Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Dec. 16/12)

On Friday, a drunk and pouting Tommy Duckworth actually made a lot of sense.  Not the happy-dayspart about suggesting – no, demanding – that Tina abort this medical science-conceived baby.  The part about the Windasses hovering like something out of a horror movie.

Throughout this story, I have wished someone would tell Gary to back off, and Anna and Owen and even Izzy.  Give Tina a bit of space and peace.  Stop plumping her Tommy-wishing-Gary-awaypillows, stop offering cups of tea, stop following her closer than a dog on her heels.  Especially stop following and fussing when Tommy is around.  It’s claustrophobic enough for Tina, but doing it to both her and Tommy?

Whether or not you think that Tommy is being a jerk about this, he and Tina have a relationship that does not include the Windass family.  Tommy could not make his feelings about this whole surrogacy any clearer unless he hit a Windass over the head with a plank, so why can’t they take the hint?  Respect his feelings, be thankful that he’s doing the best he can to be supportive and give him, and Tina, a bit of space.

I do think that Tommy has been a total jerk over this.  I don’t know how Tina has tolerated the sullen pouts, the fits of temper, the incredibly stupid ideas he’s suggested.  And it’s only been a few weeks.  Nine months of Tommy sulking or throwing tantrums?  everyone-knowsAs well as having the Windasses glued to your backside?  If I were Tina, I’d be packing a bag and taking me and Little Armstrong-Windass to Land’s End or somewhere no Windass, Armstrong or Duckworth would ever find me.  Send the baby back to Coronation Street when it’s born if you want to keep your end of the deal.

Failing that, Tina ought to stand up and tell them all to back off a bit.  Tommy’s ranting, enjoy-it-while-you-canafter his hideous experience in the Rovers, gave an accurate assessment of the situation in which he and Tina find themselves.  One or both of them need to calmly and politely explain the same thing to the Windasses.

Tina perhaps also needs to once again remind Tommy of exactly why they need the still-have-a-choicemoney she is being paid for this:  to bail him out of his debts and support both of them while he flails about feeling sorry for himself.

So, words of accurate insight coming out of an unlikely source, Tommy Duckworth.  I hope Tina matches them with words to Tommy and her new surrogate family.

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