Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Dec. 30/12)

A week of people not making sure secret talks are secret, of sturm und drang with our newly minted Californians and of the hideous sight of another May and September affair.

want-a-jobOut of it all, the scene for me was Roy checking to see if Fiz and Chesney’s meals were ok.  His query went:  “Is everything all right? Good, good.  Want a job?”  The rapidity from which he went from one to the other surprised me, and I knew it was coming.  Good for Fiz, though.  Despite her surprise, she knows Roy well enough to not show that he’d thrown her for a loop.  He thank-you-royseemed embarrassed, perhaps because of their almost familial relationship or because the suggestion of hiring Fiz came from Tyrone.  Even Roy is cognizant of the gossip surrounding Fiz and Tyrone and their supposed estrangement.   But bless his heart.  I look forward to Fiz and Roy working together.  It’s been a long time since we saw her in the heart of the Cropper household.

lollipop-barrierAnother bright spot happened Friday, with the lollipop people united in sticking it to Steve.  Oh how wonderful!

As to the rest of it, first Fiz and Tyrone sneaking around to talk but not taking care that they truly have total privacy.  I know it’s a soap standard, but they’ve done it too many times in my book.  Please look around!

Second, Carla and Peter:  I like the new Peter look, but the overlay of laid-back California on Peter crazy intensity is kinda creepy.  And while I believe that Peter ought to take his Carla-leavespartner’s needs and wishes into consideration as much as Simon’s, why couldn’t they both see right off the bat that he could stay in Weatherfield for Christmas and follow Carla to Los Angeles later?  They are both adults and not joined at the hip.  Why put Simon through the torment of ‘here’s daddy, there goes daddy’?  Instead, in the end, Peter does put Simon first and it appeared he and Carla ended things there at airport security.

And lastly, Stella and Jason.  Yes, they are both fit but do we really need to see this?  The time-of-my-lifegak factor is truly overwhelming.  Maybe it’s worse with them than with the other relationships of this kind that we’ve seen.  For me I think, it’s because when you compare Stella’s brains and Jason’s, there is absolutely nothing about them that could possibly fit except, well, the obvious.  I can’t see this going well for anyone.

a-christmas-corrieSince we’re still in the Christmas season, off and on Corrie, there’s a great Coronation Street special of A Christmas Carol.  You can watch it at Corrie Canuck.  And Merry Christmas to all and to all a good 2013.

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