Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Dec. 2/12)

Like others, I didn’t see the point of Eva Price when she first appeared on Coronation Eva getting information from hotel clerkStreet.  But over the months I have come to see that there is more to her than the strutting and flouncing and that wonderful way she carries her purse.  And Raquel behind Rovers barTuesday she was absolutely brilliant.  Indeed, as a blogger notes, she is reminiscent of the glorious Raquel.

When she and Steve barged into the Sheffield hotel room, expecting to find Rob with Michelle, they initially thought they’d got it totally wrong girl emerges from bathroom to room full of peoplewhen Michelle came from her room – across the hall.

But then who was in the bathroom showering?  A towel-clad girl came out, surprised to see a room full of strangers.  And the pennies all clinked into place for Eva.  She walked up to Rob, carefully Eva knees Robpositioned herself and kneed him in the groin.

After he recovered, and Michelle and Steve had left the room, he tried to make amends.  Flashing his best smile and waving a bottle of champagne that they “shouldn’t let go to waste”, he told her that girl meant nothing to him, Rob holding champagne and smilingmight as well have been the trouser press in the corner.  After what Eva had done to him, I’m surprised he could put the words trousers and press in the same sentence!

She smiled warmly, walked to him, took the bottle in one hand, put her other hand on his arm and poured the champagne dripping off Rob's headbottle over his head. Then turned on her heel and walked out.

A lovely one-two action that showed a delightful side of her – at least as long as you weren’t Rob.

Back home, she showed her other sides; the ‘why does every man do me dirty?’ one, the rivaling sibling with Leanne, the wishful seductress Eva eats chips and watches Nick and Leanneof Nick, and the lonely girl watching as Leanne and Nick kiss and make up.

Wednesday, after a little advice from Nick to pick herself up and dust herself off, she did just that.  In Eva in red dress at factorykeeping with her insecurity, though, she takes it a little too far, overdoes the makeup and the dress by more than a tad considering she’s going to work.  Still – wowza!!

I don’t like what she’s doing to break Nick and Leanne up, though.  You don’t want him that bad, Eva!  Look a bit further afield than your own backyard.

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