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Iry LeJeune (June 24/15)

Lacassine-Special-record-earlycajunmusic.blogspot.ca_2014_08_01In James Lee Burke’s novel Cadillac Jukebox, a New Orleans mob guy brings a gift to Detective Dave Robichaux. A jukebox filled with 45s of classic Cajun recordings from the 1940s and ’50s.

‘There were two recordings of “La Jolie Blon” in the half-moon rack, one by Harry Choates and the other by Iry LeJeune…’ (p. 198)

I wondered who Iry LeJeune was. With Professor Google’s help, I found his musical significance and traced his family tree.

The Acadians:  Review (Oct. 3, 2014)

Smallwood-AcadiansBill Smallwood takes a complicated period of history and makes it more complicated – and that’s good. The Acadians, the first novel in his Abuse of Power series starts in 1749 with the British looking for a site to build a fort in Nova Scotia. They choose a harbour they rename Halifax. It ends in 1757 with British soldiers and sailors choosing tracts of “unoccupied” Nova Scotia land to homestead. The Acadians have been deported and the Mi’kmaq are being ‘cleared’ off their lands. The French have been driven back, and Nova Scotia is open for British business.

The facts of it: war between the French and British for control of North America, deportation of long-time Acadian settlers to France and the future United States, and war with and suppression of First Nations. more…

A Grenfell Mat (Aug. 22, 2014)

At the annual Sussex Flea Market in Princess Louise Park you can find almost anything. Grenfell-mat-photo-Jim-StewartBut a Grenfell hooked mat was probably the last thing I expected to find. It hung on a canvas wall, shining among the antiques and bric-a-brac around it. Fortunately the seller knew what it was, a unique piece of early 20th century Newfoundland art and a beautiful example of a particular type of craft production.  more…

Frissell’s The Viking (June 19th, 2013)

The Newfoundland Museum, when still on Duckworth Street, had a small collection of films to screen for visitors.  The  first one I ever showed was The Viking.  I had never heard of the film or the story behind it.  After I got the reel running, I stood in the doorway to make sure it was working okay.  And I began watching.  Finally I pulled a chair over so I could watch the movie more comfortably while also keeping an eye on the lobby.  It was spellbinding – the 1930 seal hunt with  ice and cold and deprivation, and a romance and survival story.  more…

The movie and Earl Pilgrim’s book The Day of Varick Frissell are not about the Mi’kmaq of Newfoundland.  However, families from all parts of the island were affected by the loss of the Viking so this seemed like the best category for this post.

Ancestry Search (Oct. 10th, 2012)

Thirty-three years ago I started doing Newfoundland Mi’kmaq genealogies.  Over the years, I’ve added and corrected information and marked changes in families.  This Tony John in Glenwood Band office 1997weekend, I sadly updated the database with the death date for Tony John of Glenwood.   FNI President and Vice-President Tony John and Calvin White hired me to do family history research in central Newfoundland.  Tony’s parents, Greg and Mary, became my “Glenwood parents.”   Tony never needed help in tracing his own Mi’kmaq roots; he knew his family ancestry through his father’s side and his mother’s, the Francis family of Clarke’s Head. Tony was instrumental in establishing a political voice in the 1970s and in getting recognition and rights for all Newfoundland Mi’kmaq.  Thank you, Tony, you will be missed.

For those of you searching for information and documents about your Newfoundland Mi’kmaq ancestry, it can be difficult and time-consuming but doable.  Start with the internet if you don’t have family or neighbours to ask. more…

Tempting Providence, TNL (Mar. 27th, 2012)

If you’re near London Ont. you’ve got a couple days left to see a grand play at the Grand Poster for Grand Theatre's Tempting ProvidenceTheatre.  Tempting Providence, by Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador, runs until Friday March 31st. It’s the story of Myra Bennett, a British nurse who came in 1921 to Newfoundland for a planned two years.  She married Angus Bennett from Daniel’s Harbour and stayed on the Northern Peninsula until she died in 1990 at the age of 100.  We saw the play several years ago in Cow Head, near where Mrs. Bennett lived.  My dentist, who knows nothing about Newfoundland or outport nursing, saw it in London last week.  Like us, she loved it.  more…

Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Books (Feb. 22nd, 2012)

Watercolour Mary R. McKie, Library and Archives CanadaThe telling of a place often is told through the people who make up the place.  Conversely, the telling of a family can also be told through the place they lived.  Here are books about places or families in Newfoundland that may be of interest to those who are researching their origins. Newfoundland has many prolific writers and storytellers who have documented its past and present.  There are also many historical sources on the Mi’kmaq and more recent analyses of Mi’kmaq history on the island.  I have not included those here; they can be found on other websites or are already known to those interested in this topic. more…

A Tale of the Sea etc. (Feb. 1st, 2012)

In January 1883 a dory was lost at sea off the south coast of Newfoundland.  On it were  Howard Blackburn and Tommy Welsh.  They became separated from their schooner in a sudden storm.  The Captain and crew reluctantly had to give them up for dead. Sixteen-year old Tommy Welsh did die, but Howard Blackburn managed to put in at the tiny village of Little River (now Grey River) near Burgeo on the south coast of Newfoundland.  There, through the skill of Jenny Lushman and Susie Bushney, he was brought back to health, minus his fingers and toes… But the story doesn’t end with him.  Publicity around his survival led to the reunification of a family after fifty years and the discovery of branches of the family totally unknown to each other. more…

Qalipu Band of the Mi’kmaq Nation (Sept. 27th, 2011)

Monday it was announced:  Mi’kmaq people of Central and Western Newfoundland are now members of the Qalipu band under the Indian Act.  It’s been 39 years since theyme with Jim John, on Gander River summer 1979 began politically organizing for that recognition.  Hallelujah, and about time. I’ve wondered if it actually would happen in my lifetime.  I have spent my working life on and off involved in this process.  I began in 1979, as a new graduate student at Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Over the years, I’ve continued working for the Federation of Newfoundland Indians.  The early enthusiasm I felt every time there was a hopeful word from Indian Affairs faded long ago.  All we have to do is show x, y or z?  Yep, sure thing.  Sorry, heard that before.  more…

Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Family History & Genealogy  (Mar. 29/11)

The internet is a good place to find out a lot about your family history.  Unfortunately, it 1775 James Cook map of Newfoundlandain’t as easy as the tv ads for pretend.  Often, those ads with cheerful people clicking on a little leaf and finding some fascinating bit of information about their great-granddaddy come on as I’m struggling to figure out whether this Peter is son of this Paul or that Paul.  It’s all I can do to not throw a shoe at the television. There is a lot of information on the big genealogy sites like and  And there are a lot of other sites with a lot of information where you don’t have to pay a membership fee.  Some have vital statistics on them – birth and death records, census information etc.  Others are the product of family researchers who have compiled data and present it in chart form.  Below are some sites of the second type related to Newfoundland Mi’kmaq families that I have found useful. more…

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245 thoughts on “Newfoundland Mi’kmaq”

  1. Hi There, we are looking for information on our ancestors whom we believe are part of the Newfoundland Mi’kmaq. We didn’t recieve any information about this possibility until the death of same family members and research that resulted upon their passings- this is a piece of copied text from my uncles search as far back at 2006 ” hi i am checking on the marche family and the alexander familes great grandfather was edward marche and great grand mother was adelaide (alexander) marche, birth abt.1849 they had several children and 1 of them was my grand father joseph arthur march and his birth was 1882 bay st. georges nfld. and i do from they where st. georges nfld.would like to find out if they were mi’kmaq”- since this note we have batismal information and birth certificates etc that put the families in port au port and bay st. georges can you provide any additonal information on the names mentioned or guide us in our search? we appreciate any information you can assist with.

  2. Hi Mark, I’d suggest looking at Jasen Benwah’s sites (links on Nf Mi’kmaq Family Hist and Gen page) and joining Bay St. George Genealogy Society in order to have access to their large Marche family tree. Also look at the LeJeune links I give, including Bras d’Or Indian Village site.

    Edward (or Edouard Urbain) Marche, b 5 May 1834 Red Island Cap St. George, was s/o Jean Marie Marche (b 1800 Little Bras d’Or, Cape Breton, d 11 Nov 1859 Bay St. George) and Marie Marthe LeJeune (b abt 1803 Little Bras d’Or, d 8 Nov 1859 Stephenville Crossing, Bay St. George). Jean Marie Marche was s/o Jean Joseph March (b abt 1758 France, d aft 1818 Boularderie, Cape Breton) and Marie Theotiste Babin. Marie Marthe LeJeune was d/o James Christophe LeJeune (b 1779 Little Bras d’Or d 25 Feb 1872 S’ville Crossing) and Catherine Jesseau (Jesso) b 1778 St Pierre. James Christopher LeJeune’s parents were Christophe (Jean-Christophe) LeJeune (b 1740 Annapolis Royal NS, d aft 1818) and Louise-Marguerite Hache dit Gallant (b 3 Mar 1737 PEI, d bef 1818). His wife, Catherine Jesseau, was d/o Jean Jesseau (b 1744 St Pierre, d 1800 Little Bras d’Or) and Marie Anne Fournier (b 1754 Quebec, d 27 Jun 1843 Little Bras d’Or)

    Edward Marche’s wife Adelaide Alexander was b abt 1849, d/o Jean Marie Alexander (b 1799 France, d 18 Jan 1886 BSG) and Julie Marie LeJeune (b 1817 Cape Breton). Jean Marie Alexander was s/o Jean Marie Alexander (b abt 1774 Cape Breton) and Annette L’Official (b 1774). Julie Marie LeJeune was b 1817 Cape Breton, sister of Marie Marthe LeJeune (above).

    All these lines, especially L’Official and Hache (aka Gallant), are connected to Mi’kmaq families. There is much more info than I can give here in the sites I mention above. When you get back that far, it’s not always clear who exactly is son of whom, so you’d want to verify what I have included here but it’s something for you to start with. Good luck!

  3. Hello Dorothy,

    I think it is really great and I respect the time that you spent answering all of the comments! Maybe you can publish a heritage book in the future with all the family information you have collected. Really wonderful work!

    I stumbled across this web site whilst looking for information on my great-great grandfather Aquila Francis and my great grandfather John Thomas Francis of St. Alban’s and Hermitage area. I am wondering if you had found anymore information or where the unsourced information came from, from your response to Trent Dominie. Also, I would not mind making contact with Trent as he may be an unknown distant relative of mine. The following is the original comment from Trent and your response. Anything would be much appreciated as it appears to be some blanks when it comes to my grandmothers past.

    Trent Dominie says:
    September 3, 2012 at 8:47 pm
    Hi Dorothy,
    I’m was wondering if you had any information on aquila francis and his son john thomas francis who lived in hermitage, fortune bay.

    Dorothy says:
    September 10, 2012 at 1:00 pm
    Hi Trent, here is what I have on Aquila Francis: b 1814 d 1905, no parents ent’d but sibs Rebecca, Alfred and William. I have 3 wives for Aquilla: Mary Warren marr 1844, Mary Morris marr 1846 and Martha Herritt marr 1857. As children of Aquilla and Martha, I have Jane b 1852 Grole, Aquilla b 5 Dec 1858, Elizabeth b 10 Jan 1860, Philip b 16 Sep 1861, John Thomas b 18 Dec 1864, Matthew Herritt b 1868, Benjamin William b 3 Jul 1872. I have son John Thomas Francis marr 13 Sep 1888 to Edith Rose b Dec 1866 d/o Benjamin Rose and Eleanor Framp b 1833 d/o William Framp, b 1784 Somerset England, and Rebecca Rose d/o James Rose and Charlotte. This info came from someone else’s database and I have no sources. Hope it helps.

  4. Hi Megan and thank you very much. I haven’t found anything more on your and Trent’s Francis family yet. Maybe seeing the info again will jog a memory and someone will post something that will help. I can pass your email address on to Trent if you’d like – just let me know.

  5. Hello Dorothy, First of all i’d like to thank you for all the time and work you put into this. I have some information on my mom’s side of the family am also looking on her dad’s side. I’m looking for a connection to MI’kmag maybe around the Conne river area. My GGgrandfather John Hinks married a woman named Mary Neil from Conne river..He was born about 1823 and she 1820.
    Here id the other info on the Crant side of my Moms family.
    Thomas CRANT was born ABT. 1808 in Gaultois, NF, and died 1869 in Burgeo, NF. He was the son of ? Crant. he married Martha FOOTE was born ABT. 1810 in Gaultois, NF, and died 1868 in Burgeo, NF. She was the daughter of John FOOTE and Jane McDONALD.

    Children of Martha FOOTE and Thomas CRANT are:
    i. William CRANT was born 1837 in Gaultois, NF, and died 1866 in Burgeo, NF.

    ii. Catherine CRANT was born 1839 in Gaultois, NF. She married John STRICKLAND 29 JUN 1864 in Lwr. Burgeo, NF, son of Henry STRICKLAND and Sarah SKEARD. He was born ABT. 1838 in Lwr. Burgeo, NF.

    iii. Thomas CRANT was born AUG 1841 in Gaultois, NF. He married Rosannah NORTHCOTT, daughter of Valentine NORTHCOTT and Elizabeth McDONALD. She was born 1848 in Gaultois, NF. He married Mary CLARKE ABT. 1861.

    iv. John CRANT was born 1842 in Gaultois, NF.(1st) He married Matlida SWIFT.(2nd) He married Bridget McDONALD 21 MAY 1875 in Gaultois, NF, daughter of James McDONALD and Mary NEIL. She was born ABT. 1845 in Gaultois, Nl

  6. Hi Sharon. I have a John Hinks born 1865 in Dragon and Jane Annie (Nancy) Drew, born 1869 McCallum died Conne River. But they are much later than yours and I don’t have a Mary Neil married to John Hinks. I can’t find a connection between the two, but maybe a reader will help us. Thanks for your kind words and the Crant info.

  7. Dorothy, back in Sept 2012 you had some correspondence with Trent Dominie regarding Aquila Francis. This looks like it is someone from my family back in Somerset, England. You may like to pass this on to Trent if you can along with my email address.

    I have no direct info on the first Aquila, but I have an ancestor Alfred Francis born 1829 to Jonas and Mary FRANCIS Ditcheat, Somerset.

    In 1881 census in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Alfred has living with him Aquila FRANCIS, Nephew, 20, Newfoundland Hermatra Cove (presumably a mispelling, but if you know of such a place I would love to know).

    In 1891 census Aquila seems to have married his cousin, and been back to Newfoundland in the intervening years:

    Heneritta FRANCIS, Daur 29 M Dress Maker Shepton Mallett.
    Aquilla FRANCIS Son in Law 31 M Plate Layer on line Newfoundland Hermitage Bay.
    Jonas P FRANCIS Grandson 7 Newfoundland Hermitage Bay
    Ernest F FRANCIS Grandson 9 Shepton Mallett

  8. Hi Derek, I’ve sent your message on to Trent. Thanks for the information. Best I can think about Hermatra Cove is that Hermitage Bay is meant.

  9. I am trying to find information on my great-grandfather George Ingram who was born sometime in the 1820’s in or around Gaultois in Hermitage Bay. He moved to Harbour Buffett probably in the late 1840’s where he married my great-grandmother Frances Reid. I know that they had two sons, my grandfather Henry Ingram 1851-1935, and another son George Ingram. I have not heard of any other family members. George was a member of the Church of England and the parish headquarters was probably in Hermitage. I heard that there were three brother, one remained in the area of Gaultois and the other moved to Burgeo.

  10. Hi Moses, I don’t have George Ingram married to Frances Reid. Lots of other ones, and a few Henrys. Who did sons Henry and George marry?

  11. I’m very interested in your website. There is debate as to whether or not I have Mi’kmaq in my lines – I have Hache-Gallant ancestors. I will read all that you have on your site, as it might give me a clue. My ancestors came from NB, though. Anyway, terrific site! Cheers!

  12. Hi Jon, I just found another Hache-Gallant site (here) and I added it to the links on my Nf. Mi’kmaq Family History and Genealogy page. I saw on the site that there is a family reunion this weekend, Aug. 16th, in Kedgewick NB. All your questions would be answered there, I’m sure! Aside from that, however, the website has a lot of information. For the Mi’kmaq connection, look for Pierre Larche in Ancestry in Family History section (menu on left). Also look at the other links I have for Gallant and PEI (Nf Mi’kmaq Fam History and Gen page). Thanks, and good luck!

  13. Dorothy,
    First of all I want to say thank you. I am quite certain the searching tips you have provided will help me immensely. I do believe from reviewing the posts here that at least two other people have made similar inquiries but I’ll put the information out there and something may turn up this time. Someone in the family has already found the information (so its out there somewhere) but they are not sharing. My great grandfather was James Ryan (reported born in 1851 and in a 1921 census reported to have been born in March of 1850) in Turks Gut NL. He died on January 22, 1941. My great grandmother Agnes Ryan (reported to have been born in 1857 however 1921 census reports her to have been born in March 1860) in Port au Choix. Various other documents indicate she might have actually been born in Bird Cove. She died on September 22, 1935. I do not know when or where they were married. My grandmother’s baptismal certificate says she was born in King’s Cove 7-Sep-1898, and baptized 16-Apr-1899 by Revered P.W. Brown of the Parish of the Holy Family. The 1921 census indicates that a subsequent sibling Felix was born in Port Saunders in 1901. Any information regarding the family beyond 1900 reports them living in Port Saunders. Okay – after all that – what I am looking for are the parents of my great grandmother Agnes. There is additional information however I have gone on quite long enough. I would be so appreciative of any information you could provide and/or if you could just point me in the right direction. (Mom’s been trying to do this research by snail mail for years – it would be great if I could help her out)

  14. Honestly I reviewed it before I sent it – but in the rush to add the addendum – another mistake. My great grandmother’s maiden name was Mahar.

  15. Hi Kathy, thanks for your kind words. I hope the search hints help you because I’m afraid I can’t. I don’t have them in my database and all I could find through searching was the 1935 census for Port Saunders where I think James and Agnes are listed, with grandson Lawrence. Felix, maybe their son, is listed with his family, and John and family, maybe also a son. Looking for Agnes as Mahar, Maher and Meagher did not turn up anything either. If I, or anyone reading, finds anything more, I’ll post it here.

  16. Hello. My mother is from Flat Bay St. George’s. Her name is Mildred Pauline Renoufe. She was born Nov. 16, 1945. That is all I know about her. I was born in 1966 a Murphy, but was adopted when I was young. I live in Cape Broyle, Newfoundland all my life and have been left in the dark as to where I am from and who are my descendants. My mother also had a sister Shirley who married a Norman from Placentia Bay. I believe that there are still living family members and I would like to have contact with them. I just happened on your site by accident and decided to try a shot in the dark. Chris

  17. Hi Chris, I’m sorry but I can find nothing on your Renoufs, either Mildred Pauline or Shirley, in my database or by googling. Maybe somebody reading will be able to help – I hope so!

  18. Hello Dorothy
    I am trying to find a marriage doc on my great grandfather Thomas John Coveyduck ( that has many spellings to that last name) He was born 1881 in newfoundland and he married Sarah Ann Whelan around 1903 or 5 not sure. Sarah was born Aug 3rd 1883. Thomas had 2 other brothers and i think 1 sister. we dont know who Thomas parents are and i have been looking for years on every site still nothing. my great grandfather has been passed since 1964 in Toronto ontario. we have his death records but we need marriage or birth, you are my last hope please help
    Thank you

  19. Hi Karen, I don’t have anything on your Coveyducks or Whelans. I found the marriage listing for Thomas Coveyduck and Sarah Whelan, in Newfoundland Grand Bank’s Brigus United Methodist Church Marriages 1827-1924. Thomas Cobbaduck, of Goulds, and Sarah Whalen, of Turks Gut, married Dec 8 1909.

    Tracking the Coveyducks I have and through googling, I found a Joseph Coveyduck, b 1882, marr Fannie Jane Mugford, b 1 Nov 1874 Juniper Stump. They and children emigrated to Connecticut. I can’t find his parents, but I found them (I think) in the 1935 census for Juniper Stump, Port de Grave district. Joseph is listed as 65, meaning b 1870, and Fannie as age 59, so b 1876. Their younger children are listed in the household, including Thomas aged 12. He is too young to be your Thomas, but I wonder if Joseph and your Thomas might be brothers or at least cousins. I saw one mention of Joseph’s father as James Coveyduck but I can’t get into the family tree.

    Here‘s a site with a whole lot of names in it. You may know it, and I didn’t see any Coveyducks that connected, but at least there are a lot of them listed! If anyone reading can help, please do.

  20. k here it is i have a william snook b 1785 new perlican nl everything up tp present day is accurate from decendants of william i am led to beleive that morgan snook of fortune/grand banls married a ann wollridge barnes which is correct they had a robert and morgan morgan drowned but i beleive he had boys to carry up the blood line robert also married and had mary,fanny,robert and john hasker .i am led to beleive that robert of robert was the one whom i decended from and this robert married and had a son robert who married louisse peckham fr francis har labrador she and him are my ggg grandpts i have proven that but beyond then like the robert who had fanny,mary and robert i cant find them,also how can the snooks fr fortune be the decendants of snooks in new perlican,,can u help

  21. Hi Roger, I have nothing on William Snook b 1785. On Morgan, I have him as b 1735 in Dorset, England, d 1818 in Burin Nfld. He was son of Morgan Snook (b 1710 England, marr Susanna) who was s/o Morgan Snook, b 1670, and Mary Chamberlain.

    Morgan Snook III marr Ann Woolridge Barnes, b 1738 in St. Pierre (not sure if the island or in France) d 1818 Grand Bank Nfld. They marr 20 Jan 1756 in Dorset. I found 7 children for them, including Robert and Morgan. Robert was born 1755, can’t find birthplace or his wife, but I found George b 1780, Susanna b 1800, and Benjamin b 1803 as his children. His brother Morgan was b 1760 in St Pierre and Miquelon, d 1806. He marr Grace Thornhill, b 1765 d 1809, and had Morgan (IV) b 1783 St Pierre d 1846 Fortune, Dinah b 1785, Sarah b 1800, Benjamin b 1804, and Jonathan b 1805 Fortune d 1877 Fortune.

    I can’t find anything on Robert’s son Robert marr Louise Peckham, sorry. The information above came from Ancestry trees, so I’m not sure how correct they are but they may give you some avenues to explore.

  22. i have william snook born 1785 in the trinity trinity bay parish baptism records it shows him and wife elanor having children baptised im looking for williams parents maybe i should b looking in the fortune grand banks area records can u help still trying to find john hasker,robert snook,mary,catherene children of robert peckof robert would have married louisa peckham fr francis hr labrador

  23. Hi Roger, I think I found the baptisms you mention. On Nf Grand Banks site, St. Paul’s Anglican 1821 to 1825 baptisms, there are children of William and Eleanor Snook, New Perlican, baptized July 25, 1823 (I think). William, age 6, so b abt 1817 and Elizabeth, age 2?, so b abt 1821. I tried to find either child, but no luck. If anyone reading can help, please do.

  24. Hi Dorothy,
    I live in Alberta and have never been to Newfoundland. I’m related to the Rhymes family of Burgeo. I’ve been told that my great, great grandmother was a Mi’kmaq woman named Benoit who was born maybe in the late 1800s at Grandy’s Brook, near Burgeo. Her father’s name was Frank Benoit and her mother’s name was also Benoit and she was, or so I’ve been told, born at White Bear Bay. Can you tell me if this may be true and that I may be of Mi’qmaq ancestry? Thank-you. Jason

  25. Hi Jason, I would need more information to try to track your gggrandmother down, like her first name and her husband’s name and/or children. But the names and places you give would suggest that, yes, they were Mi’kmaq.


  27. Hi Linda, all I could find was Evangeline Kendall (or Kendell) was born 1879 Codroy, d/o Reuben Kendall (b Feb 1854 d Oct 1940 Codroy) and Mary Reid (b Feb 1854 d Feb 1934 Codroy Pond). Reuben was s/o Samuel Kendall (b 1831 Cul de Sac East) and Ann Donovan. Samuel was s/o John Kendall (b abt 1790, and s/o John K.) and Susanna. For Evangeline’s husband, Benjamin Peddle, I found Nicholas Peddle as his father and two names as his mother – Lavinia Simms (maybe Simmons) and Mary Pynn (maybe Mary Ann). You may already know all that but, if not, I hope it helps in your research.

  28. I have traced my Grandfather’s birth in Boston 1919 to my Great Grandfather William J (possibly Joseph) Norris a dock builder from Witless Bay who with my great grandmother Rose Walsh (remote possibility of a relation to the White family) from Bay Bulls. The Norris line arrived in Newfoundland from either County Cork Ireland or Wales but I am not sure on the year, but I know for sure we married into Mi’kmaq. Not much but, it is half from grandpa’s birth certificate and the other half from grandad telling me while at the wee age of 10, getting it all out before the tobacco cancer took him.

  29. Hello Dorothy,
    I found some additional info on my great great grandparents. I know that we have Mi’kmaq but clueless on whether it is from the Norris/Crew (possibly Carew) from Witless bay or Walsh/Colbert from Bay Bulls side. Any insights?

    They were married in Massachusetts.
    Name: William J Norris (from Witless Bay)
    Event Type: Marriage
    Event Date: 11 Jun 1916
    Event Place: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
    Gender: Male
    Father’s Name: Thomas Norris
    Mother’s Name: Maggie Crew
    Spouse’s Name: Rose Walsh (from Bay Bulls)
    Spouse’s Father’s Name: Andrew Walsh
    Spouse’s Mother’s Name: Mary Colbert

    Then in 1919 my grandfather William J Norris was born in Boston.

    Thank you,

  30. Hi William, sorry, I have nothing on them. But I hope, with all the info that you’ve kindly provided, that someone reading might be able to help.

  31. Thanks Dorothy! One more thing for anyone else who recognizes these names, Maggie Crew was also known as Margaret Carew. Thanks again for looking!

  32. I’d like to know more about Métis-Acadian-Mi’kmaq connections in our extended family. Many of us look native but don’t know our roots. Several of my relatives have status. Our paternal surname: Frontain & maternal: Cottreau-Richard-Mius-Doucet-Surette..back to earliest LeJeune (both sides). These names are mostly Acadian to my ear, but most are from mid-south-eastern Nova Scotia, where I understand there was a wide-spread Mi’kmaq population. There are also ancestors from Cheticamp & PEI.. mostly Deveau..Martin, Mius, Aucoin, Vincent.. Several of my ancestors are documented in the out-of-print book “Métis/Acadian Heritage 1604 to 2004 – Eastern Woodland Métis Nation Nova Scotia” by Roland Surette. A distant cousin is on the cover, Leander Frontain. . I came across your website by web-searching the name on a dated post in genealogy forums by someone named Mildred Lavers. That led me here. She mentions being a cousin of my g-uncle Emile Frontain : . I know it’s a bit of long-shot but thought I’d give it a try to see if she is connected with your group and is the same person who posted. Very happy to have found you. You’re doing some wonderful research. Thank you.

  33. Hi Claude, I believe it’s the same Mildred. I will email her about your comment. I’ve heard of Surette’s book but never seen it. It sounds really useful. The families you mention certainly are very large and complex in their origins. On my Family and Genealogy page, there are links to online genealogies for some of them that might be helpful to you. Thank you for your kind words and for writing.

  34. Solved after inquiring with relations in Manitoba and Alaska I got it narrowed down, my Great Great Grandfather Thomas Norris of Witless bay is where I get my Mi’qmac from. :) Figured it wouldn’t hurt to report, as it may help someone else out in the future.

  35. I am originally from St. John’s, N.L. I have been living in Victoria, BC for the past 27 years. My families interest in our ancestry came to an interesting intersection a few years ago in Cook Street village in Victoria. My brother Greg had called me from Toronto one night to tell me he had tracked our heritage to Hermitage Bay, Newfoundland. That was interesting but not conclusive. He profoundly mentioned the name ‘Aquila Francis'; it stuck. A few months later while working in the village incredulously, I encountered an older woman in the house in which I was working. We acknowledged each other with nods from 40 feet away and I was almost knocked over by the intense color of her blue eyes. A shiver went through me like someone had had walked over my grave. We both went on our way and about our own business. I returned the next day – a Friday – and completed my work. As I was about to leave the lady appeared again and asked me if I was from Newfoundland. I confirmed that I was. She asked if my name was Francis. Again I confirmed. She then told me that she was from Newfoundland and her name was Francis. I asked which part of Newfoundland and she said “Hermitage”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I asked who were her ancestors and the first name off her lips was “Aquila Francis”. I was floored. We spoke excitedly for a while and then I asked if she would speak to my brother in Toronto. She agreed. I called him and they spoke for a half hour or so. When we had to part company that afternoon she asked me to wait for a second while she went to get something. She was probably into her 80’s and she went upstairs and returned some moments later with a Bible. She opened the Bible and produced a deed to the property that Aquila Francis had purchased in – if memory serves me correctly – was dated 1804. I could be wrong on this but that’s what I remember. Sadly, I have lost touch with this lovely lady and don’t know if I could find her or her grandson who was living with her at the time. I will try to find the house again but it has been some 5 or 6 years. You can email me. Hope this helps.

  36. Hi Bill, what a lovely story and thanks for the information on Aquilla Francis. While looking around for Hermitage Francises, I found a blog called A Somerset Family History with an interesting post about the family.

  37. Hi Dorothy
    I would like to update my mother’s place on the genealogy chart if possible.
    She is the descendant of Sherlock Lavers and Minnie Simyard(Sinyard).

    Henry Young (Lejeune)/Suzanne Duffney(Duffenias)
    Amelia Marie Young(LeJeune)/Alban Lavers
    Arthur Thomas Lavers/
    Sherlock Thomas Lavers/Minnie Simyard(Sinyard)
    Harvey Lavers
    Jeanette Lavers(Janes)
    Sherlock Lavers (Jr.)
    Brendan Lavers/Mary Feltham
    James Lavers/Shirley Feltham
    Helen Lavers/Leslie Humphrey
    Patina Lavers/Alex Pearce
    Paula Lavers
    Sandra Humphrey/Walter Wells
    Ashley Wells
    Ryan Wells
    Richelle Wellls
    Leslie Humphrey/Paula Bennett
    Dion Humphrey/Lori Rumboldt
    June Lavers(Orford)
    Velma Lavers/Gary Bennett

    I can help you update the children of Sherlock/Minnie if you require. Thanks so much. If you require additional information, please let me know. Sandra Wells(nee Humphrey/Lavers family)

  38. Hi Sandra, thanks for the information. I’ve put it in my database. One question – are Patina, Paula, June and Velma sisters? I figured out who belonged where for the most part, but am not sure about them.

  39. Just wanting to provide some information for the family tree. William Jesse Lavers born 1906 was my maternal grandfather. My grandmother Dorothy Euphemia Pye and my grandfather were to be married as she was pregnant with my mother. There was a dispute over religion and the wedding didn’t happen. My grandmother spent the winter in Port Saunders with a Mrs. House. My mother was born April 28, 1941 in Port Saunders. My grandmother returned to Cape Charles , Larador in the spring of 1941 on the first boat. She died when my mother was 2 years old with TB. My mother was raised by her Labrador grandparents. She was always aware of who her father was , though she didn’t have a relationship with him. She only saw him once in her life as a teenager. About 16 years ago our family in Port Saunders reached out to us, and we re-established some connections.

    My father is not listed on my mothers birth records , but I would like to have this recorded that he was our grandfather. As you know squabbles over religion are not nearly as common today and there is way more tolerance for differences.

    I do believe my grandfather married later in life but had no other biological children.

    Please contact me if you require further information. I have a picture of me taken at his gravesite in Port Saunders where I go to visit every summer.

  40. Hi Dorothy, I have a William Jesse Lavers born 1865 in Port aux Choix married to Elizabeth Jane Hynes, with Robert and Josephine as children. But I’m guessing he’s your Wm Jesse’s dad? I don’t have your grandmother Pye. Who were her parents? Thanks very much for this.

  41. there was a lady named kathy who made a post last year about her great grandfather james ryan from turks gut and moved to port saunders…that is my fieonce’s great great grandfather and i was wondering if she had any other information on the family tree we are very interested in learning anything we can.

  42. Hi Kristina, I’ve just emailed your question and email address to Kathy. (Whoops, it bounced back – we’ll hope she sees your comment here.)

  43. Hello Dorothy, I was wondering if you had anything on William Crant and Rebecca MacDonald ….they were married August 5th 1883 and I think Rebecca may be the daughter of Mary Neil of Conne River. Mary was born about 1820. Also anything you may have on a connection to the ” Hinks” family would be helpful.
    Thank you

  44. Hi Sharon, I have Rebecca McDonald b. abt 1860 in Bay d’Espoir d. 9 Nov 1918 Gaultois, daughter of James McDonald, b abt 1815 Gaultois, and Mary Ann Neil, b 1826 Furby’s Cove d. 30 Oct 1903 Gaultois. Mary Ann was d/o Peter Neil and Rebecca, who also had children Rebecca, Peter, Stephen, Charles and Elizabeth. James McDonald’s father was also named James, his mother unknown.

    Rebecca’s husband William Crant was b 18 Feb 1854 in Swanger’s Cove and d. 25 Dec 1919 in St. Alban’s. He was son of William Crant and Hannah Hynes (married abt 1850). Hannah was born about 1825 in Conne River but I don’t know her parents. William, Hannah’s husband, was b. 1825 Wreck Cove d 1903 Gaultois and was son of Robert Crant, b abt 1773 d 27 Feb 1853 Hr Breton, and Elizabeth, b 1785 d 1851 Bay d’Loup.

    That’s all I have, and I don’t see a Hinks connection. Hope this helps some. Oops, adding something I just found. I have William and Rebecca’s son William J Crant, b Oct 1902 St. Alban’s d 1972, married “Marie (Benoit) Hinks” b Conne River. But the name came from someone else’s database and there are no parents for her.

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