Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Jan. 20/13)

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is an art and a craft.  It requires skill in preparation and fly fishing Durham_Ranger_salmon_fly-Michael-Maggs-wikicommonsexecution, an eye for beauty, the ability to reproduce nature, and patience. It is duplicitous by its very nature. The fisherman must create something beautiful to the fish, but a beauty that is true in its appearance.  He must reproduce an appealing reality, in essence.

A smart fish will take time to watch and gauge its actions before believing that the beautiful dancing insect is genuine. The fisherman must wait as long as the fish does. When the fish takes a big leap of faith, the fisherman too acts fast. Then the fish finds out it is a cruel hoax. The enticing exterior hides a barbed hook. Too late then for the fish.

does-you-creditLewis has been fly fishing this week. The lure Lewis created for Gail was simply that he found her an honourable and enticing woman. An easy lure to make for anyone. But he crafted it well and his casting in Gail’s direction has been perfectly timed. He has her hooked now.

Taking the bait

We wait now only to see if he plays the line right and reels Gail in without her managing to escape the hook. So far, Gail hasn’t proved to be the smartest fish in the river. It’s possible he didn’t need to waste such a beautiful lure on her. But I’m sure he’s a man who believes if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Approaching_the_net_geograph.org_.uk_kelt-salmon-wikicommonsThe smoldering looks, the touching of hand or arm, the flattery of her motherly wisdom and care, whispered words – Gail has been like a big-eyed old trout just saying ‘please give me the bait’.

Her falling for him despite everything she knows about him, and the even worse that she has believed about him, isn’t out of character for Gail. She’s shown herself able to be duped by almost any man who walks past her, and Lewis is very skilled with considerable practice. I thought that even she would get suspicious at the job offer of a lifetime in Italy that Lewis turned down kisssupposedly. But no, she doesn’t see anything odd about such coincidental timing.

So she’s going to engage in whatever she thinks they will be engaging in, and she’s willing to throw her mother’s feelings over in order to do it. I don’t know when Lewis is going to tell her what he’s been doing. But I hope he does it before a) they sleep together and b) she actually tells Audrey. I don’t want to see either Gail or Audrey humiliated that much.

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