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Corrie Street Dec. 20/15

looking at baby pics in photo albumsHow wonderful to be young! Learning about life and love, with your mother there to guide and comfort. Wednesday, Beth reminded us of just how much we forget – if we’re lucky – about adolescent life at home with the parents.

The baby pics. The embarrassing photos shown to the girl or boy that we are trying to impress, and mother’s commentary on each and every one of them. Oh, that will impress all right! And you will never forget, nor be allowed to forget, the total humiliation.

craig-puts-hands-over-faceIt may start out innocently. Mom shows a photo of you last summer, one you look really good in. But then it’s “Oh, look at this one, I just love it,” and next thing you know she’s telling the story of giving birth. “Like passing a ten pound bowling ball.” Please Lord, just take me now.

Here’s some hints, kids, for when you start seeing someone. Go out the door to meet him or her, yell ‘won’t be late’ back to your parents beth-discusses-nappy-rash-on-craigand keep on going. If your girl- or boyfriend has a car, tell him or her to stay in it and honk for you to come out. Your parents won’t like either of these, but dealing with their annoyance is preferable to dealing with the photo show.

You’ll probably never avoid the show and tell, but you can try to postpone it until you know the person you’re going out with a bit better. With luck, you’ll get to see his or her baby pics before having to go through it with your own.

craig-puts-face-on-tableI would love to know how many takes were needed to get the scene of Beth showing Craig’s baby photos to Caitlin. The expressions on each actor’s face was perfect. I don’t know how they could do it without breaking up laughing.

The entire sequence of dinner-with-the-family was brilliant. kirk-and-beth-see-caitlin-offFrom Craig’s cooking preparation, with Beth looking at him and the kitchen as if he were performing an exotic ritual that she had never before witnessed. To her satisfied “that went well” to Kirk after Craig walked out, looking daggers at her, to walk Caitlin to the bus stop.

craig-glowers-at-his-motherAnd Kirk’s final bemused look at Beth. He knew full well that this had not gone well but did not know how to explain the wrongness of it to her. It’s as well you didn’t try, Kirky, she would never understand or accept your critique. This is something you just do when you’re a mother.

Corrie Street Jan. 25/15

Kirk and Beth’s wedding was as wonderful as I’d hoped. But there were last-minute beth-and-sinead-outside-registryjitters, and those gave me my scene.

Kirk is late for the ceremony, making everyone nervous. Beth fears he’s backed out, and she doesn’t even know about his wibbly spell the previous night. The registrar is saying the time on their booked slot is running out, the couple booked next are fussing about their wedding maybe running late, the guests are muttering about a sinead-consoles-bethno-show groom. Beth doesn’t want to hear any of that, so she’s out front on the steps, nearly in tears. Sinead is with her. Beth tells Sinead she thought all the bad times with men were behind her now, thought Kirky was the one.

As she tries to reconcile herself to being beth-and-sinead-see-kirkjilted, Kirk jumps out of a van, carrying a boombox and singing along with it – “Prince Charming”. He’s Adam Ant. He’d decided to find the outfit she’d wanted, he wanted to surprise her, go beyond her expectations. He wanted to show her he’d do anything for her because he loved her so very much. Beth wasn’t the only one in tears! I was too.

Later, during the reception at the Rovers, there was an unintended heartbreaking Kirk-asks-for-silencemoment. Kirk wants to give his speech, so he yells above the noise, asking for “a minute of silence”. Tracy laughs, “Why, has somebody died?”

In a coincidence of timing, it happened that episode aired in Canada the same night that Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre) died. Soon after hearing that sad news, watching Corrie and trying to absorb the fact that we’d never see Deirdre again, hearing what her on-screen daughter said sent me into tears again.

tracy-asks-who-diedSomehow though, if that line had to occur on that particular night, it is right that it came from Tracy. Even when she doesn’t mean to, she can put her foot in it. I could see Deirdre’s look of shock and hear her – “Oh, Tracy luv! What a thing to say!”

Corrie Street Jan. 18/15

I don’t know (and don’t want to know) how long the Tinker women are going to be tinker-womenaround. At first sight, I knew this is going to be good! I am glad, of course, that they are the other side of the wall of fiction. In real life, I would keep as far away from them as I possibly could. But at a safe remove, they are fun to watch.

Thursday, they completely took over from the minute the door opened to show them standing there like the witches of Macbeth. Then they saw Jason and assumed he was the Arlene-sees-Jasonfiancé. Mother and grandmother were gobsmacked. So was Arlene, but she recovered quickly and moved in. Straight across the room to him, every muscle and nerve ending ready to pounce. And only Jason could stand there, completely oblivious, as those three salivated like he was a meal on a plate.

Beth corrected them: Jason was just there to fix the radiator. Kirky would soon be home. When he walked in, simultaneously, three Arlene-sees-Kirkfaces filled with lascivious interest changed to disappointed amazement. There is this standing in her living room, and that is what she’s marrying?

They continued their takeover of the living room; making themselves at home, demanding tea, criticizing plans, making Kirk nervous.

tinkers-laugh-about-kirkNext night, the eve of the wedding, they thought they were alone in the house. They voiced their opinion of Kirk – packs boxes and talks like Goofy – and Beth’s wisdom in marrying him. They did not know Kirk was there, on the stairway listening to every word.

He has had enough difficulty believing that Beth, a goddess in his eyes, would actually superman-kirkmarry him. Now he’s heard her family express those same doubts. Poor Kirk. I hope he believes Chesney’s words, that he is a good man, a man to be respected and emulated, with the integrity of Superman.

Corrie Street Oct. 19/14

Sinead should go into partnership in Michelle’s wedding planning business. But her all-the-celebsresources of imagination, ingenuity and tact would probably be all used up on managing Michelle. Maybe better Sinead just take over the business.

On Friday, realizing that the dream wedding was making life nightmarish for Beth and Kirk, Sinead and Ches took over the planning. First they had to sell the clients on their ideas. “Upcycling” and “shabby chic” may be synonyms for “on the cheap” as Beth suspects, so persuading her that it is the way table-settingto go is the first challenge. Forget the affordability, go for it being fashionable.

First show a merchandise sample, which she does with the fabric-covered jam jars holding fresh flowers, then pull out the big names. Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet and, the Holy Grail of tackiness, Kim Kardashian. How boring and old-school is Tracy Barlow being, splashing the money around on a “traditional” wedding! That makes Beth look at the jam jar and bulletin board in a different light. If “vintage” is good enough for the Kardashians, with all their money and lack of taste, it’s good enough for Beth.

michelle-and-wedding-plan-bookMichelle should have been there, taking notes. This is how you can be a wedding planner for all people and all budgets. From the outset, Michelle knew Beth and Kirk’s budget constraints. She crossed her arms, looked down her nose and said they couldn’t afford her services. She then proceeded to book the outrageously expensive place and accoutrements that Beth wanted.

michelle-not-pleasedShe spent a lot of time and effort, as she pointed out ungraciously when they told her they were cancelling the wedding she had planned. My husband defended Michelle, saying she’s making mistakes common to anyone starting a business. Doing too much without verifying that the money, and commitment, to pay for it are there. Not knowing how to redirect an obstinate client’s wishes to what is more realistic and probably more like what they want.

what-do-you-reckonSinead figured it out pretty quickly. Yes, she has the advantage of knowing Beth, but I would think a major part of a wedding planner’s job is to get to know the clients well. Beth and Kirk are not exactly strangers to Michelle. She just has not shown the creative imagination or psychological insight needed to think of how to make their dream wedding come true, on their real-life budget. Sinead beth-agreeshas, and has shown the diplomatic skills needed to make her plans become the bride’s dream.

And in case you need to see the jelly wobble cooking lesson from Deirdre again, including slo-mo and the popping light bulb, here it is from Youtube:

Corrie Street Aug. 31/14

beth-and-kirk-kebab-shopAt the kebab shop, Chesney speaks for us all as he tells Kirk to just do it now! Kirk still wants a bit of drama for his proposal so he hides the ring in Beth’s kebab. Outside on the street, they start to eat. In the shop, anxious faces peer out the window. Ches, Sean, Julie and the others are holding their breath, like us, hoping against hope that nothing goes wrong.

It does. Worried about fitting into her bathing suit on their upcoming vacation, Beth looking-for-ringthrows her box of food away. No! There is a ring in there! When she realizes that, she scrambles to help Kirk go through the garbage can. An audience grows around them. Eccles joins in, seeing scraps of food she can grab. They find the ring, Eccles survives Beth’s wrath, and Kirk goes down on bended knee and asks her to marry him. Julie and Sean add a bit of song. “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.”

kirk-proposesBeth is over the moon, so happy with her Kirky and her ring. All week Kirk has been event-planning the perfect proposal moment. Each time went very wrong. Was he ever going to find the moment? Would he lose the ring? Beth thought his strange behaviour meant that he was going to break up with her. Ches dreaded a horrible flight to their sun vacation with both Kirk and Beth tense with anxiety. We can all now, with Chesney, heave a huge sigh of relief.

kirk-holding-ringI look forward to the wedding. The props department outdid themselves with that ring. What will they do with planning a wedding for Beth? I can’t wait to see.

Corrie Street Apr. 13/14

We had a little sensitivity training Thursday with Beth reading online comments beth-at-laptopabout her.  If we ever want to post a smart-ass remark about someone’s appearance, clothes or words, the memory of Beth’s face should stop us. The posters were being funny, they thought.  Wouldn’t want to run into her in a dark alley.  LOL.  They are posting into the great void of cyberspace, showing how clever they are.  They are not thinking that the object of their wit may be reading their comments.  Seeing the effect of trolls and rude people from the other side of the screen was discomfiting.

craig-reading-commentsIt wasn’t just Beth who was hurt.  Craig, already reading the comments when she came home, didn’t know where to stick his head as he saw his mother’s face register disbelief and humiliation.  Kirk shuffled from foot to foot, knowing whatever positive words he said wouldn’t make up for the callous remarks she was reading.

beth-with-paperBeth felt good.  She’d done a good thing, and unexpectedly was rewarded both with money and public acknowledgement.  And small-minded people were determined to cut her down.  The ones online were strangers.  But even those she knew thought they’d put her in her place.

Norris couldn’t wait to tell her what had been written about her.  This isn’t surprising, coming from Norris.  Maybe he even did her an unintended favour.  She had warning that readers-comments-sectionshe wasn’t going to like what she saw.  Before Norris bustled into the Rovers intent on ruining her day, Beth had shown Michelle the newspaper article.  Michelle’s response was to give her eye sockets an extreme workout.  She rolled her eyes, crossed and recrossed her arms, and scoffed at the Weatherfield Gazette equaling ‘the world.’

Granted, Michelle doesn’t like Beth, and happy Beth can be just as irritating as angry rubbing-shoulders-with-hello-magBeth.  But Michelle is the landlady of a pub, and she was at work when Beth talked to her.  Whether she cared or not about Beth or her news, as a bartender and business owner, Michelle ought to be polite to a customer.  All she managed was an insincere “good on you” in between sarcastic jokes.

To be honest, when Beth chased off the purse-snatcher, I thought she’d probably dipped her hand into the bag and grabbed the money.  She could then blame the guy for taking it. It would be in keeping with her character.  So too is Norris’ petty nastiness and weatherfield-gazetteMichelle’s sarcasm.  The comments online unfortunately also are in keeping with real-life comments sections.

In Friday’s episode, Craig balanced the opinion by posting complimentary comments.  What a sweet boy.