C. H. Burwell Poems

Each link below goes to a pdf of a page of my grandfather’s poetry booklet, 3rd edition, published 1974. So each file “page” is two booklet pages, stapled in the middle. The page numbers are in the file name. So 1-46 has 1 on the left side. The other side of that page is title-47 with the title page on the opposite side of page 1. They are arranged below in order for printing.

You want the cover* first, then “photo-48” (both only one printed side), then “title-47” on one side and “1-46” on the other. From there on, use double-sided printing for the rest of the pages. The file names with the smaller number first will be the page “fronts” when printed and those with the larger number first are the page “backs”. The indented files are the back side of the one listed above.

When you’ve made your pages and cut the excess off, staple it together along the middle. And there you go, Grandpa’s poetry book for you!

*The cover in pdf format is in grayscale for reasons of file size. Grandpa had them printed in several colours including gray, blue, brown and red. Most of the third edition had red covers. At the bottom is a jpeg (120 res.) of the red cover. If you wish to reproduce it, click on it for full size image.

C H Burwell Poems 1974 ed.

chb-1974 cover grayscale

chb 1974 photo-48

chb 1974 1-46

–  chb 1974 47-title

chb 1974 3-44

–  chb 1974 45-2

chb 1974 5-42

–  chb 1974 43-4

chb 1974 7-40

–  chb 1974 41-6

chb 1974 9-38

–  chb 1974 39-8

chb 1974 11-36

–  chb 1974 37-10

chb 1974 13-34

–  chb 1974 35-12

chb 1974 15-32

–  chb 1974 33-14

chb 1974 17-30

–  chb 1974 31-16

chb 1974 19-28

–  chb 1974 29-18

chb 1974 21-26

–  chb 1974 27-20

chb 1974 23-24

–  chb 1974 25-22

Cover 3rd ed Charles H Burwell Poetry book

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