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  1. This is my great grandmother, her daughter was my nanny Susan. My nanny was very loving so I can imagine how special my great grandmother is. I love hearing these stories and seeing how everyone is connected.

    1. Hi Crystal, you all have made think of everything I’ve heard over the years about Mrs. Webb. I’ll try to write a post about her – soon I hope.

    1. Thanks, Rick, from everything I have heard and read about her, she was an incredible woman. A midwife, healer and farmer, and she knew every inch of the west coast from her travels, it seems.

  2. I wish I could of met this women she was my great grandmother and was a beautiful strong women n truly believe her spirit is watching over me…love forever

    1. Hi Rhonda, yes, I wish I’d met her as well. I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about her. Strong indeed, physically and mentally. You are fortunate to be descended from her.

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