Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Family History & Genealogy

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The internet is a good place to find out a lot about your family history.  Unfortunately, it ain’t as easy as the tv ads for pretend.  Often, those ads with cheerful people clicking on a little leaf and finding some fascinating bit of information about their great-granddaddy come on as I’m struggling to figure out whether this Peter is son of this Paul or that Paul.  It’s all I can do to not throw a shoe at the television.

There is a lot of information on the big genealogy sites like and  And there are a lot of other sites with a lot of information where you don’t have to pay a membership fee.  Some have vital statistics on them – birth and death records, census information etc.  Others are the product of family researchers who have compiled data and present it in chart form.  Below are some sites of the second type related to Newfoundland Mi’kmaq families that I have found useful.

A word of warning:  do not rely totally on any one source as the gospel.  Working from primary records can show enough inconsistencies of fact and, with websites, you have the added possibility of error of transcription.  Dates inadvertently get typed in wrong, names get misspelled.  There’s a lot of room for error.  Plus some information is simply inaccurate or conflicts with other sources.  So with primary documents and the internet, be judicious, check and double-check.

Family History Sites

(see Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Books post for more sources)

* Acadian Genealogy (by Lucie LeBlanc Consentino – many Nfld. west coast families)

*  L’Acadie Toujours (LeBlanc/White)

*  Bay of Islands Genealogy Society

*  Benoit Family (by Jasen Benwah, plus other Nf Mi’kmaq fams)

*  Descendants of Gabriel Billard (marr. Miriam Durnford)

*  Desc. of Michel Boudrot/Boudreau Lt. Gen. (1600s Acadie, marr. Michelle Aucoin)

*  Bras d’Or Families (by John Scott, incl. Jesso, Boutilier, & other fams & regions)

*  Bras d’Or Indian Village Band Association (Maliseet-Micmac Vital Stats, LeJeune gen, Nfld. Mi’kmaq)

*  Chiasson Family

Descendants of Charles Crocker (by Elizabeth Sheppard Hewitt)

*  Descendants of Daniel’s Harbour (Payne, Brooks, Park family info.)

*  Doucet Family

*  Gallant Family (PEI, by Linda Keefe-Trainor, click ‘tree’)

* (Gallant) Haché-Gallant Family

*  Gary’s Index of Family Surnames (Newfoundland West Coast & Acadien families)

*  Gaudet Genealogy (Mark B. Arsland: France, USA, Canada, NL)

*  Descendants of Edward Gaudon (Joe Gaudon, Sept. 2000)

*  Genealogy in Time (links to many sites)

*  Mi’kmaq Ancestry of Jerry Gerrior (Gerrior/Girouard family and others)

*  Descendants of James Hall (NS & NL – click no. link at left for gens)

*  Descendants of William Haynes (Hynes) page moved/deleted

*  Herridge-Nurse Family History (Matthews, Garnier, Strickland, etc.)

*  Jesso Family (most Nfld. west coast families)

*  Descendants of Benjamin Kippen (Keeping/Kippen and Bagg)

*  Labrador (Southern) Family History (Labrador Cura, by Patty Way)

*  LeBlanc/White (‘Steve’s Genealogy Blog’)

*  LeBlanc & MacLean Families (Trish LeBlanc – Rootsweb, link goes to surname list)

*  Lefresne-Robinson Family, South Coast of Nfld (Rootsweb, link to surnames)

*  LeJeunes of Cape Breton & Nfld. (by Lark Szick) Link updated

*  The Ancestry of Henry LeJeune/Young (by Kirk Butt, see note below on BSGGS for this)

*  Descendants of Jacques LeJeune (Robin K. Young gen. home page)

*  John Young (LeJeune) of Bras d’Or NS (by Kevin Young)

*  Dr. William Litchman (South Coast families, Lushman etc.  Click a Publications title for content)

*  Loder Family Tree (by Don Loder, many families.  Click family tree icon for name indices)

*  Desc. of George Lomond (by Sharon Dillon; also Dillon, Knott, Currie)

*  Marche Family (see note below on BSGGS for access to this huge family tree)

*  Mattie Mitchell Webpage (by Fred Powell)

*  The Muise Family (by Doris Muise)

*  Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics (‘accept’ then search)

*  The O’Connell Family Tree (most Nfld. west coast families)

*  Payne Families

acadien flag*  PEI Family Lineages (Acadian names are denoted with flag)

*  PEI Genealogical Society

*  Pike Family History & Genealogy Resources (by David Pike)

*  Roy Family, through Marie Aubois (by John R. Nelson)

*  Rumbolt, Hann, Lane & Howarth Genealogy Pages (Northern Peninsula, Bay of Islands)

*  Jacques St-Pierre’s Family Tree (Doucet, Mius/Muise, LeJeune, et al.)

*  Vatcher Family History (by Ed Vatcher)

*  Wendy’s Ancestral Tree (Cajun/Acadian families, go to paternal Pitre line)

*  Wheeler Descendants (mainly Twillingate area)

*  Stephen A. White, Genealogist (LeBlanc and other families & Acadien history)

*  Ancestors of Wayne Harvey Young (LeJeune/Young)

For other family trees, genealogical and vital statistics information and sources, go to Bay St. George Genealogical Society.  There is a lot of material in the main site, but for $10 a year membership, you get to go in the ‘Members Only’ section.  There you find many of the invaluable papers on Newfoundland family history written by Allan Stride among other materials.

NL GenWeb and Newfoundland Grand Banks are also great resources for vital statistics data.  A wonderful source for information on Burgeo history and families is the 1925 Diary of Burgeo by Joseph Small.

Some of these sites are easier than others to navigate around.  I’ve linked to home pages example of descendant chart stylewhenever possible so that you can see what’s there.  I’ve used all these sites, so know it is possible to get around if there’s more information there.  If there’s so much information that you don’t know how to find who you’re looking for, try searching with ‘control’ and ‘f’ keys on PCs or ‘command’ and ‘f’ on Macs and type the name or place in the little search box.  At least within the ‘page’, that will find them.

These links are valid as of now, March 2011.  They may change or be removed in future.  They’re not my sites so I can only apologize in advance if any problems develop with them.

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756 Responses to Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Family History & Genealogy

  1. Ronald Shears says:

    Just to help keep clear the lineage of the ” Shears ” family of Newbrunswick , Canada. I am the son of Simon Wallace Shears and Verna Winnifred Shears (nee: Kelley).Simon is the son of Joseph Wilford Shears and Rosella Eatmon , Joseph`s first wife who died in the flu epidemic of 1918. Joseph was born April 2/1877 and died in 1941. Joseph later married Livinia Mcintyre (1919)Joseph`s fathers name was Simon and no name found for his Mother?My understanding is that this is where the M`k-macq and French bloodlines where introduced? So Joseph`s mother could be of French origin?It Is thought that Joseph or his father held staus of “chief” of an unknown tribe. would appreciat input from anyone familiar with this “Shears” family lineage.

  2. Dorothy Dorothy says:

    Thank you, Ronald, for this information. If anyone else can add more, please do!

  3. Marion says:

    Hi Dorothy; I was wondering if you would know who the parents of a Thomas Gillingham, born Mar, 1869, Bear Cove, Back Cove, white bay , would be. Any help appreciated.

  4. Cathy Inglis says:

    Hi Dorothy,
    I was in touch before about my great grandmother Harriet Strickland, who I understand was Mi’maq. I am trying to find more on her Native heritage. She was married to George Feltham. Her parents are Josiah Strickland 1849-1911 and Mary Ann Wadman 1848-1876. Her grand parents are Josiah Strickland 1820-1872 and Ann MacDonald 1830-1872 on her father’s side and William Wadman and Maria on her mother’s side. Harriett and her family came from West Point NL. Do you have any information or know where I might look?
    Thank you,

  5. Dear Dorothy,

    The only other information I have is that my Great-grandmother Bridget was born in Newfoundland October of 1855.

    I am attaching my original post so that you can see all the information together: October 26, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Dear Dorothy,
    My great grandmother was born in Riverhead (or Rivershead) Newfoundland in 1855. Her parents are listed as Timothy Hurley (or Herlihy) and Joanna (or Johanna). I cannot find any information about where this place is in Newfoundland. I did find a Timothy Hurley that worked in St. John around that time, but no other information. Could you direct me?

    Thanks! Linda

  6. Tina Newell says:

    I am trying to find out information on my family…Newell Family from Bareneed, Port de Grave District, Newfoundland.

    My great grandfather is Isaac Newell b.1844 Bareneed NL married Sarah Morgan b. 1842 Coley’s Point NL on Nov. 29, 1868

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