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Corrie Street Dec. 22/13

Peter and Carla’s wedding was fabulous – beautiful location, beautifully garbed guests, carlastunning bride, gorgeous groom.  Tension everywhere, for viewers and characters alike.  Would Peter succumb to the many glasses of champagne attractively arranged right beside him?  Would he succumb to Tina, also always attractively arranged right beside him?  Turns out, no to the former and yes, or at least way too close, to the latter.

But the scene that I woke up in the make-a-fresh-startmiddle of the night worrying about was the closing minutes of the week.  Christian coming to make amends with Hayley.  He’d appeared a few times, always missing Hayley but always running into Fizz who would puff herself up into her biggest mamma Grizzly look.  Protecting Hayley from the hurt that comes with Christian.  Breaking Hayley’s confidence by telling him about her cancer.  Warning Roy whenever Christian was about.  Roy posted like a sentry hovering-royto block Christian’s access to Hayley.  Oh let him be, I pleaded, don’t you know how important it is to Hayley that she reconcile with her son.  Let her decide if that’s possible or not.

Finally she got the chance.  Roy allowed Christian to see her.  Sensibly, she sent Roy out of the room so he wasn’t standing over her shoulder like a guard dog snarling every time Christian twitched or opened his mouth.  It photos-of-kidslooked so promising, their discussion.  Christian’s apology for not understanding, for not being willing to discuss, maybe forgive.  He had pictures of his wife and kids.  Then the wonderful moment:  ‘would you like to meet them?’  My heart melted, just like Hayley’s did.

five-thousand-poundsThen he gives the caveat, the kick in the teeth.  Thing is, he got in debt while unemployed and a family costs a lot to provide for.  £5,000 should cover it, could she give him that.  It’s for the kiddies after all.  Where’s the guard dog and mama Grizzly when you need them?  Christian, I guess, had hayley-listens-to-money-requestdecided Hayley might be the answer to his financial woes, and a quick parade of the kiddies would be enough to get her help.  Even after learning she was dying, he still went ahead with his bait and hook plan.  My heart froze, just as it looked like Hayley’s did.  You are a bad’un, Christian.

Back to the wedding, for a quibble about writing.  We knew there had to be a Peter and tina-and-peterTina too-close encounter.  It came after the bride had collapsed in a drunken but elegant heap on the dance floor.  After she, still in her lovely gown, is tucked up in bed, Peter returns to the empty ballroom.  The detritus of the party is all that’s left.  We’ve seen Roy and Hayley arrive home.  Party animals Sally and Tim have had time for another roll in the hay at home.  But Tina is still lurking about the empty manor house?  Ok, she and Peter have to steal a forbidden kiss.  But Tina is not a stalker, and only a stalker would have remained after all the other guests had left.  The scene would have been more believable if we had seen extras dancing in the background, maybe through a order-of-servicedoorway in another room and heard the DJ playing “save the last dance for me” or something to indicate that, no matter how late it is, some people are still there partying.  Fizz should have been spotted, since she had been insistent earlier on overseeing Tina’s movements.  A wonderful and horrible scene with Peter and Tina, but one marred by unbelievability.

Corrie Street Jun. 16/13

The first four episodes this past week each had more than one contender for “the scene”.  able-to-see-him-soonI cannot narrow it down any further than one from each day.

Monday:  Izzy’s face as she realizes the newborn is not crying and the nurse hustles him off.  Equally good was Izzy standing at the incubator holding the hand of the tiny infant inside it.

Tuesday:  Owen giving way to his fear and sadness.  “Vulnerable and venerable” my husband called Owen after seeing him lose his carefully constructed and maintained façade of bravery and bravado.  With Anna, he can give voice to his inner fears and self-see-him-lying-in-the-incubatorrecriminations.  He blamed himself for “pushing” Izzy and Gary into this surrogacy.  Of course he didn’t.  He was adamantly opposed when they said they were thinking of it and he gave valid reasons for his objections.  But he did make it possible.  They had the idea and he had the ability to figure out how best to do it as well as the resources to make it happen. Owen is the quintessential male in the schema of gender roles found in Men are from Mars, Women… Venus; Mr. Fixit, taking a problem and solving it. Now, with the baby’s prognosis for survival not great and the mess Izzy and Gary have made of their relationship, he blames himself for taking their hare-brained dream and making it a reality.

Wednesday:  Tina entering the nursery where Izzy and Gary are fighting beside the baby’s he-might-have-your-eyesincubator.  She lays down the law to them.  They will sort out their problems somewhere else and, until they do, neither of them will see the baby.  She has deliberately tried to avoid bonding with the child she was carrying, but she will defend him against anyone, including his biological parents.  Good for her.

Thursday:  Carla telling Rob what is going to happen in order for her to not report his theft to the police.  Her performance, as the character, belied Tracy’s earlier jibe that loser-I-grew-up-withbeneath the designer clothes and six inches of makeup, you’re nothing.  You could see Carla collect herself, and her strength, and say everything quickly before she lost her resolve.  She needed that focused composure in light of what Rob had said earlier to her, when she caught him out at the warehouse with the stolen silk.  Showing himself to be a master manipulator, he turned everything she said on its head.  He knew exactly where to poke clear-your-lockerto hit her own self-doubts and her love for him, the little brother she believes she abandoned long ago.  In the Bistro you can see the look of confusion on Rob’s face.  His tricks aren’t working on her.  Rob’s scenes this week have been the best I’ve ever seen from him.  I like him even less but I’m fascinated with watching the narcissist, verging on sociopath, side of him reveal itself.