Corrie Street Aug. 4/13

Mother Sylvia

Despite her pointed observations (usually accurate if not tactfully phrased), Sylvia is a truly warm-hearted person. A woman who acknowledges shortcomings, including her Sylviaown, and recognizes a person’s strengths. She knows when to confront issues and when it’s best to back off. As they say, a pillar of strength. I wish she’d adopt me.

On Thursday Hayley came home, rattled by being called back to the doctor’s office almost immediately after an inconclusive and unsettling ultrasound. Roy wanted to be supportive and interested in her world after putting her through the stress of his problems. Had she been shopping, had she bought anything nice? Hayley didn’t know how to answer him. Sylvia covered for her beautifully by telling him he couldn’t understand a woman’s approach to shopping, you don’t necessarily come home with anything.

As soon as she had shooed him out of the room, she turned to Hayley. Concerned but Sylvia-and-Hayleybusiness-like, she asked what did they say. Hayley explained that she hadn’t been given any answers, just more reason for concern. Sylvia didn’t press for more information, didn’t ask more questions when she saw Hayley was frightened and couldn’t answer. She just gave her a huge lovely hug. Hayley and Roy are going to need Sylvia to get through the adversities both are dealing with, separately and together. Especially now, after Friday’s news.

I am away right now and wrote this before Sunday’s episodes were posted on CBC’s site, so I cannot get photos from the episode. My apologies.