Anger       Burwell       Lymburner       Mabee       McConkey

William Anger and Emma Nie (Mar. 9/16)

William-Chas-Anger-1869-1964-70th-anniversary-110Their Wedding 70 Years Ago

Two lifelong residents of this district will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of their wedding day this week.

Mr. and Mrs. William Anger, 19 Buchanan Avenue, who were married 70 years ago on December 6 [1958], will be observing the occasion on Christmas day quietly at home surrounded by members of their family…

James Burwell UEL (Jan. 15/16)

Confused by many men centuries ago named Samuel, Adam, John and James Burwell in my database, I gave up trying to sort them out. I picked up my mother’s family history binder. It pays to do that occasionally. Here is a letter from the late Lloyd Burwell to my mother about their mutual great-great-grandfather James Burwell UEL, his brothers and father and possible connection to the Virginia Burwells. I removed only small parts not relevant to family history in my transcription.

lloyd-burwell-1983-pg131 July 1983

Dear Ruby, …

I am sending you a copy of the obituary of James Burwell as you requested. I am also sending you copies of several other items…

Earls of Grantham (Dec. 24/15)

Not my relatives, nor anyone’s. But the process and principles of tracing and mapping kinship, place and connections are the same.
Earls of Grantham coat of arms

Below is the lineage of the Earls of Grantham. The family name is Crawley, and their home is Downton Abbey in Yorkshire.

It is a fictional family in a television series I have never watched. I found family trees online, read summaries of the show and characters, and mapped out connections. I wanted to see if I could use only the internet to figure out a family history…

Visits to the Grandparents (Dec. 9/15)

Ruby age 15 in 1939 carrying guitar on Pine Street“Minnie and Charlie’s daughter must be visiting.  I saw that strange girl of hers, and the dog’s gone.”  Now, over forty years later, that’s what I imagine people on Pine Street said when I went with my parents to my grandparents’ house.

As soon as I’d said hello to grandma and grandpa, I’d be out the door and heading down toward the woods at the end of the street.  Along the way, from three doors past their house, I’d start collecting dogs. I didn’t steal them or let them out of fenced yards.  No one had fenced yards then and dogs just laid around their front steps or in the yard…

Burwells in US & Canada (Oct. 22/15)

Lt. Col. Mahlon Burwell (ON)
Lt. Col. Mahlon Burwell (ON)

There is a Burwell family in southwestern Ontario and one in Virginia. No one is sure if they’re related. I wonder if the link might be through Burwells in Connecticut.

The Ontario Burwells are United Empire Loyalists. Fighting for the losing side in the American Revolution, they fled New Jersey north to still-British Canada. The Virginia Burwells fought on the American side. In the War of 1812, the two again fought on opposite sides. In the American Civil War, the Virginia Burwells, plantation owners, fought on the Confederate side…

VE Day 70th (May 8/15)

May 8th 1945, Victory in Europe Day, marked the end of one part of World War II. War with Japan continued until two atomic bombs were dropped in July and Japan’s formal surrender was signed September 2nd.

My mother was on Dundas Street East in London Ont. on VE Day. She said when the news spread, everyone ran into the street screaming, laughing, hugging anyone at hand. They stayed outside for hours, revelling in the knowledge that the war was over. Bluebirds were flying over the white cliffs of Dover, the boys were coming home.

Coming home took time. My dad’s official discharge papers are stamped November 28th 1945, Wolseley Barracks, London Ontario…

Burwell Bible (Jan. 10, 2015)

Burwell-births-marr-mmburwellI have never seen the Bible belonging to my great-grandparents, but I know what was written in it, thanks to my grandmother…

The Bible would have been in Hercules and Ada Ann Burwell’s house, beside Otter Creek west of Eden in East Elgin County. It was the farm where Ada Ann lived with her parents, Joseph and Mary (Younglove) Norton…

Phamily Photos (Jan. 7, 2015)

I was looking through old albums and envelopes of photos and came across very old ones burwell-bros-and-friendsof my Grandpa Burwell and his family.  There are enough now scanned and posted, along with photos of members of my other families, that I divided them into separate pages. If members of two families are in the same photo, I have put them on both pages. On the side menu, you will see them listed together with the family tree links.  Or use these links:

Anger Photos         Burwell Photos        Lymburner Photos

Mabee/McConkey Photos

Andrea’s Ridgeway Vlog (Aug. 6, 2014)

My cousin’s daughter visited Ridgeway and the ancestral Anger homes.  She posted a video on Youtube about what she found out.

The Uncles’ Great War (July 31st, 2014)

Charlie-Scanlon-1950-London-ONAn uncle and two great-uncles are my touchstones for the First World War.

The one I knew best was Charles Scanlon, husband of my mother’s older sister Ada. He was 20 years older than she. Uncle Charlie told wonderful stories, but I don’t remember any being about the war. I knew only that he was a veteran of the war before the one in which my father had been.

Looking through my aunt’s photos and papers recently, I found out Uncle Charlie had been wounded at the Second Battle of Ypres, in April 1915…

Battle of Ridgeway (June 2nd, 2014)

Anger-house-Ridgeway-photo-Diane-AngerToday marks a bizarre incident in Canadian history. Irish-Americans invaded Canada, planning to hold it hostage as leverage to end British rule in Ireland. My family’s farmhouse was smack-dab in the middle of what became known as the Battle of Ridgeway. Reading about it, the threads I picked up led far into North American and Anglo-British political and cultural history.

June 2, 1866, soldiers of the US-based Fenian Brotherhood met Canadian militia at a limestone ridge near Ridgeway west of Fort Erie, Ontario. It was a kind of “who’s on first?” fight…

G. Frederick Anger UEL (Apr. 29th, 2014)

Jasper_Francis_Cropsey_Wyoming_Valley_PA C19th US pdIn colonial times [Georg] Frederick Anger, a native of Germany, lived on the Susquehannah River in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. During the American Revolution he joined Butler’s Rangers at Fort Niagara. Following the war, Frederick Anger settled in Bertie Township, Welland County. The following is his Claim for Revolutionary War Losses heard by the Commissioners of Claims at Niagara on 23 Aug 1787. (AO 12 Vol. 40 P. 335-338)*…

Austin Anger – a story by Lynda Sykes

grandpa giving whisker rubMy cousin Lynda Sykes wrote this story about our grandfather Austin Anger.  She and her mother had dug out some old family pictures, including the one here of Grandpa giving her a “whisker rub” that she describes in her story.  The photo was taken July 13, 1963 on Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary.

All of us grandkids remember Grandpa as he is described here – his unique use of language, his sense of humour and his affection for us.  Fortunately, we also have Lynda and her ability to capture our memories in words.  Thanks, Lynda, for allowing me to reprint this here…

That Good Night (Oct. 17, 2012)

I have always loved Dylan Thomas’ exhortation to his dying father:  Do not go gentle into that good night.  Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas on cover of poetry bookYes, I thought, “old age should burn and rage at close of day.”  But Dylan Thomas knew something I didn’t, I think, even when he wrote those words.  He was still a young man, but he knew something that becomes apparent with age:  sometimes it’s time to hang up your hat and say goodbye… Four weeks ago my mother, my remaining parent, died.  I know in my sensible brain that it’s good that her death was quick and peaceful…

Poems by C. H. Burwell (Aug. 23rd, 2012)

Cover 3rd ed poems Charles H BurwellIt took a year but I have my grandfather’s poetry book in pdf format.  If you would like to print it out, click here and download the file links on the page.

I don’t know when he began writing poetry but the 1st edition of his booklet was printed January 1946.  The 2nd was printed in June 1958 and the 3rd, nine years after his death, in 1974.  It is the 3rd one that I have scanned.  There are some different poems in the first two and I will add those later.

He used poetry in two ways:  one as a way to witness for his faith and the other to comment on life around him.  The subtitle is “Poems concerning the things of today and poems confirming the Heavenward way” and that pretty much sums them up.

Mabee Graves (Feb. 8th, 2012)

These are the gravestones of Nancy Mabee Ostrander and her family at Jackson Jackson Cemetery, Norfolk County, OntarioCemetery near Courtland.  Len Fluhrer, a London local history writer, sent me the photos.  He took them while at the cemetery with Kate Ford who is part of the Canada GenWeb Cemetery Project.

Jackson Cemetery is just outside Courtland.  Nearby, on the Otter River, is the site of the Middleton Hotel.  It was owned by James Clark(e) Ostrander with his first wife Nancy Mabee and then his second wife Louisa Maria Haney…

Anger by name… (Nov. 23rd, 2011)

Years ago, I was in a public library in Los Angeles and found reference books on familyMassacre of the Vaudois of Merindol from Wikipedia names.  I looked up mine, Anger.  It said the name came from France, from the region of Anjou, with its main city being Angers.  I was thrilled with the idea of being French.

When I came home, I told my father.  He said “French!  No!  We’re German.”  He had always said when asked that he didn’t know the family origins – “a little bit of everything” was his answer.  So I remained convinced that we were French.

Much later, when I started delving into family history and found other family members doing the same, I discovered that Dad and I were both right…

Charles H. Burwell poems (Aug. 12th, 2011)

After having a few people ask about my grandfather Burwell’s poem books,  I have started scanning them and hope to reproduce them as closely as I can to the original format.  I will then put them here probably as pdfs so that they can be easily downloaded and printed if you wish to.  I believe he would like that.  He had them printed and never charged anyone for them.  It will take me a while, and I will update the site when they are ready.

United Empire Rebels (July 12th, 2011)

A couple weeks ago, I posted the family tree of the Mabees, my paternal grandmother’s Christopher Mabee, Canadian Nationals 2005family.  It’s the family I knew least about, other than there are a lot of them in the Tillsonburg-Courtland area.  And I claim the fabulous figure skater Christopher Mabee, from Tillsonburg, as kin.  Don’t know how he’s related, but I believe he must be, so I call him “Cousin Chris”. Anyway, the internet allowed me to connect my limited knowledge of the Mabees with sources of a lot of information about them.  The thing that I was delighted to discover is that the Mabees came to Canada from the US as United Empire Loyalists…

Mabee’s Corners (Apr. 21st, 2011)

Mabee's Corners sign, Norfolk Co. ONMy cousin Lynda Sykes wrote this about her visit to Mabee’s Corners, after reading about my ‘sighting’ of the road sign for it. She graciously gave me permission to post it (also in Seeing the World).

Ever since I can remember anything, I remember Grandma telling me many times with great pride how her family came to found Mabee’s Corners, which I vaguely knew was somewhere down around near Tillsonburg…

Remembering (Nov. 11th, 2010)

George C Anger RCEMEI think of my father every Remembrance Day. He was a WWII veteran. He went overseas in December of 1942 and returned home in October 1945. He was a mechanic in the RCEME, a Lance Corporal. He was not a willing soldier, he didn’t leap up to volunteer as soon as Britain, and Canada, declared war on Germany in 1939. He was old enough, 22 in that year. But soldiering had not been a part of his family for many years. They were farmers and they, and the government, thought they could do the best for their country by feeding it.

The Second World War became one of conscription, and in 1942 Dad was drafted…

Genealogy Introduction

The family trees posted here are far from complete. graphic of tree made of human figures I haven’t worked on them for long.  But, looking around the internet, I haven’t found many sites specifically dedicated to these family branches.  I know each one has members who have been researching its history for many years. Thanks to them, I have what information I have here.  I hope I can return the favour by presenting the information here in a consolidated form.  (click for links to sites related to Newfoundland Mi’kmaq genealogy)

I have done kinship research for many years in my employment.  I developed extensive family trees first with index cards and sheets of paper and later with computer databases.  But it was always other people’s families on which I worked.

People I asked about their family histories would ask, “What about your people? Where do you come from?” I realized I knew nothing about my own family. My grandparents’ names, a few names of great grandparents, a few places where they had lived – that was it.  burwell-binderThis was despite having a grandmother who kept orderly records and random notes of family names, birthdates, places of birth and death.

My mother would give photographs to me with her full name written on the back. When I laughed, saying “Mom, I know who you are”, she’d say “Yes, but will someone who looks at this thirty years from now know?” My mother, grandmother and aunts would have made great archivists. They certainly made the work of archivists and genealogists easier.

My mother-in-law also kept documents about her forebears and her husband’s.  When genealogy programmes and online ancestry sites became available, she transcribed data into computerized form and continued her research through the internet.  She connected with relatives she had never met and shared material.  She wrote of her and her husband’s lives, their parents and grandparents. It’s an entertaining tale, covering many decades and most of the United States.

Despite the interest that questions like “Where do you come from?” created, I didn’t find the time to research my own background.  I did ask more questions.  But I’d left my efforts too late to gain the more burwell-clippingsfirst-hand knowledge my grandparents had. But I have many of Grandma Burwell’s hand-written pages.  (Grandma liked lists.  In her papers, there’s one entitled “Names of Neighbourhood Dogs”.)  I have information, photographs and newspaper clippings my mother and aunts kept.  I have two cousins who have traced the Anger family.  And I have my mother- and father-in-law’s collection of family papers.

The information here will be added to as I can. I welcome additions and corrections that you can provide. You will see that information on living people is “privatized” so no dates are shown. If you need more information on someone, please let me know.  If I can help, I will.

The families are (I’ve put links to other genealogy sites on each of them):

Anger family (South West Ontario & North East USA)

Burwell family (South West Ontario & North East USA)

Lymburner family (South West Ontario and North East USA)

Mabee family (South West Ontario and North East USA

McConkey family (South West Ontario – partial)

Stewart family (Kentucky)

Smock & McDonald families (Kentucky and Southern USA)

Amazon link for Family Tree Maker 2012
Click for Amazon link

I use Family Tree Maker 2012. Its emphasis is on connecting with the online ‘community’ of family trees on Ancestry, making albums, and adding photographs and documents. Family Tree Maker 2012 Essentials adds an interactive function so that you can work on one computer or device and have the changes also made on your other ones. You can also collaborate with others in building a mutual family tree.  If you subscribe to Ancestry, you can use the ‘leaves’ that pop up for your own database, even if you don’t post your tree on Ancestry’s website.  The leaves show you what other members have posted on particular people.  It’s helpful, but you still want to be cautious.  Sometimes errors just get passed from one tree to another.

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153 thoughts on “Genealogy”

  1. This is for Matthew Mckenna
    Martin which i found out is Theodore martin Billard son of Gabriel and Miriam Durnford married Harriet last name unknown they had a Gabriel born 1856 to 1934 Margaree NFLD He married Mary Ann Ingraham and they had Rebecca ” Becky” 1885 to 1978 if there is any information that you wish i am on ancestry Elizabeth Billard … I am always interested in hearing about the Billards

    1. Betty, thanks too for this information on Theodore Billard. I have sent it on to Matthew by email, so I removed your email address from this comment (to avoid you getting spam or whatever). If you want me to put it back in so he or others can contact you, let me know.

  2. I have read info from your tree and the stories as well and it is very interesting but I wanted you to know I research the Billards now for many years and finally found that Gabriel Billard I copied what i have on my site ” August 23, 1783 • Hendaye, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Aquitaine, France
    How to find the information: Hendaye, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Aquitaine, France (pg 28 right bottom and 29 left) There are 87 pages to this document. documents 1774 – 1788 Pyreness Atlantic AD64 letter H Hendayne 1774-1788 Type in Ad64 in google” Gabriel was in Miquelon in 1833 and he gave this information to the priest there when he had 4 sons baptized. Gabriel’s orginal name was Villard but since he had a thick accent no one could understand the V from a B and so eventually the name was changed to Billard. Gabriel could not read or write so he did not know what the priest wrote. In the 4 sons mentioned the last name was spelt differently on each of them and can be found in the ngb Chebucto dot org site.

    1. Hi Betty, thanks for the Billard information. I have never thought about B and V getting mixed up, but it could easily happen. Thank you!

    1. Hi Alexander, I have sent your comment and email address on to Ron in case he doesn’t see it here.

  3. Hi Dorothy,

    I would like to clarify your note about Noel Jeddore. You have “Noel Matthews marr
    Bridget Hinks with a son Michael Matthews marr Agnes Jeddore, d/o Noel Jeddore,
    b 1865 Conne River, and Dinah Morris, b abt 1870 Great Jervois.”

    Michael Matthews is my wife’s grandfather and I just spoke with his daughter Mary
    Elizabeth to clarify. We have Michael Frances Matthews as being born in White Bay,
    Newfoundland in 1888. I have his parents listed as John H. Matthews and Bridget
    Fowler. Michael Matthews did marry Agnes Matthews, daughter of Noel Jeddore
    and Dinah Morris. My wife is named after her, her name is Agnes M. Matthews.

    We’re still early into our research of this family line. I appreciate all the great
    information you have here and just wanted to clarify that one point.

    Take care,

  4. Hi Dorothy, I am interested in finding out about Alice Young born June 1895, my grandmother who married Albert Alexander born 1893 on Sept 12 1912. I have her family here but she is not listed She should have been the 11th child. Please see below. It is like she never existed. Ernestine or Vanentine or Tiny is her father and Anne Bennoit was her mother.
    Ernestine Young “Valentine or Tiny” b. 1856 West Bay, bapt. 7/9/1869 Immaculate Conception R.C. Church, Sandy Point, m. Nancy Benoit “Anne” b. 18/5/1862 Fox Is. River, Nfld d. ca. 1940 in De Grau, Nfld., d/o Louis Benoit & Domitille Gaudet.
    (1) Rosalee LeJeune m. 14/11/1897 at Conception Bay, Driscoll Jacobum s/o Richard and Bridgett Brown
    (2) William Young b. 9/2/1876
    (3) Victor T. Young b. 9/2/1876 Clam Bank Cove m. Rose ____ b. 1885 Winterhouse
    Children: Joseph, David, Mary, Louis, Walter, Francis and Genevieve Young
    (4) Mary Jane Young b. 16/2/1884 Stephenville, Nfld d. 17/5/1977 Stephenville, Nfld. m. 22/9/1901 Edmond Jesso s/o Pierre Jesso ,
    i) John Edward Jesso “Jack Edmond” b. 15/2/1904 Clam Bank Cove, Nfld d. 11/12/1966 m. Angela Jesso b. Lower Cove, NL d/o William Jesso & Martha White
    Children: Gordon, Ronald, Larry, Arsene, Vina, Daniel, Angela, Doug, Robert, Mary, Dot. Jesso
    ii) Daniel Jesso b. Sheaves Cove, Nfld. m1) Geraldine Jesso m2) Mary Agatha Benoit
    iii) Mary Cecilia Jesso b. Clam Bank Cove, Nfld. m. John Phillip Chaisson
    iv) Genevieve Jesso m. John Edward Benoit
    v) Arther Jesso b. _/12/1904 Clam Bank Cove, Nfld m. Louise LeGoynoux
    vi) Anthony Jesso b. _/3/1908 Clam Bank Cove, Nfld. m. Stella Jesso
    vii) Andrew Jesso b. 11/1/1911 Sheaves Cove, Nfld.
    viii) Nancy/Ann Jesso b. 18/11/1912 Sheaves Cove, Nfld. d. 1937 Loretto, Nfld. m. Adolph Benoit
    (ix) Michael Jesso b. 18/9/1902 Clam Bank Cove, Nfld. m. Mary Harmony Benoit
    (5) Joseph V. Young b. 1884 Clam Bank Cove m. Elizabeth ______ b. 1891 Marches Point
    i) Bridget Young b. Clam Bank Cove ii) Augustine Young b. Clam Bank Cove
    (6) Katie Young
    (7) Annie Young b. 2/12/1886, Stephenville, Nfld, d. 1996
    (8) Elizabeth Young b. 4/12/1887
    (9) Peter T. Young b. 30/6/1891 Clam Bank Cove m. Sarah ___ b. 1896 Sheaves Cove
    Children: Emmanuel, Arthur, Vincent, Norman and Aloyouses Young
    (10) Albert Young b. _/6/1893 Clam Bank Cove m. Josephine ______ b. 1897 Salmon Cove
    Children: Richard and Calais Young
    (11) Julia Young b. _/10/1898 Clam Bank Cove
    12) John Francis Young b. 26/7/1899 Clam Bank Cove m. Alice ___ b. 1895 Sheaves Cove
    i) Walter Young b. Cape St George
    ii) John Young b. Cape St George
    iii) Sadies Young b. Cape St George
    iv) Charles Young b. Cape St George
    v) Mathew Young b. Clam Bank Cove
    (13) Ellen Young b. _/1/1901 Clam Bank Cove, Nfld m. James Marche
    (14) Alfred Young b. _/6/1903 Clam Bank Cove, Nfld.
    (15) Anthony Young b. _/2/1906 Clam Bank Cove, Nfld d. 5/5/1989 Sheaves Cove.

    1. Hi Teri, thanks for the info on the family of Tiny Young and Nancy/Ann Benoit. And, sorry, while I have them and your grandparents, Alice Young and Albert Alexander, I do not have anything showing Alice as d/o Tiny and Nancy/Ann. I have Albert’s parents as Andre Alexander and Rosalie Cammie but no parents entered for Alice. On Ancestry trees, I found a daughter of Tiny and Nancy/Ann’s named as “Sarah Jane (Alice) Young” but the birthdate given for her is way too early to be correct. For Alice Young, I found another birthdate of Oct. 1893 and that she had a sister Ann (marr Quigley) and a brother Herbert/Hubert (marr Jane Young). You probably have already seen that on a Rootsweb gen forum.

  5. Hi Dorothy

    I have information on the Fraize family, I’m also researching Richard Thomas Parrill of Pines (Points) Cove

    1. Hi again Ephraim, googling Richard Parrill, I found this FTM tree with Richard Thomas Parrill married to Leona Frazer. On and in Ancestry discussion forums, I saw her name as Lenora Fraize. I still can’t link him or her to anyone in my database, but I hope this helps a bit.

  6. Greeting
    I am looking for any information on my grandmothers name Strickland from the Change Islands NFLD all i have is that she married a George Steele my grandfather and I would love to know her roots her first name is Roseanna she was born in nfld and left to reside in Cape Breton where she died so would anyone have info on her background on the Strickland family from NFLD

    Debra Rose

    1. Hi Debra, I have a couple Roseanna Stricklands but none married to George Steele. The ones I have dates for were born mid 1800s, from the south coast. The name in records is sometimes spelled Stickland. If anyone can help out, please do write.

  7. Just wondering if there has ever been a connection Little Bras d’Or, NS from Jean-Marie Alexander and the Pierrot family yet? Is there a website for St. George’s Genealogy society? If so what is it please.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Gertrude, here’s what Jasen Benwah says about the Alexander/Pierrot family:

      “Alexander’s of Bay St George –
      E. R. Scary, noting that the name is common in England, Scotland, Ireland and Jersey, does include reference to a merchant of the name at Sandy Point in 1849, and to John ALEXANDER, a fisherman at Indian Head (St. George’s Bay) in 1871, originally from Chezzetcook, Nova Scolia, and of French stock. Scary further notes that the name is now found almost exclusively on the west Coast, especially at Stephenville and Kippens.

      White notes a family of Pierrots from Bras d’Or settling at St. George’s in I830. The head of the family, Alexandre PIERROT, for reasons unknown, took as its Family name Alexandra; Butler (32-33), taking up this point, insists on writing ALEXENDRE, without apparent justification for the spelling modification. In the 1858 Forrest document, a Desire ALEXANDRE is listed, with a family of 11, and a John M. Alexandre with a family of six. The latter (John) is presumably the same John ALEXANDER noted by Scary.

      The 1871 Petition includes a Desire ALEXANDRA senior and a Desire junior, as well as a PierreALEXANDRIA. Stride reports (Corr., Oct. 1985;) the presence of the names LEJEUNE, ROY, MARCH, JOSSEAUME and Alexandre at St. Pierre between 1764 and 1789, and that the names YOUNG, King, Marsh, Jessam and Alexander, all of French descent, were prominent at Little Bras d’Or in 1818, as they were later in the 19th century at Bay St. George. The name ALEXANDRE is present at St. Pierre in 1765 (Poirier 197) and recurs as part of the band of Acadian exiles. Clearly, names appeared both in their English and French forms, depending on circumstance.”

      This is from his Mi’kmaq names page. I’m guessing the White he refers to is Stephen White (link to his site on my Nfld Mi’kmaq Family History and Genealogy page). Also there are links to the Bay St. George Genealogical Society and the Bay of Islands Gen. Society. Both are well worth joining in order to have access to their extensive materials.

  8. Don,
    Re: Noel Matthews – Howley used this man as a guide for several years in the 1870’s-80’s?. In his “Reminiscences” there is mention of Matthews talking about the Beothuk as repeated from stories told by his mother (no name). So probably she was in Conne River, but maybe not. Unfortunately no specifics on what the stories were. A wife is mentioned by Howley (no name), but no children. Also mentioned is that Matthews can both read and write in English and Mi’kmaq. I found this peculiar in that I don’t believe there was a school in Conne River yet (until 1908) but the first teacher was anne matthews. And he would have had to spend some time with the English to be literate in that language when even many of the English could not read or write at that time (census info). Howley also remarks on the fine job by Matthews in building his house in Bay d’Espoir? as well as a schooner that was in progress. Where did he learn these skills uncharacteristic of structures then found at Conne? Howley does describe Matthews as “very intelligent but surly”. I agree that with the 11 children, there must be many relations still in NL. I am trying to search Matthews from Bay du Nord and am also hitting a brick wall. Maybe help is out there. Also maybe some of my observations need to be clarified. Tks.

    1. Hi Darlene, thanks for the reminder of what is in Howley. An interesting family, to say the least. You earlier commented that you were looking for “John Matthews 1780? from Cape LaHune? Not the one who settled in Burgeo” – I double-checked in Small’s diary and he says the John Matthews in Burgeo had originally come from Cape LaHune. Maybe you’re talking about another one?

  9. So Alexander Stewart lived in KY and he was a slave Owner so more than likely my descendants were slaves who took the name Stewart as their own once they got freedom.

  10. By the way I live in PA now. My family has a history between Arkansas I hear and Kentucky where I was born and PA. We are scattered really. Cali, Texas, Hawaii a relative and her child, Georgia, Everybody has new names from marriage. Also if they were the case what would make relatives such like me if I am a very distant relative from being creole although we aren’t from New Orleans Isn’t all the same mix or bloodlines?

    1. Hi Canal, thanks for the info on your Stewart line. As you see, I haven’t posted anything yet on them. I’m still working on them and will keep a look out for any who fit the descriptions and places you give.

  11. Okay so obviously he wasn’t a slave in the U.S because of the 13th Amendment in 1865. I just want to know my family history. Maybe Stewart just followed the slave descendants? What are the odds of that? I don’t think so but it could be IDK.

  12. This is very interesting. Kind of sucks not knowing where you come from and not having the insight and wisdom of our ancestors. I was born in Louisville Kentucky. Stewart comes from my great great great grandfather who was a black man I hear but sources our that he was Ethiopian He was a mason. His wife was Beatrice Stewart who I hear was Indian. If he was a Stewart and a mason he couldn’t have been a slave. I wish I understood.

  13. Found your site while trying to research my Ancestors in Newfoundland. Thanks for the great advice.

    I’ve been told our family has Native Blood from my Grandmother’s side but so far I haven’t had much luck trying to find out where. Would you happen to have any information on the following people:

    My grandmothers father was Rupert A Hare of North Sydney NS (descended from Samuel Hare of Burgeo/Channel i think) and her mother was Rebecca Billard (descended from Gabriel and Mary Ann Ingram).



    1. Hi Matt, Rupert’s father Samuel Hare (b 1845 Burgeo, marr Julia Gillam) is on ancestry trees as s/o Robert Hare (b 1800 Belfast N Ireland) and Elizabeth (Betsy) Mullet. But Samuel is also listed as s/o James Hare and Mary Northcott or Matthews.

      Rebecca Billard’s father Gabriel (b 1856 Margaree NL) was either s/o Martin Billard (b 1828 d 1911 both Grand Bruit NL) and Harriet or s/o Thomas Billard and Tryphena Kinslow. Thomas was b 1838 Wreck Is NL and d 1894 Louisbourg NS and Tryphena was b 1844 Burgeo and d 1920 Glace Bay NS. Martin and Thomas both were sons of Gabriel Billard (b 1784 St. Malo France d 1863 Wreck Is. NL) and Miriam Durnford (b abt 1798 Francois NL d 1886 Grand Bruit NL). Mary Ann Ingram b 1862 Grand Bruit NL d 1933 Margaree NL) was d/o John Ingram and Susannah.

      As you can see, this is rather confusing and uncertain. I’m not sure that these connections are the right ones, but they might help in looking further.

  14. My gggrandfather John Thomas Whelan in the records of St-John’s Anglican church a son is born in 1815 the mother is listed as Lazette Lachance it says he recognizes this boy as his son. This son married my ggrandmother Emilie Fournier-Larose in Quebec city in 1835. I am trying to establish the birth of Lazette and her relationship to me. I would be grateful if you could provide some info on this woman

    1. Hi Georges, I remembered the name Lazette and found your previous query about her on my Nf Mi’kmaq family history page (June 9). Sorry, I still haven’t come across anything more about her. Thanks for the additional information on John Thomas Whalen’s wife. I’ll make a note of that.

  15. Hi Dorothy,
    Trying to research my grandmother Jane Perrier (nee Francois) from Flat Bay, Nl. I was told she was full blooded Mi’kmaq, was wondering if you have any information for me on this. Thank you so much

    1. Hi David, I have her full name as Susan Jane Francis/Francois, b 14 Oct 1885 in Codroy Valley, daughter of Ben Francois/Francis and Mary Young. Ben died abt 1895 and Mary was born 1856 in Flat Bay. Their other children were Alexander, Mary (marr John Webb), Selina (marr Albert Burchell). Google Jane’s sister Mary (Francis) Webb. She was a well-known and respected midwife in Bay St. George. Thanks for writing.

  16. Joe Pitre was married to Martha Arsenault. Her sister was Adele Arsenault and Adele was married to my Grandfather Marc Bernard who was born in 1900 from PEI. My Grandparents had two children there, Florence and Alban. My Grandparents had to move to Manitoba because my Grandmother had TB. They had two more children born in Manitoba, Adrien and Lorraine, who is my Mother. Just wondering if anyone out there can give me more information. Tks Louise

    1. Hi Louise, you may already have the info that I’ve just found on your grandparents. If not, I hope it helps. I don’t have anything else on them. Here is a forum post about the family of Hubert Arsenault and Marie Gallant. They were parents of Nicholas Arsenault who was the father of your Martha and Adele. Their mother was Emilie Martin. (Go to Generation 2, child #5 Nicholas.) Martha is also known as Martine Martha, and her husband Joe Pitre (or Peters) is also in sources as Jadus. With the surnames you’re looking for, Acadien and/or PEI sources should have information, at least up to your grandparents. If Adele’s siblings stayed in the Maritimes, it might be productive to trace your ancestors through them.

  17. Hi Dorothy I am looking for information on my grandfather his name was Thomas Benoit ( Bennett ) born 1896 died 1946 on the job at Dominion Iron & Steel Co Limited in Sydney NS His mother was Catherne Benoit born 1874 in bay of islands father unknown but had a stepfathernamed Patrick Doucet he maried Catherine 1911. Thomas marred my grandmother Elizabeth Hannem in Sydney NS Whitney Pier 1917. We don’t know how he got over to Sydney ns from Nl we don’t know who raised him over here , if he has any bothers or sisters my fathe was only 10 when Thomas passed away.Any information would be great .

  18. Hi Dororthy, I am looking for inform on my grandfather Thomas Benoit (Bennett)this is what i know his mother was Catherine Benoit born 1874 give or take 5 years she married Patrick Doucette july 4Th 1911 he came to Cape Breton when he was young we dont know how he got here or who raised him he married my grandmother Elizabeth Hannem in Sydney Nova Scotia in Whitney Pier he died in 1946 on the job Dominion Iron & Steel Co Limited my father was only 9 and he know nothing about him .

    1. Hi Raylene, I have Catherine Benoit (b 1874 Bay of Islands) marr Patrick Doucette but no children listed for them or her. I can’t find a Thomas Benoit/Bennett that matches as her son. Sorry to be of no help to you or to Daniel in his inquiry about Elizabeth Jane LeBlanc. If anyone can help with either of these, please do!

  19. Hi Dorothy;
    You have given me information on my families genealogy that I doubt I would have been able to track down myself. I will make note of your response and keep it with my family tree records for my growing family to look back on. I will contact the Bay St George Genealogy Society or the St. John’s Archives just out of curiosity.
    Thank-you very much

  20. Hi Dorothy;
    G-grandfather John Lee was in Round Harbour at the time the 1921 census was done. He was born in Round Harbour in 1884 as far as I can see. Elizabeth, not sure of maiden name, was born in Bay De East in 1890. They had three children on this census, Chesley , Charlie and Dorothy. there was also a brother-in-law Robert Wilmott staying with them at this time. The heading that has the checkmark is “State whether person is a Micmac Indian”. The census page is #290 and g-grandfather John Lee is on line 25. I contacted the Qalipu band in Corner Brook and they were the ones that told me to call Indian Affairs. I don’t know which direction to take, maybe you or one of your readers are able to point me in the right direction.

    1. Hi Trudy, here’s what I have: your John Lee was born 4 Nov 1883, s/o John Robert Lee and Charity Kendall (b 1851). John Robert was s/o John Lee and Mary Chislett (b 1816). That John Lee was s/o William Lee (b 1764 England) and Grace Kendall. Mary Chislett, his wife, was d/o Charles Chislett (b McCallum) and Ann Pardy. Their son John Robert’s wife Charity Kendall was d/o John Kendall (b 1828, s/o John Kendall and Susanna) and Frances Strickland. Their son John (your gr-grandfather) was married to Elizabeth Ann Wilmott (b 30 Jun 1893). Her parents were Henry Charles Wilmott (b 1858) and Martha Jane Wells (b 1869). Robert, the bro-in-law in the census was Elizabeth’s brother. Henry Charles was s/o Henry John Wilmott and Martha Hull (b abt 1839 Great Jervois). Martha was d/o Silas Hull (b abt 1815 Great Jervois) and Susan Allen (b abt 1816 Great Jervois). Susan Allen was d/o John Allen (b 1775) and Elizabeth (b 1777) both born Brambley, Hampshire, England.

      I hope that gives you something to go on. Regarding the checkmark in the column asking “whether person is Micmac” in the 1921 census – that’s what I’m not sure what the significance actually is. Generally, either “yes” or “Micmac” or “mm” is written in the column. The checkmarks seem to be on the forms of some districts and may have nothing to do with that question at all. I’d suggest contacting Bay St. George Genealogy Society or the St. John’s Archives for information on that.

  21. Hi Dorothy;
    In researching my family genealogy I have found my families mic mac connection. On a copy from the Rooms of the 1921 Newfoundland census in the district of Fortune Bay,my g-grandfather John Lee and my g-grandmother Elizabeth Lee were checked off as mic mac. I made a couple phone calls that kept referring me to Ottawa. I called the Dept. of Indian and Northern Affairs and was told that it wasn’t any good for me to apply because I was too many generations away to register. I am finding this hard to believe. Would you or any of your readers know if this is fact or was I just getting the brush off? Also, if my grandmother, who is living doesn’t register, can my mother still register?

    1. Hi Trudy, have you talked to the Qalipu band office? I don’t know the rules for applying well enough to say, but I think there are different processes for applying directly to Indian Affairs or through the Qalipu band. I have another question for you though. On the 1921 census, you say John and Elizabeth Lee “were checked off” – do you mean literally a checkmark? I ask because I read on a Nf Mi’kmaq Facebook page that check marks in that column don’t mean yes. Either “yes” is written or “Micmac” is written. The checkmarks, it is thought, might be a tally of something else kept by the enumerator. The Bay St. George Genealogy Society could explain that better to you.

      In my lists, I do not have a John Lee marked as Mi’kmaq in the 1921 census. If you could give me some more information, I’ll see if I can find anything on them. Where in Fortune, Elizabeth’s maiden name, years of birth/death, the name of their daughter (your grandmother). I have a couple John Lees married Elizabeths, but don’t know if they’re the same as yours.

  22. Dorothy
    I was born and raised in Kippens Newfoundland in 1947. I’ve put together a fair amount of family information….more on my mother’s side than my father’s, because basically I hit a brick wall.
    My great grandfather was Edward Gaudon there the trail stops…..I looked through some census information from the late 1800’s and found “Edward Gandon” fisherman….
    Is there any way you can help.

    1. Hi Genevieve, can you give me some more info? When did your Edward Gaudon live, who was he married to, name of their child who is your grandparent, your father’s name, etc. I have a couple people with that name but don’t know if they might be yours.

  23. Hi,
    My grand father was john robert kendell and also my grandmother was Ada Penny, but married Frank Kendell in Woodyhead cove, they use to call it.
    Can you tell me about my Indian geneology, every time I look in the mirror, I see an Indian. Even the Indians ask me what tribe I am from, please help.

  24. Hi, just came across this thread in researching my family tree… Very interesting to me were the posts by Judy re: Susannah Tuffin because she was my great great grandmother funny enough…. Isaac Pollard born May 13, 1879 is her son & my father’s grandfather and Jane Pollard b. 12 Feb 1865 is her daughter & my mother’s grandmother. What a small world!!! :)))). In case you are confused, yes my mom’s grandmother and my dad’s grandfather were brother & sister… I am originally from Harbour Deep, NL living in Fort McMurray, AB. Really appreciate reading this thread, thank you :).

  25. just wondering how much micmac blood was in my grandfather marc bernard from pei. he was born 1900. married adele arsenault. also, did she have micmac blood in her too?

  26. my grandfather marc bernard was from pei. he was born in 1900. he married adele arsenault. two of their children were born there. florence and alban. my grandparents had to move to manitoba because my grandmother had tb. i was just wondering if you know anything more about them. tks louise

  27. hi–for dorthy and annett—i found this– Elizabeth Young b./5/1884 Stephenville, Nfld. d./7/1956 m. Henry Francis Bennoit/Bennett b./7/1882 Stephenville, Nfld. d. 1974 s/o Honore Benoit & Christine LeBlanc
    —the name change from benoit to bennet is common and makes it so much more fun to track someone–lol–hope this helps some–
    —found on this site-

  28. Hi Dorothy : I’m trying to find a little more info on my new found family,The Benoits. Honore Benoit Born Feb.1845 and his wife Christine Leblanc Born Aug.1847 in St.Georges,N.L. I can find 4 kids only (Elizabeth my line) George, Marie & Henry. Honore’s father was Paul Benoit and wife Victorie Leblanc ,both from Cape Breton,N.S. It seems like a small family for the Benoits and the times ? I have the birth dates for the above people and who they married. I’m hoping you can give me some dates of when they died and where there buried.

    1. Hi Annette, I have only these 4 children for them as well. Some of the Ancestry trees have a Eugene, but I think that might be a confusion with Elizabeth’s name as Elizabeth Eugenie. The only date of death I have is for son Henry Francis Benoit – 3 May 1974, buried Shallop Cove (NLGenWeb). Christine (aka Catherine) was listed as widow in the 1921 census, living with daughter Elizabeth. Hope this helps.

  29. i am looking for information on james park. he was married to a susan? they had a son james richard (voys beach, born 1866) who married jessie parsons. i got his name from james’s birth certificate but cannot get anything further up this line. i am tryng to find out if he is a descendant of the robert park that was married to a mary (jo i believe, she was later married to john brooks).

    1. Hi Lorraine, according to another poster, Tidespoint had copies available again. As for your question about websites for Mi’kmaq surnames, the Bras d’Or Indian Band Council site has a lot of family history information that connects to Nfld Mi’kmaq (links to it and Butt’s book are on my Nfld Mi’kmaq Family History and Genealogy page).

  30. I am trying to find information on some Morris family members. I am looking for sister Susanna Morris born 9 Aug 1883 in Conception Bay NFL and Mary Ann Morris (DOB unknown) died 1907. Their father was John Morris. The sisters both married the same man, John J. Butts, born 8 Sep 1866 in Conception Bay NFL. First Mary Ann in abt. 1905 and then after her death Susanna married John abt 1908. John was married 3 times. His first wife was Mary Ann Morrison they were married 8 Jan 1888 in St. Joseph’s, Bras D’or, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. I believe the Morris sisters marriages also took place in Nova Scotia. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Brandi, so glad you got Kirk Butt’s book. That’s good news if they’ve got it in stock again. On your Morris sisters, I have nothing, nor do I on John Butts. I have some people from Conception Bay, but only if they’re connected to western or central Newfoundland which is my focus. If I come across them, I’ll let you know and maybe somebody reading can help. Thanks for writing.

  31. I have a copy of the book “Early Settlers of Bay St. George” by Kirk Butt. Volume 1- I purchased it online through in the summer.

  32. I hope you can help, I am looking for information on Jessie King born July 24 1855 St Francis Harbour Labrador. her parents were Jonathon and Mary King and i cannot find previous records for them.
    Also Mary Jane King born 1842 in Carbonear who was the mother of Rueben Bennett born march 2 1878 Bell Island. Family lore has it that Rueben was part Mi’kmaq and would spend time with on the land with other Mi’kmaq.

  33. Doing back ground check my grandmothers family Randells from Grandvach NL my mother always said that her grandmother had native blood, Mary Ann Randell her mother name Susan Randell / Susan Dove, my grandmothers grandmother was Priscilla Short, Are the 4 names that we are trying to check.

  34. looking for info on james moore sept 20 1803 who married jane gallop in 1812 looking for native link.. also there is reuben samms 1799 and sarah matthews , wondering if either of these people were of native origin.

    1. Hi Boyd, I have James Moore as born in Darvon (Devon?), England and marr Jane Gallop 19 Sep 1830. Jane is d/o William Gallop and Mary Kearley. No parents for William, but Mary was d/o Edward Kearley and unknown.

      Reuben Samms, b 1799, was s/o Thomas Samms, b 1778 England, and Catherine Poole, b 1773 Bay Chaleur. She was d/o William Poole and Mary unknown. I have Reuben marr to a Sarah but no surname. The Ancestry leaf gives no surname for her either. Was it Matthews?

      So to answer your question about native link in them: James Moore and Reuben Samms go directly to England. And the others, I don’t know and am not seeing anything leaping out at me. Hope this helps a bit.

  35. Hi Dorothy, do you have any information on Matthew Morris, Born, August, 1890, Stanleys Cove and Carolin Morris, Born 1879? I believe these are my Grandfathers Parents who were both passed away by the time he was 6 years old. I believe his mother, Carolin Morris’s Parents are Silas Morris and Elisabeth Morris (Rose). I believe his Father, Matthew Morris’ parents are Ben Morris and Mary Morris (Hagger). I haven’t been able to find anything else on the Morris’s. I know that there were quite a few Morris’ around the ST. Albans area whre my Grandfather was from. Thanks, Mark

    1. Hi Mark, I found a lot of info on the Morrises on, I think, the BOI Gen Society site (link above) but couldn’t really figure out your people from it. In my database, I have Benjamin Morris (no dates) marr Mary Hagerty with sons Thomas b 4 Jun 1875 and Hugh Joseph b 23 Sep 1876. No Matthew, but the dates of birth are feasible. Benjamin Morris was s/o John Morris and Mary Fudge (no dates). John Morris was s/o Robert Morris and Elizabeth (surname unknown). Robert had a brother Benjamin b 1818, but no parents entered.

      I have a Caroline Morris, b 27 Jan 1876, d/o AMBROSE Morris, b 1848, and Margaret Hull, b 1852. Ambrose and Margaret also had a son Silas, b 1870, and marr Elizabeth Rose. I have no husband entered for Caroline. If she is your Caroline, she’s Silas’ sister not daughter. But there’s quite an age gap between your Matthew b 1890 and Caroline b 1879 or 1876. I have 3 children entered for Silas and Elizabeth: Alice b abt 1902, Frances b Jan 1902 and Stanley b Oct 1906. Maybe there’s a Caroline too but I don’t have her entered. Ambrose Morris’ parents were Benjamin Morris b 1818 (brother of Robert mentioned above) and Dinah House.

      On your Pico question, I can’t find any by those names with any connection between them.

  36. Hi Dorothy;

    I am trying to find information on Noel MATTHEWS originally from Conne River. He moved at the turn of the century to Indian Point/Mattis Island with his wife and 11 children. One site states he still has family in this area. However, after this move, I can’t find any other information on him or his family. I am especially interested in the names of his children. Thank you.

    1. Hi Don, I have a Noel Matthews marr Bridget Hinks with a son Michael Matthews marr Agnes Jeddore, d/o Noel Jeddore, b 1865 Conne River, and Dinah Morris, b abt 1870 Great Jervois. I don’t know if this is the same Noel or not and have no other info. Like you, I can’t find much. In case you haven’t seen a copy of it, I just found an online version of Frank Speck’s 1922 Beothuk and Micmac, which refers to Noel. I’ve put a link to it on my Mi’kmaq Books post (Feb 22/12).

  37. Hi Dorothy..Wondering if natives could have hailed from Conception Bay, Brigus area to Western Newfoundland. Thomas Kennedy, Robert Gushue, Ballam?

    Thx for helping.

  38. hi dorothy
    looking for info about phoebe powell,rachel boyd and frances powell.lived in merrits to be of aboriginal decent.trying to find out for family history.lived in the 1800s and would like to trace history further then rachel boyd,my gr,gr,gr.grand-mother.any info would be appreciated,thanks

    1. Hi Lorraine, and all wondering about whether specific families have status, you’re best checking with the Qalipu office (contact info on their website).

  39. Hi Dorothy
    Just a correction for the Anger Family Tree. William Colin Laur, son of Verna and Colin Laur married Catherine Lister, not Lidster as you have posted.

  40. Hi Dorothy,
    Looking for information on Lenora Fraize that married a Richard Parrill of Pines Cove,Lenora was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Fraize. I know Elizabeth as a Babb from Carbonear. Lenora was born May 19 1856 and died July 14 1913. She is buried in Savage Cove NL. Any information would be appreciated.

  41. Hi Dorothy,
    I am looking for Jane’s maiden name or parents name. who married Hugh Bagg parents of William Bagg b oct.08/1840 d apr. 07/1906 married sept 22/1860 to maria pennell b jan 11/1831 d dec. 05/1812.

    1. Hi Catherine, I don’t have your Jane’s maiden name or parents. But I do have a couple generations more in between her and husband Hugh Bagg and William Bagg marr Maria Pennell. I have Hugh Baggs, b 1759 Our Cove, marr Jane b 1863. They had son William Baggs marr Sarah Currie, and they had son John Baggs marr Hannah, and they had son William Henry Baggs marr Marie Pennell. Does that seem right to you?

  42. I see many comments about Samms in Nfld. Trying to see if there is a credible link to Natives. My great grandfather was Benjamin Samms but unlike the above poster he was married to a Rachel Kendall I believe.
    Any idea where I can continue my search?

    1. Hi Cathy, I have your Benjamin Samms (marr Rachel Kendall) as b abt 1888 d 8 May 1956 Codroy Valley. He was s/o Thomas Samms, b 1855 Codroy Valley d 3 Apr 1914 Lark Hr, marr 11 Sep 1883 Channel-PAB Elizabeth Ball. Thomas was s/o Benjamin Samms, b abt 1814 Codroy d 11 Dec 1870 Channel-PAB, marr Mary Deborah (called Deborah) surname unknown. Benjamin was s/o Thomas Samms, b 1778 Sundon Bedford England, marr Catherine Poole, b 1773 Bay Chaleur. Catherine was d/o William Poole, b Bay Chaleur, marr Mary surname unknown. William had siblings John Poole b abt 1760 and Elizabeth Poole.

      So you need to find out more about the women they married, I think. Hope these dates and places give you some help.

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