Corrie Street Feb. 14/16


Campaigning means to engage in: a, military operations for a specific faye-getting-pregnantobjective, b, a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose, c, competition by rival political candidates and organizations for public office ( Sally’s campaign for council, I think, fits all three usages – together, at one time.

She seems already to be progressing with what you might call a scorched earth strategy. And her official campaign hasn’t even started. She has not declared herself an official candidate for office testimonial-for-one-of-my-pamphletsyet. She is just feeling the situation out.

Oh dear Lord, what will she do when she actually is a candidate? With a Team? With brochures and buttons, knocking on doors of people she does not know? More importantly, doors of people who do not know her? I am waiting with bated breath, hoping she files the papers and runs – like General Sherman over Georgia.

you-were-rummaging-around-food-banksAt the café, trying to enlist Anna’s help, she managed to offend every individual in Anna’s family and every social group of which they are representative. Single parents, the working poor, teenage mothers, those with mobility issues, the military and those with PTSD. “You are the jackpot, really, politics wise!” It was an offence tour de force.

Last week in a practice run at meeting her public, Sally had a brief chat  gary-saw-his-bezzy-matewith Alex who is working at the café. “It’s nice you’ve got a job,” she said in the voice she uses to convey her open-mindedness and inclusiveness. According to a Bluenose Corrie post, “some disability campaigners say that Coronation Street was showing itself to be anti-employment for disabled people” by Sally’s remark.

Offence over offensiveness

Having already snorted with laughter at the episode’s quick little reference to Sally’s monumental insensitivity, I snorted with disbelief at the killed-right-in-front-of-himobjection to it. Seeing it this way suggests lack of familiarity with Coronation Street. There would be cause for outrage if Sally did not offend Alex. Then he would be being discriminated against for receiving different treatment than everyone else on the Street. I think Sally can say, with justification, that she is equal opportunity all the way. Especially when it comes to offending people.

campaigning sally-turns-to-schmooze-mary

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