Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Jan. 13/13)

Honeymoon Suite

Probably Kylie could do better than Nick, but he’s a vast improvement on David.  So this was my favourite shot of the week.Nick-Kylie-honeymoon-suite

The repercussions of this will be horrible, so I truly hope Kylie and Nick had a good time in Heartbreak Hotel.

I’ve noticed that changes in Kylie’s makeup have kept pace with changes in her character.  As her actions have matured, so too has her look.  She’s gone from street streel to sophisticated lady.  Note that David’s look is also still in keeping with his character – nothing has changed.

David hugs KylieKylie has outgrown David.  She does love him, I believe, partly for whatever drew her to him in the first place and also because he treated her as a person with a brain and a heart.  But she doesn’t fully realize that he really doesn’t have either of those himself.

Comparing Kylie and Barney

He is a mummy’s boy who has reason to believe that tantrums will get him anything.  He Kylie and Barney Young David-with-Barney rabbitlikes having pets.  In some ways, Kylie replaced Barney the rabbit.  David likes her as long as she goes along with everything he wants and tells him that he is truly as wonderful as his mother has always told him.  That, presumably, is what Barney did although we’ll never know what the rabbit really thought.  Kylie was a kind of pet for him, someone less able to cope with the grown-up world than he is, someone who made him look responsible.

But, unlike Barney, Kylie let him know that she had aspirations outside his purview.  She wanted to join him in the world of hairdressing but he was absolutely opposed to that.  Kylie-hotel-barSo she got a job elsewhere.  She did so initially to spite him, but she grew into it and grew into herself.  David became frantic to bring her back into the hutch he’d made for her.  ‘Have to be a daddy, NOW!’  Stamp feet stamp feet stamp feet.

And Gail’s advice to Kylie?  ‘What’s the harm in giving him what he wants?’  She dressed it up in more therapist-type wording about relationship give-and-take so it sounded more like good counsel than Mummy-talk.  Kylie has come to respect Gail so she actually listened to her.

Kylie’s own decision made the most sense to me if she wanted to avoid a David tantrum: play along to keep the peace and stay on the pill.  It’s just too bad others found out.  More ‘therapy’ from Gail, and Kylie feeling guilty about deceiving her husband.

Nick-Kylie-wake-upNow Kylie has found out that there is another man who respects her abilities and recognizes her heart.  Problem is he’s David’s brother.  So Kylie feels double guilt now.  And you know that Gail will continue her protection of her boys.  If Gail actually took an objective look at her kids and compared them with Kylie, she might see that it’s Kylie she ought to be protecting against them, especially David.

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