Corrie Street Nov. 22/15

Tile Street

Steve tiling the ladies’ washroom in Tuesday’s episode was funny. I tiling ad break photowasn’t the only one to think so, I would guess, based on the production team’s decision to use it as the still prior to the commercial break. It is rare that shots taken from the actual episode are used instead of one of the stock shots of the street or pub.

steve watches tiling videoUsually, Michelle and Liz laughing at Steve’s efforts is annoying and uncalled-for. But in this case (sorry, home handy persons), it was understandable. The situation was pretty funny.

tiles-fallingThey even tried to be supportive after the great fall. Michelle said, yes, the wall did seem to have a curve in it. And she managed to keep a straight face as she said it.

Let Tony do it

If Steve had let common sense overrule emotion, he might have looked at Tony repairing the loo as only right. Tony owns half the pub. Michelle, Steve and Liz watch tiles fallHe makes no contribution to its operation at all. I hope he is not getting half the returns from it. But as his share of the workload, and as penance for his fraud, having him do repair work for free makes sense. But doing that repair work means his presence in the bar and Steve, with cause, does not want to see him near the place.

Having done some tiling, and learning it isn’t as easy as it looks, I dab andy tiling video screencould sympathize with Steve’s plight. But still, like Liz and Michelle, I couldn’t help but snicker, indeed laugh.

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