Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 18/12)

Mrs. Guy Fawkes

I love Lewis when he ceases being Mr. Suave and Urbane.  Oh, I love him when he is Mr. Lewis waits in Rovers as comment cards are read outSlick too.  But this week, he showed himself to be the biggest scheming cat Coronation Street has seen in a long time.  He makes Tracy look like a rookie and even Gloria, who I think could teach Tracy a thing or two, “unraveled nicely” as he said.

Gail apologizingHe was absolutely wonderful all week, especially as he put his plan for revenge into effect.  But the absolute Kodak Moment for me was when Gail came to sort of apologize to him and speak on her mother’s behalf.  She said “I don’t know what to say,” and he, still charming and sophisticated, he spoke absolutely straightforwardly to her:  “Best zip it then.”

Bonfire Night may have had fireworks instead of a bonfire. But what fireworks they Gloria struggling with judge for plaquewere!  Lewis carefully orchestrated the unmasking of Gloria in the Best Pub competition.  Then, not being satisfied with that, he ensured that Leanne withdrew the offer of her couch for Gloria after Stella booted her out.

He was still not content to just watch her slink off in her Lewis talks to Gloria in taxi backseatblack taxi.  He opened the door, and gloated over telling her that he had done this to her. Then telling her that he was moving on to Tweedledee, her partner in subterfuge.

Meanwhile he still has not forgiven Audrey for her knowledge of the set up Gloria and Lewis tells Audrey it is overGail did to him.  He is polite, even caring, but tells her it is over, sorry.

I do think he is overreacting. After all, he knows that he did a lot of conning of women while doing his legitimate gigolo job.  And there is a matter of £10,000 that Audrey paid to get him out of trouble with a conned woman, Penny, and/or the police.

Neither he nor Audrey, it seems, want to acknowledge that she might well be within her Lewis and Gazette reporter pleased with results in Roversrights to test his loyalty, to see if the leopard really has changed his spots.  Given that, she could have legitimately argued that forcing Gloria and Gail to stop their plan to test him, or telling him what they were doing, would have simply meant that Gail would never ever stop harping about him using her mother.

Better to let the ‘test’ run its course and, if he passed it, tell Gail to “zip it.”   She wouldn’t be in much of a position to do anything else. But Audrey, feeling so guilty about betraying “dear Lewis”, didn’t think to say that.  I’d have thought it would have crossed his mind.  If not, I’ve hoped that Gail would point it Lewis comes from shop with bottle and sees Leanneout.  But on Thursday, seeing Lewis in the full flight of revenge, I’m glad no one pointed out the obvious.

I think this Lewis is just wonderful. Still, I’d rather take my chances with crossing Tracy than him.

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