Our Deirdre

Deirdre Barlow with EcclesAnne Kirkbride has died. Tonight, after a short illness, say the news reports on CBC and online. We know her best as Deirdre Barlow.

We last saw her flinging a trifle that didn’t set properly against the wall. Evidently being on the brink, she then went to visit a friend so that Anne could have a well-deserved break.

I have been hoping she’d soon return. The Barlow household, indeed the whole street, just isn’t the same without her.

Deirdre washing dishes & cryingMy condolences to her real-life family and her Coronation Street family. She will be sorely missed.

She will always be The Weatherfield One.

Amazon link for coronation street cookbookIn honour of Deirdre’s trifle and her signature stuffed marrow, here’s a link to The Coronation Street Cookbook by Graham Carlisle on Amazon.



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