Corrie Street Apr. 12/15

Cordon Blech

Sally Webster on Friday. Dramatic moments happened, and events crucial to story arcs. Above it all, Sally shone.

very-cordon-bleuAt the Bistro, thinking about steak tartare. To Tim’s opinion that raw steak “sounds minging “, Sally says “it’s very Cordon Blue – or is it Bleu?” “Cordon Blech is more like it” says Tim, so drawing the Sally Glare of Cognoscente Disapproval.

Turns out Tim hadn’t invited her there for dinner, just a drink. Maybe a stop at the chippy on their way back to the Rovers for very-happy-to-stayanother, cheaper, drink. Before leaving, they see Carla with a client. Carla firmly and repeatedly rebuffs Sally’s chitchat and offers of assistance . Tim finally manages to drag her away.

Anna and Owen are at the Rovers. Owen unwillingly, he’d like to take advantage of their empty flat (nudge wink). Anna will drink anything or do anything to avoid going to their empty flat, even sit with Sally. standards-at-freshcoThey’re celebrating, Anna says, Owen has a job, Sally says “Oh, it’s about time!”

Sally on grocery shopping at Freshco’s: “As for ‘do you need a bag?'” Tim inserts his answer to such a silly question, “I know, how are you going to get your shopping home, on your head?” Sally looks at him as if he were a slug: “I’ve always got my bags with me, my bags for life. I’m very green.” I have carried my own shopping bags for years, but I considered stopping. I don’t want to be Sally!

i-just-have-to-take-stockShe moved on to the reasons shop staff are inept and/or rude: bad parenting. Whereas she has two brilliant girls who are a tribute to her parenting skills and the value of an education at a good school. Anna asked sardonically what was that Oak Hill educated daughter doing, “modelling, isn’t it?” “Lingerie,” Sally muttered.

the-sign-of-good-parenting-is-itAnna finally had enough. Better to return to the empty flat with amorous Owen than strangle Sally. As they headed home, the big event was revealed to them. A frantic Craig, asking for them to come with him. Faye was having her baby.

A teenage hidden pregnancy, the return of Platt daughter and granddaughter – big plot developments. Sally demonstrating belief in her own social superiority? Not new, but so beautifully done.

except-in-her-caseThe creation of situations for Sally’s pearls of wisdom was somewhat contrived. Leaving the Rovers for the Bistro meant seeing Carla, and also disappointment in her expectation of a fancy night out. Then back to the Rovers so she could sit with people she doesn’t like. Still, seeing full-on Sally was worth it.

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