Corrie Street Oct. 11/15


What a difference four years and some excellent acting and writing leanne-sees-eva-in-taximakes! Eva Price came home to Coronation Street Wednesday. I was delighted to see her.

She came back in exactly the same state as she had first arrived: devastated, dumped by “a lying stinking cheating man pig.” In 2011 I thought ‘my god, who is this and, please, when will she be gone?’ This time I was, ‘yes! she’s back!’

Arriving in a black taxi, lying-stinking-cheating-man-pigswearing and crying, she fumbled her way out, spilling her suitcase all over the street. Leanne, passing by, saw her and took her home. She listened as long as she could, but she had things to do – we’ll talk later. Same thing when Eva runs into Kylie – good to see you, gotta go, stuff’s happening.

Back to the Rovers

What else is a returned rover going to do with all her mates busy? eva-impatient-at-barGo to the Rovers Return. She has more than a passing interest in the place and the staff, having worked behind the bar herself and her mother being the previous landlady and her deranged stepfather burning it down and almost killing her mother in the process. She has never met Sarah Louise before. And she doesn’t think much of her. The feeling is mutual.

To top off her perfectly brilliant day and life, the first person she glass-of-wine-over-toddknows who comes in is Todd. The instigator of her break-up with Jason. Todd is happy to see her. She offers him a drink. He’s delighted to accept. And then he finds out she means the drink to be on him – literally.

Oh, Eva, a lot of new people have turned up on the street since you’ve been gone.  None are as welcome as you!