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Anthony-White-mun-toc    Newfoundland Mi’kmaq: Excerpts

The Acadians (Oct. 3/14, Reviews)
Ancestry Search (Oct. 10/12)
Arias for All Seasons (Dec. 31/15)
Colombe Brothers (Apr. 9/17)
First Nations Books (Jan. 18/17)
Flat Bay, Newfoundland (Sept. 17/16, Reviews)
Frissell’s The Viking (June 19/13, Reviews)
A Grenfell Mat (Aug. 22/14)
Howard Blackburn & Thomas Welch – A Tale of the Sea (by Sir Edward Morris P.M., Newfoundland Quarterly 1912, Stories)
Iry LeJeune (Jun. 24/15)
Mary Francis Webb (Jun. 16/16)
Mi’kmaq Images (Oct. 8/15, Reviews)
Nathaniel White (Mar. 24/17)
Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Books (Feb. 22/12)
Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Family History & Genealogy (Mar. 29/11)
Newfoundland Regiment at Beaumont Hamel (Jun. 29/16, also in SC)
Qalipu Band of the Mi’kmaq Nation (Sept. 27/11)
Shallop Cove (Mar. 28/17)
A Tale of the Sea, etc.  (Feb. 1/12)
Tempting Providence TNL (Mar. 27/12, Reviews)
Terms of Union (Feb. 15/17)
Wartime Foresters (Nov. 11/16)

graves Mont Carmel PEI    Genealogy:  Intro & excerpts

Anger by name… (Nov. 23/11)
Austin ANGER, a story (Oct. 24/12)
G. Frederick ANGER UEL (Apr. 29/14)
William ANGER & Emma Nie (Mar. 9/16)
Battle of Ridgeway (June 2/14)
Poems by C. H. Burwell (Aug. 23/12)
Burwell Bible (Jan. 10/15)
Burwells in US & Canada (Oct. 22/15)
James BURWELL UEL (Jan. 15/16)
Maria BURWELL Johnson 1835-1938 (Jan. 5/17)
Dad’s Homemade Tow Truck (Jul. 7/16)
Mabee Graves (Feb. 8/12)
Newspaper Clippings (Aug. 31/16)
Remembering (Nov. 11/10)
That Good Night (Oct. 17/12, also in STW)
The Uncles’ Great War (July 31/14)
United Empire Rebels (July 12/11)
VE Day 70th (May 8/15, also in S & C)
Visits to the Grandparents (Dec. 9/15)
Family Trees:    Anger               Burwell
Lymburner         Mabee            McConkey
Family Photos:      Anger               Burwell
Lymburner                  Mabee/McConkey

Coronation Street:  Intro & excerpts

A (cat) star is born! (Mar. 27/11)
Coronation Street 50th (Sept. 21/11)
Coronation Street Library (July 28/16, Biblio.)
Corrie Catch-up (Sept. 5/12)
Corrie Stars in London Ont (Apr. 3/12)
A Defence of John Stape (Feb. 9/11)
Hayley Patterson Cropper (Jan. 23/14)
Meeting Jack Duckworth (Aug. 31/11)
Our Deirdre (Jan. 19/15)
Spoilers  (July 31/13)
Tales from The Street (Mar. 14/12)
Tony Warren (Mar. 2/16)
Corrie Scene of the Week (Excerpts, Canadian broadcast)

Society & Culture:  Excerpts

Apples to Apples (Apr. 22/15)
Attawapiskat (Dec. 7/11)
Attawapiskat ‘Solution’ (Dec. 28/11)
Baby Prince George  (Jul. 24/13)
Beaumont Hamel (Jul. 1/15)
Chinua Achebe  (Mar. 22/13)
Click Fatique (Oct. 24/10)
Days of Our Lives & Chex Mix  (Dec. 10/10)
The Death of Soaps  (May 11/11)
Dick Francis:  A Racing Life  (Feb. 29/12, Reviews)
Dr. George Park 1925-2015 (Nov. 28/15)
Drifting into Doom:  Tragedy at sea (Jan. 18/12, Reviews)
Earls of Grantham (Dec. 24/15, also Genealogy)
Fanshawe Riots:  Educating fools? (Mar. 20/12)
Finding a new Dick Francis  (Aug. 3/11)
First Hundred Hours (Jan. 24/17)
Ford Branding (Nov. 15/13)
Four Strong Winds (Dec. 7/16, Reviews)
Francis Family Books  (Crossfire, Jan. 25/12, Reviews)
Go Paperless! (May 18/11)
Hats off (and on) to the past few days!  (May 3/11)
HRH Baby (Jan. 16/13)
Idle No More (Jan. 9/13)
I’ll Have Another (May 5/16)
The King and Us  (Feb. 16/11)
King George VI (Feb. 6/17)
Library Science (Dec. 12/12)
Lifeboys:  Reality television before “Reality Television”  (Dec. 1/10)
A Local CBC Solution  (Apr. 18/12)
Losing Sgt. Ryan (Jan. 18/11)
Lotto Red Chamber (Apr. 7/15)
Me & Louis L’Amour  (Oct. 28/11)
Mr. Otto Kelland (Nov. 27/12)
Mom, Christmas Postie (Dec. 20/13)
Musée Acadien (Jan. 5/12)
A Nation’s Songs  (Jan. 23/13)
Newfoundland’s Gallipoli (Nov. 10/15)
Newfoundland Regiment at Beaumont Hamel (Jun. 29/16)
Newtown CT (Dec. 18/12)
Newtown Kids & Dogs (Dec. 16/12)
Nim the Chimp (Sep. 16/15, Reviews)
Notre Dame du Mont Carmel, Ile St-Jean (Dec. 15/11)
Ocean Ranger 30 (Feb. 14/12)
Olympic Eventing  (Aug. 1/12)
Olympic Games of Chance (Aug. 3/16)
Oprah’s Last Show  (May 25/11)
The Oscars  (Feb. 28/11)
Panhandling: Community or transaction? (Sept. 24/10)
Pen Name Mysteries (Aug. 23/16, Reviews)
People without sense to come in out of the rain (Nov. 23/10)
Pipelines through Paradise (Nov. 26/10)
Poppies (Nov. 7/12)
The Public Library  (Sept. 7/11)
Queen Elizabeth II (Apr. 21/16)
Queen’s Secret: Review  (July 17/13, Reviews)
RCI The Link  (Apr. 11/12)
Reading History  (Nov. 21/12, Reviews)
Recorded Campaigning (Oct. 3/11)
Rodeo Kings (July 9/15)
Royal Charlottes (June 12/15)
The Royal Wedding  (Apr. 29/11)
Royal Wedding Anniversary (Nov. 19/16)
Rwanda (July 20/11)
St. Thomas Ford Plant (Sep. 14/11)
Sarah Palin & Targets (Jan. 8/11)
Secret Path (Oct. 24/16)
She Loves You  (Feb. 6/14)
Spam (May 9/12)
Stompin’ Tom Revisited  (Sept. 12/12)
Tilting at Windmills (Mar. 3/11)
Titanic: No greater love (Apr. 14/16)
Tourist Board TV  (Jan. 11/12)
‘Trifles’ of Creature Comfort (Mar. 11/15)
Trump Imagery (Sep. 30/16)
Turcotte, the movie  (Mar. 6/14, Review)
Un-American Affairs (Mar. 8/17)
US: The New Brunswick Option (Mar. 30/16)
VE Day 70th (May 8/15, also in Gen.)
The Waitress Club (Apr. 13/11)
War and Peaceniks (Jan. 28/14)
War of 1812 (May 2/12)
World War I (Nov. 10/14)
Your Blues (Nov. 18/15, Reviews)

Seeing the World:  Intro & excerpts

American Pharoah (Jun. 9/15)
Annabel (Feb. 19/16, Reviews)
Backyard Birds (Aug. 19/15)
The Boathouse, Laugharne (Dec. 17/10)
Breeders’ Cup (Nov. 2/15)
Car Music (Jun. 1/11)
A Charity of Your Choice (Jan. 14/11)
The Christmas Gift (Jan. 2/13)
Christmas Stable (Dec. 21/16)
Coming Home (Oct. 1/13)
Cuba (Mar. 21/16)
Dan Patch (Dec. 13/16, Reviews)
Detailing (Mar. 9/11)
Fiat Bambino (Jul. 27/11)
Fire Muster (Sept. 1/15)
Friday the 13th, Port Dover (May 13/11)
Goderich, Prettiest Town  (Aug. 23/11)
Going to Graceland (Aug. 17/11)
The Great Benjamin’s Circus (Jul. 13/16)
Hampton Court House (Feb. 6/13)
Hanover Horses (Jan. 10/17)
Heaven (Jan. 27/16)
Horse Show (Aug. 13/16)
House Deconstruction (July 22/12)
Interlibrary Loan (Mar. 7/12)
Jeep (Nov. 17/11)
Lake Erie, North Shore  (Mar. 18/11)
“Look at Bingy”:  Alzheimer’s & Distraction  (Jun. 8/11)
Mabee’s Corners  (Apr. 12/11)
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica (Apr. 7/11)
Merry Solstice (Dec. 21/11)
The MINI Wave (Jun. 15/11)
Musical Ride (May 27/15)
Musical Ride II (June 4/15)
New England Fall (Nov. 5/11)
New Year’s Eve at the Harbourfront (Dec. 31/10)
North Cape Trail, PEI (Nov. 30/11)
El Perro de la Playa (Apr. 9/11, Stories)
Ponta Delgada (Apr. 25/12)
Portugal & Eco:  The Knights Templar Castle, Tomar (Oct. 29/10)
Resort Towns  (Feb. 2/11)
Ron and Secretariat (July 22/15)
Royalty (Apr. 26/11)
Santa Dogs (Dec. 3/15)
Seeing the world the Alzheimer’s way  (Jan. 25/11)
Show Jumper (Aug. 10/11)
Skating on the Canal (Feb. 22/11)
Snow Day  (Mar. 23/11)
The Tao of Horses (Mar. 18/15, Reviews)
That Good Night  (Oct. 17/12, also Genealogy)
Therapy Visitors (Nov. 2/16)
Walking in the Woods  (Oct. 12/11)
Winter Resort (Mar. 3/15)

Food:  Excerpts

$40 Beets  (Sept. 10/13)
Apple Jelly (Oct. 11/16, Preserving)
Apple Juice (Sept. 22/16, Preserving)
Cooking: Basics (May 9/11)
Phoenix Eggs (Aug. 15/12)
Pineapple Pizza (Feb. 28/17)
Preserving: Basics (Aug. 17/10)
Caesar Salad (Mar. 21/11, Recipes)
Carrot Cake (Jun. 10/11, Recipes)
Coleman Stove Stir Fry (Oct. 9/10, Entertaining)
Corned Beef Macaroni (Jul. 15/14, Recipes)
Entertaining with Ease – or Not (Oct. 4/10, Entertaining)
Guinea Fowl with Vegetables (Apr. 7/16)
If you don’t eat it, don’t cook it (Oct. 5/10, Entertaining)
Kraft Dinner DIY (Oct. 2/14, Recipes)
Macaroni and Cheese (Nov. 24/15, Recipes)
Meal Plans (Oct. 7/10, Entertaining)
Perfect Rice (Dec. 6/14, Recipes)
Pickled Eggs (May 23/11, Recipes)
Preserving: Basics (Aug. 17/10, Preserving)
Rhubarb (Jun . 24/11, Preserving)
Rhubarb Jelly (Jun. 26/13, Preserving)
Rhubarb Juice (Jun. 3/16, Preserving)
Tomatoes (Jan. 1/11, Preserving)
Tomato Macaroni (May 30/11, Recipes)
Meatloaf (Feb. 19/11, Recipes)
TVP Pasta Sauce (May 6/11, Recipes)
Waifs & Strays Christmas (Oct. 11/10, Entertaining)
Zucchini Boats (Aug. 13/15, Recipes)
Zucchini, Grilled (Aug. 20/13, Preserving)
Zucchini Biscuit Quiche (Apr. 1/11, Recipes)
Helpful Hints

JackYeti-tab-of-cont     Animals: Excerpts

Arthritic Dogs (Nov. 14/16)
Australia honours Smoky (Apr. 2/15)
Barn Cats (Apr. 10/15)
Bathing Jamie (Aug. 26/15)
Bear (Mar. 15/16)
Blue Blue Merle (Feb. 20/17)
The Boxer, Copper (Jul. 20/16)
Burdock Dog (Oct. 4/16)
Cat Ladies: The Movie (July 30/15, Reviews)
Cat People (Dec. 30/14)
Cedric and Jamie (Apr. 13/17)
Cigar 1990-2014 (Oct. 9/14)
Circus Cirque (June 22/11)
The Cluck Sisters (Sept. 19/12)
Commodity Dogs (Oct. 17/10)
Dallas, a Shepherd (July 14/15, Stories)
Dear Cat Dumper (July 29/11, Wally’s story)
Death and Repose (Jan. 30/15)
Dog blankets, beds & coats needed (Dec. 8/10)
Dog Gone (Jun. 17/15, Reviews)
Dog Hallowe’en (Oct. 28/15)
Dog On It (Mar. 25/15, Reviews)
The Dog Park (Oct. 19/16)
A Dog’s “Night Before Christmas” (Dec. 22/10)
Dogs in War (Sep. 10/14)
Dressage Top Hat (Aug. 8/12)
Elsie 1997-2011 (Sep. 2/11)
Farm Dog (Feb. 10/16)
Fur Babies (Feb. 11/15, Reviews)
Giving Shelter (Feb. 24/15)
Happy Hallowe’en (Oct. 31/12)
Happy Meals (Dec. 28/16)
Have Chicken – Will Travel (Aug. 29/12)
Hens movin’ on up (Nov. 14/12)
Hickstead (Nov. 10/11)
Home for the Holidays (Dec. 15/15)
Horse: Free to a good home (Sept. 8/10)
Hot Cars Hot Dogs (July 7/15)
Iditarod Murder: Review (Mar. 6/15, Reviews)
In Memoriam: Mya 2007-2011 (Jun. 29/11)
Jack 1998-2008 (Jan. 30/13)
Lab Mysteries (Jan. 15/15, Reviews)
Living “Equipment” (May 25/15)
Lost and Found (May 12/15, Reviews)
Luanne Demers, Founding President (Nov. 15/11)
Make-up Trade (Oct. 30/13)
The Miracle of Birth (Apr. 26/16)
Missouri Puppy Mills & Prop B (Sept. 6/16)
Movin’ Dogs: An underground railway (Oct. 1/15)
My Dog’s Arthritis (June 2/15)
Northern Dancer (May 16/14)
Pawlooza: Rescue Me! (Aug. 25/11)
Pawlooza Dog Party (Aug. 17/16)
El Perro de la Playa (in Stories)
Pet Heirs (Jan. 31/17)
Pittie Myths (Jun. 21/16)
Poodle Clip (Nov. 30/16)
The Princesses Louise (Nov. 7/13)
Puppy Mill (Nov. 25/16)
Raining Puppies (Apr. 16/15)
Santa Bunny (Dec. 6/12)
Secretariat: The movie (Oct. 15/10, Reviews)
Spot the Fire Muster Dog (Sept. 3/15)
Super Superdogs (May 25/16)
Sussex NB Dog Park (Oct. 31/11)
Tale of Two Dog Parks (Jul. 24/12)
Track Royalty (Apr. 28/15)
Watch Dog (Jan. 6/16)
Water for Elephants (Aug. 5/15)
Waterworks Cat (Jul. 6/11, Wally’s story)
Westminster Dogs (Feb. 26/16)
Who’s Kitten Who? (Sept. 8/15, Reviews)
The Wolf in the Parlor (Jan. 28/15, Reviews)
The Wrong Dog (Feb. 17/15, Reviews)
Yorkie Doodle Dandy (Mar. 27/15, Reviews)
Yorkie Doodle Update (Mar. 30/15)

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4 thoughts on “Table of Contents”

  1. Hello Dorathy

    An excellent site. im trying to find out information on a james Frampton who was born in 1895 in Bos Warlas. His son John came to Weymouth during the war and married and stayed in the uk dying in 1995 I have traced James Frampton on the 1911 and 1921 census returns. I would like to find out when this frampton family first moved back newfoundland. tc ian

    1. Hi Ian, and thanks. Putting what I have on the Framptons with Ancestry member tree info, I have James (b 1895 Boswarlos, marr Mary Angeline Fleury, b Oct 1898 Black Duck Brook) as s/o John Frampton (b Apr 1842 Isle aux Morts d 14 Nov 1918 Port au Port) and Emma Frances JANE Musseau (b May 1850 Channel d 1928 d/o Joseph Musseau). John was s/o Leonard Frampton (b 1821 Channel d Nov 1900 Isle aux Morts) and Susan Harvey (b 1817 Isle aux Morts d May 1887 Isle aux Morts). Susan or Susannah Harvey was d/o Thomas Harvey (b date unknown, Jersey in Channel Islands) and Mary. Thomas Harvey had a brother George who marr Jane, born Isle aux Morts in Newfoundland. It was George, his dog and daughter Ann who saved many lives from the shipwrecked brig Despatch in 1828. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on her: . Thanks for the info on your John.

  2. Dorithy,
    we are looking for someone to research both mine and my Wife’s family tree. A friend of mine gave me your name is this something you would be interested in? If not do you know of someboday who does this?


    1. Hi Lloyd, I emailed you but haven’t heard back so maybe you didn’t get it. If you’ve wondered why your comment didn’t appear, that’s the reason. Anyway, post some names from your families and we’ll see what I, or readers, may have to help you.

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