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Corrie Street July 3/16

Chief Mourner

gemma in funeral clothesWhen one of the chief mourners dresses like this, you know it’s going to be an interesting funeral. Gemma is in funereal black, and that is the only item that can be checked off in the ‘appropriate’ column.

Having a cuppa at the café beforehand, she stands out like a Victorian peacock of mourning. Alex asks her if she’s a Goth. No, she says, she’s going to a funeral. She does not take umbrage. Given the look she has created, his question makes as much sense as her answer.

pallbearers-processionAt first, the funeral for Callum is just sad. Macca and the other pallbearers follow the robed Billy up the church aisle. The church looks huge – and empty. Such a lot of ceremony before anybody else is even in attendance, I thought. But then I see there are a couple of people sitting up front in the pews. That’s all. The service has started. This is really the high point of the funeral.billy leads procession in church aisle

The cops follow the pallbearers in, then sit behind the mourners so they can watch them all. Callum was murdered, and they are investigating.

sarah enters churchBilly begins the service, still looking like he is facing his executioner. But he muddles through, until the church door opens. It’s Sarah. She has escaped her keepers. The funeral service goes downhill from there.

And, just because she is so wonderful, here is a look at Gemma as she sits in the café mourning the loss of her friend.gemma-sits-in-cafe

Corrie Street Oct. 18/15


live episode caddie-by-roversFrom the opening credits right through to the 1953 Cadillac Eldorado tooling down the cobbles, the live episode was fabulous. Quiet drama with Roy and Cathy balanced high drama with the younger Platts and Callum.

My only criticism? I’d have liked to have more time with each of the many events going on. Individual things, like Craig nervous about a first date that, sadly, didn’t happen. And big events, like two lavish parties.

live episode orient-express-cafeA birthday party for Roy at the café had a beautifully done Orient Express theme. And the clothes! Everyone looked absolutely fabulous. And a huge going-away party at the Rovers for Lloyd.

anna-two-glasses-champagneThe two parties merged. Gary decided to go teetotal so passed his drinks to Anna. Her two-handed drinking led to words with Sally and she blabbed what she’d overheard about Sally kissing Kevin. Tim stormed off.

Roy swerved both parties because he had spent the earlier part of the day with Cathy – in Blackpool. She didn’t know its significance. She talked about wanting to dance at the Ballroom. Just like Hayley. Cathy wanted him to go wading. Just like Hayley.

Alone in his flat, he displaced his distress with complaints to the roy-opens-cake-boxWeatherfield bus service. Carla confronted him, talked sense and sent him off with Rita’s rum babas to catch Cathy. The bus schedule was thrown off again, with a well-timed flat, so he and Cathy could sort out their feelings and histories. They started making a history for themselves, with rum cake and a kiss.

Main Event: Callum

kylie-with-wrenchOf course, the main event happened at the Platts’ house. Sarah thought she could outsmart Callum. She tried to record him saying something incriminating. I doubt that Sarah could outsmart a kitchen cabinet. A struggle ensued, Kylie beaned Callum with a wrench, he died.

hole-in-platt-floorPanic until David came home and thought of a plan. Take Callum in his own car and dump him in the canal. Could have worked, except Tony and Todd came up with another plan – steal Callum’s car and torch it. That left the Platts with a body, no car – but a big hole in the garage floor. That’s where Callum went.

CBC’s ad for the episode showed Callum chasing David and Kylie sally-in-bathrobedown the street. I thought, gee, thanks for saving me the trouble of watching! So they got me.

On Friday, there were two sights I would never have thought possible. Both came out of what happened earlier, in the live episode.

Sally crossed roy-in-salon-chairthe street in a bathrobe, and did not care who saw her. And Roy entered Audrey’s salon, and sat as a client in her stylist chair.


Corrie Street Oct. 4/15

Messrs. Big

I like the baddie who came to make Callum pay up. I like his tony-denton-and-petehenchman too. And when Tony burst in the door, the triumvirate of tough guys was complete. Poor Callum has been screeching with terror a lot lately. Last week with Tony pounding him. This week with Mr. Big coming to collect what’s owed him one way or the other.

Poor Jason was caught hiding beside the closet, due to an ill-timed phone call from his ‘Mam’. The timing of his pay-back visit to Callum was tony-comes-through-dooroff as well. If he had waited just a bit, Denton and Pete might have taken care of Callum for him.

While Jason’s new bad-boy butchy look and attitude would be enough to give Callum the thumping he is owed, his injuries mean he is not at fighting strength. But Tony is, and Tony is going to save his son from himself or Callum.

jason-tony-callum-goonsSo the five of them end up in the living room of the friend’s flat where Callum is staying. We don’t know who the friend is but I like his place, particularly the painting of the cheetah. I had feared it would be damaged if there was a big fight. But the two senior men – Tony and Mr. Big – had a staredown and reached an understanding. Tony only wants to get his boy out of there and he is not going to make any trouble about Tony Callum Dentonwhatever Mr. Big needs to do with Callum.

Callum is squeezing David and Kylie for money so he can pay Mr. Big what he owes. So I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of Callum-the-heavy. I hope we see Mr. Big and Pete again. They do it so well.

If you liked the horse race game Roy found at Cathy’s as much as I did, here’s what eBay is offering:

Corrie Street Sept. 13/15

Don’t Do It!

Gail, David, Kylie and Max hustle along the street, Callum gets out of gail-says-ignore-himhis car as they pass. Max cringes and hurries away from his father. What’s up, Callum wonders, surprised at Max. Kylie and Gail try to keep the little party moving along, away from Callum.

But David just can’t resist Callum’s jibes. He stops and turns back. He wants to wipe that smile off Callum’s face. Max saw  kick Jason. That politeness-costs-nothingis why he wants nothing to do with him. And soon the police will know, and you won’t be smirking then will you.

No, no, don’t do it! Keep walking! Kylie is trying to get across to David, trying to push him along away from Callum. I’m praying for the same. Kylie doesn’t want Callum to get a heads up that they are going to the police station. I don’t want to witness one of the biggest soap clichés ever: blabbing your guts and thereby allowing the villain to thwart your plans.

But David blabbed

wipe-that-smileNeither Kylie nor I got our wish. David blabbed, Kylie worried about what Callum would do now he had warning, and I felt deflated. I don’t expect to see hackneyed dramatic devices in Coronation Street writing, heavy-handed in their furthering of a plot. There’s been a few lately, and that’s too many.

In this case, it was especially unnecessary. Max’s behaviour itself was for-god-sakeenough to clue Callum in that something had happened that wasn’t to Callum’s advantage. He could probably figure out for himself what it was. A word, or flinch, from Bethany or Sarah, both nearby and easily located, might confirm it.

Alone, either of them might have told him whatever he wanted to know. Neither of them know enough to keep their mouths shut. Neither does David on his own, but he does know how high the who-the-police-are-going-to-believecustody stakes are and Kylie was right beside him almost dragging him away from Callum. There was no need for the ‘I’m going to expose your evil ways and you’ll be sorry’ type lines that make soaps the butt of jokes (and that got Tina killed).

Later in the week, there were great scenes. Beautiful suppressed annoyance from Roy about Cathy leaving toast crumbs in the butter. Mary bullying everyone to seek their artistic muse. Sean and Sally discussing modes and means of listening to music. Tony struggling to support his son and Eileen instead of taking revenge on those who nearly he-saw-you-attackkilled Jason. Finally and gloriously, the week’s end with Tony slamming the wits out of Callum. Despite all these small gems, I couldn’t get the click-click of a plot device turning over out of my head.

Corrie Street Aug. 9/15

Playing with Bethany

bethany-looks-toward-fayeBethany, the character and actress, is beginning to interest me. This week she has made me cringe while also making my heart ache. She’s a school girl, but is way too cool for school. She is trying to enter an adult world in which she fears she isn’t cool enough.

She’s sneaking off to play with the big kids – Callum, Gemma and the callum-gives-baggie-to-bethanyclientele of the Dog and Gun. She has to navigate her own way through the unknown territory of drinking without being scolded, and delivering substances in small packets to sketchy looking guys. She’s learning how to collect information and use it to her own advantage, as in getting money for a school trip to Paris out of Callum. But she hasn’t learned that he might be collecting blackmail material on her at the same time, which he is.

Dog and Gun regular

callum-asks-for-baggie-backWhile she is illegally drinking in the Dog and Gun, and is carrying a small baggie for delivery, the police with a sniffer dog raid the pub. Callum manages to get the envelope from her and pass it to Gemma. Gemma is caught with it. But Bethany gets nothing but a bit of advice from a cop – “you shouldn’t be here.”

She’s a girl who does know there are things she should not do, like bethany-terrifiedmake deliveries of anything to run-down houses, on grounds of both morality and safety. She’s scared out of her mind during a police raid. She knows she’s way out of her league with Callum, emotionally and in blackmailing skills.

bethany-and-callumBut she’s falling for Callum. He’s an older man and a “bad boy” who treats her as an adult and as an attractive woman. An added bonus is that he’s her mother’s boyfriend, a fun way to hit back at her mother for whatever.

On the street, she’s treated as a kid. At the café, Anna suggests that she and Faye “could get together for, I don’t know, a play.” You can see the loathing come off both girls at the very thought of being faye-and-bethanyanywhere near the other’s orbit. This was a truly excruciating scene. Neither one of them said more than a couple words. Meanwhile Anna and Sarah just kept digging themselves in deeper with each of their many words.

Corrie Street Jan. 4/15

Naughty and Nice

callum-santa-hatSanta Claus is coming to town. And he’s going to blow Kylie’s world apart. Happy Yuletide season for the Platts is over.
Across from the Platts’ house, Callum sits in his car Christmas Day, watching and waiting. He watches Kylie talk to Eva, watches David go into the Bistro. His car radio is playing Christmas tunes.

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake,
He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.

Being good isn’t going to help Kylie now. Not when David comes in the house and finds callum-reflected-in-mirrorCallum standing close to Kylie. He doesn’t see the look of fear and revulsion on Kylie’s face. He just sees another man, and a little packet of drugs, with his wife. Then he hears what she’s foolishly been hiding from him. This man, her drug supplier, is Max’s father. It shouldn’t be a big surprise to him, but the fact that she kept it from him, and Callum’s gloating, is too much for him.

The Platts gather around for a Christmas dinner that David has insisted be ‘fun’ and ‘pleasant’ and ‘normal’, and is anything but for the adults at least. Then David tells Kylie to pack herself a bag, figure out how to say goodbye to her kids, and get out. Despite the pleas of Kylie and Max, he will not change his mind.

callum-watches-eva-leaveStanding on the street in front of her insanely decorated house, Kylie stands with her silly little bag, wondering what to do. Up pulls Callum’s car. What choice does she have? She gets in.