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grace-yates-gladys-fletcher-marguerite-kyte-tillsonburg-27-jun-87Grace Yates, sister of Kathleen (Bush) Lymburner, Gladys (Kyte) Fletcher and her mother Marguerite (Lymburner) Kyte. My mother took this and the following four pictures June 27, 1987 at a Kyte-Lymburner reunion, Coronation Park in Tillsonburg.
vincent-baker-marguerite-scott-tillsonburg-kyte-picnic-27jun87Cousins Vincent Baker, son of Connie (Lymburner) Baker, and Marguerite (Lymburner) Scott, daughter of Otto Lymburner, June 1987.
vincent-baker-marguerite-scott-floyd-kyte-tillsonburgL-R: Vincent Baker, Marguerite (Lymburner) Scott, and their uncle Floyd Kyte, husband of Marguerite (Lymburner), June 1987.
connie-baker-marguerite-kyte-tillsonburg-kyte-lymburner-27-jun-87Connie Baker and Marguerite Kyte, June 1987, youngest daughters of Matthias and Mary Emily (Vaughan) Lymburner.
connie-emily-tillsonburg-kyte-lymburner-picnic-27-jun-87Countess "Connie" (Lymburner) Baker with niece Emily (Burwell) McAllister, June 1987
ada-and-minnie-burwell-elim-home-c1978Ada (Burwell) Scanlon and her mother Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell, about 1978.
emily-and-burnice-mcallisterEmily and Burnice McAllister. No date, probably 1970s. Emily was the eldest daughter of Minnie (Lymburner) and Charles Burwell.
emily-dwight-ruby-ada-burwell-tom-clark-1990Dwight's 78th birthday, 1990 Port Burwell. L-R: Emily McAllister, Dwight, Ruby Anger, Ada and husband Tom Clark.
Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell's kids - Ruby, Ada, Dwight and Emily at Emily's home in Salford ON, on Dwight's birthday. Early 1970s?
minnie-burwell-and-kids-1971Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell, seated, with (clockwise) daughters Ruby, Ada and Emily and son Dwight on his 59th birthday, 1971
Otto Lymburner funeral Jan 1963After Otto Lymburner's funeral, Jan. 17 1963, at sister Minnie's house in Tillsonburg.  Charles and Minnie Burwell on right, daughters Ada (beside Minnie) and Ruby (in front of Ada). Otto's sister Connie sitting at table beside Ruby. The others?
Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at home in Tillsonburg, Dec. 1960.
Ada Burwell, in front of parents Minnie (Lymburner) and Charles Burwell's home in Tillsonburg, about 1940.
ada-emily-ruby-burnice-dwight-pine-stAda, Emily and Ruby Burwell (in front holding cat), Burnice McAllister and Dwight Burwell, early 1930s, Pine Street in Tillsonburg. Children and son-in-law of Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell.
Charles and Minnie Burwell 1913Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell with baby Dwight, about 1913, probably in Tillsonburg.
Edmund Vaughan and Mary Putnam family"This picture shows the likeness of Edmund Vaughan, his wife Mary (Putnam) and family. Left to right, Back Row - Hannah; Lemuel; Elizabeth; David; Cynthia. Front Row - Edmund Vaughan (Father); Lanah; George; Wilford; Mary Emily; Isabella; Mary (Putnam Vaughan (Mother). One son James was sick when this picture was taken so he is absent." - Written on back by Mary Emily's daughter, Minnie May (Lymburner) Burwell. Taken maybe early 1890s.
vaughan-sisters-1932-lanah-emily-belleVaughan sisters, L-R Lanah Devitt (84 yrs), Emily Lymburner (68), Isabelle McPherson (75). Aunt Ada's photo, with Mom adding to the names on back: "Taken Aug. 1932 at Tillsonburg at Aunt Belle's home, S/E corner of Pearl St. and Tillson Ave. Paul George's Food Store later."
Mary Emily (Vaughan) Lymburner, about 1933.
Marguerite LymburnerMarguerite Lymburner is all that is written on the back. I think she's daughter of Otto and Kathleen (Bush) Lymburner, married George Scott (#65 in family tree). Taken maybe in the 1950s.
Lymburner sisters ca 1929 midland ontSisters and sisters-in-law: L-R Marguerite (Lymburner Kyte), Kathleen (Bush, wife of Otto Lymburner), Countess (Lymburner Baker) Lettie (Phelps, wife of Edmund Lymburner). Taken about 1929 at parents Mattias and Emily Lymburner's home in Midland ON.
Charley Burwell and sister-in-law Connie Baker ca 1960On back: "you don't need to ask me who my friend is, do you?" (in Aunt Connie's hand) "He is Charley Burwell and I am Connie Baker" (in Minnie Burwell's hand) "at 16 Pine St. Tillsonburg. Charley born Oct. 11, 1880. Countess (Connie) Lymburner-Baker born Feb 18 1906. Taken ?" (in Ruby Anger's hand). My guess, it's about 1960.
Ruby Anger and VW vanRuby (Burwell) 1985 at home with her 1973 VW van she named The Flowerpot.
Harold Kyte, Ruby Burwell, Jean Love, Beth ReinwaldPort Burwell, July 1938. From top of ladder, Harold Kyte (13 yrs), his cousin Ruby Burwell (14), Ruby's friends Jean Love (15) and Beth Reinwald (13).
Gladys Kyte, Harold Kyte, Ruby BurwellGladys Kyte at front, brother Harold behind her at left, and cousin Ruby Burwell at right, about 1930 at maternal grandparents Matthias and Emily Lymburner's home in Midland ON.
C H Burwell family 1928Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell, with Ruby (6 yrs), in front. At rear, from left, Ada (15), Dwight (18) and Emily (16), Christmas 1928.
charley-minnie-burwell-Tburg-1920sBefore they lived in the house that he built, Charley and Minnie Burwell lived further along Pine Street. Their son Dwight took this picture of them in front of No. 32 in the early 1920s.
Minnie and Charles Burwell Tillsonburg ca 1915This may be that house, 32 Pine Street, taken about 1915. Charley and Minnie with son Dwight and daughter Emily.
Lymburner PhotosMatthias (age 64) and Mary Emily (Vaughan) Lymburner (age 65). Standing, children Otto (age 32), Countess (later Baker, age 23), Marguerite Kyte (age 25), Minnie Burwell (age 40), Evellyn Hewson (almost 42), Edmund (almost 30). July 1, 1929, Midland ON.
Lymburner Photos herc-clark and connie-lymburnerCountess (Connie) Lymburner, with Hercules Clark, son of her sister Minnie's sister-in-law Lavinia (Burwell) Clark.
Connie Lymburner Baker, at home in Toronto with neighbour dog Throya, 1964My mother's mother's youngest sister Connie (Lymburner) Baker, at her home in Toronto with Throya, her neighbour dog, 1964.
Lymburner Photos Port-Burwell-Reunion-1926Mary, Helen and Evellyn Hewson, daughters of John and Evellyn (Lymburner) Hewson, sister of Minnie Burwell, at Burwell family picnic in Port Burwell 1926. Behind them, from left, Mabel and Norma Meadows, step-daughters of Fred, a Burwell brother; a cousin Fred Burwell; Herc Clark, son of Levonia (Burwell) Clark. (Two people in the background are not identified.)
Mary Emily Vaughn Lymburner 1940 in TillsonburgMary Emily (Vaughan) Lymburner age 75, about 1940 in Tillsonburg at daughter Minnie Burwell's house.
Evellyn (Lymburner) and John Hewson, back, and Charles Burwell and Minnie Lymburner, front, about 1909.
Sarah and Robert Lymburner, children Willis, Edna, Ruby and AlethaRobert Henry Lymburner (#28a in my tree), wife Sarah Alice (Mitchel) and their children, standing L-R, Willis, Edna, Ruby and Aletha. This and the following three photos were sent to me by Ruby's great-granddaughter.
Ruby Alice LymburnerRuby Alice Lymburner, 1889-1975
Ruby Alice Lymburner and Charles Merritt wedding photo 1916Ruby Alice Lymburner and Charles Franklin Merritt on their wedding day June 17, 1916
Audrey Merritt and John Dick weddingWedding photo of Audrey Aletha Merritt, daughter of Ruby Alice (Lymburner) and Charles Merritt, and John Kelly Dick
Charley Burwell Otto Lymburner 9-Oct-1961Otto Lymburner with brother-in-law Charley Burwell. On back, my mom wrote, "Dad, 81 next day, and Uncle Otto finishing last sundial in garage. Monday Oct. 9/61 Thanksgiving Day". In Tillsonburg.
Tillsonburg Burwell kitchen-Sep-1959Burwell kitchen in Tillsonburg, Sept. 1959, from left, son-in-law George Anger, Charley, Minnie (Lymburner), granddaughter, daughter Ruby, Minnie's sister Evellyn Hewson, and me.
Ruby and Ada London fall 1959Ruby (Burwell) Anger with older sister Ada (then Scanlon), autumn 1959 in Ruby's back yard, Oakside St. London ON.
marguerite-connie-minnie-1972Sisters Marguerite Kyte, Connie Baker and Minnie Burwell at Minnie's apartment in Belmont, 1972. This and the following photos are from Aunt Ada's albums.
ruby-ada-emily-dwight-1937Charley and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell's kids in front of Tillsonburg house, 1937: Ruby, 13, Ada, 21, Emily, 23, and Dwight, 25.
george-ruby-15-nov-1941Nov. 15, 1941, wedding photo of George Anger and Ruby Burwell in front of her parents' home in Tillsonburg. Behind them, from left, Vivian Henry and Robert 'Scotty' Moir (their witnesses, later themselves married), Ada Burwell, someone hidden behind Ada, man next to Ada is maybe her friend, Ruby's parents Charley and Minnie Burwell, young man I don't know, George's parents Austin and Merle (Mabee) Anger, maybe his brother Jack Anger, Emily (Burwell) and Burnice McAllister.
angers-mcallisters-tburg-1950sGeorge and Ruby Anger, Emily and Burnice McAllister, in front of Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell's house, Tillsonburg 1950s.
burwell-easter-6-apr-1958Easter Sunday, Apr. 6 1958 Tillsonburg: Charles and Minnie (Lymburner) Burwell with daughters Ada, Emily (at left) and Ruby (right).
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