Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Aug. 26/12)

Employee of the Year

So many good storylines and powerful scenes this week!  Sunita’s delusions about Karl and Dev’s heartbreak as she tells him the “truth” as she wants to believe it.  Izzy’s miscarriage, her heartbreak over telling Gary that she’s afraid to try again and her anger at her father for, basically, his fears being proven right.

Kirsty attacking Tyrone with vacuum hoseKirsty, the (thanks for small mercies) ex-cop, beating Tyrone with a plastic vacuum nozzle.  Sylvia being back, and thanking Roy with an awkward hug for, well, everything.  All good storylines and moving scenes.

Kylie, Dispatch Operator

Kylie with feet up in cab officeBut despite the drama and trauma, the shining moment of the week was Kylie, Dispatch Operator.   Like Darryl the Rat recently, Kylie needed only a few seconds of airtime Tuesday to totally upstage everything and everybody else.

The sight of Kylie actually being in control of whether or not people got a cab when and to where they wanted to go was scary but wonderful.  If I were Steve, I’d hire her full time.  I don’t know if she’d ever get a paying customer in a cab but I bet people would call just to hear what she said to them.

dispatch Kylie telling caller to wait“Listen you impatient old bat, I told you he was on his way.  So why don’t you make a brew and stop fussing.

“Hello.  Streetcars.  How can I help?  What number?  Is that the one with all the gnomes?  You want to get rid, people laugh you know.  I’m just telling you the truth —  on its way.”

Ryan, not on dispatch

Lloyd, Ryan and Kylie in cab officeI am not enjoying Ryan, the reason she was on the switch at the cab office.  The only improvement I see over the previous Ryan is that his hair is off his face.

Ryan played by Ben ThompsonI couldn’t bear looking at No. 1 Ryan, thinking about the pimples breeding under that wall of hair over his forehead.  But in terms of personality, while No. 1 Ryan didn’t have many winning ways, at least he could be excused for being in the awkward stage of adolescence.

No. 2 Ryan has outgrown that phase.  Even his mother is finding it Ryan preparing cocaine in bathroom stallhard to find excuses for him although she certainly is doing her best to rationalize his despicable behaviour to everyone. He got marginally more interesting with the cocaine thing, if only to see how Michelle can so quickly accept his excuses, believe his lies, blame anyone else and time after time say ‘ok, he’s learned his lesson now, he won’t do it again.’  Sure he won’t.

And Michelle yelling at Ryan over top of toilet stallthe sight of Michelle leaning over the top of a toilet stall, scaring the wits out of him as he prepared a line. A priceless moment! Ryan is a truly horrible little weasel – he must be if even Kylie has come to dislike him.

Kylie telling caller to get rid of garden gnomesBut I forgive him everything, for putting her on Streetcars’ switchboard for a customer experience that I don’t think even Fat Brenda could match.