Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 3/13)


kirsty-in-dressMy husband’s guess was that Kirsty would show up at her wedding with a hidden gun. After seeing her wedding dress, I asked where would she hide it? I never thought about her bouquet as a hiding spot, and neither of us thought Tyrone’s secret cell phone would be what she hid in it.

Very clever is our Kirsty. By reciting off some of Tyrone’s texts to Fiz, it’s Tyrone who looks bad here, not bat-crazy Kirsty. It was an absolutely insane plan that Fiz came up with, made even more insane by Tyrone’s planned execution of it.

cell phone in kirsty's handFiz consulted a lawyer who told her Tyrone could establish parental rights by marrying the child’s mother. But I feel there must have been a “however” in there that she missed.

Legal Opinions

Indeed, some UK lawyers have given their opinions online: there are kirsty on phone in churchother ways he could gain parental responsibility. These options, and DNA testing, were mentioned in passing earlier in the story but haven’t been dealt with in a satisfactory fashion for most fans.

I could find nothing to show whether Tyrone’s plan to depart straight from his own wedding reception with the baby and Fiz would be kirsty and tyrone at altarlegally tenable for him to claim custody. But it makes no common sense to me. He would have not established even a legally binding marital relationship with Kirsty.

So, in following the real-life logic of this plotline, there are huge holes. But it has been riveting due to the domestic abuse story content and the acting by both principals. When the cell phone was kirsty reacts to textsfound in the couch and Kirsty realized what it was, it was impossible to not feel sorry for her as her dreams crashed around her. Even though we feared what she would do next, the emotional devastation she felt was so real.

Natalie Gumede has successfully conveyed a woman on the edge; trying to control the violence in herself that she hates so much, hoping that she can change her behaviour, hoping that they can truly be the happy family textthat she has wanted for so long. Then seeing the texts laying out the whole of Tyrone’s betrayal of the dream and what had appeared to be the reality. And betraying her and the life she and Tyrone had with the woman Kirsty for so long has seen as a threat. Despite knowing that Tyrone has good reason for what he’s doing, my heart still ached for Kirsty.

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