Coronation Street Scene of the Week (July 24/11)

Hell indeed hath no fury like a woman scorned by lover, lover’s mother, boss who is also Natasha back to say goodbyelover’s grandmother, and co-worker who is also lover’s brother.  Natasha let pretty much everybody in Weatherfield know exactly what she thought of them before she jumped in a black taxi and left.  She also let them know what Nick thought of them.  You go, girl!  It was wonderful.

The multi-part scene began after she had left the hospital and seemed to recognize Nick’s caring attention as the mealy-mouthed guilt it was.  So next day, she returned to the Natasha telling David offstreet to say goodbye.

First David, with whom she attempted to be nice.  When he rebuffed her, she told him “next to you I’m sanity personified.  You’re seriously disturbed.”

Natasha thanks LeanneNext to “thank” Leanne:  “You made me wake up and smell the bitchfest.”  And when Peter comes in, she suggests to him, “Look Leanne in the eye and ask her if she loves you.”  He is nonplussed by this.

Natasha telling Julie what Nick thinks of them allThen the factory.  First Nick:  “You wrecked my heart.”  Then the workers, telling them what Nick calls them after hours.  Sean “limp wrists,” Janice “grunting garden gnome,” Julie “Jackie O – no, Jackie No.”  Carla tells her to leave and she shoots back “Goodbye, ‘Mount Everest – icy, wouldn’t want to go there’!”

Natasha smiles as Gail is firedFinally, her coup de grâce.  The medical clinic.  She told Gail and the doctor what she thought of Gail abusing her position by snooping through Natasha’s confidential records.  Doctor Dishy agreed and Gail was fired on the spot.

Her work there finished, Natasha jumped in Natasha leaves in taxiher taxi and left.  The only thing that destroyed her triumphant regain of herself was Nick coming out of the factory toward her.  But she didn’t tell the driver to stop!  And Nick didn’t really pursue her.  It was just sad, after such a beautiful swathe through town, seeing her crumple in the taxi, the righteous anger going out of her.

The fallout continues.  Carla’s wrath at Nick caused him to quit, so he’s now living at Natasha leaves factory in triumphhome unemployed.  The spillover of her wrath toward Trevor caused him to quit – both the Underworld job and their relationship.  She sought solace in bottles of wine and surprisingly, considering her distaste for all things Scottish, Scotch I think.  Now she’s avoiding Peter’s efforts to recruit her to AA meetings.

Gail’s plea for reinstatement was rejected by Dr. Dishy, whose appointments are now scheduled and tea and bikkies served by Deirdre, “just temping”.   David and Tina seemed to be regaining some friendship after she sympathized with him about Natasha’s outburst.  But then he pretty much attempted to rape her.  Even he must be wondering if he is a psychopath.

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