Burwell Photos

See Burwell family tree here. Click photos to enlarge (when the original size allows).

Emily and Bernice McAllister 1977 Florida"Bernice and Emily McAllister. Taken in Florida Feb 1977" - written on front by Emily's mother Minnie Burwell.
mary-rice-williamsOld photocopy with note by Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell. "This is Mary Rice who married Richard Williams, parents of Lavonia Williams who married Lewis M. Burwell. Their children were Mariah, John R, Hercules, Peter, Amy, Samuel Jas [William], and James Richard. Hercules married Ada Ann Norton. Gertrude Bowes, Mar. 1981." Hercules and Ada Ann were the parents of Charles Hercules Burwell, Minnie's husband.
Lavina Burwell Clark and son Hercules 1911 Pine St TillsonburgPostcard of Lavina (Burwell) Clark and son Hercules, at 14 Pine Street, Tillsonburg home. House was torn down years ago, according to my mother's note on back.
Minnie Lymburner Burwell 1911 at 20 Pine St TillsonburgAnother 1911 postcard, 20 Pine St., Tillsonburg. Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell in front of their first home after marriage. She is 22.
minnie and charley burwell son dwight 1913Minnie (Lymburner) and Charley Burwell, with son Dwight on his 1st birthday. Taken at Pollard Studio, Tillsonburg, June 10, 1913.
charles-and-minnie burwell 16-dec-1910"This is the wedding picture of Charles Hercules Burwell and Minnie May Burwell (nee Lymburner) married in Tillsonburg December 14, 1910 at the home of the bride's father Matthias Elmore Lymburner, Tillson Ave, Tillsonburg, Ont. Picture taken at Welland, Ont. Dec. 16/10." On June 19, 1960 Minnie wrote this on a piece of paper and stuck it to the back of the frame. It's still there.
Ruby Anger and cat 1985Ruby (Burwell) Anger with a feral cat she tamed, in Belmont 1985.
Minnie May (Lymburner) Burwell on her 92nd birthday 1981.
Charles Burwell, doing headstand 1943 at nearly 63Charles Burwell, standing on his head in his Tillsonburg backyard. Autumn 1943, when he was nearly 63.
ruby-mildred-peaches-jun2007At Mildred's house in June 2007, first cousins Ruby (Burwell) Anger and Mildred (Burwell) Ketchabaw. The cat is, I think, Peaches.
Mabel Meadows Brooks and Mildred Burwell Ketchabaw 1994Mildred (Burwell) Ketchabaw, age 76 (at right), and half-sister Mabel (Meadows) Brooks, age 85, summer 1994.
Mildred Burwell Ketchabaw from obit May 2018Mildred Ketchabaw, daughter of Fred and Ada Sophie (Leach) Burwell. My mother's first cousin and my very dear friend. She died May 21 2018, five months before her 100th birthday.
burwell cousins 1995Cousins at Wilford and Madge Burwell's 50th open house, Eden Baptist Church, May 1995. L-R: Jean Van Natter and Ruth Depew (Merritt Burwell's daughters), Irene Lovell (d/o Wilson Burwell), Ruby Anger (d/o Charles Burwell), Jim Depew and Jay Van Natter.
madge and wilford burwell 50th 1995Madge (Hodges) and Wilford Burwell, 50th anniversary at Eden Baptist Church, May 1995.
Otto Lymburner Peter Burwell Charles Burwell 1960Otto Lymburner (left) with sister Minnie's husband Charles Burwell (right) and his brother Peter, at Peter's home in New England ON, Oct. 1960.
Minnie Lymburner Burwell Oct 1960At Peter Burwell's home Oct. 1960. 2nd from right is Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell. 2nd from left is her sister Marguerite Kyte I think. The others I should know, but.
dwight burwell oct 1954Dwight Burwell, son of Minnie (Lymburner) and Charles Burwell, Oct. 1954, age 42.
Ada and friends in playhouse July 1959Ada (Burwell) Ritchie, left, in childhood playhouse, Tillsonburg ON, July 1959. Woman at right is Ada's friend Margaret. The others?
Pine Street playhouse July 1950Playhouse in backyard of Charley and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell's Tillsonburg house, July 1950. He built it and it lasted for three generations of kids.
Burwell McAllister family Christmas 1957Christmas 1957 from top: Charley and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell, daughter and son-in-law Burnice and Emily (Burwell) McAllister, son David with wife Kit (Vyse) and baby.
McAllister wedding cake 1956David and Katherine (Vyse) McAllister cut wedding cake Oct. 20 1956. I think the head in front is David's dad Burnice.
David and Kitty McAllister 1956 weddingDavid and Katherine (Vyse) McAllister, wedding 20 Oct. 1956, Ingersoll ON. Bridesmaid at left, I think, is Kit's sister.
McAllisters Oct 1956David and Katherine (Vyse) McAllister in car after Oct. 20 1956 wedding.
McAllister wedding reception line 20 Oct 1956Reception line at David and Kitty McAllister's wedding in 1956. From right: Minnie (Lymburner) and Charles Burwell, David's grandparents; Kitty's parents and sister; Donald McAllister, David's brother; Kit (Vyse) and David McAllister, bride and groom; David's parents Emily (Burwell) and Burnice McAllister.
Burnice and Emily McAllister son David and Kit Oct 1956Burnice and Emily McAllister, David and Kit (Vyse) McAllister, reception line at wedding 20 Oct. 1956.
Emily and Burnice McAllister family 1945Emily (Burwell) and Burnice McAllister with baby and sons David, Donald and Douglas, 1945, at home in Salford ON (I think).
burwells tillsonburg 1935-36Pine Street, Tillsonburg "Winter 1935-36" on back. From left: Charley Burwell and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell, daughter Emily, age 21, with baby David and husband Burnice McAllister, age 28, daughter Ruby Burwell, age 11, and son Dwight Burwell, age 23.
1955 school photos of Donald McAllister, 18, and Doug McAllister, 13. Emily (Burwell) and Burnice McAllister's sons.
Bruce and Mae (White) Burwell and Madge (Hodgson) Burwell. This and the next two pictures were taken by my mother at the Burwell reunion, Coronation Park in Tillsonburg ON, June 21, 1987.  Bruce was son of Peter Burwell and Alberta Davis. Madge was wife of Wilford Burwell, son of Peter's brother Fred Burwell.
arol-bowes-helen-burwell-smith-tillsonburg-burwell-picnic-21jun87Arol Bowes and Helen (Burwell) Smith of San José, California at Burwell reunion June 1987. Mr. Bowes was husband of Gertrude Allemand, granddaughter of Maria (Burwell) Johnson. (See #60-iv-76 in Burwell tree) I have no information on Helen Smith.
mr-mrs-russell-wilson-bc-tillsonburg-21-jun-87"Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wilson of British Columbia, 1st time at Burwell Reunion, Tillsonburg Ont. June 21 1987. Ancestor Amy's family," my mother wrote on the back. In my charts, Mrs. Wilson is Donna May Carley. Russell's mother was Amy, daughter of Peter H. Burwell who was son of Lewis Mahlon Burwell. (see #62 in Burwell Tree)
connie-emily-tillsonburg-kyte-lymburner-picnic-27-jun-87Countess "Connie" (Lymburner) Baker with niece Emily (Burwell) McAllister at Kyte and Lymburner family reunion, 27 June 1987 Coronation Park, Tillsonburg.
ada-and-minnie-burwell-elim-home-c1978Ada (Burwell) Scanlon and her mother Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell, about 1978.
emily-and-burnice-mcallisterEmily and Burnice McAllister. No date, probably 1970s. Emily was the eldest daughter of Minnie (Lymburner) and Charles Burwell.
emily-dwight-ruby-ada-burwell-tom-clark-1990Dwight Burwell's 78th birthday, 1990 Port Burwell. L-R: Emily McAllister, Dwight, Ruby Anger, Ada and husband Tom Clark.
Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell's kids - Ruby, Ada, Dwight and Emily at Emily's home in Salford ON, on Dwight's birthday. Early 1970s?
minnie-burwell-and-kids-1971Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell, seated, with (clockwise) daughters Ruby, Ada and Emily and son Dwight on his 59th birthday, 1971
Otto Lymburner funeral Jan 1963After Otto Lymburner's funeral, Jan. 17 1963, at sister Minnie's house in Tillsonburg.  Charles and Minnie Burwell on right, daughters Ada (beside Minnie) and Ruby (in front of Ada). Otto's sister Connie sitting at table beside Ruby. The others?
Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at home in Tillsonburg, Dec. 1960.
Ada Burwell, in front of parents Minnie (Lymburner) and Charles Burwell's home in Tillsonburg, about 1940.
ada-emily-ruby-burnice-dwight-pine-stAda, Emily and Ruby Burwell (in front holding cat), Burnice McAllister and Dwight Burwell, early 1930s, Pine Street in Tillsonburg. Children and son-in-law of Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell.
Charles and Minnie Burwell 1913Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell with baby Dwight, about 1913, probably in Tillsonburg.
Charley Burwell and sister-in-law Connie Baker ca 1960On back: "you don't need to ask me who my friend is, do you?" (in Aunt Connie's hand) "He is Charley Burwell and I am Connie Baker" (in Minnie Burwell's hand) "at 16 Pine St. Tillsonburg. Charley born Oct. 11, 1880. Countess (Connie) Lymburner-Baker born Feb 18 1906. Taken ?" (in Ruby Anger's hand). My guess, it's about 1960.
Ruby Anger and VW vanRuby (Burwell) 1985 at home with her 1973 VW van she named The Flowerpot.
Harold Kyte, Ruby Burwell, Jean Love, Beth ReinwaldPort Burwell, July 1938. From top of ladder, Harold Kyte (13 yrs), his cousin Ruby Burwell (14), Ruby's friends Jean Love (15) and Beth Reinwald (13).
Gladys Kyte, Harold Kyte, Ruby BurwellGladys Kyte at front, brother Harold behind her at left, and cousin Ruby Burwell at right, about 1930 at maternal grandparents Matthias and Emily Lymburner's home in Midland ON.
C H Burwell family 1928Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell, with Ruby (6 yrs), in front. At rear, from left, Ada (15), Dwight (18) and Emily (16), Christmas 1928.
charley-minnie-burwell-Tburg-1920sBefore they lived in the house that he built, Charley and Minnie Burwell lived further along Pine Street. Their son Dwight took this picture of them in front of No. 32 in the early 1920s.
Minnie and Charles Burwell Tillsonburg ca 1915This may be that house, 32 Pine Street, taken about 1915. Charley and Minnie with son Dwight and daughter Emily.
Burwell Photos Ada Ann and sons 1908From left: son Merritt Burwell, mother Ada Ann (Norton) Burwell, daughter-in-law Alice (Kennedy) Burwell (Silas' wife), Joe Kennedy (Alice's brother), son Silas Burwell, son Charley Burwell, friends Clarence Inman and Fred Millard. 1908.
Ada Burwell and son Charles 1908Ada Ann (Norton) Burwell, age 61, with son Charley, age 28. 1908
Burwell brothers and friends make human pyramidHuman pyramid, top, Harry Howey and Merritt Burwell, middle, Silas Burwell, bottom, Charley Burwell, Fred Millard, Joe Kennedy

Probably about 1908.
studio photo of charles burwell and friend milo youngMy grandfather Charles H. Burwell (seated) and Milo Young, about 1908.

Milo's brother was Charles McDonald Young, first husband of Evellyn Lymburner. Charles died a year after marriage, and Evellyn later married John Hewson.
Christmas postcard 1907 with inset photo of C H BurwellA postcard with a photograph printed into it. "Xmas wishes" is at bottom.

The photo is of my granddad, and my grandmother wrote his name and age on it: "C. H. Burwell, 27 years," so that would be 1907.
postcard photo of Burwell Bros lumber mill TillsonburgPostcard (no date) Burwell Bros. Lumber Mill. On back, written by my mother, is "Tillsonburg, Silas, Charley, Merritt and Wilson Burwell." Only three men are in the photo and I don't think my grandfather Charley is one of them so I'd guess them to be Silas, Merritt and Wilson.
Burwell Photos - brothers at Port Burwell 1926Four brothers at a Burwell family reunion, Port Burwell, 1926. From left: Wilson Garfield Burwell, Fred Burwell (cousin), Peter Dwight Burwell, James Silas Burwell and Charles Hercules Burwell.
Burwell brothers wives Port Burwell picnic 1926Burwell wives at family reunion, Port Burwell 1926. From left: Ada (wife of brother Fred), Hannah (cousin Fred), Minnie (brother Charles), Ella (brother Merritt), Alberta (brother Peter), Florence (brother Wilson) and Alice (brother Silas).
Burwell photos - cousins at Port Burwell 1926Burwell kids at Port Burwell reunion 1926. From left, back: Dwight (Charley's son), Howard (head down so view blocked, Wilson's), Stanley (?). Middle: Lewis (Wilson's), Donald and Leroy (Merritt's), Bill (Peter's). Front: Fred, Bruce and Charlie (Peter's), Wilford (Fred's), Lloyd (cousin Fred's)
Burwells and Lymburners at Port Burwell reunion 1926At Burwell reunion, Port Burwell 1926. Front: Mary, Helen and Evellyn Hewson, daughters of Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell's sister Evellyn (Lymburner) Hewson.  Back, from left: Mabel and Norma Meadows, step-daughters of brother Fred Burwell; cousin Fred Burwell; Herc Burwell, son of Levonia (Burwell) Clark.  (Two people in the background are not identified.)
emily-and-dwight-burwell about 1916Emily and Dwight Burwell, eldest children of Minnie (Lymburner) and Charles H. Burwell, about 1916.
ada, emily and dwight burwell studio photo 1918Ada, Emily and Dwight Burwell, at J. Pollard & Son Studio, Tillsonburg ON, Dec. 16 1918.
Charlie-and-Minnie-Burwell with three kids in front of houseMinnie (Lymburner) and Charley Burwell with children Emily, Ada and Dwight outside first house on Pine Street, Tillsonburg, about 1918.
4 children of Charles and Minnie Burwell 1924Ada, baby Ruby, Dwight and Emily, children of Minnie (Lymburner) and Charles H. Burwell, J. Pollard & Son, Tillsonburg ON, Sept. 1924.
dwight-burwell-75th birthday Long Point beach ON with brothers-in-lawDwight Burwell (front), 75th birthday at Long Point ON, 1987, with brothers-in-law Tom Clark (Ada), Burnice McAllister (Emily) and George Anger (Ruby).
ada burwell clark emily burwell mcallister 1987Burwell sisters Ada Clark and Emily McAllister, Long Point ON, 10 June 1987, for brother Dwight's birthday outing.
Burwell-picnic-Pt-Burwell-early-1930sBurwell picnic, Port Burwell, early 1930s, at back: Alice (Kennedy) and Silas Burwell. Middle row from left:  Dwight, Lewis, Irene, Ada, Emily, Minnie (Lymburner) and Charley Burwell. Front: Beatrice, Doris, Ruby.  (Lewis, Irene, Beatrice and Doris are Wilson Burwell's children.  Dwight, Ada, Emily and Ruby are Charley's children.)
Peter and Alberta Burwell and kids 1926 at home1926 Eden, Ont. From left, back: Peter Burwell, son Billy, wife Alberta (Davis) holding Mabel. Front: sons Fred, Charlie and Bruce.
Silas and Alice Burwell studio photoSilas and Alice (Kennedy) Burwell, by J. Pollard & Son, Tillsonburg ON.  No date, probably early 1900s.
charley-and-sis-in-law-alice-burwell-1960Charles H. Burwell with sister-in-law Alice (Kennedy) Burwell at her home near Eden ON, Oct. 10, 1960.
aggie-stillwell-mooreAgnes (Stillwell) Moore, no date or location of photograph. Aggie was daughter of Melissa Jane (Norton) and David William Stillwell. Her mother was sister to Ada Ann (Norton) Burwell. Aggie married Charles Lonzo Moore and, second, John Boughner.
Aggie (Stillwell Moore) and John Boughner, middle, on honeymoon in 1940, Pine Street in Tillsonburg. John's son Harold Boughner and wife flank them.
herc-clark-connie-lymburner in horse buggy      herc-clark and leta-fulkerson on park bench
Hercules Clark, son of Lavinia (Burwell) and Chauncy Clark.  At left, with Countess Lymburner, sister of Minnie May (Lymburner) Burwell (no date).  At right, with Leta Fulkerson, later his wife (no date).
Dick-and-Sarah-Burwell-1926James Richard (Dick) Burwell, son of Lewis Mahlon and Lavina (Williams) Burwell, uncle of Burwell brothers and sister Lavinia. With 4th wife Sarah, according to my grandmother's note, perhaps Sarah Ann Young. She was the widow of his brother Peter. They lived in Michigan. Both Dick and Sarah were about 80 years old in this 1926 photo.
Burwell Photos brothers and friendsBurwell brothers and friends, no date or place. Clockwise from left: Fred Chandler, Wilson Burwell, Clarence Inman, Charles Burwell, Merritt Burwell, Peter Burwell, Carl Scott (at front).
Burwells-Fred and Silas-c-1913 with oxen and ploughFred and Silas Burwell with oxen, about 1913.
Ada-Ford-Burwell-age-68-1955Ada Sophia (Leach, Meadows), widow of Fred Burwell, age 68 in 1955.
Wilford-Burwell-Eden-1962Wilford Burwell, son of Fred and Ada, west of Eden 1962.
railway-bridge-crew-straffordvilleRoad crew at railway bridge in Straffordville. The men are unnamed, but the photo is wonderful. It and the Burwell photos following, mostly of Peter and Alberta's branch, were given to me by Kevin Burwell. He and his aunts compiled them from family albums.
Burwell-wives-and-Maria-JohnsonSeated, Maria (Burwell) Johnson (1835-1938), sister of Hercules Dwight Burwell. She had son Charles Howard and daughters Amy Jane and Fannie Jeannette. Maybe them in photo?
charlie-peter-wilson-burwell and others on sleigh in-snowCharley Burwell, 4th from left, Peter Burwell, 2nd from right at back and Wilson Burwell, standing at right. Others unknown. Maybe about 1910.
alberta-baby-bill-burwellAlberta (Davis) Burwell with baby son Bill, about 1918.
alberta-and bill-burwell feeding horseAlberta Burwell and son Bill feeding horse, about 1923.
alberta and daughter hazel
Alberta (Davis) Burwell, daughter Hazel behind.
harry and mary ongena daughter wilhelmena and walter burwellHarry and Mary Ongena (on truck left) with daughter Wilhelmine and husband Walter Burwell.
Bill-and-Bruce-Burwell-JK-SneadeBrothers Bill and Bruce Burwell and friend J. K. Sneade.
bill-burwell and luella unknown by carBill Burwell and Luella, surname unknown.
bill-wilhelmine-walt-burwellBill, Wilhelmine and Walter Burwell.
herc-burwell with goat, j k-sneade and burwell-kids back by carHercules Burwell with sister Hazel's goat. J. K. Sneade standing by car with Burwell kids.
mae and bruce burwellMae (White) and Bruce Burwell, maybe 1940s in photo booth.
unknown girl and Mable BurwellMable Burwell, right, and unnamed friend. Maybe 1940s.
mable-pat-walters-kidsMable (Burwell) and husband Pat (John Harvey) Walters and children.
Pat-Walters-and-kids Pinafore Park St. ThomasPat (John Harvey) Walters with kids at Pinafore Park, St. Thomas, late 1940s.
mable-pat-walters-pinafore-parkMable (Burwell) and Pat Walters at Pinafore Park in St. Thomas, late 1940s.
Charlie-and-Edith-DavisCharlie and Edith (McCaulley) Davis, Alberta Burwell's parents. (Isn't his smile a treat!)
charlie-davis-sister-and-nieceCharlie Davis' sister and her daughter.
viola-davis-andersonViola (Davis) Anderson, Alberta's sister.
bertha-edith-ella-davisEdith Davis in middle, daughters Bertha (marr. John Sidney Karl) with baby, left, and Ella (marr. Harry Lee Matthews), right.
unknown-pat-walters-charlie-davisPat Walters, middle, and Charlie Davis, right. Man at left unknown.
charlie-davisCharlie Davis.
nelson-dodge-walt-burwell-unknown childNelson Dodge and Walter Burwell (son of Peter and Alberta). Child unknown.
blake-burwell on truck hoodBlake Burwell, son of Peter and Alberta.
jim-walters-walt-burwellIn rear, Jim Walters, son of Mable (Burwell) and Pat Walters, and his uncle Walter Burwell. Man and woman in front unknown.
mable and pat walters by xmas treeMable (Burwell) and Pat Walters.
Mable Walters, Guy Burwell, Joe-Burwell 1989Mable (Burwell) Walters with nephews Guy and Joe, sons of Walter and Wilhelmine (Ongena) Burwell. My mother took this at, I think, a family reunion at Coronation Park in Tillsonburg.
peter-alberta-burwell-5-kidsPeter and Alberta Burwell with, from left, their five youngest children. This and the following pictures are from Mable Walter's albums.
peter-alberta-burwell-kids and grandkidsSon Bill, daughter-in-law Mae (White), son Bruce, son Charlie in back at left of Alberta and Peter Burwell. In front, younger children and grandchildren.
peter-alberta-burwell-babyPeter and Alberta Burwell with baby (maybe Bill?)
peter-alberta-burwell-kids-by-treesFront, from left, Blake, Hercules and Hazel Burwell. Back, Bruce, parents Alberta and Peter, Fred Burwell.
alberta-peter-herc-hazel-burwellAlberta and Peter Burwell, with children Hercules and Hazel.
peter-burwell-sons-friendsBack from left; Peter Burwell, Charles Haycock, J. K. Sneade, Bill Burwell, Tom Sharpe. Front; Merritt Burwell, Pat Walters, Bruce Burwell.
bill-peter-burwell-oxenBill Burwell behind oxen, and father Peter at right. Man at left is unidentified.
alberta-bill-by-truckAlberta Burwell and son Bill. Click on the picture and you can see on the truck door 'W. F. Burwell, Eden Ont' - that's Bill.
peter-burwell-May-1958Peter Burwell, May 1958. I think the handwriting is my grandma's (his sister-in-law).
wilson-burwell-family-ca1927Wilson Burwell's family, about 1927. Florence (Wareham) Burwell at left, next (at back) sons Lewis and Howard, then Wilson. Front; daughters Doris, Beatrice, Grace, and Irene.
in front of-pine-street houseOn Pine Street in Tillsonburg, in front of Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell's house. Identified only as relatives of Peter Burwell.
dwight-burwell-15-yrs-1927Dwight Burwell, age maybe 15 so about 1927. Eldest child of Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell.
London-1954-xmasChristmas 1954, London ON: Minnie and Charley Burwell at either end, with children Dwight, Ruby, Emily and Ada.
c-h-burwell-Tburg-kitchen-1959Charles H. Burwell, in kitchen of Tillsonburg home, 1959.
emily-burnice-mcallister-1934Burnice and Emily (Burwell) McAllister, 1934, six months after marriage.
Jul-10-1955-belmont Charley Minnie B and Burnice McACharley and Minnie Burwell and son-in-law Burnice McAllister at Ruby (Burwell) Anger's house in Belmont, July 1955.
don-hedy-mcallister-1958Donald and Hedy (Penner) McAllister on wedding day Nov. 15, 1958. Son and daughter-in-law of Burnice and Emily (Burwell) McAllister.
ada leach and clarence meadows 1902 wedding photoAda Sophia Leach, age 16, and first husband Clarence Meadows on their wedding day in 1902. It was taken by J. Pollard & Son Studio in Tillsonburg. Ada later married Fred Burwell and their daughter Mildred gave me this and the next photo.
wilford burwell madge hodgson and moms 1940s
Wilford and Madge (Hodgson) Burwell with mothers, Ada (Leach) Burwell, left, and Elisabeth (Mabee) Hodgson, right, 1940s.
Charley Burwell Otto Lymburner 9-Oct-1961Charley Burwell and brother-in-law Otto Lymburner, Tillsonburg. On back, daughter Ruby wrote, "Dad, 81 next day, and Uncle Otto finishing last sundial in garage. Monday Oct. 9/61 Thanksgiving Day".
Tillsonburg Burwell kitchen-Sep-1959In Burwell kitchen in Tillsonburg, Sept. 1959, L-R, son-in-law George Anger, Charley, Minnie (Lymburner), granddaughter, daughter Ruby and Minnie's sister Evellyn Hewson.
Ruby and Ada London fall 1959Ruby (Burwell) Anger with older sister Ada (then Scanlon), autumn 1959 in Ruby's back yard, London ON.
ruby-ada-emily-dwight-1937Charley and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell's kids in front of Tillsonburg house, 1937: Ruby, 13, Ada, 21, Emily, 23, and Dwight, 25. This and following 4 photos are from Aunt Ada's albums.
george-ruby-15-nov-1941Nov. 15, 1941, wedding photo of George Anger and Ruby Burwell in front of her parents' home in Tillsonburg. Behind them, from left, Vivian Henry and Robert 'Scotty' Moir (their witnesses, themselves later married), Ada Burwell, someone hidden behind Ada, man next to Ada is maybe her friend, Ruby's parents Charley and Minnie Burwell, young man I don't know, George's parents Austin and Merle (Mabee) Anger, maybe Jack Anger, Emily (Burwell) and Burnice McAllister and their sons David and Donald in front.
angers-mcallisters-tburg-1950sGeorge and Ruby Anger, Emily and Burnice McAllister, in front of Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell's house, Tillsonburg 1950s.
burwell-easter-6-apr-1958Easter Sunday, Apr. 6 1958 Tillsonburg: Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell with daughters Ada, Emily (left) and Ruby (right).
ella-burwell-kidsElla (Chatterton) Burwell, widow of Merritt, and children Donald, Leroy, Ruth and Jean. Taken late 1920s, near Eden maybe.

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26 thoughts on “Burwell Photos”

  1. Awesome Collection Dorothy!
    I am the eldest son of Doug & Ann Walters.
    Dad is the youngest from Pat & Mable Walters.
    Great Job!

    1. Thank you, Marty. I can hear your grandmother’s laugh whenever I look at a photo of her. It was wonderful, and she had a personality to match. I’m glad you like the pictures.

  2. Hi Dorothy,
    I am a niece (by marriage) of Mildred Ketchabaw (daughter of Ada and Fred Burwell). I recognise her hand writing on many of the pictures you have here and have heard about you and many of these relatives. You have done an extensive history here and made it very interesting!
    Roger and I live across from where Aunt Mildred was born in the house that her Uncle Silas built. Wilford gave me the book that Silas used to keep track of his expenses and it includes all the items purchased for building the house here in 1915 for a total cost of $317.95.
    Aunt Mildred just had her 99th birthday and is doing fairly well. I hope to be able to show her some of these pics although she can’t stand too much eye strain these days. I will definitely tell her all about it and I know she will enjoy it immensely. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rita, it is so nice to “meet” you! Mildred told me you were living in Uncle Silas’ house. I knew her birthday was around now but lost track of time. Please give her my belated birthday wishes. She knows, I hope, that she’s always in my thoughts. She gave me some of these pictures when I saw her last year. I was happy I could fill out her side of the family. I found something on the Elgin Co. archives site that my grandmother had written years ago about your house and Wilford’s. I’ll post it as soon as I sort out the connections she mentions with Eden families. Thank you very much for writing.

  3. I absolutely enjoyed viewing your website. I’m grandson of Bruce and Mae Burwell. Alot of familiar faces in thier youth. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  4. Hi Dorothy, love your site. Thanks for all your work on the family tree. I believe we are 2nd. Cousins once removed. I can remember going to Great Uncle Charlie and Aunt Minnie’s place on Pine St. with my dad Fred Burwell , (Peter and Alberta’s son). I remember also visiting him at his cement block shop on the corner of Pine St. and Tillson Ave. I also remember how he would sit in his chair and twirl his thumbs while He and my Dad would visit.
    Thanks again !!

    1. Hi Sherwood, thanks for writing. A lot of family passed through Grandpa’s shop, I think. It was a nice place to spend time.

  5. Hi Dorothy
    Merritt would like you to come out for a coffee at some point and chat. He really enjoys seeing the pictures of the family and puts names to those that seem to be unknown. Please join him any time for a coffee.

    1. Hi to Merritt. Unfortunately, I don’t live in Ontario any more. If I did, I would love to come for a visit. I will send an email so that you have my email address. I’d love to have the names that I don’t know of people in the photographs. Thanks for writing.

  6. Thank you so much for the great pictures. My grandfather was Burnice McAllister (Emily) and it was great to see a picture (and colour!). Both of my parents are gone now (Don and Hedy) but so nice to see these pics. I thank my God for His saving grace when I see these picture of those who have lived and died and for many are in heaven now and look forward to seeing them again!

    1. Hi Greg, nice to hear from you. I’m glad you like the pictures and I’m so sorry about your mother. I went through some more of Mom’s pictures and found one of your parents on their wedding day. I’ve posted it here (bottom of page) and a few more that have your grandparents in them.

  7. Hi Dorothy
    I sit here with Merritt Burwell son of Peter D Burwell he would like to contribute to the family tree if you need any information he is eager to help Merritt is 87. He is very knowledgeable with the family He would like to include his family and up date his branch of the Burwell tree. He and his sister Hazel are the only remaining Children of Peter & Alberta (Davis) Burwell. Many of the Burwell children are Buried in Springford. Please get in contact with him so that he can give you more information. Also How do I go about get his UEL certificate. He is quoting CH Burwell Poems by heart Merritt remembers his uncle Charlie very well.

    1. Hi Merritt, so nice to hear from you. I will email you for more on your family. I have some information but I don’t put anything on living people on the family tree here just for privacy and security reasons.

      I’ve looked at the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada website about getting UEL certificates. First, you have to join the association. There are branches across Canada. The closest to you would be either the Grand River Branch, that covers Kitchener, Brantford and Simcoe areas, or London and Western Ontario branch. Then you apply, giving proof that your ancestor was UEL and also providing birth certificates or baptism records to show that you are descended from that person. The link above is to the page that describes the process. There are links on it that show examples of the completed forms. There are a few Burwell ones there.

      I hope you’re well, and I’ll email you very soon. Thanks.

    2. Hey there, my dad is Mark Burwell, son of Blake Burwell who was shot and killed at age 37, in St.Thomas Ontario. I am Marks son, Adam, doing some digging to find out where my roots are.

      If you have any other information that would be greatly appreciated!


  8. Hi Dorothy I see with my dad Blake you have him with 2 children (boys) with his wife Judy. Can you send me a address so I can update you with his other 5 children before his marriage with Judy. Thanks Trudy

  9. Hi my name is Trudy (Burwell ) Gee, daughter of Blake Burwell . This is very interesting , Peter and Alberta were my grandparents.

    1. Hi Trudy, I’m still going through the photos and will post more. I’ll keep an eye out for ones with your dad. Glad you wrote and that you like them. Thanks.

  10. Hi my name is Ada (Burwell) Blakley. I am the daughter of Bruce Burwell. Peter and Alberta were my
    Grandparents. Find Your site very interesting

    1. Hi Ada, on the same disk there are some gorgeous pictures of you and your siblings when you were kids. Also more of your parents that I will post as soon as I can. Keep checking, and thanks for writing.

  11. My mother was a Burwell. My uncle said we were related to the Burwell’s from Port Burwell. My great…….grandfather settled here in the states, his brother settled Port Burwell. At least that’s how the story goes. It was fun looking at your website.
    Thanks, Marilyn May

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