Jeep Rubicon grillI got me a Rubicon!  I’ve never had a Jeep, always wanted one.  In my head, I have a list of vehicles, or types of vehicles, that I want at some point in my life.  Big old tough 4 by 4 is now checked off.

It’s my new winter vehicle, used but in good shape.  The salesman at Elgin Chrysler seemed a bit surprised when he was talking about the fun of summer Jeep driving and we said, oh it’s just for winter.  You can see his point.  A young man, himself a Jeep driver: Jeff in front of Elgin Chrysler with Rubiconyes indeedy he’d be taking his Jeep down to Port in the summer.  Roof comes off, doors come off.  It’s a babe magnet.  He was too polite to look surprised at us buying it – clearly babe magnet is no longer part of our vehicular requirements, either ‘looking for’ or ‘being’.  Probably serious off-roading isn’t either.  But it’s still a thrill knowing you have the horse power and gear range to be able to.

Test-driving it, I was sold when I put it in 4 Low and felt the wheels grab the dirt road.  “Ok, I want this car.”  Until then, I’d been looking at where the dogs would ride, how they’d get in and out, where groceries would go.  But put her in 4 Low and she’s mine; Rubicon in front of Elgin Chryslerdogs and groceries can figure it out for themselves.

Ideally, a girl should have a Jeep in her early 30s – old enough to look capable of handling it and young enough to look really good doing so.  A friend of mine bought one, a CJ, white with black top, brand new when she was that age.  I was envious.  She looked fabulous in it.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough money to keep it supplied with gas and be able to pay any other bills so she sold it.  But that year of the white Jeep lives in my memory as well as hers.  It was hot, and so was she in it.

Other 4x4s

I drove a Suzuki 4 x4, precursor of the Samurai, at the time.  It too was fun – a dinky-toy Jeep.  I loved it, and the incarnations of the Suzuki 4 wheel drives after.  The Samurai and the Sidekick – drove them both.  I became disenchanted with the Suzukis after that, when they got bigger, more comfortable and ceased looking like tough little road warriors.

Jeep Rubicon beside MINIJeeps too have done that.  I had a rental Jeep Liberty once.  No thanks.  If I want a vehicle that drives like a car I’ll get a, well, car!  The Rubicon does not drive like a car.  It’s certainly more comfortable and better “appointed” inside than the old Jeeps, but it still drives like a tank.

You hear and feel the rumble of those big knobby tires.  You feel every kilometer of speed you are going.  The revs vibrate as you shift through 6 gears.  You feel the wind, you hear the rain, you are in direct contact with the road.  You are the Road Warrior.

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6 thoughts on “Jeep”

  1. HI I have a jeep liberty and I love it as i did not want a sports car this time nor a truck (which we have) My daughter though has a rubicon jeep.
    I am trying to find the story of the lone Voyager on your site which was given to me by a genealogy friend, but I cannot find it. I had to laugh at your interpretation of the ancestry and wanting to throw something at the TV.
    Your right one has to check several sources to know if it is their John or Peter
    that ancestry puts the leaf on lol

    1. Hi Elizabeth, so a Jeep family ;) I had a rental Liberty for a few days and I liked it. Felt like a car inside but you’re up high like a truck. Last few weeks I’ve been driving both the Mini and the Rubicon and I get very confused about which cars I should be waving at!

      About the Lone Voyager, I mention it in a Feb 1/12 post A Tale of the Sea, etc. in Newfoundland Mi’kmaq section. I haven’t read that book and haven’t yet tried to buy it, but did read Earl Pilgrim’s Drifting into Doom, and wrote about it in Soc & Culture, Anthro section (Jan. 18/12). There’s links, either in the book cover photos or the text, to where they’re available. And yes, the poor Ancestry site – I guess they won’t be asking me to do a testimonial for them! Although I have been on the Canadian, US and UK sites when they have free access times and there is an amazing amount of information available. Thanks for writing.

  2. Thank you so much for your business! I am glad that Jeff took great care of you and helped you with the vehicle. All of us at Elgin Chrysler hope you have many years of fun JEEP driving!

    Dan Dale
    Dealer Principal
    Elgin Chrysler Jeep Dodge

    1. Hi, Dan. It was a pleasure dealing with Jeff and everyone at Elgin Chrysler. Jeff mentioned a “JEEP wave” but didn’t tell me what it is, so I have to find out – I want to do this right all the way ;) BTW, I think the “fancy” Jeep products, like the Liberty and Grand Cherokee and Patriot, are beautiful vehicles – only that I prefer the ones that, to me, look and feel like something Clint Eastwood would have learned to drive on (haha). Thanks for everything.

    1. Yeah, cool. Can turn on a dime. There was a bit of snow swirling around tonight too, so we got it just in time. Before there’s too much snow, I might find a gravel pit and see what it can do (just hope I can do it too!) Glad you like it.

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