Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Apr. 17/11)

Stayin’ Alive

It was Graeme’s week.  Even before all his Christmases came at once and he got lucky with Tina, he was the man. Stayin’ alive – the Beegees got nothing on him!

Graeme and Ashley practicing dating linesTwo scenes on Wednesday made me giggle.  First Graeme and Ashley sitting on the floor in the back of the butcher shop role-playing Graeme’s speed dating chat.  Ashley playing the girl and assessing Graeme’s best chat up lines.  Tina walking in to invite him over – looking at them and wondering.  You have to wonder how she could still entertain romantic notions about him after that!

Stayin' alive - Graeme strutting in blue satin shirtThen Graeme, swinging his way down the street, dressed in his best disco dreams shiny shirt. ‘Stayin’ alive ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive.’

I can’t see Graeme and Tina together for long, but it’s nice to see Graeme happy for at least a little while.  He and David and the radiator and handcuffs was played as slapstick and was just delightful.