Corrie Street Oct. 4/15

Messrs. Big

I like the baddie who came to make Callum pay up. I like his tony-denton-and-petehenchman too. And when Tony burst in the door, the triumvirate of tough guys was complete. Poor Callum has been screeching with terror a lot lately. Last week with Tony pounding him. This week with Mr. Big coming to collect what’s owed him one way or the other.

Poor Jason was caught hiding beside the closet, due to an ill-timed phone call from his ‘Mam’. The timing of his pay-back visit to Callum was tony-comes-through-dooroff as well. If he had waited just a bit, Denton and Pete might have taken care of Callum for him.

While Jason’s new bad-boy butchy look and attitude would be enough to give Callum the thumping he is owed, his injuries mean he is not at fighting strength. But Tony is, and Tony is going to save his son from himself or Callum.


jason-tony-callum-goonsSo the five of them end up in the living room of the friend’s flat where Callum is staying. We don’t know who the friend is but I like his place, particularly the painting of the cheetah. I had feared it would be damaged if there was a big fight.

But the two senior men – Tony and Mr. Big – had a stare-down and reached an understanding. Tony only wants to get his boy out of there and he is not going to make any trouble about Tony Callum Dentonwhatever Mr. Big needs to do with Callum.

Callum is squeezing David and Kylie for money so he can pay Mr. Big what he owes. So I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of Callum-the-heavy. I hope we see Mr. Big and Pete again. They do it so well.

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