t see it, but it must be there somewhere in the Payne tree. Maybe search in the surnames list to see? I’m not seeing an obvious Mi’kmaq connection in the families of the individuals you name but, again, I don’t know.

  505. Dorothy;
    My ancester was William Farrell who married a Rachel Strickland in 1866 in West Point. We think she was the daughter of John and Sarah Strickland but cannot find a baptism record whatsoever. According to 1921 census she was born in 1846. But that is all we have. Sarah Strickland was a Collier and her ancestry goes back to Marie GUillaume and Thomas Dennis.. So does anyone have any knowledge or proof that Rachel was the daughter of John Strickland and Sarah Collier??

  506. Hi Tony, I was just working on the Stricklands. I have her as d/o Josiah Strickland and Ann McDonald. But I have a problem with his dob that I haven’t sorted out. I checked Ancestry trees and all have Josiah and Ann as her parents. So I don’t know if that means it’s correct or if everybody copied each other. I have her b 1849 in West Point and, in case you haven’t seen it, there’s a photo of her and her grandchildren here: – I wonder if the contributor could help. One of the Ancestry trees had Farrell as O’Farrell, but it’s not public so I couldn’t check it.

    I don’t have a John Strickland and Sarah Collier. If anyone else can help, please do!

  507. Dorothy;
    I know Josiah and Hannah Strickland also Priscilla and John Nash were witnesses to her wedding.. I’ve also seen the information on Josiah but like you the dates don’t work out.. I’ve seen the pictures of her and her grandchildren and definitely a micmac connection if you go by the pictures but problem is where does it come from.

  508. Trying to find out if the White’s from Summerville are related to the White’s from Flat Bay. I was told that White is mi’kmaq surname. Samson White married Elizabeth Crewe on Dec 21,1890 witness by his father John White. Found a John White in Flat Bay don’t know if there is a connection. I hoping you can help me.
    Thank You for your time.

  509. Hi Dorothy; I have reason to believe my great grandmother is aboriginal. My grandmother was Beatrice Hutchings married to Walter Canning. Her mother was Jane Decker, married to Joseph Hutchings. Jane’s parents were Daniel Decker and Thurza Downton. I have traced Thurza Downton, but hve not been able to find anything on Daniel Decker. He was born around 1840 in Joe Batts Arm. Any help with this would be appreciated. thanks

  510. Hi Rhonda, sorry but I do not have a Samson White marr to Elizabeth Crewe. White can be a Mi’kmaq surname but not necessarily. It can be an anglicization of LeBlanc (the case for most of the Mi’kmaq Whites), or can have originally been White or Wight. And, as you can imagine, there are a lot of John Whites so you’d need to have more connections to know if you had a match. Good luck!

  511. Dorothy;

    I can trace my Grandmothers ancestry all the to Michael and Sarah (Matthews) Organ… Do you have any information on Micheal Organ and Sarah Matthews? I understand Sarah was possibly micmac either from her father was John Matthews or her mother who was Sarah Bagg.

  512. Hi Tony, I don’t have parents for Michael Organ and about the Matthews and/or Bagg families being Mi’kmaq – I just don’t know. There’s nothing in Small’s Diary suggesting they were, but that itself isn’t proof they weren’t. There has been considerable speculation that John Matthews was brother of Jane Matthews marr Ralph Brake, but I’ve not heard of any evidence being found. If anyone does know, please let us know!

  513. Dorothy,

    I spoke family members regarding my grandmother’s maiden name if it was Grant or Crant. Family members state that Lena’s maiden name was Grant and Lena had one sibling, Lillian. Also, Frances married John Grant and later married William Scott. AKA: “Grandmother Scott”

    However, I can not find any information to confirm this.

    I seeking Mi’kmaq connection.


  514. Dorothy,

    1935 Red Island census

    SCOTT Francis Head F W 63
    KINSLOW Wallace SIL M M 33
    KINSLOW Lillian Dau F M 29
    KINSLOW Joseph Grand Son M S 6
    KINSLOW Wallace Grand Son M S 11
    KINSLOW John Grand Son M S 13
    KINSLOW Mabel Grand Dau F S 8
    KINSLOW Theo Grand Son M S 4
    KINSLOW Claude Grand Son M S 1

  515. Hi there, just happened across your site and makes for interesting reading. I thought I might send along a note to see how your site works. I noticed a lot of research on family history and was wondering if I could give it a try to help find info on my family. My great-grandfather is Edward Benoit who married a Mary Ford in Bonne Bay Newfoundland 1872 by layman then 1874 by church (as per records). They apparently moved and changed their name to Bennett years later. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this family.

  516. Hi Sharon, do you have any more info on either Edward Benoit/Bennett or wife Mary Ford (parents or kids’ names)? I don’t have them but feel like I should know who they are.

    And a note to everybody who has written up to now – thanks for your comments and if I haven’t replied, sorry, but I can’t find anything to help you. Thanks to those who have given me information – it might help me or others find something for you down the road.

  517. Hi Dorothy,
    they had children born in Bonne Bay and I believe elsewhere but the two we found I think are from them. Bonne Bay Anglican Parish records.

    William Thomas BENOIT, of Edward & Mary born 22 Feb 1875. Baptized by me Joseph J CURLING on 2nd S aft Trinity (6 June) 1875. Godparents: Charles PIKE, Thomas OWEN, Frances CAINES.

    Rosina BENOIT, of Edward & Mary, born 18 April 1877. Baptized by Layman. Received 10 June 1877 by me Joseph J CURLING. Andrew VINCENT, Sarah ROBERTS, Mary DOWDEN

    Another runour is they then changed names and moved to the Boston area. Here we found 2 more kids with those parents.


    May 24 1908 Joseph J. Bennett, 21, bach, b St Johns Nfld, shoemaker, res 26 ?Treson St, son of Edward Bennett & Mary Ford &
    Sarah H Shea, 23, spin, b Pr Edw Isl, tailoress, res 24 Ocean St, dau of
    James Shea & Catherine Gillis. At Lynn MA by James Hurley?, priest.
    Religious denom and witnesses are not given. From MA Vital Stats

    Aug 15 1909 Jeremiah Bennett, 24, bach, electrician, b St Johns Nfld, res 26 ?Treson St, son of Edward F. Bennett & Mary Ford & Elinor G Carritte, 25, spin, operator, b Guysboro NS, res 23 Lily St, dau of Edward H Carritte & Mary Kennedy.
    At Lynn MA by Michael Madden. Religious denom and witnesses are not given. From MA Vital Stats
    We cannot find any records of them being born in NL.

    Thanks again

  518. Hi Dorothy,

    I guess I should have put my own grandfather here as well. John Bennett/Benoit born June 1883. We don’t know where and can’t find any records. He married a Mary Saunders (from The Tilt Cove area) in 1913 in St. John’s.

  519. Hi,
    I have been doing my Family Tree since the late 1900’s. I am looking for info on brothers: Joseph Hart and Benjamin Hart, originally from Fogo Island. Joseph married Sarah Stares (My Great-Grandparents) Benjamin married 1st wife:Frances ? 2nd wife: Elizabeth Keats/Cates. Both of them moved to Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay until their death. Benjamin’s great-granddaughter that lives in the USA contacted me in the early 2000’s and told me her grandmother told her she was part Cherokee. I contacted the Band Council in Grand Falls-Windsor to confirm that Cherokee was not known to NL. I didn’t think at the time to ask about Hart’s on Fogo probably being MicMac. If you have any info that could help me, I would really appreciate it. thanks

  520. My mother is Dorothty Strickland from Port aux Basques. Her Father was Samuel Strictkland from West Point. He would have been born around the turn of the century (~1890’s or early 1900’s). Any info on this is welcome.

  521. Hi Diane, I do not have your Hart brothers from Fogo Island. I have an Elizabeth Keats, don’t know if she’s the one you mention. She was born 1772 Trinity and her father was William Keats b Dorset England, and mother was Mary, maybe surname Durdle. I have no info on who Elizabeth married. Sorry, not much help but maybe someone reading will have something more. Thanks for writing.

  522. Hi Paul, I think I found your Samuel. He was born 28 Apr 1889 West Point d 13 Aug 1946 Port aux Basques, marr Emma Pope, b 29 Oct 1907 Stone’s Cove Fortune Bay d 1969. I have him maybe also marr Margaret Jane Lomond Chaulk but have no more info on her. Samuel was s/o Joshua Strickland and Mary Ann Wadman. Joshua was s/o Josiah Strickland, b 1894, and Ann McDonald. Josiah was s/o George Strickland and Ann (surname unknown). Mary Ann’s parents were William Wadman and Maria and she had a brother Charles b 1845 in Grole. That’s all I have, hope it helps you to find more.

  523. Hi Dorothy,I was wondering if you can give me any information .My Grand Grand Grandmother was MARTHA MITCHELL married to James Hancock.she died june 6 1913 in Peters Arm,Botwood.My father and cousin said she was a mi kmag. How can i prove this? In church record her last name was mitchell but my family tree that was done said it was MITCHARD not MITCHELL daughter of Thomas Mitchard and Eleanor Cooper “ellen” thank you

  524. Very interesting, Linda. I have her as Mitchard, b 1821 Twillingate, marr 5 Nov 1855 Twillingate Methodist. Googling her, I found a familytreemaker page by Allan Clarke that has her as Mitchard. NLGenWeb has her as Mitchard in her marr record (Twillingate Methodist Marriages 1853-70) and in those same years John Mitchard marr Abigail Smith Nov. 10 1854, Thomas Mitchard marr Selina Diamond Nov 18 1869 and Rachael Mitchard marr Matthias Hayward Dec 2 1869. I wondered if they were her siblings. Then I found her father’s will. It’s on NLGenWeb and NGB. Maybe you’ve seen it, if not here’s excerpts:

    I Thomas Mitchard of Twillingate Newfoundland being of sound mind memory and understanding considering the uncertainty of life do make this my last will and testament as follows,

    First I give and bequeath to my two sons William and Thomas and John Moss Junr who has behaved to me as a son all my fishing room and all property on the aforesaid fishing room and lands… Second. I give to my three daughters Rachel Mitchell, Jane Roberts and Martha Hancock forty pounds each-

    Third Whatever remains after paying funeral and other expenses which now amounts to about two hundred and fifty pounds I give to my two sons William and Thomas and John Moss Junr equally… and I name Peter Samways and Jonathan Mitchell to be Trustees to the within named property… Signed and sealed by the aforesaid Thomas Mitchard… this sixth day of Feby one thousand eight hundred and sixty six.

    You see that he did have a son Thomas, and a John Moss Jr “who has behaved to me as a son.” He names Martha as a daughter and also Rachel, who if she’s the same one, would not marry Matthias Hayward for another 3 years after this will was made. The will was probated in 1872 so he had died by then. Rachel’s surname in the will is Mitchell, as is one of the estate trustees. Yet Thomas’ name is written as Mitchard.

    In Ancestry trees for Martha, most have her name as “(Mitchell) Mitchard”, suggesting people aren’t sure. One has her place of residence in 1852 as Elgin County, Ontario and in 1880 as Chelsea, Suffolk, Massachusetts. All of the Ancestry trees for Thomas Mitchard have him only as that, with no parents given. It sounds to me like both names may have been used, but which was the original I don’t know. If I find any more, I’ll let you know. And if anyone can help, please do.

  525. Thank you Dorothy for the information.I have read the will before but i didnt know about Eligin county Ontario or in Massachusetts.My father said Martha was from Nova Scotia,but i am only going by memory from what he said years ago.Wish i could get more information on her.

  526. Hi, Dorothy you have a great site. I have been searching my family history and I have found on the 1921 census that both my great and g g grandfather both ha e stated they are Micmac. I was wondering if you had anymore background Info. My grandfather was Ernest Bennett, g grandfather Patrick Bennett Jr born July 1898 and Married Gertrude Snow born Jun 1897, gg grandfather Patrick Sr born jun 1858 and Married Bridget Bennett born Oct 1866, It shows on a wedding Certificate online my gg grandfather was Thomas Bennett married to Mary McDonald. They lived in the Mount Carmel, Salmonier Nl area. Any help would be great thanks

  527. Hi Glenda, and thanks. But sorry, I can’t find anything on your Ernest or Patrick Bennett, but I don’t have much on the Salmonier area. The names, of course, are all familiar but I don’t have any that connect up with each other to suggest to me that they are “yours.” Good luck and thanks for writing.

  528. Hi Dorothy just wondering if you can find out any info on my family if we have any native history in our family. My grand mothers name is violet Scott maried to Hedly Scott her last name before marriage was late her father was Lott layte from forgo and her mother was Jane Harbin from gander bay my grandfather dad was chesly Scott who lived in Carter’s cove. Email me any info u may be able to find that’s my dads side of the family my moms side her grandmother was enda Burt and her grand father was Alfred Burt

  529. Hi Dorothy, my wife and I have been working on our family tree for some time. I have been told many times over the years that my grandmother on my mother’s side was indian but I have not been able to find anything to verify this.
    Here is what we have been able to find as far as ancestors etc..
    Susannah Fudge my grandmother
    – born on June 27, 1889, in Moreton’s Harbour, Newfoundland
    – died on May 11, 1972, in Norris Arm, Newfoundland
    – married to John Charles Langdon on June 30, 1907, in Norris Arm, Newfoundland

    Susannah’s parents were:
    Joseph Frederick jr. Fudge (father)
    – born about 1866, in Whales Gulch, Newfoundland
    – died on January 9, 1895, in Moretons Harbour, Newfoundland
    – married to Naomi Budgell on on May 7, 1889, Western Head, Newfoundland

    Joseph Fudge’s parents were:
    Joseph Fudge sr
    – born before 1825
    – died before 1898 (Shows him dying between 1894 and 1898)
    – married to Sarah Liscombe born about 1830

    Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


  530. Hello Dorothy, —

    In the topics above Sarah Matthews and Michael Organ were mentioned!!Sarah Matthew b 1811 12 19 m. Michael Organ and ended up in Bonne Bay. In 1871 Sarah Organ age 59 a widow of Norris Point is listed in the Church of England confirmations.–

    I found in the Rose Blanche Burial Records for the CE a David Organ of Little Bay who was buried 1863 03 24 at age 84 or born c 1779 so this is probably the father of Michael Organ. I “think” this Organ Family may have come from Bay D’Espoir! It seems that most of the south coast started out in the east and gradually moved westward along the south coast and then some moved north along the Northern Peninsula!!

    I am related to all the Organs through John Matthews and Sarah Bagg, the parents of Sarah, wife of Michael Organ!! John Matthews and Sarah Bagg are my ggg grandparents!! I understand that John Matthews and his brother/ brothers came out from Devon . Hugh Bagg and Jane Bagg of Cape La Hune born c 1760 are my gggg grandparents! Jane, Mrs. Hugh Bagg sr does not have Mi’kmag ancestry!! She is in line for my maternal DNA line and is of English origin! My DNA results are all posted on if any of you are members and can log in to have a look!!–

    See this site and go to page 56! An earlier John Mathews is mention who may add to the Mathews presence on the South Coast!

    I was looking at your site as I heard rumors that my ggg grand mother Deborah Caines wife of George Caines of Lamaline “may” have been a Mi’kmaq girl from Cape Breton and could have been a Young???SHe would have been born c 1760. If anyone can enlighten me on that it would certainly be appreciated!!

    Take Care,
    Leslie A. Winsor

  531. Hi Jim, nothing on the Laytes or Scotts you’re looking for, sorry. If anyone has any information, I hope they’ll post.

  532. Hi Leslie, thanks for the additional information. I have your George Caines and Deborah and their children. But no surname or parents for her. None of the Ancestry trees had her surname either and I couldn’t find anything on line. They had a daughter Deborah who married a Young, but you probably know that already. If anyone can add to this, please feel free!

  533. Hi Dorothy.
    I am trying to get some information on my Great, Great Grandmother, Genevieve(Jenny) LeJune.
    She was born about 1810 and married my G.G.Grandfather Benjamin Perrier Sr.around 1833 in Bay St. George Nl. she died before 1850.
    Ther had two sons, John b 1834 and Benjamin b 1839.

    If you can find any unformation it would be greatly appreciated.
    Please reply by “E” mail.

    Sam Perrier

  534. Hi Sam, I don’t have anything more than you do about Genevieve/Jenny. I checked the ancestry member trees and nothing more there either. Sorry, but thanks for writing. Maybe someone will be able to help.

  535. Hi Dorothy,

    I am trying to get some information about my gg grandmother Mary Ferrel born in Beau Bois in 1882. She later on went to marry Thomas Brake from Marystown who drowned. Then went on to marry Albert Hoskins from St. Albans. We know she was Mi’kmaq but cant find any written proof. Her records were lost in the Sacred Heart Parish fire. We also think that my other gg grandfather David Collier born in St. Albans in 1856 could have been Mi’kmaq as well.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  536. Hi Kate, nothing on Mary Ferrel other than she’s in the 1921 St. Alban’s census with husband Albert Hoskins and daughter Charlotte Brake. I have a David Collier, b 1885, married Julia. I found parents for him on an Ancestry tree – father Samuel Collier, mother Mary Hoskins. But, alas, no leaf popped up for them so I know nothing more. Not much help, I’m afraid.

  537. This message is for Leslie winsor. I am a gggg grandson of Hugh and Jane Baggs. I tried to access the site where you had your DNA posted but no luck. I am interested in any info you would be wiiling to share.
    Roy Barter

  538. I was trying to find parents for Mary Bryant born 1850 in Hearts Delight, she was supposed to be aboriginal …she married Noah Clarke and moved to Norris Point , where she is buried. I can’t find any info from Trinity for her ….any suggestions … thanks

  539. Hey there I am looking for any information on my great great grandmother Susanna young and her parents etc.- parents were Joseph young and Marcella Marche . I think its spelt Marcella but could be marcellina? I have Susanna’s birth certificate – which states she was born in St. George’s nfld. in 1883- I think her parents could be decedents of the Indian head band – which covers stephenville , st George’s , port Au port area . . I know my great great grandfather Charles Gustaf Wisen met Susanna in stephenville where she is said to be from . Any information on my ancestors or the surnames would be greatly
    Appreciated. As well there has been talk in the family through out the years that she could of been a lejeune -young ?

  540. So I found Susanna young , under the link above “lejeunes from cape Breton and nfld” once I clicked the link I scrolled down through the info and found iii) jean baptise lejeune aka John young and m. Marcelline marche who was from fishells nfld. my grandfather said Susanna young his grandmother , spoke a native language and that he parents were of possibly mi kmaq from stephenville nfld , fishells , Robison ? St.georges . Would marcelline marche be mi kmaq ? Or John young have mi kmaq back around ?

  541. Hi Zach, I have John Baptiste LeJeune/Young’s parents as Alexander Young and Eleanor Anne Quick, both from Cape Breton. You can probably trace them back from the LeJeune site. Marcelline Marche’s parents were Urbain Marche, b abt 1822 Bras d’Or, and Celeste Alexandre/Alexander. Urbain was, I think, s/o Denis Francois Marche, b 1789 St. Pierre, and Charlotte or Catherine LeJeune, b abt 1795 Cape Breton. There is a huge Marche family tree in the BSGGS documents (see link on my page above). I didn’t have your Susanna’s husband’s name, so thanks for that.

  542. Hi Rhonda, in case you don’t see it, there’s a comment on this page from today for you from David Pike.

  543. Hi Dorothy,

    I am trying to get some information about my great-grandmother Janet Maye . I dont have her maiden name. Married to James Maye of Lushes Bight or Twilligate, Newfoundland. My great-grandfather James Maye died at age 50 in 1932 on The “Sidney Parsons” – a schooner is lost. My father said that he remembers his dad (Chester Slade who was married to Clara Maye) telling him that Janet Maye was forsure Mi’kmaq but cant find any written proof. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  544. Hello Dorothy, great informative website you have. Just wondering if you are able to help me trace my family back to John Barrington. Family is from Swift Current, including Kirk Barrington, Eva/Cora Barrington who married John Crocker. Sorry, but that’s all the information i currently have.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  545. Hi Sheldon, thanks and sorry to take so long getting back to you. I have Cora Barrington (marr John Crocker) as d/o Thomas Barrington marr Eva (surname unknown). Thomas was s/o John Barrington (b 1874 Black River d Swift Current) and Mary Hawco (b abt 1879 d Swift Current). Hope this helps.

  546. hi dorothy,
    im looking for any information on the goosneys from birchy head, as my great grandmother was a goosney from there. Her name was charolette goosney and was married to ephraim laing. I was wondering if there is any mikmaq relations there. If anyone reading this has any information i would really like to read it. Also if anyone has information about the Buffetts from Fortune i would really like to read it.

    thank you

  547. Hi Rona, I have Charlotte Catherine Goosney as d/o James Goosney (b 1861 Saguenay Que d 1938 Birchy Head NL) and Sarah Jane Reid (b 1864). James was s/o James Goosney (b abt 1828 Cheticamp NS d 1918 Stanleyville) and Rebecca Hayes (b 1833 Bay Roberts d 1885 Birchy Head). James Sr was s/o John Goosney (b 1798) and Lydia Davis (b abt 1800). Charlotte’s mother Sarah Jane Reid was d/o Thomas Reid (b 1856) and Sarah Jane Gaulton (b 1858). Sarah Jane was d/o John Robert Nathan Gaulton and Mary Ann Ball (b 1819 d/o George Ball and Sarah). That’s all I have on her.

    Charlotte’s husband Ephraim Laing was born 1882, s/o Archibald Frederick Laing and Sarah Jane Butt. Archibald was d/o John Laing (b 1813) and Frances. John was s/o of Andrew Laing (b 1785 Scotland) and Mary Babb (b 1790 Scotland). I have no parents for either Sarah Jane or Mary. I thought maybe Ephraim Laing’s name was originally Laisne, from Acadia, but it seems not. Hope this helps in your search.

  548. Hi Dorothy
    Responding to Jean’s enquiry of Sept 29th re Simms. I am related to Simms of Cooks Hr and Cape Norman area. I am seeking info on a Alfred Simms (marr ? Macy) who lived there approx 1868. They had two children bapt’d in Bonne bay Margaret and George, in 1873. I know little about Simms prior to this period, but Mahalla and alfred may have been related. George m. Susannah Ulett Dec/1893. Minister was Arthur PITTMAN. Margaret m. Samuel Paddick Jan/1895. Wonder if anyone has info on the Simms or Macy families during this time period or before.

  549. Hi Dorothy,

    The Goosney Family you have referenced in the previous post is my line. My great great grandfather was James Goosney Jr. who was married to Sarah Reid (also seen in some documents as Read). James’ father, James Sr., was married to a woman named Rebecca. You have indicated Rebecca’s name as Hayes, I had not previously heard this, but have seen Mercer and Bell as her surname.
    As for Sarah’s parents, some of the dates are not adding up for have listed their birth date as just 6 and 8 years prior to her own birthdate. Upon talking to some members of my family, little was passed on to me regarding Sarah Reid’s family. Just wondering if you could point me in the direction of this information/ where you located these names.


  550. Hi Raelene, the source I have for Rebecca’s surname as Hayes is C of E Baptism Records, Labrador 1862, Sagueney Quebec. I also have her as Mercer from Ancestry member trees. So I don’t know which is correct. As for Sarah Jane Reid’s parents, you’re right, the dates of birth don’t add up. Two Ancestry member trees have Sarah Jane Gaulton with all the same info and the others have the same dob and parents but no husband. For Thomas, there are trees with that dob, born in Renfrewshire Scotland marr to Sarah with no surname. I don’t know if there is any connection between them and our Sarah Jane Reid. Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe someone can help us figure it out.

  551. Would you happen to have any info on Margret f Purchase{1875} of Garia? She was the Daughter of George Purchase{1840} and Elizabeth ?????{1840}

  552. hello
    I am trying to find out information on James Frampton who was born in 1895 in Bos warlas Particularly his marriage in 1915 to 1916

    tc ian

  553. Hi George, I have only a Margaret Jane Purchase born 1866 but I have her as d/o Thomas Purchase and Mary Ann Bennett (b 1832) so I don’t think she’s the one you’re looking for. The only George I have is related to Margaret but much younger. But maybe they are connected to yours somehow. I don’t have a place of birth for any of them, sorry. Anybody know any more?

  554. Hi Ian, sorry I overlooked James Frampton’s marriage info in my reply to your early comment. The date of marriage I have for him and Mary Angeline Fleury is 16 August 1915 in Lourdes, Port au Port Peninsula.

  555. Thomas Mitchard father of Thomas Mitchard & William Mitchard was my g.g.grandfather, William was my g.grandfather. I have done considerable research on this family, both in England and Newfoundland. My paternal grandmother was the daughter of William.

  556. Hi,
    Forever I have been told I am mi’ kmac I really dont know if I am…………….my mother wont tell me!……………..If I am I want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!… How can I find this information?.


  557. Hi Jason, you will have research your family tree. Start with the names as far back as you know and google them. There are some suggestions in my post Ancestry Search that might save you a bit of time. It is way easier to do with so many records and family histories posted online than when you had to spend hours in archives going over old record books and microfilm. Still, it takes time and can be frustrating. But you can find out a lot that maybe your mother doesn’t even know. If she starts seeing what you’re learning, maybe she’ll share what she knows with you. Good luck, and write back if you have some names that maybe I or readers can help out with.

  558. If anyone could please help. I am looking for my wife mi’kmaq and metis ancestry and I have found a lot already, but I can’t find much info on ELIZABETH JANE LEBLANC who was born in NFLD in1847. She is supposed to have 2 sisters,Mary and Sarah and a few links say they were full or half mi’kmaq. If you know her parents or anything, I would appreciate it:)

  559. We, the Goulding family have traced our roots to the Paul Family of Deer Island, NL, we were told that this family was a sure link to our Mí’kmaq heritage. We have found our ancestors dating back to 1760, Thomas Paul, who had a son John Paul, 1880, who had a son Thomas in 1814, these are our direct ancestors. How do we confirm that he indeed was Mí’kmaq.

  560. Hi Dorothy,
    I live in Ontario and am visiting NFLD this summer – while there I am hoping make more gains in tracing my family’s Mi’kmaq family heritage. Perhaps you can help me a bit further before I get there? What I know is my father was born in NB (John William Casey, dob May 22, 1935) and my grandfather in Mosherville NS (Norman Casey dob October 1, 1907). He was one of eight siblings. His parents both died when he was young and he was raised by his siblings. His mother I believe was a “Mosher” possibly having moved from Truro in Hants County. His father’s name was Rufus Casey and his wife was Bertha…and that is as far as I know. We have reason to believe they may have lived in NFLD and migrated with each generation into the Atlantic provinces and ultimately Ontario in 1938 (where they promptly erected a totem pole….) Along our family line we have distinct visible Aboriginal characteristics and a sense of our culture even these generations removed – I am most interested in discovering more past Rufus and Bertha and figuring out how deep our Mi’kmaq roots grow, Can you help? Thanks, Kellie

  561. Hi Kellie, I have nothing on the specific Casey names you give and couldn’t find anything when I did a little research. However, I looked at the Moshers I have in my database and one looked promising for the places you give. Saul Mosher, aka Malzard, was born 1840 in Burin Nfld and died 21 Nov 1901 Halifax NS. His parents were Francis Malzard or Mulzard (b abt 1805 Jersey, Channel Islands or possibly 1790 Lamaline, Burin Nfld and died 31 Jan 1865 Halifax NS) and Mary Deborah Bonnell (b abt 1812 Jersey, Channel Islands, d 20 Feb 1864 Lamaline Nfld).

    So there’s a Malzard/Mosher connection from Lamaline to Nova Scotia, although I found mention only of Halifax, not Hants. This link to Genealogical Association of NS site might be helpful for you. There are many people named Mosher in NB so archives and websites from here might be useful, but since you’re looking further back in time than NB probably NS records would be more helpful. Lamaline and Burin might be a place for you to focus on in Nfld. But I can’t yet see any connections between Moshers and Caseys.

    Hope this helps you some. Thanks for writing and have a wonderful trip.

  562. I am also trying to locate my great grandmothers line of Mi’kmaq heritage. I often heard the remark as hateful as it “Jackie tar”. My grandmother never spoke of her heritage because of this label that was stuck to her background, my great grandmother was Ella (Helen/Ellenda) Phelten (Feltham) her parents were William and Rosanna (née Parsons) as far as I understand if all the information is correct. She was born in 1856 in GREENSPOND, NL. And lived in Gambo, Nl. Any information would greatly be appreciated.

  563. I to am searching my heritage. My great grandmother was Ella née Goulding/Goulden, Ward ( first marriage to John Ward)-Skiffington ( second marriage to Robert Skiffington). Ella’s parents were Joseph Goulding/Goulden and Helen (other spellings are Ellen/Ellenden) Felthum(other spellings i was given is Feltham and Phelten). Helen’s parents were William and Rosanna Parsons (née Feltham) My grandmother her daughter (father John) was Violet Lucy Mae Ward. I am trying for find her heritage, she did not talk much about it as they were labeled “Jackie Tar”, a hateful label. However I am proud to be a descendant (supposedly) however I can not seem to find where it starts. I am hoping that someone may have some answers for me, or which direction to take next. Thank you for any assistant anyone may give me.

  564. Hi Ula, to clarify some names and relationships, due to differences in your two comments, your gr-grandmother Ella Goulding’s father was Joseph Goulding and her mother was Ella/Helen/Ellen Feltham, d/o William Feltham/Phelten and Rosanna Parsons (who would be your gr-gr-grandparents). Ella was born 1856 in Greenspond and, with her first husband John Ward, had your grandmother Violet Lucy Mae Ward.

    I’ve looked for all these names in all combinations and nobody matches in my database. But I hope someone reading here can help out.

  565. Yes that is correct:) sorry for the confusion I was going back and forth to my references. I am waiting for my aunt to forward the information that my cousin acquired. Hopefully I will get some answers there. But I would appreciate any imput for anyone for sure:)

  566. It is believed that Rosanna Parsons is where the focus is however I am not to sure. As I have said everything was hidden away from our generation.

  567. I have found in the St-John the Baptist Anglican Church in St-Johns the birth of a man called Henry Whelen born 15 Mar 1815 father John Thomas Whelan and the mother Lazette LaChance Whelan is a Major in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. It is not clear that Lazette LaChance his is wife but he recognizes the boy to be his son. I wonder if by chance Lazette could be Micmac. I believe this man to be my great-great-great father that I have been looking for the last 20 years for my family genealogy.

  568. Hi Georges, I do hope John Thomas Whelan is the ancestor you’ve been looking for. Alas, I have nothing on these names. I found the birth record you mention. It does seem that JT and Lazette weren’t married so marriage records won’t be useful. I saw the transcriber’s note of being unsure if Lazette or LaChance is the mother’s surname. Googling them, I found instances of both as surnames. I wonder if Lazette, if a first name, is Lizette or Elizabeth. If a surname, maybe it’s a variation of Lizaget or Elizaget. My guess is that LaChance would be her surname, simply because it seems less likely to be a first name. This is just speculation on my part, but maybe readers have something concrete. Good luck!

  569. Hi Dorothy,
    I was wondering if you or anyone you have come across or knew of any information on the Hynes Family from Change Islands, Newfoundland. My great grandmother’s name was Leah and I believe she was born around 1878. I’m trying to find her parents and siblings but I reach dead ends. The name itself may have been changed, Haynes, Hines, Haines. Which is why it is so difficult to find. I have been told that she was Native, possibly MikMaq. Not sure. She married a Frederick Bath from Horse Islands.

  570. Hi, I too have just found out about my Qalipu heritage (I was adopted) and was wondering what you know of the Kennedys and the McCarthys! I would love to find any information I can and hopefully even photos. I am trying to put together a tree but with very little firsthand information.

  571. Hi Jannelle, it’s great that you’re finding out about your ancestry. I and readers here will be happy to help you, but we’ll need more information, like first names and places of residence and anything else you know. Without knowing more, all I can tell you about the Kennedys and McCarthys is that there are a lot of them, all over the island! lol

  572. Hi Dorothy
    I am trying to find my paternal grandparents and great grandparents names and birthplaces . My fathers name was Joseph Wilfred Shears and his father’s name was Simon Shears (wife Mary?) Some say my father and his family were Mi’Kmaq from Nfld or Nova Scotia. My father was supposed to have been born April 2, 1977.
    He married twice (Rosella McIntyre 1st wife and Lavinia McIntyre,my mother, his 2nd wife)

  573. Hi Winnifred, I don’t know if I found the right Shears. It’s a fairly common name in Nfld and, it seems, NS and elsewhere as well. Also the dates are too recent to come up in genealogy records. However, maybe this is a lead for you.

    Simon Shears and Margaret Madore are parents of a Joseph Shears (no dates for them or parents for Simon). Margaret is d/o William Royal Madore, b. 31 Dec (or Jan.) 1906 Jeffrey’s Bay St. George Nfld d. Jeffry’s, and Etta Gladys McEachern, b. 22 Jun 1912 Jeffry’s d. Jeffry’s. Wm Royal was s/o William Frederick (Fred) Madore, b Aug 1860 d 9 Sep 1925 BSG, and Rachel Harvey, b 9 Nov 1884 d 25 Jun 1918 BSG. Etta Gladys was d/o Isaac Archibald McEachern, b 28 Aug 1878 Crabbe’s Brook BSG, and Catherine Ann Allez (aka Alley), b 21 Sep 1883 Crabbe’s.

    This is based only on the Simon with son Joseph, and I can find no more info on either of them. The dates may be in the ballpark, based on the earlier generations for which I did find dates. I couldn’t find anything on the McIntyre side. If anyone reading can help, please feel free!

  574. hi Dorothy – found your site very interesting. I am researching the Sack family. I’ve found alot of information, many photos, etc. However, I have run into a dead end on several lines. Wondering if you have any information on SARAH PAUL, daughter HELEN PAUL (b. 1896 May 24). Helen was baptized in St. Anthony’s Parish in Fredericton, New Brunswick – born at St. Mary’s Reserve. Also any information on the PETER SACK that married MARIE ANTOINETTE THOMAS (b. 1822 d. 1915). Thank you.

  575. Hi Barbara – thanks, and sorry but I have no Sarah Paul who matches with yours. Googling Marie Antoinette Thomas, I found quite a few sources but you probably have seen them. I have nothing on Peter Sack. I have “Sacks” as a surname but no Peters. If anyone can help, please do!

  576. Hello Dorothy,

    I contacted you awhile ago on the DNA results of Jane Bagg born c 1760 and who lived at Cape La Hune, wife of Hugh Sr, my gggg grandparents. Now we have the DNA results of Deborah Caines, born c 1760 , wife of George of Lamaline , my gggg grandparents!! The DNA of both women show they are of English decent!! Some people thought there was Mik’maq ancestry in these woman but the DNA show otherwise! Maybe George Caines’s mother was Mik’maq??? But that’s another story!! A Roy Barter was trying to reach me as he is a cousin through the Bagg Family! He can email me at

    Take Care,
    Leslie A. Winsor Mount Pearl, NF

  577. Hello Dorothy, My family and I are trying to find out info on our ancestors in Newfoundland, A cousin wrote in to you in Nov. 2012 her name is Cynthia. She had most of the information we have and you were right the last name is Crant, not Grant. I’m just wondering if you found out anything more. My mothers maiden name was Hink.s which is a name very well known in Conne River Newfoundland. Would appreciate anything you could tell me. Thanks

  578. Hi Leslie – Roy Barter, if you see this, there’s a message for you here. Thanks for letting us know about the DNA results. It’s good to know one way or the other. I had a quick look to see if I had anything new on George Caines, but nothing. 🙁

  579. Hi Sharon – in one of Cynthia’s comments, she said some family members said Joseph Hinks came from Port something. I think it would be Port aux Basques, not the others she mentions. I have him born Cape Ray and he was married in Margaree and kids were born Channel and/or Port aux Basques. On Ancestry trees, I found his parents as James Hinks, b abt 1843 (probably P aux B area) d abt 1870, and Elizabeth Scott, b 24 Jan 1843 Grand Bank d P aux B. Cynthia had mentioned Wells as her surname, so I don’t know which is correct or if one name was from another marriage. I can’t find her parents. I found James Hinks’ parents as John Hinks and Mathilda LeRoux, both born 1823. I couldn’t find anything more on either of them, but maybe this will help you a bit. Hope so.

  580. Hi,

    I descend from Gabriel Billard through Edith Billard and Philip Hatcher. Is there a Mi’kmaq connection to this family?

    Another of my ancestors was Susan Bennett (born Nov 1871) who later married a Stagg in Petites NL. I can’t find out who her parents were. Is there a Mi’kmaq connection to the Bennetts from Petites NL?



  581. Hi Rosalee, Edith’s grandfather Gabriel Billard in Newfoundland was born 1784 in St. Malo, France and died Jan 1863 Wreck Island in Nfld. He married Miriam Durnford, b abt 1798 Francois d Aug 1886 Grand Bruit (Nfld). I don’t know much about the families so don’t know if there is a Mi’kmaq connection through someone married in. I don’t have a Susan Bennett married a Stagg in my information. Without more research, I’m afraid I can’t provide anything helpful to you. With luck, maybe a reader can help out. Thanks for writing.

  582. Hi Dorothy,
    You list the Descendants of George Lomond page as useful for researching Mikmaq geneology. I was wondering what the significance of this page is with respect to Mikmaq genealogy. My great grandmother was the the daughter of George Matthews and Elizabeth Jane Chaisson of Port-Aux-Basques. George Matthews parents were Samuel Matthews and Thomasina Lomond who was the daughter of George Lomond and Sarah Marshall. Any information is appreciated!

  583. Hi John, when I come across a site that seems good for Newfoundland family research, especially those that may intersect with Mi’kmaq families, I include it. I know from my own experience searching that they sometimes can be hard to find. I’ve been looking at my information on your Lomonds and I haven’t got anything further back than what you have, it seems. So I can’t help you with any connections to Mi’kmaq ancestry, but maybe someone reading this might be able to add more. Thanks for the surname Marshall for George Lomond’s wife. I didn’t have that.

  584. I am trying to find a Native line to Annie Beatrice Mugforg (Mumford) her family came from Port De Graves… I need to find proof of her native heritage… Any help? I can expand on the family if anyone can help…
    Annie married Benjamin Faulkner…. Thanks. Vicki g grand daughter to ABM

  585. Hi, I am looking for any native heritage in the MacDonald line. My great grandfather married a Sarah MacDonald in Cul de Sac, Nfld. Her parents were Matthew and Catherine. I would appreciate any information.


  586. Hi Joyce, all I can find on Matthew MacDonald is that he was born about 1825 in West Cul de Sac and his father was James MacDonald. Maybe someone else can help. Thanks for writing.

  587. Thanks Dorothy,
    I did not know about James. I cannot find Catherine’s maiden name.
    Maybe someone can help.
    Also if there is no native on that side what about Eleanor Snook 1864 married to John Hickman. I believe she came from St. Pierre.
    Family legion is that we have native blood. Would love to find it.
    Many thanks for your information.

  588. Hi Joyce, here’s what I can find on Eleanor Snook: born maybe 1755 in St. Pierre, but some trees have continental France as her birthplace, died 1804 in Grand Bank NL. Parents were Morgan Snook, b 1735 Dorset England d 1818 Burin NL, and Ann Woolridge Barnes, b 1738 either in St. Pierre or Puy-de-Dome, Auvergne, France d 1818 Grand Bank NL. They married about 1756 either in Dorset England or Fortune NL. I’d think Newfoundland is more likely but without delving further into the sources, I don’t know. Morgan Snook was s/o Morgan Snook b 1710 England and Susanna. Ann(e) Barnes’ father was Robert Barnes, nothing on her mother. Hope this gives you a bit more to go on.

  589. I’m trying to find out more about my Grandfather whom claimed to be Mikmaq.
    All I know is his Name Leon Arthur married to Gwendolyn Arthur and they lived in Liverpool Novia Scotia in 1940 .
    At the time they had two children my mother Sandra Lee Arthur and Gordon Arthur my uncle.
    My grandfather explained his father married a Mikmaq women named Mary who passed away when he was a young boy.
    An aunt raised him.
    He was also part of the RCMP as a young man in Halifax but was discharged for marrying my Grandmother Gwendolyn.
    I am very interested in finding out more about my heritage and to have knowledge to pass on to my children and Grandchildren.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

  590. Hi Pamela, just to remind readers, you asked in June about the parents and siblings of Leah Hynes, from Change Islands b abt 1878, marr Frederick Bath from Horse Islands. I have nothing on them and evidently no one else has been able to help.

    On this page in particular where there are many queries, if I can’t help and if I have no questions or suggestions, then I don’t reply. I don’t want to take up space and thereby push comments down to where they’re no longer readily visible. That, I figure, decreases the chances of anyone seeing them. Sorry for causing you worry and if anyone has any information, please do post! Thanks.

  591. Thank you for the clarification. I was a little concerned that I might have been missed, but thank you for letting me know I greatly appreciate it.
    And thank you for being that link for people to bridge the gaps in their family lineages. 🙂

  592. I am looking for information on Genevieve “Jenny” LeJeune who married Benjamin
    Perrier Sr. about 1832 on Sandy Point Nl.
    Who were her parents, where were they from, where they Mi’kmaq?
    Any information would be appreciated.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Sam Perier

  593. Hi Sam, all I have about Genevieve LeJeune is b abt 1810, d bef 1850 and marriage as you have. If anyone knows who her parents were, your help would be appreciated.

  594. Thank you for information on your site. I will dig in.
    I am looking for any info on my Mi’k Mac ancestors.
    Maybe even burial sites to pay respects.
    Great Great Grandparents Eugene Gallant, and Ursela Japeau
    Birthplace Margaree Nova Scotia.
    Great Grandparents Marie Gallant Christopher. Birthplace Bay St. George Sandy Point NL.
    We are of Mi’k Mak descent. Acadian ancestors.
    Grandparent Fred Leo Christopher birthplace Summerside.
    My Mother Mary Ramona Christopher from Corner Brook NL.

  595. Hi Martin, yes, your ancestors link into many families of Acadia. Way too much info for me to put here in comments. If you haven’t already, look at the 2 Acadian sites on this page, two Bras d’Or sites, Jasen Benwah’s, Lark Szick’s LeJeune page, Jerry Gerrior’s, and one I’m going to add now on the Gallant family.

    Eugene Gallant’s parents were Simon Hache dit Gallant, b 1792 Margaree d 1828, and Isabelle Gaudet, b 1798 d 16 Feb 1843. Simon’s parents were Charles Hache dit Gallant, b Jul 1749 PEI d 7 Jun 1842 Margaree, and Felicite Gautrot, b abt 1756 d 9 Dec 1851.

    I have two possible sets of parents for Eugene’s wife Ursula Japeau and I’m not sure which is correct. Her first name is also found as Ursuline and surname as Jesseau or Jesso. Thanks for writing, your information has helped me sort out mine and add to it.

  596. Hi Dorothy,
    Thanks for the response on the Lomond Family above, there is rumoured Mi’kmaq blood through my grandmother and I thought I may have lucked out but I guess not . I am currently looking for information on the Nash family of Bonne Bay/McCallum (also one of my grandmother’s lines). I have a Caroline Nash born in 1864 who married a Robert Lee in 1886 in Bonne Bay. Her parents where Henry Nash and Elizabeth Bobbitt. I was wondering if you had any information on possible Mi’kmaq ancestry there. I have a picture of her and she has some Mi’kmaq features so I thought there may be a possibility of some link there.


  597. Hi John, I have Caroline as d/o Henry Nash and Elizabeth no surname. I looked at Ancestry trees and none had a surname for Elizabeth and baptism records for their kids gave no birth name for her. I have lots of Elizabeth Bobbitts but none that I could match with this one. Do you know for sure Bobbitt was her birth name?

  598. That death certificate also lists her parents as being born in England but I’m not sure how accurate that is.


  599. Just to clarify (and sorry for all the posts), the reason I’m not sure that Caroline’s parents were born in England is that the 1921 Canadian Census lists her and both her parents as being born in Newfoundland (that census asks where the parents were born) so I’m not sure which is correct.


  600. Hi again John, thanks for the NS Vital Stats link. I’ve added it to this page. I added Bobbitt as Elizabeth Nash’s birth name but it doesn’t give me anything new on Ancestry trees. On daughter Caroline’s death certificate, I wondered if her parents were listed as born in England because Nfld was a British colony. But Caroline’s place of birth is given as Nfld, so that doesn’t explain it. If I find anything, I’ll let you know. If anyone else can help, please do!

  601. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew where in Newfoundland I could go to find information about the Benoit Family, I know the main areas are Bay St George, Lourdes, Sandy Point and what not. Anywhere specific? My great grandmother was a Benoit, her grandfather being Henri Benoit, son of Marie Duffenais and Francois Benoit Jr. Also, if anyone knows anything about the Barry family that lived in and around the Stephenville area, I would love to hear about it. Thanks


  602. Hi Quinn, you should have no trouble finding info online tracing the Francis Benoit and Marie Duffenais (or Duffney) line. Look at Jasen Benwah’s site in my links above and/or join the BSG Genealogical Society (link above). As you find the connections to your own line, from grandparents and great-grandparents, you’ll figure out where specifically in Bay St. George to look. For the Barrys, I googled “Barry family Newfoundland” and saw several gen forum links. Also a McCarthy-Barry family tree but it gives people from Red Island and Merasheen – I think you’ll want the west coast connection. The name is not originally a west coast name, but some moved there from the east coast. Kirk Butt’s books on BSG families would also be of use to you. Good luck and have fun!

  603. Hi Again, Dorothy

    I was able to find an Elizabeth Nash who died in McCallum in 1906 at age 73 which would mean she was born in 1833. She would place her in the same time and place as my Elizabeth (Bobbit) Nash. It also says she was born in Bay East. Where any of the Elizabeth Bobbits you mentioned earlier born in Bay East around 1833?



  604. Thanks Dorothy, I will look into more into these sites, some of my recent ancestors are hard to locate. Thanks Again.

  605. Hi John, none of the Elizabeth Bobbitts for whom I have birth or death dates match your dates. I entered them for her and, unfortunately, no new Ancestry leaf showed up. I wondered where “Bay East” was and found nothing. I did find Little Bay East and East Bay both on the south coast. Or might it mean Hermitage Bay East?

  606. Hi Again Dorothy, you wouldnt happen to know where I could get marriage/baptismal/death records of persons that resided in the Brent’s Cove/Baie Verte Area of Newfoundland? I had tried googling it and I could not find to much.


  607. Hi Quinn, you can try the Provincial Archives at The Rooms in St. John’s – the more info you can provide, the easier it is for them to find what you’re looking for if they have it. If they don’t, you could contact the churches involved to see if they have records that haven’t been sent to the archives. As you’ve likely found, many church records have been transcribed online so maybe site administrators (NLGenWeb, Nfld Grand Banks Gen site) could help you. I don’t know if there’s a genealogical society in the Baie Verte area, but maybe the Bay of Islands or Bay St. George groups would know. Links to both are on this page. Hope this helps.

  608. Hi Dorothy I’m trying find my link to mi,kmaq also my grandfather was Abe Taylor and grandmother olive Taylor Osmond her parents were from port aux Basque with last names Osmond and mukseau I believe I will try to get more more info and I will try some of your links . Also is it now too late to apply for status