The Royal Wedding

I stayed up all night and watched the Royal wedding pre-pre-coverage, pre-coverage, main event, balcony scene and after coverage.  I switched between CBC and CBC NewsNet, CNN, an entertainment news show and went online to BBC.

Piers Morgan & Anderson Cooper at Buckingham Palace CNN bureauInterestingly, my husband and I stuck with CNN for the actual wedding.  Both of us usually choose CBC or CTV over any American channel for political, sports or ‘significant event’ coverage.  But Piers Morgan was great.  He, Anderson Cooper and their guests were informative and witty in their commentary.  Donald Trump did a good thing with Celebrity Apprentice in introducing Piers Morgan to US media.

The wedding was beautiful, the dress was fabulous, the singing of God Save the Queen brought tears to the eyes, the balcony kiss was sweet and funny.  I wish she’d ridden in the glass carriage to the Abbey, but it still was a total fairy tale wedding.  Just one observation about the music in the ceremony – the lovely choir piece that was composed as a wedding gift sounded to me very similar to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast theme song.

Royal Wedding Style

In the pre-coverage talk about the dress, there was a lot of emphasis on Kate’s sense of style.  I was thinking huh?  She’s got all the money in the Queen’s realm and all the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice at royal weddingadvisors in the fashion industry and the palace to ensure that this dress is the epitome of elegance and high-style.  How could she not look absolutely fabulous?

And then I saw the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.  I saw you can have all the fashion mavens and money in the world and still look like you got dressed from a Salvation Army clothes bale.  I liked their shoes though.

In my fashion assessment of the event, I divided the family women into two categories. (Kate and her sister Pippa, both stunning, were in their own category.)  On the ‘regally elegant’ side were the Queen, Mrs. Middleton, Camilla and the Countess of Wessex.  On the ‘WTF?’ side were Eugenie, Beatrice and the Princess Royal.  Now, Anne I can accept – she generally always looks as if she grabbed whatever was clean and not wrinkled from her closet.  She’s never been an icon of fashion; she has other things she’d rather do.

But those girls!  I think that they’d like to be fashion plates, and they have the looks to do so.  If they’d take half the owl eye makeup off and not wear clothes that are jumbled and way too busy and not flattering to their faces or figures in any way.  And they sat right behind their Gran!  So you couldn’t even look at the Queen without being distracted by the costume party escapees behind her.

Best Wishes

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge balcony kissI wish the new Duke and Duchess the very best.  I don’t envy them though.  One commentator said something like ‘this marriage cannot fail.  There is no reason it can’t last:  they’ve lived together, she’s been part of his world long enough to understand her role, they’re both mature enough.  If it doesn’t last, the British monarchy will end with it.’  Gee, that’s not much pressure is it?

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4 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding”

  1. Yes, I couldn’t believe I was doing it, but I got up early too to watch the whole thing. I was alone though…for awhile at least. Cal got up a little later and tried to look indifferent while he watch. It was lovely. I loved the human moments…Harry saying to William, “Wait until you see her.” I totally agree that there is no reason this marriage cannot work. They KNOW each other…simple as that. I kinda resented people saying Pippa outshone her sister. I don’t think that was true. Anyway, it was a lovely distraction from the world’s troubles.

    1. Hi Kim, glad you enjoyed the wedding – Cal too, haha that’s funny. Yeah, it was truly lovely and ‘real’ despite the grandeur of everything. I thought Pippa looked absolutely stunning but, no, she didn’t outshine the bride. Probably the only things that did, or certainly tried, were The Hats!! I’m looking forward to them being in Canada soon – I’ll be watching Canada Day in Ottawa on tv for sure. I would anyway, but it’ll be more fun with them here.

  2. My own personal thoughts about the fashion parade, and how the cousins, Eugenie and Bearice left their personal signature. My first thought, as they sat on the edges of their seats in the motor parade to the palace, waving their little hearts out and smiling almost goulishly, was…. Oh, my goodness it’s the, “The Mugly Others”, (from the Cinderella story Rindercella and her Prancesome Hince and the Mugly Others) and I have had others tell me that is exactly what they thought upon seeing them, the way they where dressed and their behaviour. But fruit does not fall far from the tree and there is very little reserve about their Moms, Sarah Ferguson. I use to feel sorry for her, but as time goes on, I think she has baked her own gooses.

    1. Haha! Diane, that’s too funny! If the girls wanted to leave their personal signature, as you so nicely put it, they certainly succeeded. I think they got more attention than anyone else at the wedding, at least afterwards when everybody started photoshopping The Hat. I started feeling bad for Eugenie and her hat – they didn’t get nearly as much attention lol.

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