Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Aug. 7/11)

Three scenes Tuesday.  First, Chesney taking flowers to Katie, and her dad answering the flowers dropped to streetOwen pins Ches against the walldoor.  Flowers go to the cobbles and Chesney goes to the wall, pinned by Owen who tells him what will happen to him if he messes his “baby girl” about.  His daughters might think Owen is a “rubbish dad” but it’s clear, at least if you’re not his daughter, that he truly cares for them and will protect them no matter what.  Chesney got the message.  Didn’t stop him, but he knows to be careful around “psycho” Dad.

Julie and Brian sing together in RoversLater, Brian and Julie in the Rovers discovering they are a match made in heaven.  They share a love for the music of Neil Diamond.  Discussion of the lyrics of his deeper songs leads to a little duet.  The last couple lines of “You don’t bring me flowers anymore” are sung beautiully by both of them.  John is horrified.

He had earlier spun an incredible story to former boss Brian about why Owen called him John.  Owen had come to John and Fizz’s to see if they knew what Chesney and Katie were up to in their house.  Brian, there to pass on a message that Mrs. Fishwick was looking for her son, was understandably confused.

So John made up a story about Mr. Big and a mob-style murder which he, “Colin”, had witnessed.  So, in a DYI-style witness protection programme, he is living as “John” on the street and is avoiding contact with his “real” family and “real” background.  Brian buys it, in fact seems to quite like being part of such intrique and happily goes on his way to “take Brian helps Julie pick up spilled shopping bagscontrol” and “reinvent” his own life.

Neil Diamond cd amidst Julie's shoppingHe stops to help Julie with her spilled shopping, spies her Neil Diamond cd, and it’s kismet.  John and Fizz spent the rest of the week trying to break them up, even involving Brian’s wife Margaret and the imagery of Glenn Close as a “bunny boiler” in Fatal Attraction to stop this dangerous (for John) liaison.  I hope they don’t succeed.  I want to see more of Brian and Julie, they are just delightful.

Then immediately after, at Molly and Tyrone’s, she is still absorbing the news that Jack is Molly embraces Jackdying. Tyrone had to explain why he and Jack were at a lap dancing club and he inadvertently said the words “in the little time he…” then had to finish the sentence “has left.”  Shock and sorrow show on her face, as does the love she has for Jack.  He comes in the room and she leaps to him, arms around his neck.  He says this is why he didn’t want anyone to know.  But he’s pleased and comforted by her embrace.

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