Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 27/12)

Children of the Corn

A week of kids, and both children and adults doing strange and hurtful things.

Faye and Owen

Best scene Owen apologizing to Faye - children of the cornpick:  Owen apologizing and explaining to Faye.  He flat out apologized for smacking her and said he had been wrong to do it.  But – important point – he linked what he did to her killing the fish.

Owen didn’t do it in an accusatory way, he said he understood that she had killed the fish because she was upset and angry and wanted to Faye smiling at Owenget back at him.  He then explained that he had felt the same way – angry and upset at what she had done.  He didn’t point out that he had taken his “revenge” on the target of his anger whereas she had taken hers out on innocent and uninvolved fish.  I hope she got the message though.

And finally he and Anna got the message that Faye ought to have a shed in the back yard if that would make her happy.  Surprisingly, she said she’d come to like the pond.  Again, Owen didn’t take the opportunity presented on a silver platter to say that there would be a point in having a fishpond if she hadn’t killed the fish that were in it!

Now he’s made a pond of lights and flamingos and who knows what at her direction and she seems happy.  Is it real or is she plotting some revenge on the plastic flamingo?  I still don’t trust that girl, although it was nice seeing her smile and being actually civil.

Katie and Owen

Owen hugging Katie goodnightThe scene that brought tears to my cynical old eyes:  Owen and Katie hugging when she finally came home.  He has taken a lot of flak in the show and online for flying off the handle about Katie leaving the baby alone.  I think he’s the only one that has acted like a normal person.  Why shouldn’t he be furious?  His teenage daughter wanted to play grown up so badly and now can’t handle having a baby because he doesn’t sleep and cries?  And she doesn’t have the sense to tell anyone she can’t cope before she just walks out the door?

Owen’s outrage is perhaps not helpful, but it’s certainly understandable.  And it’s in Owen and Anna announcing babysitting planskeeping with his character.  Since his arrival, he’s been a hard man with a quick temper.  But, although sometimes not the perfect parent, he clearly loves his daughters and would defend them to the death.  I hope his and Anna’s help with the baby eases the considerable pressure on Katie and Ches and I hope that they appreciate the effort being made to help them.

Simon Barlow

Simon lying through his teeth about CarlaAnd Simon – making the most of the opportunity presented by street gossip.  With all the furor made about the incident at the school when he refused to come home with Carla, it didn’t take him long to see a chance to get rid of her for good and get his ‘mother’ back.  Lie.  Carla’s got her hands full winning that one over; he’s smarter than Carla, Peter and Leanne put together.

Craig Tinker

Craig eating Steve's cookiesAnd finally, a kid who doesn’t have to do a thing to be truly scary – Craig.  Whether staring, eating or, as he has done at long last, speaking, he is absolutely fabulous.  As long as he stays on his side of my television screen.  I would be petrified with terror ever actually meeting a child like him.

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