Dog Hallowe’en

Dog Hallowe’en

This Saturday is Howl-O-Een at the STDOA Kettle Creek Dog Park. Party at the park from 2 to 4 pm. Treats, prizes and no charge to come. But donations for the pet food bank would be greatly appreciated. To put you in the mood to find a costume for Fido, here are photos from the 2010 STDOA-ABCR fund-raising dog Hallowe’en walkathon, Paws in the Park.

Dog Hallowe'en walkathon Leo 2010

Charlie and Leo got new outfits in honour of the event. They liked them. Well, Leo liked his. Charlie? You can judge for yourself.

Hallowe'en Charlie 2010  photo Jim Stewart

It was a sunny, windy, bone-chilling day. Dogs had their hats and boas blow off. Still, they pranced and played and asked for treats. A nice day. And money raised for ABCR to keep rescuing dogs and for STDOA to keep the dog parks operating.

2010 Hallowe’en Walkathon

Dog Hallowe'en ABCR walkathon 2010

Halloween-Paws-in-the-Park-1 photo Jim Stewart

Hallowe'en walkathon 2010

Halloween-Paws-in-the-Park8 photo Jim Stewart

Hallowe'en walkathon 2010

halloween-paws-in-the-park-12 photo Jim Stewart

Hallowe'en walkathon 2010

Halloween-Paws-in-the-Park-2 photo Jim Stewart

A Visit to Grandma

Afterwards, we went to show off the new costumes at my mother’s nursing home. The dogs are always welcome visitors there. But this time, they sashayed around and greeted everyone even more than they usually do.


Leo sat posing, seeing himself as The Most Interesting Dog in the World perhaps. After a while, however, Charlie decided it was time for Elvis to leave the building. It had been a long day for The King.

Charlie Elvis 2010 photo d stewart

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