Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 6/12)

It’s not you, it’s me

Leanne crying and furiousPoor Leanne. Monday after she fled the courtroom, Peter comes looking for her shamefacedly. As she screams at him, you can see her very heart breaking. Humiliated by Peter and Carla, but also it being public. Nasty glossy colour photos handed to her in the courtroom by Frank’s mother. An audience to watch her life fall apart.

Peter looking shamefacedIn the flat, Peter shuffling from foot to foot: I didn’t want you to find out this way type of phrases coming out of his mouth. Oh, you go girl, I was saying to the screen as she told him what a low life he was.

When she paused, I was surprised. I had forgotten about her affair with Nick. I was only seeing her as the aggrieved party. She remembered her infidelity Leanne saying we can get past thisbefore I did, before Peter did too I think. She stopped raving at him. You forgave me so I should be able to forgive you. She sucked up her sense of hurt and betrayal and said we can get past this. And that forced him to say what he wouldn’t have had to say if she had simply thrown him out. It’s not you, it’s me. I love Carla blah blah blah.

Double humiliation. And then he says you shouldn’t have to leave, I will. Oh sure, she’ll go on living in the flat above your bookie Leanne with back to Peter as he explains his affairshop, that will work real well. Watching you come and go, and Carla, and Simon torn apart by his mother being upstairs and his father at work downstairs. That works all around!

Leanne did the only thing she could do – she left. And the heartbreaking sight of Simon chasing the taxi down the street screaming for his mum.

Anticlimactic after Leanne leaves

Wonderful acting by them all, it actually made the trial conclusion rather anticlimactic for me. And all Carla’s little secrets have come out, in the courtroom and after. And I do not feel sorry for her at all although I did in the past.

Simon running after taxi cryingShe’s still living in the Land of Delusion where she and Peter live happily ever after. Where?  In her flat? Over the bookie shop where Peter and Simon’s home is? And what exactly about Simon? So far, he’s been shuffled off to grandma and grandpa’s place. When is Carla going to see that he now is part of her “happily ever after” and he’s not happy about it.