Austin Anger, a story

My cousin Lynda Sykes wrote this story about our grandfather Austin Anger. She and grandpa giving whisker rubher mother had dug out some old family pictures, including the one here of Grandpa giving her a “whisker rub” that she describes in her story. The photo was taken July 13, 1963 on Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary.

All of us grandkids remember Grandpa as he is described here – his unique use of language, his sense of humour and his affection for us.  Fortunately, we also have Lynda and her ability to capture our memories in words.  Thanks, Lynda, for allowing me to reprint this here. Click on the story to see a readable view.

Austin Anger story by Lynda Sykes
Click to see larger view

Amazon link for Because We Are Canadians book
Lynda Sykes is the editor of a WWII battlefield memoir entitled Because We Are Canadians by the late Charles Kipp. It’s a really good read and it has a foreword written by Pierre Berton. (Click image or highlighted title for link to it on Amazon.

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4 thoughts on “Austin Anger, a story”

    1. Hi Nan, yeah, he and Grandma really were everything you think of grandparents being – funny, strong and just fun to be around. It was a great place for a kid. Lynda really captured the essence of him. Glad you wrote, and hope little Otis is doing well. :)

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