Corrie Street Oct. 25/15

Goin’ to the Chapel

chapel of love bistro with rita and sophieIt was the Bistro, not the Chapel of Love, but Sally was gonna get married. No guests, an officiant who had to get off to another wedding in a basketball court, and no sign of a groom. But Sally was undeterred. “Build it and they will come” was her mantra.

She had thought of that while going through her DVDs and finding Tim’s favourite, Field of Dreams. Yes, build it. They will come. So she Sally's wedding faye waitscarried on with the wedding plans. He will come, she assured all doubters.

And he did. Craig and Kevin went to see Tim at Anna’s flat. With Anna’s help they chivvied him into going to his own wedding, the one he had said was off.

They will come

Even Sally had given up hope. In they walked, the groom and his best Sally's wedding Tim walks inmen. A few guests, hurriedly gathered up from the pub by Sophie, joined the party.

Craig grabbed some flowers to use as boutonnieres. Tim held his in his hands like a bouquet and walked down the aisle to where Sally waited. Kevin and Craig fell in line behind him like bridesmaids.

Sally's wedding happensHe handed his single flower bouquet to Sally. And so they were wed. I think theirs has to be one of the loveliest and funniest weddings I’ve ever seen on Coronation Street.