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Corrie Street 13 Nov 2016

Explaining Why

michelle-in-back-roomPoor Michelle! Not a thought that often crosses my mind, but it did on Wednesday. Michelle had to explain to Amy why her tablet was open on an abortion clinic website.

Against Michelle’s wishes, Amy knows Michelle is pregnant. But Amy doesn’t know that the baby might have a congenital disease. Telling her that would introduce the topic that Amy too might have it. They were waiting for the tests results so they would know better what exactly they were dealing with. Or avoiding the discussion?

For Michelle to even contemplate an abortion must be extremely amy-enters-back-roomdifficult. She wants this baby, and she knows it’s pretty much her last chance to have another child. But she is afraid, with good reason. So exploring options is a reasonable thing to do. It also must be very, very hard. What she doesn’t need is to have to justify herself to anybody.

michelle-pleads-with-amyAnd Amy is maybe the most judgemental critic Michelle might ever meet. She seems to have inherited the harshness of her mother and great-grandmother Blanche. She also shares their belief that she should say exactly what she thinks, regardless of the hurt or consequences that may cause.

But Amy is also a child, and cannot therefore fully understand the ramifications of Michelle’s dilemma. All she knows is that she’s going to have a baby brother or sister. She cannot comprehend that there amy-confronts-michelle about considering abortionmay be problems further along that must be considered, no matter how difficult that is to do.

Amy’s mind is, simultaneously, one of a child, a scheming manipulator and a nasty old biddy who wants to mind everybody else’s business. That’s a bad combination for complex explanations, especially one like the sorrowful process of abortion consideration.

We knew, of course, as soon as we saw the site Michelle was looking at that Amy was somehow going to find it. But it annoyed me that the writers made it so easy. When she opened the tablet, I thought she would go through its history and come across the website that amy-runs-from-roomway. She’s nosy enough to do that.

After the business with Michelle flipping out about the phone call that Amy overheard, Amy’s antennae for suspicious behaviour must be up and at full alert. You’d think therefore that Michelle’s cautionary sense would be up too. So leaving that page up on the screen? I don’t think so.

Corrie Street June 26/16

Eyes of a Shark

The week opens with Amy Barlow showing that she has learned well from amy barlow ponders approachher mother. Last week she eavesdropped on Michelle and Will and discovered that they had a sort-of fling while Steve was away. Amy soon let Michelle know that she knew and that there was a price to pay for silence. Amy wants to stay with Steve and Michelle. Michelle will make sure that happens. Otherwise, Amy makes clear, Steve will find out what Michelle was up to in his absence.

I’m sure, had it continued, Amy would add new demands. Michelle michelle-avoids-looking-at-amyknows that too. She looks at Amy and sees the future – catering to Amy’s whims whether they be toast with chocolate spread for breakfast or 20 quid here and there. Amy has blackmailed people over less.

Amy loses her advantage when Will’s furious fiancée Saskia tells Steve about the dalliance. The truth was not good for Michelle, but I think it was a lot better than her life being held hostage by a particularly cruel twelve year old.

Amy Barlow: 3 advantages

Watch the eyes in that lovely face: they are the eyes of a shark. Amy is amy-gives-warning-look-to-michellefrightening. Easily as single-minded as Tracy and better at manipulation.

First, she doesn’t let emotion cloud her actions. When she sees an opportunity for herself, she takes it. But she is not motivated by vindictiveness. It is getting what she wants or simply seeing if she can get someone to cave in, survival of the fittest. The passion of hate is not there as it often is with Tracy. For Amy, it’s just playing the game.

michelle-waitsSecond, she is still a child so she has lots of time to hone her skills. When emotions do become a motivator, she will know how to work around them. She has watched her mother. She has seen when Tracy won and when she lost, and why. She’s learned from those lessons. Already, I think, the student has surpassed the master.

And third, she is a child. That gives her a huge advantage. Her adult victims underestimate the extent of her evil, the damage she is willing would-hate-for-dad-to-knowto do. They consider her a child playing childish games. But the games are blackmail, done in dead seriousness on her part. Even adults forced to buy her stuff or shell out cash chuckle and say ‘just like your mother’. Yes, folks, she is. The same people do not see Tracy as harmless. But because Amy is young and, so far, the payouts haven’t been major, it’s seen as cute. With Michelle, Amy graduated into the big leagues.

Amy without controls

Because she’s a child, it is especially frightening to watch. She is distressed by her mother’s actions and the fact that people do not michelle-gets-the-messagelike Tracy. She does not want to grow up to be like her mother. But unless someone challenges her with what she is doing, that is exactly what she will do. Robert was the only person who saw what Amy was capable of and confronted her with some unpalatable truths about herself. And now he’s out of her life.

Corrie Street June 7/15


zeedan-looks-at-leanneShocked frightened faces smudged with soot. A body bag at the entrance to Victoria Court. The end of the week, and the end presumably of Kal Nazir.

Zeedan hissed at Leanne, “it’s your fault.” Technically, he’s correct. Kal went in Carla’s kal-body-bagburning flat to save Leanne. She had gone in to save Amy. So, if she hadn’t, what would have happened to Amy? The firetrucks took forever to get there. An explanation was given by Sally: the ring road was closed and they couldn’t get through.

It was a great fire, with nail-biter episodes. I enjoyed it all the more nazirs-see-body-bagbecause I did not know it was coming. There had been no spoilers for me. I realized on Tuesday something bad was going to happen, and was likely to involve fire. But that was due to foreshadowing in the writing.


Liz came out to the Rovers’ back patio, cigarette and lighter in hand. life-without-riskJulie and Sean had just finished their decorations for the wedding reception. Swathes of gauzy, shiny fabric everywhere. Little fairy lights dotted throughout the drapery. Synthetics and electric wires installed by Julie and Sean: it screamed fire hazard!

They even knew the risk and warned Liz against lighting up. One might ask, why did they choose such decor for a smoking area? That’s tracy-at-windownot what Liz asked, however. Instead she posed the question, “what’s life without a little danger?” as she flicked the lighter. She did not see Tracy Barlow standing in her upstairs window looking at her with malevolence.

Tracy soon spoiled the day for Liz, then she moved on to her plans for Carla. Tracy did not know that Liz asked Carla to look after Amy for the night while she planned her actions toward Tracy and the unfaithful Tony.

In another bit of foreshadowing, we had seen Sinead give Steve a gift amy-with-candleof wedding favours. She had made candles. After the reception, Amy comes home with Carla, looking forward to a big-girls’ night in such a “tasteful” flat. She’s still wearing her bridesmaid dress and carrying a wedding candle.

She wants to take the candle to bed with her, in Carla’s room, and light it there. Let’s keep it here in the living room, Carla says. ‘Where amy-on-ladderit’s safer’ goes unsaid.

After they’re asleep, Amy in Carla’s bed and Carla on the couch, in sneaks Tracy. She needs some light, and has forgotten a flashlight I guess. She sees the candle.

Corrie Street Oct. 5/14


Eccles-runs-to-KenTwo weeks of episodes, two scenes. Both make you ask, ‘WTF are you doing?’ Tuesday, Eccles is safe from Amy. Thursday, Tim, Andrea and Neil are not safe from Neil.

Amy finally confesses that she set up Eccles because she felt ignored. She’s got reason to feel hurt. Her whole family, even her simon-with-ecclesbabysitters, have devoted all their attention to Simon. But her way of getting back was to endanger Eccles first by letting her off leash on the street and then by accusing her of biting. Amy is old enough to know that means a death sentence for a dog, and she heard her mother say it often enough. It didn’t seem to bother Amy at all.

The protective dognapping found out, Eccles came home and the whole family asked why. Ken asked Amy for the truth. She stuck to her lie. He asked ken-asks-amy-for-truth amy has hurt feelingsagain. Finally she said Eccles had not touched her. Simon was getting all the attention, she said, and she wanted some.

The Barlows need to do a lot of talking to sort this out. I was glad to see Amy go over and pet Eccles. Eccles will forgive her, as will Ken, Deirdre and Simon. But they should never take their eyes off Amy when she is within spitting distance of the dog.

neil-climbs-ladderThursday, someone else who needs watching. Neil has overheard Lloyd talking to Michelle about weddings, as in one for him and Andrea. Standing outside the Rovers, upset about what he heard, he sees Tim on Sally’s roof fixing the antennae. He also sees the long extension ladder and he gets an idea for a big, dramatic gesture. He takes the ladder and climbs to the roof of andrea-climbs-to-roofthe Rovers where he stays.

Tim is stranded and Liz wants Neil down so won’t allow the ladder to be taken back to him. When Andrea arrives, she climbs up to reason with Neil. She stand on the top of the ladder. Of course, it falls and she is left hanging from the eavestrough and it soon starts coming loose.

andrea-hangs-off-roofA funny scene, I thought, especially with the ongoing discussion of what started it all: the tv signal out when Sally wanted to watch a new period drama that got 5 stars in the Gazette, with that girl in it, you know, the one who’s in everything, with all the hair.

Neil is losing his grip, mentally if not physically. And Amy bears watching in case of further sociopathy. Maybe they could get group rates at a good therapist before they hurt anyone else.