Corrie Street Aug. 3/14

Fairy Tale

not-have-to-be-like-thatAndrea turns up, with a bag, at Lloyd’s flat. She is ready to move in and ready, willingly or not, to tell him she is married. But Lloyd has already found out. They ignore the flowers and champagne that were meant to welcome her.

Lloyd doesn’t want to hear her explanations or protestations of love. It was a fairy tale, he says, beautiful girl meets ordinary guy and and wants to live with him happily ever fairy tale our-sorry-little-taleafter. But fairy tales don’t come true.

They can, says she. Trapped in an ok marriage, she found her Prince Charming in Lloyd. She loves him, wants to live with him, has left her husband. Her suitcase is her proof, she wants the happy ending.

But Lloyd can’t believe her. Because of his low self-esteem, Steve’s harsh words about her, and the extent of Andrea’s deception, he if-i-did-think-about-itbelieves that once again he’s been played for the fool. He was her bit on the side, as Steve said, and he hadn’t been able to read the signs she had been giving out. So he had blundered on, hoping and believing.

Andrea is devastated. What will she do if Lloyd tells her to leave? He wants to believe her and almost does. He should talk to her husband, he says, try to explain, try to make things right.

She hadn’t told her husband about Lloyd. She had just destroyed his family, she said, why lloyd-grabs-baghurt him more? But Lloyd takes that avoidance of the truth as a negation of him, and Plan B for her. Out, he says as he throws her bag toward the door.

However, a question pops to my mind. Aren’t they on Facebook?  Wouldn’t somebody have checked out somebody else’s profile and have had social media FBcircles collide? Could Andrea so completely hide her two lives from each other for so long?