Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 27/12)

Children of the Corn

A week of kids, and both children and adults doing strange and hurtful things.

Faye and Owen

Best scene Owen apologizing to Faye - children of the cornpick:  Owen apologizing and explaining to Faye.  He flat out apologized for smacking her and said he had been wrong to do it.  But – important point – he linked what he did to her killing the fish.

Owen didn’t do it in an accusatory way, he said he understood that she had killed the fish because she was upset and angry and wanted to Faye smiling at Owenget back at him.  He then explained that he had felt the same way – angry and upset at what she had done.  He didn’t point out that he had taken his “revenge” on the target of his anger whereas she had taken hers out on innocent and uninvolved fish.  I hope she got the message though.

And finally he and Anna got the message that Faye ought to have a shed in the back yard if that would make her happy.  Surprisingly, she said she’d come to like the pond.  Again, Owen didn’t take the opportunity presented on a silver platter to say that there would be a point in having a fishpond if she hadn’t killed the fish that were in it!

Now he’s made a pond of lights and flamingos and who knows what at her direction and she seems happy.  Is it real or is she plotting some revenge on the plastic flamingo?  I still don’t trust that girl, although it was nice seeing her smile and being actually civil.

Katie and Owen

Owen hugging Katie goodnightThe scene that brought tears to my cynical old eyes:  Owen and Katie hugging when she finally came home.  He has taken a lot of flak in the show and online for flying off the handle about Katie leaving the baby alone.  I think he’s the only one that has acted like a normal person.  Why shouldn’t he be furious?  His teenage daughter wanted to play grown up so badly and now can’t handle having a baby because he doesn’t sleep and cries?  And she doesn’t have the sense to tell anyone she can’t cope before she just walks out the door?

Owen’s outrage is perhaps not helpful, but it’s certainly understandable.  And it’s in Owen and Anna announcing babysitting planskeeping with his character.  Since his arrival, he’s been a hard man with a quick temper.  But, although sometimes not the perfect parent, he clearly loves his daughters and would defend them to the death.  I hope his and Anna’s help with the baby eases the considerable pressure on Katie and Ches and I hope that they appreciate the effort being made to help them.

Simon Barlow

Simon lying through his teeth about CarlaAnd Simon – making the most of the opportunity presented by street gossip.  With all the furor made about the incident at the school when he refused to come home with Carla, it didn’t take him long to see a chance to get rid of her for good and get his ‘mother’ back.  Lie.  Carla’s got her hands full winning that one over; he’s smarter than Carla, Peter and Leanne put together.

Craig Tinker

Craig eating Steve's cookiesAnd finally, a kid who doesn’t have to do a thing to be truly scary – Craig.  Whether staring, eating or, as he has done at long last, speaking, he is absolutely fabulous.  As long as he stays on his side of my television screen.  I would be petrified with terror ever actually meeting a child like him.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 20/12)

Yankee Doodle

Roy and Sylvia shaking hands as she leaves for airportWednesday it was so sad seeing Sylvia depart.  Sad for her, for Roy and for me.  I’ve come to like her so much.  And she and Roy really need to sort out their differences, get past their history and acknowledge their affection for each other – if not for themselves then for Hayley and all of us.

Sylvia arrived back at cafe - Yankee DoodleSo it was wonderful to see her come back to the café, bag and baggage.  She left the airport before her flight boarded, overwhelmed by being surrounded by far too many Americans.  Loud – “they don’t need telephones in America, they can go coast to coast from their bedroom windows.”  One American, Milton “my Yankee Doodle Dandy”, was ok. A planeload of them far too much. The thought of an entire country full of them! Well, back to Coronation Street she came.

Sylvia looks at Roy I think in their own Cropper way, Roy and his mother have resolved the problems of their history.  And it has been a delight to watch.  Understated performances by both actors, in keeping with the personalities of both.

Family Cropper style

We don’t know their backstory, as we do with other long-time characters’ parent and child relationships. But we’ve gleaned a lot of it from the characters as they are today.  There’s not been a lot of discussion of their past, either with each other or with other characters, but there’s been just enough that you can picture it:  Sylvia’s previous life as a wife and mother with social Roy scrubbing counter as Hayley remonstratesaspirations, Roy’s as a “loner” and possibly a lonely child awkward in the company of anyone.

Hayley is a good glue between the two. She had a traumatic childhood herself, as a boy who wanted to be a girl.  Also somewhat socially awkward, she has a natural demonstrativeness that has come out as she has become comfortable in her own skin.  So she understands the reserve that both Roy and Sylvia hold dear to their hearts. Yet she is willing to storm the walls of it.

I am sorry to see the departure of Robert Vaughn as Milton. But I am glad that Sylvia decided that a back street Salford (or Weatherfield) café was better suited to her than the golf courses of Palm Springs, California.  Development of the past, present and future of Cropper mother and son is one of the best stories on Coronation Street.

Katie comes in door and sees family waiting for herAs for the week’s other mother and child reunion, with Katie returning from her baby-free walkabout to find the household in an uproar after a near fire – she handled that by making an already bad situation even worse.  She took off, leaving a note saying ‘you’ll all be better off without me’.  Good one, Katie, that really solves the problem!

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 13/12)

Bend it like Beckham

Rosie has gone to London to be in a reality tv show – her chance at fame and fortune.  Jason and Rosie saying goodbye in taxiWednesday, she and Jason said goodbye in the black taxi that was taking her away.  Their farewell was surprisingly touching – and funny.  Trying to cheer her up about her talent and future success, Jason said  “D’ye remember how sometimes, when we were in the bedroom, we used to pretend to be David and Victoria Beckham?  Well, you were always dead good at that.”

The mind boggles David and Victoria Beckham in armani underwear adat trying to picture what that actually entails. “Night night David” Rosie says as Jason gets out of the cab.  “Sweet dreams, Victoria” he says.  Sweet and sad, with a lingering overlay of ‘oh yeeww!”’

Is Rosie growing up?  She seemed surprisingly upset about splitting up with Jason.  The television show is a Bachelor type series so she has to be single in order to compete.  She didn’t want to tell Jason but was forced into it when he decided to go to London with her.  He was upset to learn that she would throw him away for her career.  And she was upset about doing it.

I’ll miss Rosie.  She is a complex ditz.  But just when you write her off as a complete airhead, good for providing comic relief only, she surprises you.  She stood up to Frank Foster when she feared for her mother’s safety in going out with him.  Sometimes she has moments of acute self-awareness in which she recognizes her vacuity.  She truly cares for her sister and recognizes Sophie’s strengths but is also willing to poke pins in Sophie’s moments of smug superiority.

A Sylvia and Milton Moment

Sylvia and Milton kiss in front of cafeAnd a lovely visual this Monday – Sylvia and Milton after he has told her his plans for her and his future in Weatherfield.  So sweet.  I hope only that the Beckhams never feature in their fantasy life or, if they do, that they don’t tell us about it.  Ever.


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Update for Real Life Comments

cat watching dog video on computer screenThis, dear readers, will be my last mid-week post for a while.  I have a couple big projects that must be done.  I will continue doing the Corrie Scene of the Week and will approve comments.  But I won’t be able to respond to specific ancestry queries.

If you wish to follow the discussion, click on “comments feed” at the top left.  If readers can help with queries, please do so.  I’d like to keep alive what’s become an active Newfoundland Mi’kmaq forum.  I’ll be back, with results of what I’m working on, as soon as I can.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 6/12)

It’s not you, it’s me

Leanne crying and furiousPoor Leanne.  Monday after she fled the courtroom, Peter comes looking for her shamefacedly.  As she screams at him, you can see her very heart breaking.  Humiliated by Peter and Carla, but also it being public.  Nasty glossy colour photos handed to her in the courtroom by Frank’s mother.  An audience to watch her life fall apart.

Peter looking shamefacedIn the flat, Peter shuffling from foot to foot:  I didn’t want you to find out this way type of phrases coming out of his mouth.  Oh, you go girl, I was saying to the screen as she told him what a low life he was.

When she paused, I was surprised.  I had forgotten about her affair with Nick.  I was only seeing her as the aggrieved party.  She remembered her infidelity Leanne saying we can get past thisbefore I did, before Peter did too I think.   She stopped raving at him.  You forgave me so I should be able to forgive you.   She sucked up her sense of hurt and betrayal and said we can get past this.  And that forced him to say what he wouldn’t have had to say if she had simply thrown him out.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I love Carla blah blah blah.

Double humiliation.  And then he says you shouldn’t have to leave, I will.  Oh sure, she’ll go on living in the flat above your bookie Leanne with back to Peter as he explains his affairshop, that will work real well.  Watching you come and go, and Carla, and Simon torn apart by his mother being upstairs and his father at work downstairs.  That works all around!

Leanne did the only thing she could do – she left.  And the heartbreaking sight of Simon chasing the taxi down the street screaming for his mum.

Anticlimactic after Leanne leaves

Wonderful acting by them all, it actually made the trial conclusion rather anticlimactic for me.  And all Carla’s little secrets have come out, in the courtroom and after.  And I do not feel sorry for her at all although I did in the past.

Simon running after taxi cryingShe’s still living in the Land of Delusion where she and Peter live happily ever after.  Where?  In her flat?  Over the bookie shop where Peter and Simon’s home is?  And what exactly about Simon?  So far, he’s been shuffled off to grandma and grandpa’s place.  When is Carla going to see that he now is part of her “happily ever after” and he’s not happy about it.

War of 1812

In 1814 we took a little trip –

Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip’

We took a little bacon and we took a little beans

And we caught the bloody British in the town of New Orleans

We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin’

There wasn’t nigh as many as there was a while ago

We fired once more and they began to runnin’

On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

Won the battle, not the war

The Americans won the Battle of New Orleans, but not the war.  The War of 1812 was ended by the Treaty of Ghent, signed December 24th 1814, and Canada was still Canada, not part of the US.  The Americans did get this wonderful song written by Jimmy Driftwood,Fort McHenry flag war of 1812 an Arkansas school teacher, and made a hit by Johnny Horton in 1959.  They also got their national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, written for the flag atop Fort McHenry that survived the British attack on Baltimore.  The 1814 Battle of Baltimore followed upon the burning of Washington DC, including the White House, by the British.

The Americans wanted to take over Canada and get Britain totally out of North America.  They thought it would be easy, with the British already involved in the Napoleonic Wars.  It didn’t quite work out.  The British weren’t going to easily let go of more North American territory.

The UEL settlers of Upper Canada had made their political position clear when they left the United States after the War of Independence and they weren’t inclined Six Nations War of 1812 veterans phototo come under US rule again.  First Nations on both sides of the border, for the most part, fought with the British because they had promised a neutral Indian land in the mid-west.  One of them was John Smoke Johnson, a Mohawk chief from Six Nations near Brantford, maybe related through marriage to my family.  He’s on the left in this 1882 photo of the last Mohawk veterans of the War of 1812.

After 1812 – same as before

In the end, not much changed after 1814.  Geopolitical lines were restored to pre-war status in the Treaty of Ghent.  But Canada got a new sense of nationhood from fighting a war for our land.  The US didn’t lose or cede any land to the British, so claimed it as a map of Tecumseh's war 1811victory.  The First Nations did not get their promised land, which stayed in the hands of the US. And they were not given an independent homeland elsewhere in Canada.  Some moved north to Canada, hoping for better conditions with their military allies.  By fighting with the British, they had burned their bridges with the American administration, and it came down even harder on them.

But the British and Canadian governments didn’t keep their territorial promises.  Having defeated US encroachment, Painting by Lossing of what Tecumseh may have looked like ca 1868Canada believed there was no longer need of First Nations as military allies.  They became irrelevant to Canadian plans and were treated either as “wards” to be cared for or obstacles to development.

Tecumseh, the Shawnee war leader and politician, had been the main force behind the plan for an independent homeland.  He was killed October 5th 1813 at the Battle of the Thames, near Chatham, Ontario.

West of London there is what’s now a beautiful wooded park.  It was the site of the Battle of Longwoods, where, this weekend May 5th and Battle of Longwood cairn near Delaware Ontario6th, there will be a reenactment of that battle.  I hope Tecumseh’s spirit watches over it and all the reenactments this centenary year – remembering what might have been, what should have been.