Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 11/12)

Greek Night

Tuesday: Roy looking through the debris of Greek Night, picks up a broken object. It’s a Roy holding broken model train carmodel train car – a 5th anniversary gift from Hayley. Mary says “I’ll replace it”. He explodes that it can’t be replaced, that she violated his and Hayley’s home, their belongings and memories. Mary says “I did it for you.” Holding the broken model in his hand, he says “Or is it just a convenient excuse so you could Greek Night - Roy asking Mary to please leaveselfishly enact yet another bizarre fantasy of Mary the restaurant owner?”

Mary, much as I like her, does seem to embody some sort of passive-aggressive narcissism. What she wants to do takes precedence over any one else’s wishes. Indeed, it takes precedence over decent behaviour and common sense. And it always ends up, somehow, with her blaming someone else for the fact that her plans for herself or for them didn’t quite work out.

Some on the street recognize this Roy challenging Mary's self-justificationin her. Norris does and, after the past few weeks of working with her, so too does Anna. Hayley knows it and, I predict, Nick soon will. But no one has put it into words, especially in direct confrontation with her, any more astutely than did Roy.

And Roy is the man who doubts his ability to communicate. He communicated the Mary leaving as Roy sits devastated at his tabledevastation he feels over her tromping over his café, his home and the trust that he placed in her. He made it clear he won’t not buy into selfless ‘only wanted to help’ justification for selfish and deluded obsession.

If we could only turn Roy’s acuity on Michelle and Kylie

Michelle disbelieving of Ryan's excusesThanks to Kevin, Michelle realized that poor widdle upset Ryan was responsible for Sophie being hit because he was playing in traffic while stoned. And for a split second, she lost her sympathy for his “I’m sorry” routine.

Michelle saying Tracy is to blameBut then she had a moment to think, and, in a justification of self and child worthy of Mary herself, she proclaimed that really it was all Tracy’s fault. If Tracy hadn’t lied about a baby, hadn’t dumped him – whatever – then he wouldn’t have been so upset and Steve looks disbelievingly at Michelle blaming TracySophie wouldn’t be severely injured. Yeah, Michelle, that works. It can’t be Ryan’s fault, can it? Even Steve, deluded as he is about both Michelle and Ryan, looked at her like “whah??”

And for our third denizen of de land of delusion, Kylie admitted to Nick that she had Roy apologizing to Nick and Kyliecalled the council on Mary selling liquor and that she had no evidence. She had listened to Roy apologize for Mary’s dinner wars and his saying that he was liable if charges for selling liquor without a licence were upheld. If she didn’t realize the seriousness of that, Nick’s reaction to Roy’s words and later to her would make her realize this wasn’t petty neighbour squabbling.

Nick asks Kylie if she called CouncilBut still she was willing to let Roy be collateral damage – too bad, can’t do anything about it now. Well actually there is, Nick pointed out to her. He ordered her to get herself to council offices first thing on Monday and fix the mess. And she gave her ‘poor maligned me’ pout and flounced off to wipe glasses or something. Because like Mary, Michelle and Ryan, it can’t possibly ever ever be Kylie’s fault!

Bill Tarmey

Bill Tarmey in 2010 with his dog SaatchiOn Friday Nov. 9th, Bill Tarmey, our Jack, died. He was on holiday in Tenerife and there’s something wonderfully Corrie about that. I hope it’s ok with Mare’s Dad if I post his Oct. 3rd take on recent goings-on in Jack’s house on Coronation Street. “This entire situation with Tyrone, the Girlfriend From Hell, and Tommy would have been all straightened out in ten minutes if Jack were there”. It’s a fitting tribute to Jack, and the character was very much the man Bill Tarmey. Thank you, Bill, for the gift of your voice and the unforgettable character of Jack Duckworth.

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