Corrie Street July 10/16

She’s off her head

calm sarahThe best thing for me this week was the end of drama. A calm Sarah. “She’s off her head” still described her but it was due to hospital drugs by Thursday. Lots of nice, calming drugs.

On Monday Lee was seriously questioning his wisdom in taking her hostage. He wanted to use her to get money from his brother Billy. It wasn’t working out quite as planned.

sarah-says-callum-is-aliveHe had his hands full just physically coping with her hysterics. Sarah went nuts at his attempt at mind-games. She totally believed him when he told her that Callum was still alive. Lee had wanted to just get her upset enough, and Billy upset enough, that his brother would pay up to get her back. After a few hours, Lee probably would be happy to pay to get rid of her. (O. Henry’s short story The Ransom of Red Chief comes to mind. Click to read.)

David to the rescue

Lee hadn’t realized quite how close to the edge Sarah was or how lee and sarah fight as david bursts instrong she was. David heard Sarah’s screams and broke through the door to save her. He saved Lee as well. “She attacked me,” he told David, “she’s off her head, her.” Lee may be a scumbag smack-head, as David said, but he knows when a plan has backfired badly. He was happy to have David take Sarah off his hands.

doped-up-sarahBack at No. 8, the ‘men in white coats’ (a woman paramedic, actually) managed to talk Sarah into an ambulance and get her to hospital. We next saw her there, with a lovely smile in a lovely drug-induced daze. I thank the marvels of modern pharmaceuticals.