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142 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Looking for info on the pittman’s of sops island..I have a william pittman that lived there in 1810 but can’t seem to have any record until 1830;s(Margaret Pittman)…not sure if this william pittman was margaret;s husband. she did have a son William. Margaret owned a fishing vessel that she used to transport fish back to England.. Would like to know where those pitman’s actually came from???

  2. looking for any information on John Denys Joe c1830 ..Halls Bay NL there are conflicts about his wife …I have Ellen/Helen/Anna McLean..some info she was from Bras d’or Cape Breton and also Abraham Joe c1800 + wife Catherine? he from Bras d’or also & she from St Lawrence River area…could be Quebec side or New Brunswick, PEI etc…there are absolutely no records…thinking gone in fire? flood?…I saw a post when googling your website that the surname Paul was used with Stephen Joe…I could not find that post in your website anywhere…Paul is our family and I have that…any help on the Joe family + wives and others would be appreciated ..Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie, I have the same info you have on John Denis Joe. The mention of Stephen Joe you found when googling is, I think, a comment on my Nfld Mi’kmaq Family History page from Eva on 2018/01/08. There are also several comments about the Paul family, and it looks to me like key phrases from two different comments show up when you google those two names. That happened on my google anyway. If you haven’t read the Earl of Dunraven on the Joe family of Hall’s Bay, google that. Also Frank Speck for the Pauls.

  3. Hi Dorothy,
    I contacted you in the past but you were unable to make any connections. In the meantime, I’ve had my DNA done and it does appear that I do have a Native ancestor. Because it is showing as a very small percentage, I guessing that it probably goes back to my ggg or gggg-grandmothers. But I can’t seem to find the connection. I was looking at Wayne Harvey Young’s family history and several names I’m connect with are listed. In particular a Sarah Collier who was married to Joseph Hiscock. I’m wondering if she was Native? I’m also related to the Ivamy’s and Bailey’s. Ivamy would be a direct line via my mtDNA maternal side. Viewing Mr. Young’s family history, I was unable to make the connection of where the Native line appears for the families I mentioned. Maybe Mr. Young or yourself would be able to help me there. I always thought my grandmother and my mother looked darker. My grandmother thought her mother was Spanish but DNA says differently to some degree. I love genealogy!!!! Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

    1. Hi Wanda, I still don’t have your Sarah Collier or Joseph Hiscock. Googling them, it seems Joseph’s parents were Joseph (or John) Hiscock and Martha Peake, both born abt 1684 in Dorset, England. Sarah Collier (1724-1776) was maybe d/o Edward Collier and Mary, according to a Geni tree. Given that Joseph’s parents were from England, Sarah is your best bet to investigate. But that’s all I could find on her with a quick look.

      You probably have their children’s names, but in case they ring any bells for readers – I found Martha b 1761 marr. a Bannister, Cecilia or Celia b 1754, Josiah 1755-1824, William, Daniel James, Thomas bapt 1863, Mary 1765, Sarah Ann, Edward Collier H., Richard 1774, Henry bapt 1776. Good luck, and let me know if you find out more. Maybe we’ll be able to piece it together!

      1. Hi Dorothy, Do you have any information of John amd Mary Dillon of Little Bat NL. I was told as a child that I have Native Blood. I can only get as far as 1921 Census, which tells me my Great Grandmother was a widow and had my Grandmother also named Mary who married her son Matthew and she lived with them there..any info would be greatly appreciated..My Grand Mother Mary Dillon was born Sept. 09.1901 and she was a Harris, I do believe of Spaniards Bay is her birthplace. My Grandfather Matthew Dillon was born April. 1895 approx. My Grandfather only had 3 brothers possibly 4. THey lived in Green Bay as well and ended up in Bishops Falls along the Exploits. thanks so much for all you do for everyone..A Blessing :)My Mother is Rita Dillon married to Gordon Fredrick Cave born Jan 12 1931 Change Islands..I was told there was Native ancestry within my Dads side also. His Father was John Henry Cave and his Dad was William or Billy Cave all of Change Island. tks 🙂

        1. sorry that should read Little Bay, also Black Island they have lived and possibly where Mary and John Dillon first started out..again thanks so much, hope to hear back 🙂

    2. Thank you Dorothy. I did notice that Edward Collier was in the Trinity NL area in the 1700’s. Now Sarah Collier was listed in Mr. Young’s genealogy he has listed on you site. Maybe Sarah and her father Edward actually came from Acadia. I tried to trace how she fits in on the Young’s history but it just confused me. Someone who can decipher those lists might be able to figure it out.

      1. Hi Wanda, I just looked at Wayne Young’s genealogy again. There’s just birth and death dates for her, no parents. His tree is arranged from most recent generation to oldest, so it can be confusing. The ‘first’ mention of her is way at the bottom, in Generation 9. I haven’t seen anything that gives any geographical place for Sarah, but it’s worth checking into possible connections to Acadia. You never know!

  4. Hi: I would like to place a link to your site on my site. Sorry about posting this request but there is no email link on your site. I am a direct descendant of the Chegau family and Chief Jean Baptiste of Cape Sable. I started a DNA project and a private family tree almost a year ago. The two sites are:


    and the DNA project is located at:


    1. Hi Donna, thank you for these links. I am going to put them on my Nf Mi’kmaq Family History and Genealogy page. I’ve looked at both. Wow! Very impressive, and I’m sure of great help to a lot of people who come to my site. And, yes, feel free to link to my site on yours. I’d appreciate it.

  5. Hello Dorothy, this is where the family gets a little confusing but here goes. My dad was first married to M Fern Haggard 1925- unk, married 30 Nov 1946 in Detroit, divorce unknown. He then married my mother Laura Secord Smith (Mercer or Apers) 1927-2012 born in Toronto Canada, married my dad in 12 March 1949 in Wayne Co Michigan, divorced 19 August 1950, I was born in 1950. Dads third marriage was to Florence L O’Daniel 1918-2008, married 2 August 1952 in Angola Indiana. My mother married Max E Brandt in 1954 in Angola Indiana. My grandmother Alice Smith (Apers / Mercer) was born in Belfast Ireland and first came to Canada when she was about 18 them came to Detroit. On a interesting note my grandmother, one of her sisters, and my mother were on the British Liner Athenia when it was torpedoed by a German u-boat in 1939. I hope I wasn’t to confusing because I confuse myself sometimes because I know more about my maternal side of the family but can only go back two or three generations and on my paternal side I’ve gone way back quite interesting I must say. If I can fill in any more blanks don’t hesitate. Jim

    1. Thanks, Jim, I’ve updated your dad’s information. Very interesting about your mother being on the Athenia!

  6. Hello Dorothy my name is James Flock my 4th great- grandfather was John Charles Anger and George Clarence Anger was my 3rd cousin 1X removed. On my maternal side I was the first born in the states my mother was born in Canada her family was from Ireland. When I looked into my paternal side of my family a whole new world opened up to me I had no idea how far back the family went or even the history of it. I’m discovering new things all the time and find it very interesting. I’m not sure how we are related but that we are if my research is correct. Please let me know. Thanks Jim

    1. Hi Jim, so nice to hear from you. We are related but I don’t have your branch of the family, at least not as far as the Flocks. What are the names on your side from John Charles down? Thanks for writing.

      1. Hello Dorothy, it was so good to hear from you. Well as said before Charles C Anger U.E.L. was my 4th great grandfather, his son John C Anger was my 3rd great grandfather, his son Charles L Anger was my 2nd great grandfather, his daughter Olive Anne Anger was my great grandmother she married Samuel W Flock in 1885. Their son Floyd L Flock was my grandfather and his son John L Flock was my father. My part of the Flock family first settled in what was then German Valley New Jersey in the early 1700’s today its known as Long Valley. They moved to Canada in about 1796 to what is now Wentworth Co. Ontario. I’ve learned a lot about my whole family and its been very interesting to say the least and when I come upon family trees that are related to me its even better. If you need any more information on the Flocks don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to fill in the blanks. Jim, again Thanks.

        1. Hi Jim, thanks. I’ve added the info you gave and what I found on Ancestry to my Anger family tree page. Your dad is listed under his parents at #75a. I found two different names in Ancestry for his wife, so haven’t entered either. Thought you could fill in that blank for me. 😉

  7. Hi Dorothy,

    From time to time I´m going through your web site. You are doing a great job to cover all that fields and sharing it with other people. I also checked the part with the recipes and decided that one is missing, so listen:

    [Ghanaian recipe for guinea fowl with rice and vegetables]

    Greetings from Germany



    1. Hello Helmut, it is wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for the recipe. You’re right, I need some Ghanaian food here. I have copied it and will post it in my recipes section as soon as I can. I have never made it, but it’s delicious and you are a good cook. I will try to make it, if I can find some bird close to a guinea fowl here (not my little hens). I hope you are well. I think of you and Tamale – and the guinea fowl – often.

  8. Re Elizabeth Capstick comments.We share ancestors Iam a decendant of Boniface Benoit.Jr. Please pass on my email address.

  9. I have been fortunate enough to find this very informative site and would like to leave a message for Linda Vokey, it would seem that we share a common ancestor, Clement Pennell and Mary Frances Campbell they were also my great grandparents. Please feel free to mail me.

    1. Hi Susan, I’ve sent your comment and email address on to Linda in case she doesn’t see it here. Nice to hear from you. Oops, update – my message bounced. We’ll have to hope she sees this.

      1. Hi Cathy,
        I have just seen your message, I would love to share any info with you.
        It is so nice to find new relatives.

  10. Lorna Warford
    APRIL 3, 2012 AT 9:05 PM
    Hi Dorothy
    I have found my g grandpatents William Henry Picco and Mary Ann Abbott. Mary Ann had 20 children 4 sets of twins and died at the age of 45. Her parents may have been John Thomas Abbott and Ellen, do you have anything on them and do you know if this is a Native line…
    Thank You

    Lorna, Ellen Lee

  11. Linda Vokey,Melanie &Catherine
    Re. Mary Campbell

    Mary Frances (Fanny)Campbell d/o John Campbell & Margaret MacDonald m.Feb.21,1828 Pictou County.
    Three brothers John,Stephen &Daniel sometimes called Donald moved to Nfld from Morar N.S. John to Piccadilly, Stephen & Daniel Codroy Valley later all moved to Campbell’s Creek, Port au Port Peninsula,NL. Each one had a son named Archibald
    Children of John and Margaret are:
    1. Genevieve Campbell moved away, never heard from
    2. John Campbell
    3 Michael Campbell
    4. Catherine (Kate)Campbell b.June 1835 Cape George N.S d.May30,1924 Campbell’s Creek.married Hugh Joseph MacDonald Jan 22,1856 St.Margarets,N.S ( my gr grandparents)
    5. Ann Catherine Campbell b.1843 m.John Duffee/Duffy Jan.02,1869
    6. Archibald J.(captain or Long Archie) Campbell m. Ann Isabelle McIsaac Oct.26,1869
    7. Mary Frances Campbell b. abt.1845 m. Clement Pennell abt 1866 he was born Feb.09,1842 St.Pierre
    8. Daniel J. Campbell b.1858 d.1905 m. Mary Florence McKay

    Hope this helps
    Phyllis Doucette (MacDonald)

      1. Hi again, sorry,lol every time I try to research different family member’s in My husband’s family tree the search engine brings me to your great site often!
        The list of McDonald’s so nicely shared by Phyllis above,
        My husband’s Maternal grandmother is a LaCosta,her mother was Isabel penny,married to Samuel Penny,
        Isabel was daughter of Sarah March(nee McDonald) married to James March (he passed sometime after 1911 and before the 1921 census done at that time in Campbell’s Creek) Sarah March was d/o Hugh McDonald and Catherine Campbell.
        I was hoping maybe someone could clarify if the Campbell’s and McDonald’s mentioned above are the same relation and if maybe anyone may have come across any thing that could help with the March connection, As more info on the March line and anything more about James March or any March relatives beyond them Sara&James.
        James March was born Nov 1862 according to the 1911 census.
        And if anyone has anything about the Couenne (AuCoin,O’Quinn, coin)
        In Sandy point, was hoping to confirm if Jean LaCosta’s wife Adele Couenne(estimated birth date to be between 1820-1830 No known death record or date found yet)
        Also found her in another later Immaculate Conception R.C. church marriage records of one of their children listed as John LaCosta and Elizabeth AuCoin.
        I know their are long list of many AuCoin’s in PEI,And Atlantic Canada
        But haven’t been able to find anything more about her connection, outside of being married to Jean LaCosta and the marriages and baptisms of their children. She is on my husband’s maternal lineage family tree side. Thank you so much for anything from anyone that may help with my own records.
        I’ve been working on a detailed as much as possible family tree album and historical notes of where they lived in their times for our daughter to have and know as she grows and also passing any of the information I was able to confirm and find along to my husband’s family also. They have also done their own searches and gathered some information along the years with photos of what they know.
        Thanks again,

        1. Hi Natassja, I’ve been looking at Marches and O’Quinn/Aucoins with the help of your information. I found an Ancestry tree that has your James Marche (1862-1915) as son of Victor Marche and Mary Ann Gillis. I’m guessing that’s not right since you don’t mention them. But if it is news to you, I can look into it further.

        2. thank you dorothy, sorry I am only seeing your reply almost two years later, I had a similar feel that they may be his parents,or down the line from victor francois marche and sophie adelaid jesseau somewhere from their children,but i do know with certainty that he was deceased by sometime after 1910-1911 because his wife sarah marche(a campbell) was listed as widowed by than in the census,and the earlier ones as married with james marche who is native,but the march tree is so interconnected with the lejeunes and other family trees to my husbands side,he only knows so little to what he remembers and has heard,thank you for this so I can check with his mom to verify.
          I have seen a lot of detailed marche lineagae but James seems to not be found anywhere,all I know is he was married to a sarah and born in november of 1862 and than her widowed by 1911 census.

  12. I am also a descendant of Stephen Campbell in newfoundland. I havebtraced the line back to a John Campbell of Argyll and a MacNeil from the isle of Barra. I a wondering if you have any good info on the MacNeils in Nova Scotia?

    1. Hi Holly, I have nothing on the Campbells or MacNeils other than what is in previous comments (Stephen Campbell s/o Archibald Campbell d abt 1831 marr Mary MacNeil d 1839, and Archibald s/o John/Iain Campbell 1750 Argyll Scotland-bef 1817 Antigonish marr Catriona McNeil b Barra, Invernesshire Scotland). I googled both families and was surprised that I couldn’t find lots of genealogy pages. They are both large, intertwined and have a long presence in Cape Breton! Sorry, and good luck

  13. I’m looking for a birth and marriage certificate for Flora Anne Bourdeloue d/o Yves Bourdeloue and Delphine Benoit who married William Hynes s/o William Hynes and Caroline Marche. Anyone familiar with this couple – they are my great grandparents. mtdna test result is X2a2 indicating my maternal line is of native origin. Thanks

  14. Hi Dorothy
    My Great Grandfather was John Strickland, his wife was Catherine Padro Rose Strickland. My Grandmother was Cicila Strickland born in Shipe Cove Newfoundland. Can you help with any information about them?

    1. Hi Dan, I don’t know if the names I have are in the right time frame but they’re the closest I could find. I have a John Strickland b abt 1873 maybe in Ship Cove, s/o John Strickland, died 1900, and Frances Herridge. He married, 21 Jan 1900 St. Stephen’s in Stephenville, Catherine Predeau, b abt 1881, d/o Eugene Predeau and Mary LaCosta. (I couldn’t find a connection with the surname Rose.) I have three daughters listed for John and Catherine: Ann Marie b 1914, Eva Marjorie b 1915, Catherine Dorothy b 1919, all in Wood’s Island.
      The closest I have to your grandmother’s name is a Cecilia Strickland d/o John Strickland, b 1874 or 1880 d 1972 Burgeo, and Susanna Jane Warren, b 1879 or 1882 in Grey River. John and Catherine seem more likely in names and place, but I don’t know.

  15. A friend suggested that I search your site for the BURWELL family. My great grandmother was Eliza Jane BURWELL who married Peter POTTS. POTTS is my maiden name. I believe Eliza’s line is James 1799 and James 1754. would love to exchange information and meet new relatives.

    1. Hi Barbara, I had Elizabeth/Eliza Jane Burwell in my database, yes, as d/o James Burwell Jr. and 1st wife Clarissa/Clara Beemer. I have 16 Mar 1842 Fingal, Southwold Twp, Elgin Co. for her data/place of birth and 11 Jan 1910 for her death. I had no husband entered for her, but thanks to you (and Ancestry trees), I’ve added Peter Potts and children Edward, Robert, Sarah J, and Alfred Franklin. It looks like Eliza Jane and Peter lived in East Elgin – Yarmouth and Malahide Townships. Thanks for writing!

  16. Hi Folks
    I have heard for years that one of my wifes great grand parents were Mi’kmiq. My wifes great grandfather name was Phillip Picco from St. Josephs, Pacentia Bay. I understand He had a brother Steve and they married sisters and both moved to St. Mary’s Bay, I think St. Josephs. Phillip also had a brother Jim. Any information or research tips would be great as I am only just starting researching. I noticed that the name Pico and Pico together. Did the name Picco change from Pico.

    1. Hi Ron, as you saw I guess, there are others on this page asking about this family as well. I have people of all the names you give but nothing indicating they’re the right ones. As for the name, look for Picot (and Piccott) as well as Pico and Picco. At least some came to Nfld from the Channel Islands, and I assume the spelling then got changed to how it sounded. If you have dates, even approximate, that might help me or readers locate your individuals.

  17. Looking for Marriage, Birth or Death Certificates of Boniface Benoit Sr married Marie Josephine Boucher… Both Mi’kmag’s. His son Boniface Benoit Jr. married Madeline Marie Manet …Also Rene Rimbault Married Anne Marie ????? All Mikmag decendent.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I have no documents but if a reader can help, I’ll help put you in touch with each other. Thanks for writing.

  18. Would like to get documents on Boniface Benoit Sr. & Jr. They were married to Marie Josephine Boucher & Madeline Manet . Daughter of Paul Manet & Anne Lavandier. Anne was an American Mi’kmag Indian. Paul Manet was the g g g grandson of Reene Rumbolt.

  19. hi dorthy im trying to research my ggg grandmother geneoligy Fanny Earle of Trinity Bay, New Foundland Canada she is of Mi’kmaq ancesty i also heard she could have been born in conception bay newfounland she was born around 1877 or 1878

    1. Hi Kirk, I have nothing on Fanny Earle. Is Earle her birth name? If you have any more information, like her husband’s name, that might help track her down.

  20. Linda Vokey

    Wondering if you can enlighten me on the John Campbell, Stephen Campbell, Daniel (Donald) Campbell. I am a descendant of Stephen Campbell. He was married to Marguarite Moore (daughter of Jacques Moore(Moor, Moir). They married in Margaree in 1845. Any insight on this info would be greatly appreciated.



  21. Dorothy,

    Trying to locate ancestors in the Stephen Campbell and marguerite moore families. Wondering if you may be some assistance as I cannot seem to find a link. I do notice that we have a relation with the stewarts. Stephen Campbell married Marguarite Moore at Margaree, N.S. in 1845. Her parents were Jacques Moore and Flora McNeil. Any help will be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Rhonda, I may have found Stephen Campbell’s parents but I’m not sure if it’s accurate. However, it’s something for you to check out at least. Archibald (Gilleasbuig) Campbell (died abt 1831 Antigonish Co. NS) and Mary MacNeil (died 13 May 1839). Archibald was s/o John (Iain) Campbell (b 1750 Argyll Scotland d Antigonish NS) and Catriona McNeil (b Barra, Inverness Scotland).

      I didn’t have and couldn’t find parents for Marguerite/Margaret Moore, so thanks.

  22. I have tried to research this side of family and recently discovered her parents were John Campbell and Margaret Macdonald. Campbell had two brothers, Stephen and Daniel, (referred to as Donald). They lived in Campbell’s Creek. John Campbell’s parents were Archibald Campbell and Mary MacNeil OR CHISHOLM , they lived near Antigonish in Nova Scotia. The three brothers moved to NL. One to Codroy, One to Sandy Point. Some records indicate that Stephen Campbell was referred to Camet or Camay and Not Campbell, I think that is where the idea came that they were of Mi’kmaq ancesty. I should state I have old pictures of three men hunting and they have a resemblance to the indian way of life. My grandfather was James Pennell and he owned the old butcher shop in Curling in early 1900’s.

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for the information. “Camet or Camay” sounds to me like the name Camus, anglicized in Nfld to Cammie. Wonder if others changed it to Campbell. Do you know who the men are in the old photo you have?

  23. My Great Grand parents were Clement and Mary Pennell (nee Campbell) I would certainly be interested in determining if Mary is of Indian Descent. Any information concerning same would be appreciated. I always thought Mary Campbell came over from England with Clement. Don’t know much about famly history

    1. Hi Linda, others have asked about Mary Campbell too. I don’t have parents or any other information for her. Sorry. Maybe readers can enlighten us. Thanks for writing.

    1. Hi Jeanita, all the family info I have on Elizabeth Saunders is in various comments on this site (check the Nfld Mi’kmaq Family History page especially). I haven’t seen any documents on her but others may have. You might ask the Qalipu band about her.

    1. Hi Catherine – and Melanie – I don’t know Mary Campbell’s parents, all I have is b 7 Sep 1839 (which I think came from Melanie) Port au Port and d bef 1921. She marr Clement Pennell abt 1865 maybe in BOI. Clicking on the leaf for him, one member family tree has her middle name as Frances, but adding that doesn’t give me a leaf for her. Sorry!

  24. hi..Ihave been researching the same family. I know Charlotte came from a big family,7 brother and sisters in all and I know her parents. I would be willing to share this information with you. Wondering if you have any info about Charlotte and Stephen Picco… jonesbonita@yahoo.ca

  25. I was wondering if you have any information to help me out. My great great grandparents were Charolette & Stephen Picco. They had Lucy, Minnie,Philip,Alphonus Francis,Jimmy,Leo. I have been trying to find out their parents names or any brothers or sisters they may have had.

  26. Thanks Dorothy.
    I have been researching the Pico/Picco line for years. I just thought there may be a connection with the Picco’s on the west coast. It has been known for many years (since before my time) that the Pico’s of St. Joseph’s, Placentia Bay were of Mi’Kmaq descent but, it was the late Patrick Picco who found that the Pico/Picco’s of Placentia Bay came first from Nova Scotia while the Picco’s of Portugal Cove came from Channel Islands.

  27. To Dorothy & Lorna Warford.

    I am researching Pico/Picco and am trying to find out which Pico/Picco line William H Picco sr. of St. George’s originated from. We know the Pico from Gallow’s Hr., Placentia Bay were of aboriginal descent. I would like to research to see if Wiliam descends from the same Pico line. Story has it that the Pico’s came over from Nova Scotia, to the west coast, then moved along the south coast to Fortune Bay, then eventually settling in Gallow’s Hr., PB.


    1. Hi John, here’s what I have on William Henry Picot Sr: b 25 Nov 1857 Sandy Point, marr Mary Ann Abbott, b 1865 d 1910. He was s/o John Picot, b Jersey Channel Islands d 1860 Sandy Point, marr (20 Sep 1847 St. Stephen’s, Stephenville) Amelia “Amy” Hynes b abt 1828 Sandy Point d 1875 Sandy Point. Amy was d/o William Haynes/Hynes, b Aug 1776 Somerset, England, and Anne Dennis. Anne was d/o John Dennis, of Little Barachois Brook BSG, and Fanny Serle.

      Kirk Butt’s book on BSG Settlers and Don Bennett’s Legacy of William Haynes would give you more information on the ancestors I mention – if you can find either book. I have nothing on anyone in their family moving to Fortune or Placentia Bays so thanks for that information.

  28. Hi Dorothy,

    My great-great-great-grandmother was Mary Campbell born September 7, 1839 in Sandy Point/Port au Port, NL. She married Clement Pennell who was born February 9, 1842 in St. George’s, NL. They had a child by the name of Joseph M. Pennell born December 20, 1867 in Sandy Point, and later moved to Curling, Newfoundland.

    I was wondering if you may know who Mary Campbell’s parents and grandparents were, as I have been hitting dead ends for almost a month. I cannot find a marriage date, nor can I find anything regarding her parents. I’m thinking she may have decended from the Cammie/Camus families of the Port au Port peninsula however I just can’t make the ties! Maybe she wasn’t born in Sandy Point? Any help would be great!

    Thanks in advance,

    Melanie 🙂

  29. hi Dorothy, i noticed u are wealth of information on the mikmaq indians on the northern peninsula. Also noticed u visited Bartlett’s Harbour, NL. I am from Bartlett’s Harbour and searching my family ancestry. Isabella Hynes b. about 1840 – 1850 (she married james walsh, and George Newcombe married 1870. George and her had a daughter named susannah. ) We are looking for her birth and death certificate or any info u have. We have been told she is daughter of Mary Ann Mahar (Maher) and Charles Hynes.

    Also in my family ancestry… Emmanuel Caines and Ellizabeth Fiander documents cant be found, Emmanuel Caines and Elizabeth curnell kennedy caines (Elizaveth was deceased by a bull) documents or info unknown.

    Also in my family ancestry i have family of Gould’s Caroline Gould married Thomas Caines my grandparents.

    Any info u may have on this would be greatly appreciated.. any leads on where i could look, documents u have, or just notes u may have…
    Thank u in advance. looking forward to hearing from u.

    1. Hi Karla, and thanks. I don’t have an Isabella Hynes as d/o of Charles Hynes and Mary Ann Mahar. I do have 2 daughters named Elizabeth (Elizabeth and Isabella are often used for the same person) for them. But neither are entered as marr to James Walsh. Elizabeth Jane, b 1866, marr William Jesse Lavers and Elizabeth Ann, b 1868, marr William Billard. Maybe they’re the same person, marr twice – seems odd to name 2 daughters Elizabeth.

      I have no documents on anyone and all I can suggest is looking online for specific references then checking at The Rooms or with churches. If anyone reading this can help, I hope they’ll post.

  30. Hi Dorothy
    I was wondering if you would have info on Stephen and Charlotte Picco Rushoon/Parkers Cove they had a son Francis Picco who died WW1. They also had James, Lee ,Lucy and Mary. I think Stephen died 1905 of facial cancer and was buried in St Josephs. Who were Stephen’s parents? Where is Charolette buried? Is there a relationship between Francis Picco and Martin Picco from Port Au Port that died from wounds in the war? Any help you are willing to provide would be most appreciated. Many Thanks


  32. Wondering if you have any info on the Stricklands from the south coast in the 1800’s. My husband’s great grandfather was a John Strickland (?born June 28, 1878) and his gr gr grandfather was a William Strickland all of Little Bay, NL. Any info that you have would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Hi Dorothy,
    I am looking for information on the ‘mi’kmaq on the norhtern pennisula. My great-great-great-grandmother was Mary Ann Maher (b1843-d1905) married to a William Haynes (Hynes) from Port au Port area. There was a Patrick Marr from labrador (with a family of 8) in Port aux choix in 1838 protecting the french fishing supplies, I think that was her father because Mary Ann Maher and several Mahers born around the same time as she, married a family of rumbolts in Port aux Choix. Also,
    There may be some evidence that Patick Marr married an unknown marche (I think possibly from Bay of Islands or Port au port because Mary Ann Maher married a Hynes from there. There seems to be very little documentation about Mi’kmaq on the Norhtern Pennisula. I read some material where you were in Bartlette’s Hr in 1993 and said a Mary Hynes was an Indian woman. She would have been Mary Ann Maher’s grand-daughter. Mary Hynes’s father was also known as Indian Billy (William Hynes) by the locals. This family of marrs (Mahers) seem to have a unique history. Do you have any information about them or recall your visit to Bartlette’s Hr? Thank you.

    1. Hi Dee, I have Mary Ann Maher marr to Charles Hynes, b abt 1820 Sandy Point, s/o William Hynes and Anne Dennis. William was s/o William Hynes and Mary Baker and Anne was d/o John Dennis and Fanny Serle. Mary Ann and Charles had a son William Charles Hynes, b 1867 Chimney Cove d 1940, marr Susanna Caines (d/o Emmanuel Caines b 1821 and Elizabeth Curnell). Susanna and William Charles had daughter Mary Ann Hynes, b 1902, marr Joseph Scanlon s/o William Scanlon and Alice/Elsie Portland Williams (d/o William Williams, b 1813 Portland England d 8 Jan 1887 Current Is. Northern Pen, and Hannah Brown, b 1829 North River Labrador d 1914 Current Is.)

      In the report you mention, I said that Mary Ann Hynes was one of the names I had been told as being regarded locally as an aboriginal woman. I go on to say that Fr. Hynes, her great nephew, knew only that Charles Hynes, her grandfather, had come from the Port au Port Peninsula first to Chimney Cove in the BOI then to Northern Peninsula abt 1860. He did not know of aboriginal ancestry in her family.

      Thanks for the info on Mary Ann Maher’s possible parentage. I have no parents entered for her, so will explore this further.

  34. Hi Dorothy :
    I’m looking for information on the CROCKER family …….specifically Maria Crocker . the daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Crocker . She married James Parsons of Greenspond and from the info that I’ve found so far , they had 6 children :
    1 George b. 1846NOV.29
    2 James b 1849 DEC.23
    3 Anne b FEB.22 1852
    4 Deborah b AUG 20 1854
    5 Elizabeth b JAN 01 1857
    6 William b JULY 08 1864 . I got this info from lists of baptisms for St. Stephen’s Church , Greenspond , NL

    Deborah is my Great Grandmother ……I have a picture of her and she definitely is of native descent .
    Her grand-mother is Elizabeth Crocker ……. trying to find the connection with George and Charles Crocker . I appreciate any help you can give me . I did see a comment on this site from a Denise Crocker but no way of contacting her . Thanks in advance .

  35. Hi Dorothy,

    I would really like a copy of The MicMac Shore is there any where I could buy this?
    I also have a lot of information on the descendants of Charles Crocker


    1. Hi Denise, The Micmac Shore is an unpublished report done for the FNI (Qalipu band) so you’d have to contact them in Corner Brook about it. Thanks for letting us know you have Crocker info! 😉

  36. Hi Dorthy

    My name is Sonya and my grandfather Rendell Mitchell of Norris Point. I am looking for information on our family background. Hoping you can help me understand our family heritage.
    Here is what I know:
    Grandfather : Rendell Mitchell
    Great-grandfather: George Mitchell
    Great-Great-grandfather: Joseph Mitchell
    Great-Great-great -grandfather: Jonathan Mitchell
    Great-Great-Great-great -grandfather:Isaac Mitchell

    Any help would be appreciated

    1. Hi Sonya, I have Isaac Mitchell, no parents, marr to Elizabeth, no surname or parents. Son Jonathon marr Emily Valentine Payne b 1884. She was d/o Edwin Payne and Mary Louisa Decker. I don’t have her and Jonathon’s children. I have Joseph and George Mitchells but don’t know if any are the right ones. Do you have names of their wives?

      1. Hi Dorothy.
        William Hillier
        I have George Mitchell (1889-1976) Married to Dora Edna Organ (1886-1962) Dora is my Great Aunt on my Mom’s side.
        I have Joseph Mitchell (1858 – ?) married to Anne Burridge (1866- ?) Anne is said to have been born St. John’s Island, North Pens. NL.
        I have Jonathan Mitchel, as Joseph’s father. I have a note of the 1836 census showing Jonathan as a Planter Church of England, with one male under 14 years and one female under 14 years, He may have a widow at that point.

        1. Hi Bill, thanks for the birth and death dates. I have Jonathan Mitchell as maybe born in Twillingate and married to Hannah Linfield, maybe married first to Samuel Wheeler.

  37. I am just wondering if you happen to have any information at all or any links that would help me obtain the name of the Indian band and band number of my husbands ancestors. His mothers last name is Burton. I am trying to get additional information concerning Judith Angelique Benoit….. Boniface Benoit married Madeline Marie Manet, they had a daughter Judith Angelique Benoit born about 1812, she married George Burton. I am at a loss in finding the Indian band and number. I can provide more additional information if you think you can help. Thanks so much.

  38. Hi Dorothy,

    Thank you for getting back to me. I agree, about the age difference. I can’t see it being her either. But you never know, anything was possible.

    Would you happen to have anything on Elizabeth Ball, she married Thomas Samms and she would have been the daughter of John Ball. They would have lived around the Codroy Valley area.


  39. Hi Dorothy,

    Looking for information on Benjamin Samms who married a Deborah ??. Trying to find thier marriage certificate to validate her maiden name. We have been told she was a Matthews but unfortunately have no proof. She would be the daughter of John Matthews and Francais Dicks. Would you have any information on this line?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Karen, I have Benjamin Samms’ wife as Mary Deborah no surname. I also have John Matthews and Fanny Dicks having a daughter Deborah b 29 Mar 1842 but no husband ent’d for her. I have a Benjamin Samms b abt 1814 d 1870, if he’s the one you’re looking for, there’s quite an age gap with Deborah Matthews d/o John and Fanny – if these dates are correct.

  40. Hi Dorothy
    I have found my g grandpatents William Henry Picco and Mary Ann Abbott. Mary Ann had 20 children 4 sets of twins and died at the age of 45. Her parents may have been John Thomas Abbott and Ellen, do you have anything on them and do you know if this is a Native line…
    Thank You

    1. Hi Lorna, that’s great. 20 children!! The poor woman must have been just exhausted! I have her (Mary Ann Abbott), b 1865 d 1910, marr to William Henry Picot/Picco, so that matches what you’ve got. I have no parents for her. I have a John Thomas Abbot, 1st? marr unknown with no children entered. I also have him marr (2nd I think) to Amelia Jane Picot b 20 Jun 1848. Amelia Jane is entered as previously marr to Angus Duffney. There are children entered for both her marriages, but no Mary Ann. But while her dob is feasible to be Mary Ann’s mother, her parents are ent’d as John Picot and Amelia “Amy” Hynes – also entered as parents of William Henry. So either what I have is totally mixed up or they are different Mary Anns or she was maybe d/o John Thomas Abbott’s first (unknown) wife. That’s because if Amy Hynes was her mother, Mary Ann have married her uncle. I’ve just confused myself lol.

  41. im also looking for a richard park who married a woman named mary ?????

    Robert park and Richard park mother maybe mary park brooks
    do u have any info on this pls

  42. lol im just as confused now as you are lol give me a min to get all my notes straighten out from what i got …..lol ok hear goes we well try this again cause i think you maybe right on most of it . lol its that Robert jpyce was married 3 times which makes this so confusing to me …..2st Robert Joyce married Amelia(Emily) Duffney (3 Susanna Whelan born in Flowers cove Nfld , ist wife unknown .

    son Robert Joyce married Sarah Park? Children Gorden, Emily, Sarah

    i have a James Joyce married Margaret Pelly ?

    Emily Joyce is the daughter of Robert Joyce and sarah Park I think thats her last name and she married Harold Park son of Richard Park and Emma Button and she was from from port Au Basques .

    now do any of this make since to you if so can u help me by finding the right families

  43. hi Dorothy , The Emily Joyce married to Harold Park is Evelyns mother which is my grandmother by marriage and is still alive at the age of 103.
    So what do you have on that family .

    The Richard Park and Emma button that im looking for is the parents of Harold Park who married Emily Joyce if i am correct not sure of this not sure if he had any other family .maybe you have all Emilys and Harolds children also .

    Now Robert joyce was married 3 times do you know who else he was married to
    and if they had any children together . thanks for all your help
    and Do robert Joyce have and more brothers besides John ?

    this stuff is very adictive i have my family tree going in HIGDON, hefford, hillier, piercey, reid , Templemans i n bonavista, most of the people in coxs cove that i know that is related to emily Joyce and Harold evelyns family and now parks and joices lol so thanks for any help from the that side off the island

    1. Hi Roxanne, there I was so happy, thinking I’d found your people lol! That’s wonderful to hear that your Emily is alive and well at 103. But I need some help sorting this out. Who were your Emily’s parents? And might her husband Harold also be known as Henry? For the Robert Joyce (b 17 Sep 1871 BOI) brother of John, I have only no other siblings, and no wife(s) for that Robert. Yes, it is addictive!

  44. Hi Dorothy

    I’m doing the Joyce and Park family only for personal use not Indian status ,
    I’m looking for information on Robert Joyce That lived in lark Harbour anything his
    the names of wives .brothers and sisters , anything i can get I was once Married to Emily Joyce / Parks Grandson Evelyn Parks son .
    Im having trouble finding anything out on the Joyce where as im not living close to corner Brook to find out any thing .

    and im also trying to find out anything on Richard Park Born Sept 1886 of Middle Arm who married Emma Button from Port aux Basques thank you for any help

    1. Hi Roxanne, I’ve got two Emily Joyces. One marr Harold Park. The other (I think yours) is Emily Rebecca Joyce, b 12 Dec 1919 Lark Hr d 21 Jan 1988, marr Leslie Park, had 10 children. I have nothing else on him. But I have her parents as John Joyce b abt 1875 BOI marr Lucy P. surname unknown. John is s/o Robert Joyce marr Emily Duffney b 23 Nov 1840 Port au Port. Emily is d/o Jean Frederick Dauphinee/Duffney b 11 Sept 1791 maybe Lunenburg NS marr (5 Dec 1820 St. George’s Ang, Cape Breton) Mary Ann Young, b abt 1794 Little Bras d’Or Cape Breton. Jean Frederick is s/o James Dauphinee and Susan Catherine Jollimore both maybe of Lunenburg. Jean Frederick’s wife Mary Ann is d/o Joseph Christophe LeJeune, b 4 Jan 1770 Little Bras d’Or d after 1818, and Radegonde (Barbara) LeJeune, b 4 Dec 1770 Little Bras d’Or d 8 Apr 1871. They were marr St. George’s Ang, Sydney Cape Breton 21 Jul 1793.

      I have nothing on Richard Park and Emma Button, I’m afraid. Hope the rest of this helps.

  45. hi dorothy my son gerry burton has posted on your sit e i am listing a little more information that i know my grandmother belinda canning from quirpon married my grandfather john oldford from salvage bonavista bay nl. her father was james he was a fisherman on the french shore we believe he was from quirpon maybe he could have been from larbador all i know i s on their marriage certificate her father was listed as james canning we know nothing of her mother we are trying to trace where her father came from and possibly who her mother was i do know my grandmother belinda had a sister rachael who married a martin from grates cove and a brother elijah canning who settled in botwood n. and raised a famoly there that name elijah could have been llloyd or elias not sure i do know that he had a daughter emmaline married to a jim or james butler daughter rachael married to a jim dwyer eloiah was married to a lady from northern peninsulia whom my grandmother belinda used to call her sis maybe her proper name could have been cecelia ? any information i could find about belinda canning and her father james would be very helppful thank

    1. Sorry Mavis but I’ve got nothing. Thanks for the information and I hope someone reading it will be able to help. If I find anything, I’ll let you know. Thanks for writing.

  46. Hi Dorothy,
    I Would like to get some info. on my ancestors ,James (Joice) Joyce,married sarah Park, her parents were William Park and Elizabeth Legge, William’s parents were Robert and Jane park. James Joyce’s parents were Robert and Rachael(Smith) Joyce. Robert Joyce’s second wife was Amelia Duffney(fron Port au Port). James was 6 years old when Robert married Amelia. I would truly appreciate any info. you can give me. Thank you so much for your time. Bertha

    1. Hi Bertha, I haven’t much info for you. I have information on Robt Joyce’s second wife Emily Duffney, but not much on Sarah Park other than a dob of 27 Jan 1873 and her parents as William and Elizabeth. Maybe someone out there knows more? Thanks for writing.

    2. Sarah park b. Jan 21 1873 baptized Mar 4 1874 married james joyce feb 24 1889.

      Sarah had sister mary jane b. Feb 18 1867 baptized Mar 18 1867 married George cox dec 15 1883

      Sarah had brother George Willis b Jul 1869, baptized Jul 23 1869 married Caroline mollin.

      Her parents were William and Elizabeth park.

      My contact is seili@live.ca descend from George Willis park

  47. Hi Dorothy ,the store in corner brook on main street your looking for is the Book Grotto.phone number is 709-7750.Joe

    1. Hi Cynthia, I hope you saw the comment Jim posted for you on the Mi’kmaq gen page. I don’t have the people you are looking for. I am not sure if this is correct, but I have a William Robert Park b Sep 1874 d 1955 married 1903 Mary Jane Payne. He was s/o Robert (Richard) Park b abt 1828 marr Ellen Park b may 1837. He was s/o Thomas Park marr Elizabeth Matthews Brake. Thomas was s/o Robert Park b abt 1769 in Burin or England marr Mary. They were also parents of Mary Brooks Park and James Clark Park. As I said, these connections might be muddled up – my Park/Brake family stuff is rather confused. If any of those names ring a bell for you, maybe it will of some help. Sorry I haven’t got more for you.

  48. Hello Dorothy, I am glad i found your site looking for the[ Parents] off William Reid and Ann Rumbolt I only have a last name to go on…Bomtton or Bolton ] William Reid, married Ann Rumbolt about 1828 in battle harbour Labrador… that all i have to go on it my GGGGG grandfather.. William, and Ann had a Son Timothy Reid . Any help would be Appreciated thanks

    1. Hi Vivian, thanks for writing. I’ll see if I can find anything, and maybe somebody reading this will also be able to help. Will let you know.

    2. Hi again Vivian, just had a quick look online. On the Rumbolt-Hann site (link on Nf Mi’kmaq Genealogy page) I found William and Ann – this link goes to her page/entry. Seems she was d/o John Rumbolt and Mary Ann Sweetapple, b abt 1866 d 1883 Deep Water Cove. She married, abt 1829 Conception Bay, Wm Reid b 1794 d 1883 Deep Water Cove. Their children, including Timothy b 1829 Conception Bay, are listed. Dates seem off for some of the children.

      Also found on ancestry.com message board canada.quebec.gaspesie.bonaventure “Bonaventure County” a couple posts that relate to Wm Reid. Posts by Bill H. (15 Feb 2000, 14 Sep 2001) say William’s original surname was Bampton and he changed it to his mother’s name of Reid. Wm emigrated from England to Nfld about 1820 and “married a woman named Rumbolt from near Bonavista”. I’d put the link for the Ancestry board in, but they have caused problems on my page, so I’m reluctant to do so. Should be easy to find if you just search for those names and look for the ending I put above. Hope this helps.

  49. I don’t know a wole lot about the family, I know Mary White was married to Albert Layden she was born on October 16, 1869 on the census it showed they lived in Humbermouth, but Albert Layden came from Labrador. They had a daughter named Clara Mae Layden who is my husbands grandmother, his father name was Stanford Murley he was adopted by Henry Murley. I only know she was a White because it showed on the census she came from Port au Choix, I found out through family members that her father was John White and Elizabeth White. I cant find any church records to verify this.

    1. Hi Marcia, ok, I have Mary Elizabeth as married to Albert Layden and as d/o John White and Ann (no surname). Unfortunately, that is all I have on them. So her mother was Elizabeth? Or Ann? Both? Maybe someone else knows? If I find anything, I’ll let you know.

  50. HI
    I am wondering if you had any information on my husbands gg grandmother, her name is Mary Elizabeth White, her fathers name was John White and mother Elizabeth White, I think she was born in Port au Chois, I am wondering if she is of Mik maq descendant. I would appreciate any information you might be able to share with me. thanks

    1. Hi Marcia, I could find nothing that I knew for sure was about these people. Do you have any more information – dates, names of children? As you can imagine, there are a lot of Johns and Marys and Elizabeths! Thanks.

  51. Hi Dorothy,

    I noticed you and Andy Barding are looking for a copy of Don Bennett’s book “The Legacy of William Haynes” I have a copy, it was purchased at a store in Aguathuna, Port-au-Port, Newfoundland called Abbott and Halliburton. I doubt they have any left because it is an out of print book. There are copies available at Memorial University’s libraries in Corner Brook and St. John’s, Newfoundland. I too am a descendant of William Haynes, he was my great-great-great grandfather. However, the Haynes name came to be spelled “Hynes” in many areas of Newfoundland. Good luck to you.


  52. Good Morning Dorothy, I am so glad l found your site. You seem to find out anything about anything. I am a descendent of the Pardys / Meshers. My grandmother was Charlotte Pardy whos parents were William Pardy married to Suzanne Mesher. My dead end is Roxanne Stevens?? from Raleigh. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Thank you very much, Pauline. Ha! I only wish I could! Been looking for your Roxanne, and I’ve learned a lot but probably nothing you don’t already know. On two ancestry.com boards I found posts where she’s mentioned. One guy said she came from Carbonear. Seems she lived in Labrador with husband William David Mesher. After he died, according to one poster, Grenfell moved her & her children to Raleigh. Another poster says she remarried Thomas Elliot, from Raleigh, and they lived in St. Anthony. It seems possible her name was Stevens or Stephens or Stephenson. I found lots of really interesting info on the Meshers as well as a Mesher Family facebook page. But, alas, nothing else on Roxanne. So sorry!

  53. hi dorothy my grandfather was alexander duval we don” know too much about him or where he came from but he ended up in trout river.we have a certifate of marriage to sarah jane rumbolt in 1886.they say he was 42 at that time which would leave him born around 1844.would like to be able to track his parents.

    1. Hi Blandford, I have Alexander Duval (m Sarah Jane Rumbolt) born 1844, son of Charles Duval (b 1829 Cape Breton d 1904 Humbermouth) and Francoise (Fanny) Benoit, b abt 1820. The info on Francoise came from Don Bennett’s book Trail of the French Ancestors – an excellent book. Hope this helps and thanks for writing.

  54. I’m tracing my father’s great grand father to Edward Brake (Josephine Duval) son of Edward Matthews Brake here in the Bay of Islands. My grandmother was Sarah Farnell (Brake) Do you know Mi’kmaq connection? I saw an article by Marlene Compagion.How is this known? Thank you

    1. Hi Brent, I have Edward Matthews Brake, s/o Ralph Brake and Jane Matthews, married Sarah Park(er). They had son Edward married Josephine Duval, d/o Charles Duval and Francoise (Fanny) Benoit. They had your grandmother Sarah Brake married John Samuel Farnell, born Sheet Hr NS. If it is assumed that Jane Matthews was Mi’kmaq, there’s your connection. Bishop Feild in 1849 said that the mother of the Brakes was aboriginal. I’ve never seen any other documentary “proof”. Also the Park/e/r connection is possible, although I don’t know who Sarah’s parents were. Also the Duval side perhaps, through Fanny Benoit. Hope this helps, thanks for writing.

  55. Hi Dorothy,

    Stumbled upon your website while doing some family history. Just wondering if you have any information regarding a Susan March , married a James Mcfatridge November 22, 1872 in Sandy Point?

    Thanking you in advance for your time.

    1. Hi Tami, can’t find anything on Susan March herself. Is she Marche or March? On James McF – he was widowed by 1911 census. It lists him as born May 1851 in Halifax. But his gravestone at Sandy Point Anglican Cem says he was 84 at death Apr. 24 1920, which would have him born about 1836. It also says he was “native of Ireland.” The census site has a note saying he was baptized in Hfx 29 Jul 1839.

      James and Susan had children Walter (b 20 Sep 1866 ),Henry (b 20 Dec 1867 d 1940s), Susannah (b 20 Feb 1870), Samuel (b 17 Mar 1877), Isabella (b 9 Mar 1879)

      Walter married Isabela Shears (died bef 1911), Henry married Jane (1889-1942), Isabella married Bennett Swyer, son of Bennett Sr.

      There’s info on them and their children in the 1911 census for Sandy Point and the Sandy Point Anglican Cemetery (on Nfld Grand Banks Chebucto site). But I couldn’t find anything on Susan March(e) and that’s who you’re looking for. If I find anything, I’ll let you know. Thanks for writing.

      1. Looking for Susannah March as well
        Told her father was Francois March from N. S. MIC MAC

      2. Manch 07 2017 update
        James Henry McFatridge B July 29 1838
        In Halifax N.S.
        Susanna marche B 1840 D 1881
        Parents are note as Francis Marche
        And Emily Young

  56. I also have a very recent picture of the tombstone of his first wife Nancy Mabee at the Ostrander Cemetery to share but sadly the stone is now broken on the ground and barely readable. One of their children’s graves is the only remaining Ostrander graves standing at the Ostrander Cemetery in Norfolk County

    1. Hi Len, thanks for the information about James Clark Ostrander. I’ll change that page with your info. If you would send me the photo of Nancy’s gravestone, I’ll post it. I’ve never been to the cemetery. I should go. Thanks for writing.

  57. Recently I’ve uncovered a bit of a mystery but would like to pass it along as it concerns your family tree posted. It turns out James Clark Ostrander didn’t die in Ontario as many of the trees suggested nor did his second wife Maria Louisa Pierce who’s first husband was Doctor George Stoughton Charles Haney.

    Instead they ended up in Michigan in a place called West Branch, Ogemaw County, Horton Township, Michigan, USA. His wife died on 19 Apr 1911 and was buried in Brookside Cemetery no stone found he lived until 2 Aug 1912 and is also buried in Brookside Cemetery, West Branch no stone found.

    For some reason all records on the internet put his death in Ontario likely because they didn’t know where the family got to. I didn’t until another research set me straight so passing on the information. James Clark Ostrander was born 11 Jul 1820.


  58. Hi Dorothy
    I found your site via web search. I am wondering if you can contact me regarding the Qalipu Band. I can not find a email address for you on your site. Your insight and past research may be able to help me.
    kindest regards
    Lesley Ann Staples

  59. Hi Dorothy, love your site and just reading through your comments…I believe the store you mention is Dave Ledrew’s Newfoundland Emporium, it’s on the corner of Broadway. They have alot of Newfoundland related items. Their tel# is 709 634-9376.

    1. Yes, that’s it! It’s a wonderful store, for books old and new, crafts, knitted stuff and just about everything. I’ll call and see if they’ve got the book. Thank you so much, Martha!

  60. Hi Dorothy. Thanks a lot for your swift response. Yes – this book seems to have vanished off the face of the earth! The hunt continues. Thanks! Andy

    1. Hi again Andy, I emailed Breakwater Books after reading they’d bought Jesperson. I got a quick reply from them, unfortunately saying the book is indeed out of print and the best chances are Amazon or ABE books for used copies. I haven’t found any available, but you never know. I know of a great used bookstore in Corner Brook that had everything, but can’t remember its name and haven’t found it online or the business card I have somewhere. If anybody out there knows if the store is still in business, would you please let us know? It’s on a corner, I think, on the main street of the old downtown – huge store. Thanks.

  61. Dear Dorothy,

    I hope you can help! I am trying to find contact information for the publishers, Jesperson Press. In particular, I hope to find a copy of the book ‘The Legacy of William Haynes’ by Don Bennett which was published, I believe, in 1997. Mr Haynes, the subject of the book, was my girlfriend’s great great grandfather.

    With best wishes from London, UK.


    1. Hi Andy, sorry, I can’t help. I’d like a copy of the book myself, but can’t find anything online about it. There’s a lovely song online about the story with reference to the book, but no way to find the book. I’ll see if I can ask someone if there’s any way to get it. Something I read on line made me think it’s out of print. I’ll let you know if I find it. Thanks for writing.

  62. I ‘m interested in Charles Hercules Burwell and his poetry. Is there someone you can put me in contact with that could help me? Thanks.

    1. Why, yes, that would be me! Somewhere I have extra copies of his poetry books. I’ll have to remember where. I’ll have a look and email you. Thanks for writing.

  63. these records are from the Family Bible of Anjelins Misener my great grand mother. which was later past to my grand father and hence tather amd later to my brother . I have been to both my Great Grand Fathers Grave and My grand Father`s My Father and Mother Are both buried a White Chapel cementery Hamilton.

    1. Hi, nice to hear from you and thanks for the info. I’ll update my database and the page soon – I hope :). Thanks very much!

  64. I am the great grandson of William Henry Lymburner Of Caistor.William Henry Died in Jan. 1915 and is buried at Fulton
    United Church Fulton Ont. Fulton is a cross road on Highway
    #20 between Hamilton and smithville ont.
    His Son my grand Father Curtis Henry Lymburner who was born
    27 Aug.1870 in Caistor twp. He died26 June 1923. and is buried in the Bethel Cemetery in Caistor twp Ont.
    I have the Family birth and death dates for his children to my generation

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