Coronation Street Scene of the Week (July 10/11)

Waitress from Hell

I can’t stand Kylie.  That being said, I loved Wednesday’s scene of her “serving” in Roy’s Kylie slaps plate down for Eileen while talking on phonecafé.  It could be one of Dante’s circles of Hell for restaurant goers everywhere.

Cell phone wedged between her shoulder and ear, chatting away to someone, while slapping plates of food in front of customers.  Customers aghast, yet looking a bit frightened.  And Roy, unbelieving of what was happening in his café in front of his very eyes.

Roy tells waitress Kylie to tend to customersI shouldn’t loathe Kylie as much as I do, I suppose.  She’s a very realistic portrayal of just how stupid and selfish it is possible to be.  She’s young, she has had a hard life, and presumably she didn’t choose to have a child when she did.  She presumably does love Max, in her own young, stupid and selfish way.

Did she really want him back?  Probably in a befuddled emotional way.  Did Becky push her into this?  Oh yes.  Did Becky do it for her own reasons or Kylie’s?  Probably both, in a befuddled emotional way.

Kylie with Liz and kidsBut full-time motherhood is not where she wants her life to be at this moment.  She’s landed herself in a pretty good situation right now, barring having to be a responsible mother.  She’s made up with her sister, she’s got a free place to live and food to eat.  A ready supply of alcohol in the bar, and cash and stealable items handy in order to pay for her drinks and whatever else she wants to buy.

She knows somewhere inside herself that Becky is stealing her child.  She resents Becky buying Max clothes and doing the motherly things that she either can’t or doesn’t want to do.  She’s got Liz’s eagle eye on her, just another bossy old bat to her, ever ready to criticize or “help.”   She knows she’s messing up, and resents them for it.  But she just wants to have fun.

Kylie and Gary in motorhome bedHer “seduction” of Gary Windass was just horrible to watch, for her sake.  And stealing Mary’s motorhome as somewhere preferable to the Windass shed as a place for their – whatever it was.  Ugh, I don’t want to revisit it even in my mind.  I felt sorry for Mary, without the mixed feelings of creepiness I Mary sees her bedusually have about her, having her home desecrated by them.

Now she’s emotionally blackmailing Steve into letting her stay at the pub.  I was pleased that Steve realized what she was doing and called her on it.  But she’s using Max and Becky’s feelings for the child to make him back down.  I don’t think he’s yet realized that it was her who stole his bike.  When that comes out, I hope Kylie is sent packing and that Max stays with Becky and Steve.

I don’t like watching Kylie.  She annoys me and I’d like to give her a good smack and say “straighten up missy.”  But I recognize myself and people I’ve known in her.