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verna anger and colin laur wedding may 1943Verna (Anger) and Colin Laur on their wedding day May 1943. Their attendants, on either side, are his twin and her sister. They got married later. I love this photo. So elegant!
emma jane mcconkey mabee and granddaughters 1940sL-R: Verna (Anger) Laur, Virgie (Mabee) Butcher, grandmother Emma Jane (McConkey) Mabee (later Heffer), Estella (Anger) Jackson, Erie (Anger) Laur and Marion (Mabee) Baxter. Anger sisters are daughters of Austin and Murel (Mabee) Anger. Mabee sisters are daughters of George and Nancy (Rice) Mabee. Mid-1940s.
murel (mabee) and austin anger and family 1958Austin and Murel (Mabee) Anger, 45th wedding anniversary party,  in middle, cutting cake. Children, from left, Estella, Jack, Verna, George and Erie. July 13, 1958 maybe Pinafore Park in St. Thomas.
verna (anger) and colin laur 1984 sitting on porch swingVerna (Anger) and Colin Laur, Nov. 1984, sitting on my parents' front porch in Belmont.
George and Jack Anger Estella Anger Jackson 1987L-R George and Jack Anger with sister Estella (Anger) Jackson at family picnic, Pinafore Park, St. Thomas ON, July 1987
Solon Laur and dog Tinker 1987Fred's dad Solon Laur with his dog Tinker at an Anger family picnic in Pinafore Park, St. Thomas ON, July 1987
fred laur school picture 1955Fred Laur, age 10, 1955 school picture
Fred Laur 1987My cousin Fred Laur on his favourite ride in July 1987
George Anger on Allis Chalmers"Fresh paint, July 2000" George Anger wrote on this photo of him on his favourite ride, Allis.
George Anger and JIm Murray in Big Pine Key FloridaBelmont ON neighbours George Anger and Jim Murray on old Spanish Harbor Bridge, Big Pine Key FL winter 1983.
George Anger and Bill Monteith WWII England"Taken in Borden, Hants, England. 29 May 1943. Pte. George C. Anger, Tillsonburg, Ont. Pte. Bill Monteith, St. Thomas, Ont." Dad wrote on this photo and mailed it home.
Jack and Austin Anger with draft horsesJack (seated) and Austin Anger and horses, May 1943 at Union farm. "Jack and Dad planting potatoes with fertilizer drill. Had a stove pipe to drop the potatoes down through." Grandma wrote on photo and sent to son George in WWII.
Murel Anger feeding chickensMurel (Mabee) Anger: "Some of my chickens at supper time" she wrote on the back. She sent it to son George in England. It was taken in June 1943 at their farm near Union.
Anger Photos - Austin Anger, Sam Trickett and Claude McFarren 1946From left: Claude McFarren (of California, husband of Estella Anger, Austin's sister), Sam Trickett (stepfather of Estella, Austin and Erie Anger) and Austin Anger (my father's father). Taken at St. Williams, near Port Rowan ON, 1946.
Sam Trickett funeral 1948"Grandpa Sam Trickett's funeral, Sept 30, 1948 near Port Rowan", Mom wrote on back (my father's paternal step-grandfather).
Anger Photos - Austin Anger with Mabee inlawsAustin Anger and son George, middle.  At left, brother-in-law George Mabee with two of his children. At right, brothers-in-law Frank and Clarence Mabee.  In front of Clarence and Emma Jane Mabee's house, Straffordville, about 1922.
Bernice Mabee and her brother-in-law Austin AngerAustin Anger and his 1926 Model T Ford and sister-in-law Bernice Mabee.
Austin Anger 70th birthdayAustin Anger with his new recliner, a 70th birthday present. At daughter Stella Jackson's in Belmont by bridge, I think, June 1962.
Clarence Mabee family 1925Austin Anger with in-laws, 1925. Back from left: Emma Jane (McConkey) Mabee (age 53); Clarence Mabee (age 61); their son Frank (age 17); their daughter Winnie (Spiece, age 36); Austin Anger (age 33) holding son Jack (age 1); Murel (Mabee) Anger (age 27). Front, from left: daughter Estella Anger (Jackson, age 9); Winnie's daughter Kathleen Spiece (Goodwin); daughter Verna Anger (Laur, age 6); George Mabee (age 30) holding his children Walter and Virginia (Butcher); son George Anger (age 8).
Anger Photos 1955 family picnic Mt. Salem ONEmma Jane (McConkey) Mabee Heffer's 83rd birthday at her house in Mt. Salem, May 22 1955.

Clockwise from bottom right: Vivian (Thompson) Anger holding son; two Laur girls; Murel (Mabee) Anger; Jack Anger; Colin Laur; Clarence Mabee (son of George and Nancy Mabee); Theo Moore (friend of Bernice Mabee); George Mabee; Austin Anger; Verna (Anger) Laur; Estella (Anger) Jackson holding nephew; Wallace Jackson; Jim McConkey (Emma Jane's brother); Emma Jane (McConkey) Mabee Heffer age 83; Nancy (Rice) Mabee; Frank Baxter (son-in-law of George Mabee) holding son; Marion (Mabee) Baxter; Bernice (Mabee) Cooper.
anger-picnic-1958-jul-13Family picnic 1958, Murel (Mabee) and Austin Anger, back left; Ruby (Burwell) Anger and a Laur girl, front; sons George and Jack Anger (I think) right.
Austin and Murel Anger 50thAustin and Murel (Mabee) Anger on 50th wedding anniversary at home in Belmont ON, 14 July 1963. A cousin gave me this and the following 5 photos.
wallace estella jackson jan 1969 brucefield

Wallace and Estella (Anger) Jackson, 1969, at home in Brucefield ON.
Wallace and Estella Jackson 50th 1986Wallace and Estella (Anger) Jackson, 50th anniversary, 27 June 1986.
Tom Trickett Austin Anger half brotherJ. Tom Trickett, son of Sam and Elma (Hayward Anger) Trickett, and half-brother to Austin, Erie and Estella Anger. He died at age 19 in 1924.
Austin Anger and sister Estella Jun 1963Austin Anger with sister Estella McFarren at his home in Belmont ON, June 1963.
Claude and Estella McFarren 4 Jun 1969 Santa AnaEstella (Anger) and Claude McFarren of Santa Ana, California, 4 June 1969.
Estella-Anger-age-7-c1901Estella Anger (later McFarren) about 1901, age 7. It and the following three are from a portrait of George Edgar and Elma (Hayward) Anger's family. A cousin separated out each individual in it.
Austin-Anger-age-9-c1901Austin Anger, about 1901, age 9.
Geo-Edgar-Anger-bef-Dec-1901George Edgar Anger. He died 15 Dec. 1901, a week after his 39th birthday.
Elma-G-Hayward-AngerElma Georgette (Hayward) Anger, 1901.
erie 14 mt salem c1941Tobacco workers, Mt Salem in 1941. My Aunt Erie, in the middle, age 14, gave me this photo. She also gave me the following one.
elma-trickett-anger-kids-adjL-R: Alma (Hayward Anger) Trickett and her Anger children, Estella, Austin and Erie. No date or place given, but likely about 1912.
G Anger FB fam reunion 1900Anger family reunion, maybe about 1900. This and the following 3 photos are from a grandson of George Nelson Anger (b 1889). Online discussions have identified a few, maybe. Front row, man holding hat may be Peter Anger (1827-1902). Second man from him to the right may be his son George Edgar Anger with wife Elma (Hayward) beside him. Their son Austin is sitting between them, with a dog in front of him, and daughter Estella in front of her mother. The woman at the right end of the front row may be Mary Ann Alair, Peter's second wife. In back row, 6th from right, looks like George Nelson Anger.
G Anger FB-fam group 1900Anger family, presumably same day as above. Back row, third from right is George Nelson Anger. Beside him, at right, is his brother Lorne.
George Young Anger familyCounter-clockwise from bottom right: George Young Anger, wife Fanny (Bunning) and children Mary Jane, G. Nelson and Lorne.
mabel powers anger kids nina hazel lloydLorne Young Anger's wife Mabel (Powers) and children Nina, Hazel and Lloyd.
george-ruby-15-nov-1941Nov. 15, 1941, wedding photo of George Anger and Ruby Burwell in front of her parents' home in Tillsonburg. Behind them, from left, Vivian Henry and Robert 'Scotty' Moir (their witnesses, later themselves married); Ada Burwell; someone hidden behind Ada; man next to Ada is maybe her friend; Ruby's parents Charley and Minnie Burwell; young man I don't know; George's parents Austin and Merle (Mabee) Anger; maybe Jack Anger; Emily (Burwell) and Burnice McAllister, and their sons in front.

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  1. Hi Dorothy, I was just checking out your photos. My! Do you ever have some good ones here. I recognized myself (from the back) in the picture of the family picnic in 1958 because I recognized the dress. That was my favourite dress when I was a little girl. I will send you a picture via e-mail of my family, taken on that day, I believe, where I am wearing that dress, but this time, I’m facing the camera.

    1. Hi Lynda, I thought that was you in the photo but wasn’t sure. I got the photo you emailed – thanks. Yes, there were pictures taken that day of each family group. They are great. I especially love the soft colours – due to the film I think, plus time.

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