Corrie Street Jan. 10/16

Corrie Street Jan. 10/16

Christmas Again

Corrie Christmas with people-coming-out-on-street

It was like having another Christmas this week, the perfect one you dream of. Sleigh bells ring, snow is glistening. It was way better than visiting Santa’s village in Lapland. It was seeing the magic at home in your community, brought to you by your friends and family. And that, Tyrone, is the true value of Christmas.


There was sadness – the reason for the street extravaganza – Hope’s illness. There was impatience, thwarted plans and ingratitude. Mechanical problems meant lights and the snow maker didn’t work on Christmas Eve. Tyrone snapped at the elves. But they recognized that he had a bigger sadness, the likelihood that Hope would not be able to come home, that she wouldn’t see any of it anyway.

fiz-and-hope home Christmas Eve

Then the beautiful moment: Hope walked around the corner with Fiz and saw the display. Her face lit up. The lights weren’t on, the decorations weren’t all in place, there was no snow. But it didn’t matter to her. It was her Lapland. And so it was Tyrone’s too.

Morning Snow

All the people of Weatherfield got a beautiful present on Christmas morning, snow. The elves continued to work. Carollers and a brass band. Trees all lit up. Hot chocolate and mince tarts. And Santa and his reindeer.


In the houses, gifts were opened and turkey dinners ate. There were squabbles too, overt ones and hidden tensions. At night, residents gathered at the Rovers. And there was a fight. What would Christmas Day be without somebody obliging us with a good fight?


Corrie Christmas Carollers

On the street, people sauntered along and joined in with the carollers. Another lovely moment, part of the storyline for Hope and for us in tv-land, passersby looking up to the top floor window of Tyrone and Fiz’s house.

Corrie Christmas everyone on street-at-night

They were upstairs in the girls’ bedroom, looking out at the winter wonderland. Fiz was appreciating what Tyrone had done for their daughters, and Tyrone was appreciating what their neighbours had done for all of them.


Down below, those neighbours smiled and waved Merry Christmas up to Hope. And the camera angle put us in her place. Merry Christmas Coronation Street, I said to the television.


For a lovely discussion of the Corrie Christmas episodes, see Emma Hynes’ post on Bluenose Corrie Blogger.

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