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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Oct. 24/10)


No one scene jumped out at me this week.  But three spoke a bit, for different reasons.  The Becky after pregnancy test scenepenultimate scene with Steve and Becky. A close up of Becky looking back at Steve, worried, pensive, scared, maybe all of the above.  She had been in the Rovers’ bathroom earlier, taking a pregnancy test out of the box.  She’s been like a frightened rabbit since.

When she learned Claire had told Steve Becky didn’t want kids, she told Claire off in no uncertain terms.  No ‘bezzy mates’ if you blab.  She had a long talk with her real ‘bezzy mates’ Roy and Hayley, about kids and marriage but didn’t tell them the results of her pregnancy test.  Steve has got very broody all of a sudden and is pressuring her to have a baby, even without knowing she thinks she’s pregnant.  That’s the only part of this story that strikes me as rather contrived, indeed “soapish”.  I could accept Steve getting broody and wanting a baby with Becky and her resisting.  I could also accept her thinking she might be pregnant, not telling him, taking the test and not knowing what to do with the information (assuming it’s positive).  But having the two things happening at the same time, without Steve knowing that Becky is at the stage of taking a pregnancy test?  It says American daytime to me, not Coronation Street.

Family history scene

Kev and BillSecond “almost” scene was earlier in the week – Kevin telling his dad about Sally’s cancer, and their talk about the death of Kevin’s mother from cancer.  I don’t remember Kevin’s mother so don’t know if this was an on-screen story or not.  Still, it was moving to see the two of them talking about their shared loss, and to hear Bill talk about how he coped with losing his wife and caring for two children.  From reading the comments at Corrie Canuck, I see this scene was a big hit with many of them.  As some people there said, it was nice to get some of Bill’s backstory.  Also nice to see Corrie writers using their history and putting present stories in the context of stories and characters from the past.

God-awful Scene

Connor family discussionThird “almost” – for sheer awfulness – was New Year’s Eve and Michelle coming home with her cute little roofer pick-up guy.  She wants to get a few things for a surprise sleepover with him at a ritzy hotel.  What does she find when they come through the door?  Her teenage son and his girlfriend in the middle of their own “sleepover”!

But that wasn’t the awful part.  That came when, after a weird discussion about teenage sex, Michelle gets her stuff together to go to the hotel for her overnighter with Bob the Builder.  I’m not sure that woman should be allowed to raise a goldfish.